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April 12, 2009

Love Happens Once, Rest Is Just Life !

She was my best friend's girl friend's best friend. We met at my best friend's girl friend's birthday party and my best friend's girl friend's not-so best friend introduced her to me (Does that make you groggy, Never Mind !).
She came like a whiff of fresh air in the party occupied by cronies of my best friend and her girl friend, almost stealing the limelight from the other female species across the floor.While the introduction process was getting conducted; she looked at me like the girl wanting One more bottle in the Pepsi Ad , stopped for a moment like the girl in the TVS scooty ad, blinked her eyes once like the girl in the Kamasutra condom ad, passed a dazzling smile like the girl in the close-up ad and threw her hair back like the girl in the Sunsilk Shampoo Ad.What didn't crossed my mind at that point of time was that someone has fallen in love with me at first sight. Well, Almost !

I met her again at the inter-college fest in the cold and chilly January of 2003. We danced (ok, she danced, and i tried unsuccessfully matching her steps) on all the Bollywood and Punjabi songs, the DJ was playing that night at the lush campus lawns of Delhi University. After the Jam session, as we were heading our respective homes, exchanging long drawn pleasantries were more of an excuse to steal some more moments of togetherness, which we both were lingering to the core. A few days later, I came to know through my best friend's girl friend that she is holding feelings for me which were slightly more than 'just friends' and definitely less than ' lust friends'. I got her number and dropped a SMS, and then one more and more and more, till i lost count of them. End result, Our first fabulicious date in Barista near PVR Priya, in Delhi. Proposing her after a couple of meetings was probably more of a formality, but still did that formally with Lilaceious Tulips and a Hall mark card on her birthday. And as with most of the girls (or should i say All !), she required time to ponder over her pounding heart and then like all the girls (or should i say Most!), said YES.

Time with her not just used to fly, it used to take the speed of jumbo jet. Her talks would give me the feeling of calmness, yet very sore ears. Her affection used to make me feel proud, yet make me humble in front of others.We once spent 8 hours in one single room talking to each other till dawn, when it struck me I could have utilized the time in fulfilling my erotic fantasies.
She gave me 21 gifts when i turned 21, and even 5 more birthday's after that, I consider it to be my most memorable and exhaustive birthday. And before you try to wander your mind in exploring the reason why it turned out to be 'exhaustive'; well, I had a tough time removing all the love-slips which she has put on all those gifts, so that my Mom and sister don't caught me having a secret affair, while taking the wrapped gifts back home.

Bunking engineering classes every Friday morning to catch the first day first show of movies became a norm, a routine i was more than happy to follow. Catching up over a cup of coffee became a habit, an addiction i was more than willing to continue. Playing with fingers while holding hands together became a passion, a stimulant i was more than energized to extend. Tickling her waistline and making her jump became orgasmic, a dullard act i was more then perked up to perform.Hearing each others insecurities and limitations were like going in a futuristic time machine, a journey i was more than concerting to take together. We were in love, oblivious to worldly sins and pleasures, and seeds of being a 'Hopeless Romantic' were more than ready to germinate.

But as the case with All perfect love stories,things started going awry as our professional ambitions got better of each other love strokes and strikes. She was keen on settling abroad, just like her sister did couple of years before we broke off, and most probably in the same city. It would have allowed her to be in touch with her sister family and helped her to take care of her aging parents who were moving to the same city as her sister in that year. I had no intentions of settling abroad, me being a core delhite and me being the only son of my parents.(Working abroad for a few years is/was an exception).It was a mutual break off after fifteen months of sharing every moment of our lives with each other, but it was something which broke a lot of things inside us. With shattered pieces of our broken heart, we moved on in life. Three months later, she moved abroad for her masters. Busy with studies and later on, our respective professional life made the pain somewhat less, but scratches still remained. It sucked, but it stucked.

She is married now,permanently settled in another part of the world and was recently blessed with a baby girl in January. But what shocked me out of my wits on hearing this good news was the name she has decided to give to her baby, a name which Once upon a time, we facetiously decided together for our female offspring - Vastavikta. It was indeed a true
reality which hit my heart with its gamut of emotions, with its mushing musings and with its pensive thoughts. I didn't even knew how to react to it, i was too numb to even say anything to her at that point of time. Ambitions came in between our love life and distances broke the road connecting our hearts. I wish only one thing now for her - that let V be the best daughter in the world !!


bondgal_rulz said...

