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April 27, 2009

I, Me and Myself

In the last few days, I have received one-on-one e-mails and comments on my posts which has asked me to elaborate the kind of a person who is writing such (stupid! :P) stuff on this blog. Basically, its a direct threat to explain lucidly and elaborately about 'Hopeless Romantic'. After a lot of deliberations, I have decided to write a few random things about myself, my likings, my hate-list, my passions, my views etc(Ok, you got the drift na, Cool !). Since this is my 50th post, i think this is the best celebration for my reader friends to let them go through and be agonized by random ranting thoughts about I, Me and Myself.

PS: These scribbled writings are in no particular order and is intended to leave you even more confused about my personality, since i consider this to be a riddle which even god has given up now how to Solve it completely !

PPS: Reader's who give up on this post midway will be highly appreciated and would be awarded a blog award in not less than three business days :D

PPPS: Any coincidences to any person living or dead is absolutely incidental and You can most definitely blame me for any plagiarism. People entertaining such thoughts are most welcome :D:D

Ok, enough of PS's ...let's Begin the crappy post ...all the best who are still reading this ..

1. I am generally quite open about talking/writing on any random topic in this world, however I get an uneasy feeling when I have to describe myself in a few words to people. I get into the mode like Tamanna in Roadies - contemplating what to say about myself. May be thats why i have not been able to write anything in the 'about me' section of this blog or to give a 'description details' of this blog. And it is a source of some serious embarrassment that even after crossing a quarter century of life on this planet, I am still looking for some more statements to completely answer this question. I feel, knowing yourself is like a journey of a lifetime, you don't know where it would take you and you don't know where it will bring you back.

PS: I love Roadies Audition episodes better than the whole Roadies journey episodes. The audition gives you some really quirky and laughter filled moments and at the same time also provides some deep insights into the personality of each and every individual and their thought process. My favourite in Roadies 6.0 was Devrishi's Audition. I have seen it like zillion times, and it still spills me in laughter every time i see it again ! Btw, Congrats for Naumaan or (no-man :P) on winning this year Roadies 6.0 in the Sunday's Final episode.

2. I have always been fascinated with the way people work in Movies. Leave apart the glitz and the glamour associated with this profession, I have always been eager to see how writers and the directors write and execute the scenes/movies on the screen. Watching movies has always been one of the top most past times for me, actually calling it "past-time" is like doing an insult to the passion I have for this creative work. On top of this, i come from a field (of a software engineer) which is no where closely connected with this passion. Incidentally, During my engineering days, just to win a stupid competition among fellow engineers, i watched 43 first-day-first-show movies with ardent passion and fervor, only to realize later that second best was languishing way behind at 7 movies.

PS: I am not even counting the first-day-second-show or first-day-third-show movies i saw during the 4 years. And, i Have lost count of the total movies i have seen in this way till date.

PPS: Check out this blog for reviews of movies all across the world, in all major languages. A delight to read for any passionate movie watcher.

3. Reading books has always fascinated me. Give me any book on any topic - fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, biographies, self help books and most probably i can read it all along. Moreover, reading has probably survived a plethora of other distractions Over the years and has yet maintained to be some of choicest hobbies I possess! I personally feel avid readers tend to have a better grasp on realities and are known to be better judges of people and the relationships. But reading as a habit has always allowed to nurture a wholesome sense of well being within me. I have read 673 books so far in this lifetime, and i feel greatly indebted to
my ex-gf for introducing me to a world of books. I consider it to be a decent enough number since despite of having a good reading speed and the deep-down-heartly-intention of reading books, I started reading seriously only in 2003 when i came into contact with her.

PS: Just in case you are wondering how ludicrously i am giving such an exact number of books; well, i manage an excel sheet for the same and make entries in it as soon as i am finished reading a book.

4. Ok, this may sound really cliche as you may hear from any Indian across the length and breadth of the country, but I am also in love with the Cricket. I can probably tell you most of the titsy-bitsy things about matches, players, teams and venues about this majestic game. I can't breathe properly without reading about the game every other alternate hour. It runs in my veins, in my blood, in my heart, in my brains, in my...ok, ok Let me cut the crap ! :D

PS: As some of you may be aware of this blog, about Indian premiere League (IPL) which has really caught attention and hit the headlines in the past few days. Its witty, humorous, takes players pants and undies off even without realizing they have been stripped off. A must read and followed blog in this IPL season.

