Looking for Love?

February 6, 2009

My friends...My thoughts..My feelings - Part 2

Some crushes go down-hill like Dow on the Wall Street
When you know Bansal half-heartedly changed his seat.

Options galore; cross, clear or let it be a crew cut
When you know before marriage Nikunj wanted a hair cut

Angry n irritated your boiling arteries become more n more thinner
When at 4.5 work-ex Sanat didn’t knew how to connect a printer

Shocked, Surprised and it made quite a bit of everyone reach
When you know Pooja’s Teacher Questioned - "Do you have some problem with the speech?"

Once Rolly was asked, hey Madam can I give you a Lift
Then you know Mayura should have seen back by making a shift

We should dial randomly; try n talk to females as cool as a cucumber
When you came to know Anoop Met his wife on a wrong Number

Schools must now make their students much more tactical
When you know Manoj used to go and catch frogs for Bio Practical

Verma gets fully subdued with a shattered American Dream
When you know he is an integral part of ‘Aao-Saalon-Maro’ Team

PMHS I2 Migration used to go on hold for 10-3:30pm Bracket
When you know Amit and Ajaz discussing the share market.

Ishhh…. Be alert as Your TRIPS entries gets dissects
When you know after 1 yr Swapna remembered 24 Defects

The biggest riddle of managers may gets solved - Ab mein kya karu?
When you know that here comes -Dhruv the ultimate MBA-guru

Sent an e-mail and rest assure buttering will always prevails
When you know Jolly Is not yet done with his fairy tales

Not Parents nor friends but Project Managers should approve
When you don’t want deallocation before you openly declare Love

CHW will contribute efficiently in population of India and United states
When you know within project associates start finding their Soul-mates

It raised eyebrows, wagged tails and made everybody highly intrigue
When someone from CC saw me and her in the Indian Premier League.


Anonymous said...

very informative....hehehehehe

Hopeless Romantic said...

ya, Specially if the colleagues are sitting around you..its really informative :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Too Gud Man.

Amit said...

thanks buddy :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Haha.. what a sweet poem! It's all peppy and yeah like someone said above.. Informative!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, it was informative though you may not be knowing most of them!

I appreciate you dropped by!