BEAUTIFUL post! :)

And I too am left numb after reading it...guess the road was not broken between the two of you, merely blocked.

Wishes for the lil girl. :)


Netika Lumb said...

This is so sweet.. I mean, really really sweet..and I am sure, after all these years, even if you held some grudges against her about anything, however petty;this must have really touched your heart..

Anonymous said...

That's a great story.. but i would have been really hurt that the child's name is the one we picked. Great name though. Good taste :P

The Phoenix said...

Lovely post! Live the way u write...touches people.

Ms.R. said...

:o thank you! :D I was really pleasantly surprised to see me mentioned here. Thank you Amit. Your blog's awesome you know. You write in a way that my emotions go up and down on a roller coater ride as you spin the tale. *thumbs up* Great going! :D

PS: Would love to have you comment ;0

Sakshi said...

:) Hmmm...sweet. I got no words. *sheepish smile*
I agree completely with the title of the post.


perplexed said...

awww.. that's the sweetest story! and what makes it even sweeter is how you have no grudges, you didn't let it go bitter and you still wish the best for her and her family :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Bond gal

well, our journey r now on different roads...that i knw...thanks fr ur wishes ...cheers :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


well grudges not really, but lot of disappointment and pain i ya this thing really touched me no ends ..cheers..thanks fr dropping keep in touch thru following or email care :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


I know what u mean, but it has to do partly with their 'family pandit' who suggested a name starting with V...n the rest followed...n ya its a great name...after all 2 great minds decided it :P...thanks fr dropping by..keep in touch :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a lot for those means a lot to me :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Ms R

Well, u deserved those accolades!!...n i appreciate ur comments...n i do comment every now n then on ur blog..check it out..hw was ur manali trip?

Tk care!

Hopeless Romantic said...


hey thanks for dropping by...ya, i love the was the inspiration behind the post..n it is just so true...afterall, true love always stays..whether ur together or not ..cheers :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy...ya i dnt have any pehle ab hain...infact i am proud of her..n wish her family all the happiness:)


CutePriya said...

what shd I say abt Amit....As always your superb sense of portrayal makes everything so heartfelt...I could almost feel every emotion in each line you wrote...God bless the lil girl...

P.S.: Even me and my ex had decided a name for our offsprings...You are absolutely right "Love happens just once"...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, thanks for those lovely words n ur good wishes!!

PS: Move on baby, there is one in ur company...catch him ..killer lady ;)

tk care,

Ms.R. said...

Amit, my Manali trip was aweeesuuummmm! Lol, I actually went to Del n Gurgaon too. But never mind.

I love these lines:

she looked at me like the girl wanting One more bottle in the Pepsi Ad , stopped for a moment like the girl in the TVS scooty ad, blinked her eyes once like the girl in the Kamasutra condom ad, passed a dazzling smile like the girl in the close-up ad and threw her hair back like the girl in the Sunsilk Shampoo Ad.

Sure you watch a lot of TV - rather ads! :P

Sad reality though. I empathize (: Can't wait to read more. Hope its not another heartbreak though.


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Ms.R

Oh R, we missed meeting each other..when u came to delhi ..hehe!!

Well, i am an extremist..i do everything to the extreme..whether it is movies, books,TV,ads..surfing on wikipedia..!!

U wld surely read more...but i am not sure 'hopeless romantic' can give u anything else apart from sad stories as of now..future u dnt knw what holds..

Keep in touch !!

Ms.R. said...

You know sadness and pain are actually great teachers. Well, I'm also joining you head on with the :(ness very soon. ;) Coming out with an Abuse Series. The name says a lot. And yes I will keep reading and you better keep writing such good stuff.


CutePriya said...

@ Hopeless Romantic

Yup! I will...

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Ms. R,

yes, they are great teachers indeed..u learn a lot from heartbreaks abt urself. Wld wait to read ur abuse series...i shld b credited 1 percent for starting this series :P

I wld try n write good stuff fr sure, i dnt write bad stufff..uc ;)


Hopeless Romantic said...


All the best for the kill ;). If you require any suggestions..drop me a mail :)


Girl Next Door said...

Very touching... I can actually relate to it... I broke off with my boy 2 years back... Though it was a mutual thing... It still hurts... Anyways, good luck for the Future.

And God Bless the Little Girl :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Girl Next Door

Ya, i can understand how it feels...but life has to go on...all the best to u too..thanks for dropping by as always:)

tk care,

nsiyer said...

