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April 20, 2009

Love Knows No Rules....

'Hello', he said in a melancholic tone.
'Hello', she said in a super-melancholic tone.

"Where you have been all morning ? I am trying your number since morning. How many times i have told you to tell me atleast that you are busy and can't talk?" Kabir said in a tense voice with a bit of anger lurking around the corner of his voice.

"There was no network. And I Couldn't call from home. Mom and dad were around". She replied.
"Then how come you have called now?" He questioned.
"They are not at home right now. Gone for an after dinner walk". She replied again
"This is disgusting. The whole day u didn't got a single minute to give me a call. And specially when you know that i will be worried. You are never bothered Shiwangi !". Her name was taken with utter disappointment and a sense of irritation.

"Ya,Right. I am never bothered." She lost it a bit.
"Shut up, Shiwangi, Just cut the crap !!
"No, you are right. I am never bothered and why I should be Kabir". His name was taken with affection of a word-weaver, as if slowly weaving each alphabet of his name.

"Offo!! shut up na. All well?"
"How does it matter to you. I am not bothered. And you should also not be concerned".
"Shiwangi, Please tell me. All well ?"
"I can't tell you right now. I'll try and meet you over the weekend". Kabir could sense that all was not well.
I can't hang up like that Shiwangi, You are making me nervous. Atleast give me a hint"
"I can't marry you Kabir". She summoned all her courage to say that. To say that without breaking in one single go.

"what?" Sometimes expression defies any logic. Sometimes silence is the best conversation you can have with someone. Sometimes its better to just shut up than to start a blame game.

"Ya, I can't marry you". I' will talk to u later.Bye.

He said bye. He couldn't talk any more. He hung up. He needed a lot of time to absorb that shock. He knew what the reason was. He knew that this is going to happen; it was on the cards but He still needed time to get over with this shock.

3 days Later

"Kabir, you have just started working. It's been just 3 months, and you are trying to find your professional footage. You know the age difference between us, elder female partners are frowned upon in our society. You know the religious bigotry and narrow mindedness of our parents, they would never allow the inter-caste marriages." Shiwangi blurted out all the reasons she can muster for not being able to continue with the relationship, telling them one by one would have caused more heart-ache.

Kabir just kept looking at her, she was looking as beautiful as when he saw her for the first time. But his feeling of resentment took over him and he kept quiet.

"It's not going to work, Kabir". "Trust me, yaar" she said with the pain of her heart echoing from her voice.

"That's the only mistake i made with you, trusting you. All these fucking excuses never crossed your mind in all these three years with me. Get lost, Shiwangi". Just fuck off.

'I am really sorry Kabir, and I am sorry for all the pain i am causing you." She said with tears sweeping around the corner of her eyes.

She came forward and they hugged each other; the warmth was missing and the spontaneity in the act was such that it wasn't clear, who wanted to get rid of the other person faster. But it indeed, was their last 'bear hug'. Shiwangi left, leaving behind - her broken heart and her sobbing 'kid' Kabir.

3 years later

"Sir,Please sign here". Their relationship was shared over some stale signatures on the cheque book.

"Madam, One more sign here". Their relationship was shared over long tumultuous period of self- introspection of who is doing more wrong things.

"Ok, We are set. All the formalities done. My best wishes for you.". Said, the person who was franatically taking their signatures over various papers in the last half an hour.

"All the best Shiwangi. Take care", Said Gautam, clearly faking the last bit of affection.
"Ya, you too. God bless". Said Shiwangi, clearly trying to get rid of the last bit of affection left.

They both move towards their cars, to finally leave each other alone to ponder a lot on their lives. And they left the official premises of Ramdev Chaudhary, senior 'domestic affairs' advocate of Bangalore high Court. They were finally divorced.

3 weeks later

Shiwangi was standing outside Kabir's building. She has finally got here. Looking for him fanatically over all networking websites, making calls to their common friends, finally tracing his current whereabouts, booking tickets to Pune and coming here sapped all her energies in last three weeks. She wanted to give her 'kid' a surprise. So, didn't called her on his new mobile number.The lift to the 14th floor made her go through 1400 emotions curling inside the stomach. Eventually, standing outside his flat, she rang the bell.The door was opened by a male servant.

"Haanji Madamji...."
"Kabir....". She did not wanted to take his full name. She has always called him "'kaabii".
"You've come to meet Saheb". Shiwangi simply nodded.
"Saheb will be back any moment. He has asked me to take care of any of his friends who come in his absence."

Shiwangi entered the house and sat on the sofa. Nostalgic feelings came rushing back like streams of water come during the flood. She was shaking like a teenager who had fallen in love for the first time. She felt Kabir putting his head on her lap. She felt like stroking his hairs. She felt waiting for him was making her more anxious. And then the wait got over....

"Shiwangi, how come you are here?" A voice broke her from the unvanquished memories of their togetherness, their relationship. It was him, smarter than before.

