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March 4, 2009

Cricket Attack, Country De-attach !!

Cricket lovers the world over will be wondering what the answer is to cricket's latest security problems after the Lahore attack on the Sri Lankan Cricketers last afternoon. It was absolute shocking. I was out of my seat like a cat on the hot tin roof on hearing this. Probably Imraan Khan should eat his words now - No terrorist would ever attack the cricketers. Let's face it - terrorist don't think who they are attacking. They just attack.

The implications for cricket of the Lahore attack will be felt right across the subcontinent. No national team will visit Pakistan for a while. There will be no World Cup matches in Pakistan and it may even be that the World Cup will be moved to a safer part of the world.

India's BCCI are being pushed by the government to put off the IPL because there are questions about India's ability to provide adequate protection, especially at election time. There is also no doubt that foreign teams will also look a little closer at India's ability to protect players after the Mumbai and Lahore attacks. Sri Lankan players are going to take a while to warm to the idea of going back to Pakistan. Indeed, Muttiah Muralitharan has already expressed reservations and others will follow.

Pakistan will be the biggest losers out of all this but don't expect them to take it lying down. They have no option other than to play matches at neutral venues. It would also not surprise me if the PCB decided to implement a home Twenty20 competition similar to the IPL. They must have some cricket at home. They have many wonderful cricketers - amd they are also bound to try to source overseas players prepared to run the risk of playing in Pakistan in return for big money. Given six months or so and no escalation in violence, there will be overseas players prepared to go back to Pakistan. How else do they keep the game alive in their cricket-loving country? Unlikely, I know, but it may just be that it takes an attack on a cricket team to turn Pakistani nationalist opinion against terror. This being the case, there may be some good that emanates from the sad news from Lahore.


Satans Darling™ said...

Good they didn't get to participate in the IPL!

Hopeless Romantic said...


True, but i hope the situation improves in the country. I don't want to miss India-Pak Matches. I love seeing Pakistan loose to India :)