You come out to me as a good human being.No bad taste in the mouth and being in touch with the present and enjoying it. I would have been happy if you had married her. Trust you are not married or else your wife will not appreciate my wish.

IcE MaiDeN said...

ohhh myyy goodd!!! u hav no idea hw numb i am after reading this. not beczuse its an awesome post, but because of the almost freakish resemblance to my life. so so similiar. i m in dat breakup phase now.. though i m nt sure if i wud name my children wht we had planed, but in ur post, i imagined wht my ex wud hav thought abt this situation.. last few days of enginnering left and its makin me very nostalgic abt things i hav shared... n readin ur post made me think of the 21 gifts i gav him on his 21st bday.. it made me think of wht all has broken inside us both becausew of this breakup... probably the only thing diff in my life was tht he is goin abroad for MS n i m staying here, hard core Mumbaite tht i am!!... :)

rarely hav i read post that made me smile and cry at the same time. ur post did jus tht..

n for tht, i m already ur fan!

will be bac for more,

Karan said...

Hi Amit,

Lovely..and Sad!! two words that summarize ur post.... I felt extremely movd by ur post... the way u hv described fallin in love... and th circumstances that made u lose it... and the fact that she her child the name u both had zeroed in on...oh i don't know how did u manage to get strength to write on this topic...

Heart Warming post... :) .. u hv a new follower... :) ...

PS - i can completely relate to the ads u hv mentiond.. as i too m an avid follower of the lovely ads that are made these days.. :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Iyer Sir,

That is probably the most heartfelt comment i have ever received on my blog. thank u so much for those words:) n Trust me, it was not easy..but i am a great believer in moving on with things, however bad they seem at some point. Because that is the only way u can get out of it.Ya, it do make u sad at times, sometimes years later, like in my case:)

No, i am not yet married. So question of offending my wife doesn't ur safe :D

Thanks for dropping by:)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Ice maiden

Hi, welcome to my blog space! This is your first comment and what a comment it has been !! I am surprised out of my guts to see such a close resemblance. Just reiterated my point that how love is such a common feeling when you are not together but different feelings when you are together:)..Hope that didn't turned out to be Philosophical :D

I am happy u feel so touched by the post. Keep in touch by following or e-mail subscription. N btw i was following ur blog before hand only..i was ur writing fan before u became mine :P

Best wishes, Keep penning,n b in touch !!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Welcome to the blog! Thank u so much for visiting, following n commenting, all in one go :D

I would have not written the post, had that 'naming V' hadn't happened in January this year. It doesnt require strength, but ya lot of self introspection n conviction to write something like this. I am glad u liked it :)

N the ads, oh ya i am crazy abt watching them. I watch less of serials n more of ads on TV..inspires u more to write n share stories:P

Keep in touch! It's good to have u on board. N i wld surely visit your blog n read your posts soon !!


Newbie Mommy said...

I'd say this in public as much as I have, offline. You write best when you connect, when it is a vulnerability and when it is from experience. One of your best posts, and eloquently expressed.

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Newbie Mommy

Welcome back to writing after a long hiatus...n thanks for that deep observation....u have hit the nail on the head..its very true of me...cheers !


CrAzY fReAk! said...

oh mann! ur rite, ur the hopeless romantic too :P :)
amazingly brilliant post!
Best of luck to V, d baby girl! :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Crazy freak

lol..thanks buddy for ur words:)...n ur good wishes too :)

Stay in touch!

Quirky Mon said...

Lovely post. It was a nice read! :) I esp liked the quirky description of the moment you saw her!:)
Have a great weekend! Catch up on IPL! :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Quirky Mon

Thanks buddy :)...good to cu back here on the blog...was missing u :P

U too have a great weekend..enjoy care n keep in touch:)


Anonymous said...

It's sunday afternoon when I just decided to go through some blogs and happenend to pick your's. You made me cry..and remember my current which will soon trun out to be like the post. It's painful. I dont really know how ppl just move on. Maybe "Time" would be the healer.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey buddy, i know i understand...i have been through that situation before too...time is actually only the healer....make new friends...find new interesting activities...concentrate more on ur work/studies...n u wld b fine in some time..n ya btw did i tell u Love is always new regardless of how many times u do it....well that's the Tag-line of my blog...n isn't that true !! care...n things would b fine soon !

Best wishes,

Karan said...

Oh the naming prompted you to write this post..!! wow..

And yes.. ads do inspire us to do a lotta things.. apart from goin n buying th product..!! lolz.. :P ..