5. They say God lives everywhere. Ok, but then why people go to pilgrims to search for God. They say its God who always gives you the happy moments in life. Ok, but then why don't people realize that the same god gives you sad moments in life. They say god exists in our hearts and souls. Ok, but then why the people constructs temples, mosques and churches across the cities to look for God. They say caring for humans is like caring for the God. Ok, but then why people always choose to kill humans to pave a path to God. They say keeping fasts in the name of the God helps in fulfilling all your wishes in life. Ok, but then why people blame it on their destiny and God's willingness when those wishes are not completed later. They say Humans is the creator of natural order in this world. Ok, but then why people consider god to be the ultimate creator and manager of scientific rules in this world. They tell us to follow god because everyone around you does so. Ok, but then why don't these people prove that God exists and I Promise, I would follow them .

PS: I am an agnostic moving towards being an atheist. I want to see how God can stop me from this conversion. Period !

6. Love is probably the most ecstatic and euphoric feeling I have ever experienced in this life time. There have been different stages of love which i have explored during these years of my existence. There is something so pure, so magical, so enigmatic which comes along with it, it makes you go through the ups and downs from every corner of your heart's emotional lake. Love in life is what makes you break relationships at times, Love in life is what makes you create and explore newer pastures of companionship. Love in life is what brings rolling tears, Love in life is what makes brings smiles all over your face with its subtle nuances.

PS: The origin of the URL of this blog (which some people find to be weird !) is a line blurted out by Pilar, a young university student, in the novel - ' By the River Piedra, I sat down and Wept' by Paulo Coelho. She is bored with her mundane life and is looking for greater meaning from the present existence, its then she meets her childhood sweetheart, who is now a spiritual teacher and the rest encompasses the journey thereafter. A must read book, and it was the tip off point of this blog - Hopeless Romantic.

7. Blogging is something which started as a hobby and became a passion later on. I blogged anonymously about random day-to-day scribbling for about an year before starting this new blog with all my realities intact. Even though its been like 15 months on this blog, i haven't still left a few traits from my older blog. They are as follows in the most erratic order you can think off ...

a) I am still the most unimaginative blogger when it comes to putting pictures to elucidate my thoughts. I am from the old school of bloggers where i put all the onus on the readers to read,imagine and feel the stream of emotions, all by themselves.

b) I still don't use writing variations in one single post. I neither have the patience, nor the temperament to keep on choosing and changing fonts type/size/colours. I have seen blogs where people use 5-6 different colours to write a post, like each and every colour will signify the emotions from the bottom of their hearts. Hats off to them !

c) I still can't write short stuff. Generally most of my posts have been like really long, and i never bother to edit them to keep them concise. I can understand how the readers have to sit through my posts so as to curse me for taking them on emotional roller coaster rides, only glitch is that i don't get paid for taking them on those free rides :P

PS: There is a wave of writing 55 fiction among the fellow bloggers. Man, i can't even think an iota of doing the same. If someone is starting 5500 fiction, then let me know, may be i can join the bandwagon. Otherwise, there is always road less travelled in this world. I better start my journey alone :)

Final PS: Anyone still reading this, or everyone dozed off by now. :D


Netika Lumb said...

To begin with, let's just say cheers to PS. I really like people who use PS, but I think I am an ardent fan of you considering how much you love it. :)

I also looooove the auditions more than the episodes. For that matter, barring a show or two, most reality shows have auditions worth waiting for vis-a-vis the show.

Even I can't write very ornamented post's. Not my cup of tea.

3 years back, I searched every corner of my city for 'By the River Piedra,...', and then within 3 months I realized that you need to be a gifted soul to have read it. :( Though, it does deserve one try again. May be now, I deserve to read it.

If ever you find the 5500 fiction author, please also count me in. I will TRY to help.

Amazing post, again.

Quirky Mon said...

Hey Amit,
I'm still awake by the end of the post!And enjoyed reading it. I like the way you explain things, simple and in a casual conversational mode. About the blogging style...I can so relate to points b, c! :)

Hey, I needed to some help. Check your mail. tc

fms1988 said...

