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March 11, 2009

Best-est Holi or is it ??

A big hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to all....n big apologies for not blogging for so long. But now on the hindsight - i actually came to know who all people miss reading my blog (if that doesn't sound too presumptuous for the starter :P). And a big happppppy holi to all.....i had a blast this time around with some of my friends and cousins coming along to play Holi in the morning and then partying in the evening.

But as today's day passed and I am here writing the blog tonight...i feel a sense of hollowness creeping in (which has became quite synonymous with my blog i guess by now :D) but i starting finding reasons why i should not be so happy after all.. what started this mood swing was a headline i read while browsing internet. It goes something like this....

Shelly Gupta suffered bullet injuries in both her legs when a fisherman, Mohammad Rashid of Singpur village, opened fire with his gun at a group of children celebrating Holi as they had supposedly sprayed him with colours.She was admitted to the Shahdol District Hospital for treatment where her condition was stated to be out of danger.Hearing gunshots, the villagers gathered and beat up Rashid and later handed him over to police.A case has been registered against the accused.

It made me ponder what is the reason why we celebrate Holi. Prominent reasons like to promote unity among society, make everyone feel equal just goes out of the window when you come to hear such kind of disturbing news. So just why we should celebrate this festival?Is it the decadence of our nation, our cities, or ourselves that we are glorifying? Or is it the debacles of the past year that we rejoice? Have we forgotten 26/11? Maybe everyone has. I have not....I am not here to give you facts and numbers of how many lost their near and dear one’s for the glory of the nation, no. Google can give you that. I am here just to express a point of view. Why are we celebrating and what exactly we are celebrating....a society where intolerance and insincerity has became so rampant that we now even start shooting bullets because someone is playing Holi !!!

I know it sounds really hypocrite of me now to say I should not have played holi in the first place....but had i read it before playing holi this morning.. may be who knows i would have done exactly what i am conveying now. Think of me as you like, I shall not justify. But for me, we just now celebrate life. The joys of being alive, gladness at the capability to do as we like and above all ecstasy at BREAKING RULES! we just feel happy now we are alive to celebrate another Holi ...

How will you feel when you will go to bed tonight thinking that you wasted money, water, and clothes , that could’ve been better utilized, not because you had a good and genuine reason but because "All do it, how can I not do it". Its high time we start questioning ourselves and our actions...


Satans Darling™ said...

I hate playin holi :(

Hopeless Romantic said...


I don't mind playing Holi :D

Happy belated Holi :D