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January 19, 2009

Genuis Have Bruised Egos !!

Genuis knows no boundaries. Sometimes genuis ppl work in such a way which only they can and the so called "common" man can just think around - well genuis ppl r lucky, they r blessed n all crap. But as the famous saying goes - Harder i work, luckier i get seems so true for them. Well, other day i was going through an article on wiki n i just felt about genuies - Harder they work, more eccentric they get !!

Here are some of the facts about the person whom many (if not, most) regard as the most versatile person in the Bolloywood ever. An actor, director, producer, singer all rolled into one. He even tried his hand in Music direction and writing lyrics. As you read them along, try n take a guess whom i am talking about.

- He married four times. When he married his second wife, a famous actress in the 1950's he knew she is going to die soon; still he went ahead with this marriage so that she can spend last few years of her life in his arms. His third marriage (again with a Bollywood Actress) failed this time to the 'disco-dancer' of the 1980's. He refused to lend his voice to any of the movie this actor was starring in.

- Once, when he discovered that his dues hadn't been fully paid, he landed up for shooting with make-up on only one side of his face. When the director questioned him, he replied "Aadha paisa to aadha make-up."

- On another occasion, when the producer R. C. Talwar did not pay his dues in spite of repeated reminders, he turned up at Talwar's residence one morning and started shouting "Hey Talwar, de de mere aath hazaar" . He did this every morning for a few days, until Talwar paid him.

- He had put a "Beware of XXXXX" (X==His name)" sign at the door of his Warden Road flat, where he stayed for some time while his bungalow was being done up. Once, the producer-director H. S. Rawail, who owed him some money, visited his flat to pay the dues. He took the money, and when Rawail offered to shake hands with him, he reportedly put Rawail's hand in his mouth, bit it, and asked "Didn’t you see the sign?" :P

-Once, when a reporter made a comment about how lonely he must be, He took her to his garden. He then named some of the trees in his garden, and introduced them to the reporter as his closest friends

- Once, a producer went to court to get a decree that he must follow the director's orders. As a consequence, he obeyed the director to the letter. He refused to alight from his car until the director ordered him to do so. Once, after a car scene in Mumbai, he drove on till Khandala because the director forgot to say "Cut" :D

But this one takes the cake for his eccentric behaviour…..

According to another reported incident, once he was to record a song for the producer-director G. P. Sippy. As Sippy approached his bungalow, he saw him going out in his car. Sippy pleaded him to stop his car, but he only increased the speed of his car. Sippy chased him to Madh Island, where he finally stopped his car near the ruined Madh Fort. When Sippy questioned his strange behavior, he refused to recognize or talk to him and threatened to call police. Sippy had to return. Next morning, he reported for the recording. An angry Sippy questioned him about his behavior on the previous day. However, he insisted that Sippy must have seen a dream, and claimed that he was in Khandala on the previous day.

And to all those, who are still guessing who this person is - well he is one n only - One of the greatest singer of all times in Bollywood - KISHORE KUMAR.


Anonymous said...

I dint knew this.....wht r d names of his wife's?This post ws quite intresting.

Hopeless Romantic said...

Ruma Gosh, Madhubala,Yogeeta Bali and Leena Chandravarkar. Madhubala Died of cancer,Yogeeta later married Mithun chakarborthy.

Satans Darling™ said...

OMG.. I did not know all this. Thanks for the info Amit :) What a wonderful read!

Hopeless Romantic said...


:), now u know it, rem it :P