Hey Amit CONGRATS on your 50th post.(Pending treat:P)

Loved it i always end up smiling somewhere or the other when reading your posts so thanks for that.I really appreciate those who make me smile :P & if iv got anything to say i'll mail you!

Great post !

Sameera said...

I actually read the whole thing!! Man I need a glucose now!! :P

Just kidding but this post isn't as bad as I expected it to be! :)

Some interesting stuff...!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Interesting stuff(?)... who's been sending you those mails(grrr...) :P

Ok, honestly, it's a nice contemplative post. I love books too... You actually maintain an excel sheet... :O

Hopeless Romantic said...


thanks for dropping by, as always !
PS: I love PS too :P
Ya, even for Indian Idol, i love auditions more than episodes. In fact, i just watched a couple of episodes after final 14 were selected in this season. I think lot of regional voting happens n the true talent is mostly subdued, spl in case of Indian Idol. But, roadies audition r a lot of fun :)

Do read the book if u can get ur hands into it..its a nice read. N why to wait for 5500 fiction. Go on, take the initiative n start it right away !

All the best !

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Quirky Mon

Thanks for the compliments ! Actually i forgot to add some more points to add to the list, but i let that happen in another post :)

I have read ur mail and would reply it soon ! We can surely work out something !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, I am glad i made u smile :) Ya, sure drop me mail anytime u like, i am also waiting for the reply of the mail to which i replied :P

Cya Soon!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Dear, Have a glucose C, D, E or whatever it is treat all the way !

Happy u enjoyed it !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Yups, i am getting mails from people who are trying to ask me such things. Even though mails will be personal to share, but you can surely go through the comments to re-validate my point :P

Yup, i do maintain one and update it regularly. I generally read and try to finish one book every week , that is a bare minimum :)

Thanks for dropping by !

Preeti said...

m very much awake and smiling ..:-)

p.s. I enjoy random tit bits about poeple

p.p.s ... I enjoyed your p.s and p.p.s 's a lot ...:-)

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol...good...ranting helps always !

PS: Ranting surely works like an ointment

PPS: keep in touch !


Hopeless Romantic said...
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Anonymous said...

i use a lot of colors and pictures while writing and and somehow i feel my post ain't complete without them.. but hats off to your writing.. makes me wanna come back to it.. :) and pics or no pics ..colors or no colors.. the hopeless romantic is here to stay! you rock! happy 50th post.. i know there are many more to come.. !!! :D

gargi said...

I am so very happy you wrote this!..and so very thankful to those who made you write this! :p

1. I LOVED that link to Roadies interview of that Dev guy..ROFLMAO! HILLARIOUS!

2. 43- first-day-first-show movies! AMAZING!..haha.. yahan to ek movie bhi release hone ke 4 weeks baad dekhti hun! but hats off to you!.. i love it you're so passionate about it! I should also find something that I am passionate about :| hehe!!

3. 673 BOOKS!.. Wow yet again! You have to email me the list.. i love reading..but due to one reason or the other I just can't get to a point where I have a book in my hands all the time..even though I so want it to happen!! My mom is like "kya karna itni books le ke" :|
so i have promised myself and threatened Abhi that I will have a library of my own with the books i love when we have a home a sweet home together! :D
ps (this time from me!) DO MAIL ME THE LIST!!!

4. God... Absolutely LOVED whatever you wrote about the whole God issue. I am totally with you! It hardly matters to me when it comes to god. I believe in god..just to be on the safer side! It's like whenever im in trouble..i find myself thinking "God!! please save me!" ..or .."God help me!" ... or "thank you God"!! but then not the one who will fight to say that i strongly believe in god..its a bit confusing... and..i have fasted every monday when I was in 12th..cuz i prayed to god that if I passed 11th..ill fast the whole 12th :| would have guessed how so very scared I was...that I took such a step!!!.. i can go on with god stories..but ill stop :) wont want you dozing off! :p

5. Love---..mmmm..the best feeling ever! :)

6. Blogging..I am happy u blog!.. cuz i love reading what you write..psst..ill tell u a are probably the only person who has received such a detailed comment from me! be happy!! :D

I like to read ur blog..cuz its simple and so like in I write whatever I want to say.. as if im speaking..and you do the same.. i can very easily connect to it :)

start with the 5500 fiction.. i will join.. :)

PS (again!).. i loved reading it..every line of it!