"Hey, Kabir, how are you?" she jumped with joy and moved towards Kabir, completely unaware and unmindful of her body language. However, she had to stop herself mid-way as Another female voice broke her journey of Love. A woman, clad in a maroon Saree, entered from behind Kabir.

"Aakansha, she is Shiwangi. And Shiwangi...this is my wife. We just got married in the court today". Said Kabir.

Shiwangi felt like a zombie moving in the dense lanes of a jungle, not even trying to find a way out of it. She had an inkling that it was just bad timing, she congratulated them and left the home, "Mr. and Mrs. Kabir Malik's Home". As she took a few steps, she suddenly remembered she has left her bag on the sofa. She returned and heard his voice one last time....

" I have absolutely no idea why she came here. It's a puzzle for me. I have never hoped to see her again. You know what Akansha, Certain relationships are doomed. They are meant to give you agony and pain, nothing else. These relationships can't be defined but happen because they are destined to happen. I want to erase this chapter of my life forever. Yes, I wish I had never fallen in love with Shiwangi."

Shiwangi frenzily ran down the whole 14 floors, her heart throbbing and crying for Love...A love which was always hers. A love which she let it go so easily from her hand like sand. A love she never fought enough for when the bad times came. A love for which she came to claim, knowing aptly how selfish she has become. A Love which wished ' he had never fallen in love with her'....Sigh !!


Smita said...

As I had said, a fantastic piece of writing...

As the title says, love knows no rules and Love also doesn't allow us to take our loved ones for granted!!!!

Niti said...

loved it..

fms1988 said...

Touched my heart Too good !!

Anonymous said...

omg!! now this was painful..strong message of running against time and taking hasty decisions..

kudos!! it was a marvelous piece of writing.. :)

gargi said...

oh...sad :(
i dont like sad stories...
they scare me :(

anyways..very well written.. the thing i like the most is that its so short but explains soooo much!... i usually dont read really loooong stories.. even though i have written really looong stuff..
ok..ill shut up now :)

take care..

Ms.R. said...

Ouch!! That was paaiiinnful!

Man, you took me on a roller coaster ride again :)

*thumbs up!*

Netika Lumb said...

very touching.. But she deserved it totally.. If You can't fight for the one you love, given whatever circumstances, and you land up losing most things you ever loved.

Anonymous said...

great post..a non fictional fiction that strikes a chord..!

Nik said...

Brother... u were amazing. me too a hopeless romantic! n i was just swayed away in memories...! how i wish ...........

neway! nice 1 brother....really....
hope 2 c u arnd at my blog sometime!!

Anonymous said...

Some relations are truly doomed.. One thing that life teaches you or will teach you is never let the people you love and especially those who love you go out of your life! :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, thanks for dropping by on the blog...glad u liked it..n yes, i agree u cnt take anyone fr granted..leave apart ur closed ones!

Keep in touch through e-mail subscription or around !

Tk care,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, keep in care!


Hopeless Romantic said...


thanks for the ovation dear!


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Pink orchid

Compliments coming from you is a big thing...u seems to be the most 'followed' blog in this sphere n deservingly too. Extremely glad u liked it....made by day !

Keep in touch !

Hopeless Romantic said...


Oops, i didn't intend to scare u at all ! U know yaar, i have this habit of writing such long posts...once i start writing..i find it difficult to edit something out of it...or shorten it..hence my ranting makes it really long. I wanted to divide this post into 2 or even 3 parts. but when i wrote it completely in one go...i thought it would break the fun if i broke it into i posted the whole story..i tried to be as concise as i can :)

N yes, don't worry..its just fiction. A (not me !) n G r perfect..touchwood!

cheers !

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ R

Thanks:) I should start charging you now for taking you to those free 'rides' ;)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, I agree..she left not seeing reasons to love but the reasons not to love him and she paid after a love-less marriage !

thanks for dropping by as always !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog..this is ur first comment here! glad u liked it...keep in touch with the blog..would go thru ur blog soon!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey bro, welcome to the blog n join the gang of hopeless romantics :). Thanks for following the blog n i have returned the gesture :) ..keep blogging n stay in touch !


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ RV

Welcome to the blog, you are a newbie here! Thanks fr visiting n i am delighted u liked the blog :). Well, life does have a way of getting back to u at times as Shiwangi in the post found out in the end. You can't make unwarranted assumptions about love. You can't take anyone for granted!

Keep in touch thru following or e-mail subscriptions. Would love to hear from u again!


Siya said...

:'( :( :(

Amazingly written!!!

Thumbs up!!

Cheers!! :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for the compliment. But i think i shld start writing something light...i have started making ppl sad who visit my blog :(


Little Girl Lost said...

hey amit... nice story man... deliciously melancholy...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy :)...hope ur doing well at care !

Keep in touch !


Mohita said...

That was intense!!

Saw ur comment on mine.
Thanks for blogrolling me.
And I haven't deleted any of my former posts..
Must have been some network hassle while you were visiting.

The story was worth a read.
I loved it.
Would love to read more from your kitty.

mysterious gal said...

