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February 28, 2009

Yeh shehr nahin, Mehfil Hain !!

Shiv Kumar Yadav had always dreamt of making his younger son's wedding memorable.So, his son arrived for his wedding to the bride's house 3km away on a helicopter.

I was stunned and flabbergasted reading this ostentatious display of wealth in today's newspaper. The most ridiculous plausible clause in this entire episode is that the bridegroom is an MBA student, from a filthy and 'it-takes-in-everyone' kind of college in Ghaziabad, a suburb of Delhi. He has just appeared for his final semester exams and still doesn't have a job/business to do after finishing college.
Media often highlights the vulgar display of their wealth.Such vulgarity insults the poverty of the less privileged, it is socially wasteful and it plants seeds of resentment in the minds of the have-nots.

We have had the strongest economy ever over the last ten to fifteen years, and the fact that even under these excellent conditions, we have failed to close this rich vs poor gap spells serious problems; that we witnessed its further widening is an affront to the hard working, honest citizens of this country.If all members of a society are contributing to the growth of that society, all members should share in the prosperity. That is a basic principle upon which a democracy operates; the harder you work, the greater your opportunity and prosperity. Currently, we're not headed in this direction. The rich are getting richer, and the poor are suffering.

But, I guess till then we would keep on hearing such kind of news every now and about people who truly believes in the song of Delhi-6 , Yeh shehr nahin, Mehfil hain...And lets try our best in making it one !!


Sameera said...

Had I been the bride- I would probably chosse against marrying into such a foolish family.

Money can buy you anything but Class..! This makes a good example.

Amit said...

Pretty True...Sam......well said !!

Quirky Mon said...

I recently saw a tv show about "20 young billionaire heiresses". Lakshmi Mittal's daughter topped the list, with a whopping 60 million spent on her wedding. Weddings are sacred, intimate affairs...I don't understand the whole fuss about inviting celebrities etc by spending millions, people who don't even know you or care about you, and wouldn't be there but for the money! If you really want to do something memorable for your wedding, do some good at the start of a new journey of your life. help someone in need. instead of lavish display of wealth. It's sickening!

Hopeless Romantic said...

It is indeed sick how millions are spent in these marriages. But then they have they spent it...thats their logic...they want to make it bigger n better..for them weddings r NOT secret...its their way of showing how much wealth they have :)

Satans Darling™ said...

MDH Masala wale uncle takes 1 crore to attend weddings :|

And people spend on it.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Yeh to MDH wale uncle hi batayenge...assholes...simple disgusting way of spending money !