Hopeless Romantic said...



I agree :)


Deepika Gupta said...

hey it was nice post.. i was kinda lost while reading it.... keep writing :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog space! Thanks a lot for those appreciating words...keep reading:)

Keep in touch...would like to hear from u again:)


Anonymous said...

I guess when we let ppl in our hearts we never let them get out completely. Even if they do, they leave a part of them within us.

It doesnt hurt but it leaves us wondering what to feel. How to feel! Weird, isnt it?

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ RV

yups, I agree...whenever u get into a relationship...n then get out of it...ur always nt the same person...certain things changes...certain habits changes..n later on when u realise it...its all nt the same:)

Thanks, keep in touch !

Nik said...

Me again here broder... ;)....

And again awestruck buy ur another fantabulous post! Your selection of words compells the reader to sigh more than once while reading! This one was extremely poignant....

I can understand how it feels when you lose love to the grisly hands of destiny. ANd then, as rashi said, u do not know how to feel...and ur lost in yourself.

Anyway....nice post man...looved it...!
kp up d good work!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Bro, thanks for the compliments !

Love makes u go around with loads of emotions!


Akansha Agrawal said...

It's such a cute story, sad and at the same time, so damn real! Why do most of us have to face these situations... love and practicality... seem miles apart!

Beautifully written... and yeah, you do watch a lot of TV it seems!

And Vastavikta is a beautiful name... :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy for all the compliments. Well, thats the beauty of love - it mixes the reality n dreams to a magical effect :)

I do watch a lot of ads...too much of TV i am nt sure :P

N ya, as i said to gargi, two great minds decided that beautiful name. Thanks for all the wishes :)


workhard said...

Hi.. thats a very nice post..


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a ton for the compliments !


muthu said...

Quite a nice post man.....

you have a great way of going about things and i loved it.

romances are done for the sake of romances.... nothing less nothing more.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey dude, thanks for dropping by my blog ! N yes, love is like that...its there because it is destined to be there.

Do visit again ! Keep in touch !


rh3a said...

OMG OMG! ur sooo dumb!
lol, no.. that wud be the kinda reaction a hopeless romantic would give out! but the fact that this is real makes it even more heart-touching! i can't imagine how i would react in such a situation too.. n the most wonderful part is, that even though relationships grow apart with time n distance, parts of it become one with us n we move ahead in life carrying these fragments of love in our hearts! :)

hope u both still remain well-wishers, bless the V! :)

Lovely Space here, u have a new reader too!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Yups, true love always stays with u :) thanks for dropping by and commenting on my numerous posts.

Keep in touch ! Be a good follower too :)


Megha Gupta said...

very well written....
i still wonder how people move on...i mean..they move on or do they surrender to the circumstances...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy ! Its better to move on, its the best healer ! And only if u surrender to bad circumstances,u can create new and better one !


Anonymous said...

everyone has said everything.. :)

the reactions of a simple girl after reading this one -

I giggled when you described her entry.
I breathed heavy and my heart skipped when the tickling of waistline and playing with fingers was mentioned.
I nodded with understanding when you mutual agreement led to seperation.
I felt proud of the guy when the guy actually understood her amibitions.
A warm drop of tear rolled down my cheeks when I read the name 'Vastavikta'.
I sighed when the story ended.

Say hi to Kajal, a very simple girl.. :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for all those sweet compliments and trying to understand each and every emotions behind it completely!

I love when people sigh on my posts :D On a lighter note i love simple girls too :P

Loads of Love,

Riya Rocks said...

hmmm what to say...

i like most the lil girl name 'Vastvikta'

well expressed feelings :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Ah, i know the name is sweet :)

Thanks a lot !


Shanu said...

Wow u have me addicted!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


I am glad i made u addictive :P


Satans Darling™ said...

My heart skipped a beat.. When this story ended. I am not kidding!

Hopeless Romantic said...


:) , You know na, my heart has skipped beat so many times after that incident !

Amit said...

its so creative the way u presented her entry ... promotions of each product :P lols:P ...
bt the end was beautiful .... and I loved the way u both understand each other and the way she actually did tell you the name of the girl and the understanding between u too :)
nd on a happier note m sure u will soon find smeone as caring and loving as she is n u will be in love again :)...

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, glad you liked that entry! I hope your wishes come true soon!


VISHNU said...

so sad..yet so touching..

Hopeless Romantic said...


That's destiny and you just got to accept it, sad or happy, you move on i guess!