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April 5, 2009

Outsourcing to Me - You must be kidding !!

I was watching Roadies 6.0 on MTV this evening, a show which I like and hate in equal proportions for various reasons. But today, Natasha (my favourite, and probably the most vile and cunning) had to leave the show, after what I call as the most supid mistake in the entire 6 seasons of Roadies, by nominating Paulomi during the vote-out. She was a call centre employee before coming on the show and i can vivdly remember her audition in Chandigarh, in which Raghu mentioned a very pretinent point. He said, 'It's good that BPO has given lots of employment and financial independence to youth, but at the same time it has made our youth a dumbass, good for nothing' There were views and counterviews exchanged, at the end of which, she was selected. But ironically, over the weekend, I was reading a book namely BPO sutra by Sudhindra Mokhasi. It contains 150 short stories from India's BPO and call centres work culture, calls, cab-travel, parties, scams etc. Its a breezy read, anyone working in BPO (or Non-BPO like me) would surely enjoy it. There is one particular story i would like to share which had me in Splits.It goes something like this...

Tarun, who was a new hire had joined the team recently. Being a little slow, he was way off his target and was trying to make up by working very hard. He was trashed by the manager and sales coach to stop using his brains and just read the script out the minute he got someone on the phone.One day, he was trying the numbers on his calling list and finally got through to someone on the phone numbers. After the initial 'name-verification' formalties, he said..

Mr. Svarowski, we have studied your organization and we believe there is a very good fit in terms of our capabilties. An organization quite similar to yours is saving more than than 30 percent of its expenditures by outsourcing work to us. Our services cover the range of your operations from back office management to help desk, payroll and even manning the reception desk.

'I'm not sure I understand,' began Mr. Svarowski but Tarun immediately started with the next part of his pitch reading from the script.

I'm offering an outsourced services solution where you will be free to take care of your core business without having to worry about all the backend processes. You can concentrate on your products and clients acquistion while we manage all the background processes like payroll, query centre, reception desk etc. we have proven expertise in this field as proved by the testimonies of similar customers who are saving a significant amount of money by outsourcing all the backend work to us. we will get all the backend work done here in India even while you are asleep and at a fraction of what the same it would cost you when you are in USA. How does it sound to you? He finished breathlessly.

There was a pause for the minute and Mr. Svarowski said, 'I'm not sure you have the right number, son. This is the Bayview area police station and I'm the senior most police official here. We handle cases related to rape, murder, burglary,arson and vandalism among other things. It will be rather difficult to outsource the investigation of any of the above."

All Tarun could have said after that was - ' Thank you for your time and have safe day' :P

I literally fall off from my chair reading this and couldn't agree more to Raghu on this account. Call centres do make people dumb (Pun intended, never mind !!)


nsiyer said...

That's pretty interesting. Slowly would become a robot and probably use the script even with his wife. How interesting?

gargi said...

YEY!! works now!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Cool..congrats..nw i deserve comments on all my posts u missed to hear from u :)


Quirky Mon said...

I second Raghu's comment.

Sameera said...

Nice post!!

I haven't been a part of this BPO culture but I detest it. Even though I have no reasons to do so. Maybe it is the kind of people they employ.

Hopeless Romantic said...


:)..well thats how mechanical people from BPO has scope of using ur brain cells. I can laugh my guts out on how these people carry out their relationships

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Quirky Mon

Hey buddy, good to cu here...i was missing ur comments on my blog...i appreciate ur opinion..n cldnt agree with u more n that of raghu's opinion :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy :) But see there are reasons to detest them, with the kind of lifestyle they live, the kind of relationships they build. Their job profile is only one of thing which i have highlighted in the post...but the issue lies in bigger things n i am afraid they r not very good too :)

Preeti said...

good one !!

there responses are so mechanical ..they dont even give to time to breath ..

Hopeless Romantic said...


Yup, all out of the script...hardly gives any time to u also for breathing..n if ur naiive..u may jst get caught in their crap :)

Live life like there is no tomorrow..... said...

cool post...i agree with you that though i never miss the roadies show even while i m here..but i do hate an love the show in various proportions...n thanx for sharing the story it was amusing...n a valid proof...keep posting..

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Live Life

Thanks buddy:) ..n ya roadies is surely a few of the serials i love watching on TV even though i hate it :P ...season finale is around the corner...keep watching..then we cn have more posts n discussions about it...keep in touch :)

CutePriya said...

Yes Amit! I completely agree with what you have to say...This is through a personal experience...Though I never worked in a BPO but worked as an tele-caller for a HR recruiting frirm (for pocket-money of course)...And guess what I left that irritating, I must admit very irritating job in a week's time...What was my fault when the candidates didn't turned up or failed in the interviews...At the end of the day I was blamed for nothing t all...God save those "Dumb" call-center executives...Poor guys have to take it from it it customers....I must say their condition is worst than "Asses"...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Yes,I agree. Its really irritating when ur blamed for no fault of urs. They are just dumb-ass having had hardly any decent educational qualification (most,nt all). N ur story reminded me of one recent incident in HR in an IT company, on a tangential line.The HR people,to meet targets hired a few ppl on an urgent basis. n Later on when the project colleagues came to know about it, it was revealed that exam n interview questions were told to them before the selection process. No surprise,all HR ppl related to it were fired

bondgal_rulz said...

I sooo agree ad i totally HATE their fake accents...I mean they are for work, right ? so keep em there na!!


Hopeless Romantic said...


That's the tragedy...they fake everything at work n sooner it starts get reflecting in their personal lives as well..It sucks bt it sticks:)

workhard said...

Damn... LOL.. im glad im not working in a call center...

Poetry directory

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, ya most of us feel the same way when we hear such kind of stories about call centers and their employees !


Satans Darling™ said...

Have you watched the movie Flavors? The Indian-trying-to-be-American accent is very well shown in that movie :P Although it's only remotely related to this post.

But I had a good laugh :) Love the twists!

Hopeless Romantic said...


No, I haven't watched the movie, but it seems now i have to do that!

That changed accent sucks act, i hate it !

Glad u liked it:)