This was truly intense and painful.....
u took me to a ride of memories..where what is left is just...i wish...
Lovely no doubt and absolutely breathtaking :)

Anonymous said...

i am speechless.
i m truly touched by 1. your way with words.. 2. the emotioons that you managed to fill in me thru this!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for dropping by ! Yes, it must have been some technical glitch at the time when i visited ur blog. i can see everything clearly now! I loved ur blog ...I m glad u liked the post! Do read more posts n keep in touch ...I hope u wld like them too !


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Mysterious Gal

Hey, thanks for dropping by, following my blog n commenting here...all in one go! Thanks for the compliments..I have been accused now of taking people on emotional rides too often ;)

Keep in touch !

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Americanising Desi

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Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I have four lines for this post ..

Tarrof rogh ho jaye,toh usko bhulaana behtar...
taaluk bhoj bahjaye toh usko todna achcha ..
woh afsaane jise anjaam takh laana ho na mumkin,
use ek khoobsurat mod dekar chodna achcha !

This perfectly defines one's situation in this case .... I hope you could relate it too...
let me know if not..

story was good man... :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Mahesh, i definitely relate to this for sure complements the post ! thanks dude :)


swats.... said...

thats an amazing piece

Hopeless Romantic said...


hey..welcome to my blog space! thanks for the compliment !

Keep in touch...! Do visit again !


CutePriya said...

Hey Amit!

Excellent work! Why don't you try "Script Writing"...So, touch...our hindi film writers should learn something from you...the audiences are tired of the same 'boring stuff'...

Bravo! Loved it! I can truly feel every emotion...

Priya :)

nsiyer said...

Very touching! Sometimes destiny is the onlt test. Enjoyed your writing!

Juhi said...'s nice to see a blogger posting fiction...

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

My first visit to ur blog. very nice. n post too :)

Anonymous said...

Amit, visiting ur blog the second time..I like every bit of what u ride, but indeed it makes a perosn think a lot and forces a person to go back in the memory lane..It is heart wrenching..I like and dont like the feeling after reading something like this.

I wonder what are u made up from inside..How can one person carry a bag full of such emotions..

Anonymous said...

ride = write
are u = u are

delete this post after the corections :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol...i would surely like to write film scripts if someone can take a risk of making films with my writings :P

Thanks for the compliments !


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Iyer sir

Thanks, glad u liked it ! Keep in touch !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, thanks for visiting! Fiction is just one of the ways of expressing emotions, probably a more entertaining way !

Keep in touch ! Do visit again !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey buddy, welcome to the blog! I am glad u liked it. Thanks for following ! Do visit again !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hi, thanks for visiting here again! I am overwhelmed by the response from u ! Its like this, when u see both the sides - good n the bad of relationships, it makes u so filled from inside, u need an outlet. Blogging is just one of the way to vent out ur feelings in a constructive way. But, a lot of time i cook up stories, something which i have never experienced personally. Sometimes i write about tales of people i know who are close to me.

I have started getting mails and comments from people, who are extremely supportive of my writing style, because i simply write it without any external 'makeups'. May be thats what people find it touching !

And as far as your question is concerned about what kind of a person i am, well i guess i am still searching for the answer myself ! I hope to find it soon !

Keep visiting !


ARUNA said...

wonderful writing!! Very intense.....i love fiction!!!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, thanks for dropping by and commenting ! You are a newbie here ! Glad u liked it ! Do visit again !

Cheers !

Preeti said...

absoloutely loved it ....

Love is not something we can choose at will .. and an old lover is not a fall back mechanism , when everything else in world fails we can go back and claim our love ..

I love the end .. Now I am going to read all wonderful stories that i have missed.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Yup, You can't take love for granted. Mutual respect is so important in any relationship n specially Love :)

Please go ahead n read other stories too and let me know your views on it :)


bondgal_rulz said...

Two words - you rock! :)

Great writing there.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, let me try n keep rocking then

Thanks a ton :)


Fresh Dawn said...

Very touching...!!

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Fresh Dawn

Hey, welcome to the blog !

Thanks for the compliment!

Keep visiting! Would love to cu around !


Shanu said...

Simply Wow!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thank u so much :)


Satans Darling™ said...

Awestruck and spellbound... I can feel the hurt.. :(

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, I am glad u felt touched!


Spark Star said...

very realistic actually. This can happen.

I don't understand why people take so hasty decisions. It can cause much regret.

Either ways, if at all a hasty decision is taken, better to forget it and move on with life...

Divorcing and getting back to ex is so lame. it deserves this kind of treatment. :P

though I think most of the girls wouldn't do this and happily live with their husbands. Love is not THAT unforgettable.

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Garima

well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even though i maintain that love is always new, it is not that easy to make love unforgettable. It requires lot of patience, maturity and right attitude to forget long relationships. Its not always easy to just move on, after all its easier for someone to say it when you have not been in relationships. By the way, this is a true story. The girl actually went back to his ex after the divorce only to reach one day before his marriage. Filmy, but happens in real life too!