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February 16, 2008

Phoenix Ki Kahani...Humhari Zubaani !!

Here I start my journey back to India…..

I was always skeptical to come here. A number of reasons for that. First, it was too easy for software professional to get here. Everybody comes here. There's really nothing unique about getting to the US. Second, I hated it that the US always seemed to impose itself on every other country - tried to tell the world how to do things while it's own house was, if not a mess, atleast not in order. So why did I come? The project was “technically challenging” and I thought to myself, let me see with my own eyes what this country is all about!

So, of all other beautiful places in US, I landed up in Phoenix! Dry, hot, epitomy of American excess! Big countryside, big cars, big roads, big everything! It was soon after coming here that I realized that We Indo-Americans are vastly different from American foreign policy! (Politics corrupts people, I guess!). With their sense of humour and their warmth, Indo-Americans didn't take long to become endearing!

As usual with Indians, both me and my friends would take off traversing the countryside at the slightest opportunity. Got a chance to see amazing landscapes and sceneries. From the azure blue of the Santa Monica beach to “huge” Grand Canyon to the ethereal colours of Disneyland. From the skyscrapers of San Francisco to “Shamu Mujra” in San Diego, it all was an enthralling experience. Just one thought when we used to come back….why Phoenix is so bad?? 

Phoenix did a number of things to me. I discovered, literally, the virtual world here. The world of the mind, The world of the web.The world of youtube.The world of “bhatti and bakshi” And more than anything else, I discovered friends. Friends who will be dear to me all my life. Friends with whom I've felt I've always known them, friends who've changed from strangers to family within an hour of knowing them. These are the people with whom not only have I had the best experiences with but who have become a part of me. Phoenix to me became a discovery, not only of a city, but of myself.

My mind goes over as many of the memories I can think of. Some of them trivial, some of them fantastic, all memorable. I think about how I became so engrossed in the Discussions I was not even remotely connected! How we got involved in the food making sessions when we didn’t knew an iota of cooking. In essence, how never being an American, I was thinking like one! Living here was making me more aware of Knowledge, and as always, which makes the world more likeable, but makes an individual more complex! A realization that I am very different from what I think I am! As I said earlier, this was a discovery.

So, after 7 months, it does feel strange to leave this place behind. It does feel weird to leave all the friends behind. But it will always feel as if they are a part of what I am today. And in these days of high speed communications (albeit orkut and Gtalk) maybe we'll all still be together in the parallel virtual world.

But as I go back home, I think of what awaits me. India, my world. The one place where anything is possible. The place where I can live at my own terms…A potpourri of everything, literally everything, and still welcoming more. In a strange way, going back feels liberating. Going home gives me a sense of freedom. A freedom to fly and soar. These words (by a poet - Nina Simone) ring in my mind -

Birds flying high, you know how I feel
Stars in the sky, you know how I feel
Leaves drifting on by, you know how I feel
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good.

It's an old world, it's a new world, and it’s a bold world, for me. From now on…..
Goodbye Phoenix, I'll always miss you. I might have left you, but you'll never leave me.

February 15, 2008

My friends....My thoughts...My feelings - Part 1

Just a few thoughts of my US experience and for all my friends….

At Costco doing shopping yeh Dil maange more and more….
When you know its divide by two, three or four!!

In Bashas Jain picks again a crate of beer which is chilling…
When you know on the counter "Vanessa" is doing the billing!!

Bachelors congratulate as one more person got caged….
When Raman-Sonia gets "virtually" engaged!!

Jeere ki chai n beer ki Maggie would win all eating survey…
When you know Jolly culinary skills are on full display!!!

There are no ‘Ifs’ no ‘buts’ and no show stoppers…
When Jain plays repeatedly his Favorite song 'hip hopper’!!!

12 tickets are asked for six people in a Honolulu bus and we clasp.
When we all came to know that Tamjit is in the elite business class!!!

The muscles get toned meanwhile doing the Gym skills
When you know Varun wants to make full use of his protein pills

Jain acts naive and his head goes under a knife….
When you know Nitika "camera" prank took breadth out of her life!!!

The troubles get whipped from your life basket
When you know Neeraj is there as your “lucky mascot”

Your life automatically gets a ‘Senti’ Dawn…
When you know Ojha’s “aatank” talks are ON!

These days u know its time to go home as clock strike six
When Tammy start working on ‘his own’ code fix.

Life and your trips are along a smooth track down
When you know Lala’s Lal Salaam is around.

Expenses/bookings/calculations are on a right way.
When you know “Gupta tour and Travels” is on the highway!!

Your home wall’s are on a all time under a scan
When you know Chandu is doing his own version of Umaroo-Jan!!

Stuck in a shop like a enduring Magnetics
When you know Katty is doing shopping for her cosmetics

You are Spell- bound and all out and yelling yippee….
When you know Kaps is on her dancing spree!!

The sound decibel graph goes into sky bursting….
When you know Mahajan is in office somewhere laughing!! …..Burarahhhhhhhh 

Goes for a toss project’s development and migration…
When in the night Gupta and Chandna discusses the “common frustration”

We missed among us a devoted budding entrepreneur
When you know Pradeep is busy in his knowledge Transfer!!

Our Lunch will be all well and hale and hearty
When you know Rolly is inviting all of us for a Saturday party…!!

February 14, 2008

Get Set Go - Start Blogging !!

Since long I was in search of a way to express my self, (my ambitions, my dreams, my sorrows, my joys, my doubts , my beliefs, my strengths, my weaknesses ,my fears, my love, my hatred, my thoughts, my philosophy, my hopes, my darker side and everything i can think about myself) in a better way as the unexpressed ideas/emotions/thoughts were affecting my mental state , and the very idea of losing them or forgetting them would be the last thing , I would like to do with them, as they all are very dear to me. Then after a long time , letting have procrastination his own share of time, have decided something.

Blogging has always had caught my attention, but never had enough time to spare for it, Its not that I have become vella now, but some priorities have been changed , So I have got time for this unattended/ignored leisure pursuit of mine.So then it had to follow like this, Create a blog space , Give it a name,LOVE IS ALWAYS NEW,after pondering for a while. Origin of this line comes from Paulo Coelho's Book - By the River Piedra, I sat down and wept. More on this title of the blog later on....Keep Reading !!

P.S.: Dont start taking me as a patient of split/psycho personality after reading this.This is to declare , I m sane enough and have all my rationality intact.