PPS I am wide awake! :p

PPPS : man!.. main java project ke lie poori duniya chaan rahi hun!..n the person I need is right there ;) LOL..

Take care.. :)

gargi said...

DUDE!..look at that!.. i literally wrote a new post within the comment section!..haha ;)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@The Pink Orchid

Lol, trust me kajal, i didn't wrote that with some specific blog. I do read a lot of blogs and it was just an observation which is common to a lot of blogs. I feel envious because neither i have the time nor the temperament to carry on with such an activity. But it makes your blog look super cool, so carry on with it.

Thanks for all the wishes and the compliments! It's always a pleasure hearing comments about my writing from you.


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Gargi

Oh Man, i am like overwhelmed. I have absolute no idea someone can like this ranting post so much that i would get a comment which is nearly equal to the length of the post. :D First things first, thanks for this elaborate comment. Let me try and draft a decent reply to this :P

1. Ya, its hilarious, and i like seeing it again n again and i don't get bored with it. I have never seen Raghu Laughing his guts out like this ever in 6 seasons of Roadies. It was some real funny stuff !

2.Ya, i am very passionate about the movies, though with work pressures n friday working, this passion have diminished over the years and i have lost count. But, i still make it a point to watch the movies first-day-last show or second-day-first-show. :P

PS: Very Soon, i am moving near to your place and i would be in the same situation as yours as far as watching movies are considered. More elaboration on this will be revealed later. Stay in touch with the blog !

3. Ya, its that number. I generally make it a point to read at least one book per week. I generally like read at the speed of 50 pages per hour and the count takes its own destiny. If you want the list, drop me your personal e-mail id through the contact form on the blog. I would send it across you as soon as my HP laptop gets repaired. Right now, i am using my apple macbook for blogging. The excel sheet is on the HP laptop.

4. Well, this is an old discussion. I just have the issue with people blindly following something since it has been the same over ages. There are many more similar things as to the concept of existence of god. This ranting is endless, in its truest sense. The fact that till now, only you have replied to this point makes me sure about the fact that others have conveniently neglected it to avoid any arguments about this topic.

5. I don't need to say anything about Love. I have a whole blog dedicated to mushy talks :D

6. Thanks for all the compliments. I always try to KISS (keep it short and simple), rest just follows with readers like you making me feel special.

PS: Thanks for staying awake, but you lost the opportunity of getting a blog award :P . 5500 fiction, well most of my posts are like that. N after that i can proudly say, i have written a 5500 comment as well :P

Keep in touch ! Its always heart wrenching to hear from u !


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..Got to know few thins about you and I liked it a lot. You wont beleive but there is lots to learn from you. :)

Thanks for penning it down. And Congrats for the innumerable good posts that you have written and taken your readers on a roler coaster ride.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, Thanks for all the nice compliments ! I don't think i deserve so many of them. Specially, the one that someone can learn anything from me :D

Keep visiting !


Little Girl Lost said...

"i still can't write short stuff"
you said it buddy :)

very interesting...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, we are on the same path....we should explore 5500 fiction soon !


Ms.R. said...

That was a lot of info about the real you! :) Sorry I took two days 2 comment. I wanted 2 read and understand you completely and not just go thru n post 'yaa nice' comment. Nice to know you Amit! :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hmm....i thought u have forgotten to comment :P but,its better late than never. Thanks for taking that long time to understand me....if u have understood anything,please let me know....journey for knowing myself is still on...may be i would also know something :P


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I am glad you wrote all this!..and would like to give a blow kiss to those who made you write this! :p

1. About Roadies...Well tamanna ki yaad diladi yaar..and dev to dev tha.... the world no 1 stupid kahunga main to..khud ke mooh se apni stupidity batata hai..! HILLARIOUS that was...:)

2. About Movies...
43-first-day-first-show movies dekhi tumne.??
Movies ke itne bade deewane ho..pata nahi tha..!..haha.. Meri zindagi ka woh akhri to-do-list hoga... :P hehe...pata nahi par mujhmein itna zyada passion kisi cheez ke liye nahi other than finding my love :P

