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February 15, 2008

My friends....My thoughts...My feelings - Part 1

Just a few thoughts of my US experience and for all my friends….

At Costco doing shopping yeh Dil maange more and more….
When you know its divide by two, three or four!!

In Bashas Jain picks again a crate of beer which is chilling…
When you know on the counter "Vanessa" is doing the billing!!

Bachelors congratulate as one more person got caged….
When Raman-Sonia gets "virtually" engaged!!

Jeere ki chai n beer ki Maggie would win all eating survey…
When you know Jolly culinary skills are on full display!!!

There are no ‘Ifs’ no ‘buts’ and no show stoppers…
When Jain plays repeatedly his Favorite song 'hip hopper’!!!

12 tickets are asked for six people in a Honolulu bus and we clasp.
When we all came to know that Tamjit is in the elite business class!!!

The muscles get toned meanwhile doing the Gym skills
When you know Varun wants to make full use of his protein pills

Jain acts naive and his head goes under a knife….
When you know Nitika "camera" prank took breadth out of her life!!!

The troubles get whipped from your life basket
When you know Neeraj is there as your “lucky mascot”

Your life automatically gets a ‘Senti’ Dawn…
When you know Ojha’s “aatank” talks are ON!

These days u know its time to go home as clock strike six
When Tammy start working on ‘his own’ code fix.

Life and your trips are along a smooth track down
When you know Lala’s Lal Salaam is around.

Expenses/bookings/calculations are on a right way.
When you know “Gupta tour and Travels” is on the highway!!

Your home wall’s are on a all time under a scan
When you know Chandu is doing his own version of Umaroo-Jan!!

Stuck in a shop like a enduring Magnetics
When you know Katty is doing shopping for her cosmetics

You are Spell- bound and all out and yelling yippee….
When you know Kaps is on her dancing spree!!

The sound decibel graph goes into sky bursting….
When you know Mahajan is in office somewhere laughing!! …..Burarahhhhhhhh 

Goes for a toss project’s development and migration…
When in the night Gupta and Chandna discusses the “common frustration”

We missed among us a devoted budding entrepreneur
When you know Pradeep is busy in his knowledge Transfer!!

Our Lunch will be all well and hale and hearty
When you know Rolly is inviting all of us for a Saturday party…!!


Satans Darling™ said...

I read part 2 before this one. And this was as informative as the previous one... What's beer ki maggi? :O

Hopeless Romantic said...


Beer ki maggie was made when we fall short of water at home! and didn't wanted to go to the nearest shopping place to get water ! So, we added bear with water to cook maggie :D

thanks for dropping by!