3. About Books.. My goodness itni sari books...woh bhi 673..? man i cant do that...
if i leave bangalore one day..i may divorce novels for life time..:P not sure about that.. hats off to you... FYI i cant read anything other than fiction/non-fiction... inspirational books ko to ram ram bolo ji....mere dimaag ke upar se jate hai... yeah philosophical books kabhi kabhi ok ok lagte hai.. Send me that excel sheet...i want to see aht did u read so far...Even i ve a library of my own with all the books i read so far.. including all those on which i regret for reading it )

P.S: mail karna..
P.P.S: bhool bhi gaye to koi gam nahi...
P.P.P.S: par koshish zaroor karna...

4. About God... pata nahi yaar.. yeh GOD ka kya majra hai.... i read this "cpnversatiosn with god" by walsh... Man it was too complicated for me..u know... 40-50 pages padke chod diya... next time kabhi aised kitaab nahi kharidunga.. Par i do believe in him in my heart not in books like i said..

5. Love---..Hmmmm..sabhi bolte hai yeh best feeeling hai..par mujhe kabhi hua hi nahi to kya bolu....saale log infatuation ka naam de deke mujhe confuse kar diya hai.... now u gotta tell me how would i know whether its love or infatuation..:P
the best feeling ever! :)

6. About Blogging..IMujhe tere posty padne me interest hai..i feel i am laughing sometimes....a smile crosses my please keep blogging..

Yeah 5 fiction ka idea kis ghade ne nikala pata nahi....
Tum 5500 fiction start karo..i may join you :P..

P.S I am still loving ur post..
P.P.S: main nahi soya ke updates mujhe aate rehte hai...

Kafi ho gaya..
ab bas....aur haan... dont ignore each part of my love story :p saying "No comments as of now " as story is pending and all..

Agar kiya aisa to suspense se mar dalunga tumhe... BTW polis\ce station mein FIR darz mat karvana..mujhe sabse zyada dar usise lagta hai..


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

One more thing..
u keep so many links in ur post..
dude i am facing a problem in doing so....

I am not able to link links to text in my posts..
please let me kno how to do it...

there is a button called link in new/edit post..but when i put the link in pop up box...

it puts the link as it has put in my latest post..nit like in ur case..
let me know....


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

No reply for my big comment.. :(

well mujhe samajh na aaya tumne kya bola mere chat box mein....:(

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks dude for that elaborate comment.I am truly overwhelmed for the response and apologies for the delay in responding. Was just caught up with a few things and It took a while to get back to this. Anyways let's start getting here...

1. Ya, Tamannaa was fun with her accent and Dev was always out of this world.

2. Man, you should have figured that by now seeing by my blog's Bollywood confidential and film-o-meter entries. And the fact that how often i use them during writing of my posts. Anyways ..thanks for the 'passion' compliment :)

3.U have a library of ur own man...i wld surely send u the excel sheet as soon as i get my HP laptop repaired.So many people have asked for it, n i have to send now otherwise i will b screwed :P

4. That's a nice book. I have read that...well done !

5.well, i can tell about love or infatuation only when i come to know the whole story. Mail me story and then i can give my verdict:P ...All the best..May be love is lurking around the corner :)

6.Thanks for all the compliments about the blog.I am touched!

I have started the 5500 fiction. Join the revolution. U would be given a blog award for not sleeping while reading this. I would surely read n comment on ur love story post.

Hope that link thing is working for u now..its not that tough to make it work :P


rh3a said...

hah! made it to the end!
it was indeed a "rollercoaster ride" through ur life..! :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


Ahh..i have to now give you a blog award within 3 days :P, or was i kidding on that earlier :D

Glad u enjoyed it ! Keep visiting !


Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Hahaha... well i didnt doze off!!

a nice post as usual. The thing that awed me is that u completed 673 books n that too in 61/2 years!! n tht too maintaining them in spreadsheets... congrats!! gr8 reader u must be.

Happy reading! Have a gr8 time :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Ahh....not many ppl were able to do that ! U manage well not to doze off :)

if u read couple of books per week, 52 weeks in a year, well, just do the calculations. It should be around that number only. I have read a few before that period also, but reading just shoot up after that and now its a die-hard habit though now due to work pressures, its taking its toll gradually :(

Thanks for the compliments! Do visit again !


Priyanka Agrawalla said...

hm... as of now am free, so am also continuing my die-hard habit(but cant beat u!). Jab kaam mil jayegi, tab ka tab dekha jayega.

I hope u wud have heard of where you can talk about books, books n books. Hope to see u there!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Ah..thats cool..enjoy the reading sessions.

yes, i have heard about that website and i am a member of it too. But having said that,on another hand, i am not a great believer in reading e-books. I feel magic of book reading lies when u sit with a book and read it at leisure. Even though, i myself contains thousands of e-novels and i generally read those who r either very expensive to buy or appear very rarely in the market.

If you are keen on getting yourself enrolled for books in a sort of professional library, i would suggest a website (if ur based in delhi). They deliever and take books from ur doorstep and have an excellent service.U can try it.I myself was its member for more than a year till this month, when i have discontinued it since i am moving out of delhi for a very long period of time.U can visit the website to know more details and the procedure. If you have any additional doubts, i am always there for u :)

Happy reading !


Priyanka Agrawalla said...

thnk u Amit.. but delhi bahut door ki baat hai. am from TN. ya, i also dont believe in reading e-books. The only e-book i have read is the Harry Potter's last part! (Us book ki bahut demand thi isliye aur koi chaara nahi tha)...

k vl look into it. take care.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Oops, i wrote all that thinking you from delhi. I just had something in my mind :)

But, you should search in your city as well. These online libraries are catching in big time these days.They are many other websites too.Google it out if you are interested:)

I read HP7 within 36 hours of its release :)


Priyanka Agrawalla said...

thnks amit. vl google soon :)
gud nite :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


ur welcome:) gud night, sleep well !

Sweet Dreams,

I, Me and Myself said...

woooaaah amit i am back to ur blog after a long time...n when i saw d title i me and myself...hoe could i miss reading it...n u knw what no matr how big ur post is it keeps me hooked to d comp till i complete it n like alwas this one too left me smiling dear...hats of to u

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey,welcome back to the blog ! That's like a real big compliment that my ranting posts can also keep people hooked too:) Thanks a lot of ur appreciative words:)

Take care ! Keep visiting !


PS: I struggled to put a title to this post, till i came across your blog. And ur blog name was perfect to this post. Thanks for the same :)

I, Me and Myself said...

wooowwwww so i could be of some use...dat seems nice...hehehhe....

Hopeless Romantic said...


Oh well, every blog i read is of some use in one way or another. You always learn something new from them!

After all life is always new regardless of how many days u have lived it :)

Have Fun,

Satans Darling™ said...

I loved the roadies auditions more than the actual series too! Especially Devarshi and Poulami's audition :P

I love knowing more about how movies are made too. Just for this sake I was even a part of this game show [which never got aired] as a contestant. It was called "The Best Mom Show" :P For the filming of one 20 minute episode, we spent 30 hours. There is a lot of work, blood and sweat which goes into what final outcome we can see on the screen. Hats off!

43fdfs...You're a movie buff :D

I used to love reading once upon a time. I still do, but I have not been able to gather the time and the courage to read one for the past 2 years. The last book I read was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and I used to be more depressed than happy after spending entire days buried in the book sitting in my room with no contact with anyone whatsoever :P

673...You're a book buff :|

I love cricket too! I watched the IPL for the first time this year and I was hooked on to every single match! I envy the people who are lucky enough to watch these matches live! :P

The God point, ditto it. I do not believe in God. I blogged about it too. But I do believe in some divine intervention. Some driving force. I am not sure what it is. Fate, Love, Karma, I don't know. But it's a simple thing. As you sow, so shall you reap. And like JT baby sang.. What goes around comes all the way back around! I am a staunch believer in that one!

Love... Is beautiful :)

No matter where the alias came from, I love it!

I am so glad you blog :D

About the million colors.. I hate them! They look tacky.. One or two or even 3 are ok.. As long as you make your point. But more than that, it looks tacky.

I am still awake. I thought I would need a red bull but I did not :D

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Ashrita

Now you should watch more movies and read more books along with having a red bull :)

Thanks for such an elaborate comment, glad you liked the blog and the post.


mêlée said...


Hopeless Romantic said...