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May 31, 2009

Am I loosing My way ?

I am sure i am loosing my true identity as a blogger somewhere in the networking of my blog. My whole motive of starting a blog with my true credentials is unfortunately taking a back seat now. With each passing day, it seems i am promenading through the blogs with the aim of not reading and learning from them, but finding the so called potential followers. The passion which i used to exude while sharing life stories is diminishing in the sauntering hopping of blogs to find the possible readers. Somewhere in this desert of blogosphere, the real thirst of telling and sharing a story is getting replaced with the irritating ostentation in having a 'x' number of followers and a 'y' number of readers!

The last few days have been tough, in the sense of negative thought process i have to work through from all the corners in life. I have cursed myself, I have doubted my writing ability and I have drafted numerous tales to decide later not to post them. I have entertained thoughts of uttermost negativism,up to an extent of even giving up writing completely on this blog.The feeling of replying to a nice piece of work on any blog is now being replaced by the otiose thoughts such as - will he/she follow by blog? will he/she reply to my comments? will he/she judge me personally by what i write in a blog. It has become an utterly pointless saga of convincing myself with the true intentions of writing on this blog. My brain cells are playing a game between being a good networker and a good writer, with such ferocious intensity which may even put to shame the competitiveness with which teams play in Indian Premiere League.

I have always been a staunch believer in not taking blogging as just any other frivolous quotidian activity. For me blogging comes with a tag line of - 'making a difference to the world'. Somewhere deep down i feel; rather than introspecting why an 'x' person is getting 100 comments on one line of 'googled' quote, i should actually think about numerous fictional tales brewing up in my mind, even as i write this post. Somewhere at the corner of my heart i feel, rather than wondering why a 'y' person is getting 80 comments on writing lyrics of a bollywood song, i should actually concentrate about making my readings more entertaining and interesting. I am gradually loosing the passion of a blogger wanting to make a small difference to a large multi-cultured society like us. I am tardily getting entrapped in the dilly-dallying of my thoughts and values which i want to potentially portray through this blog.

Just thinking about such things, I have decided to stay back from blogging till i sort out my priorities and get them right on track.I won't be posting any new stuff till i get my attitude towards blogging at the right place. I would surely like to come back to pour my thoughts on this empty white blogger board. Its extremely significant for me to write with a right frame of mind; a mind which is oblivious to the machinations of the networking in blogging, a mind which is devoid of jealousy of fellow bloggers' number of followers and comments on each post, a mind which is barren from the thoughts of negativity and irresponsible thinking. A mind which only knows only one thing - to write with a goal in mind and to write which brings a smile to the readers.

And As i was telling a friend a few hours back, In love, there are hookups and breakups around you; In love, there are ramblings and scribblings of the heart; In love, there are fights and indecision's between people; In love, there is hopelessness and Romanticism in the relationship; And somewhere amidst all these emotional roller coaster rides of Love, there exist an ever eternal - The Hopeless Romantic :D

May 29, 2009

Hum Ne yeh Pyaar Kyun Kiya !

hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....
raaton mein chandni ka intezaar kyun kiya...
baaton mein shararat ka intezaar kyun kiya...
hoton ki kaliyan khilne ka intezaar kyun kiya....

hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....
raazewafa mein dooriyan ka intezaar kyun kiya...
awaazon mein har sada ka intezaar kyun kiya...
tanhaiyan mein mehfil sajne ka intezaar kyun kiya

hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....
ishq ko junoon banne ka intezar kyun kiya...
mohabbat ke tofaan ka pahuchne ka intezar kyun kiya...
pyar ke ehsaas ko pighlane ka intezar kyun kiya....

hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....
rahon mein guzar jaane ka intezar kyun kiya....
bahon mein bas jaane ka intezar kyun kiya....
seene mein utar jaane ka intezar kyun kiya....

hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....
gham ke badal chaane ka intezar kyun kiya....
dard ke karwaan uthne ka intezar kyun kiya....
dukh ke ambaar chatne ka intezar kyun kiya....

hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....
dil mein gharonde baanne ka intezar kyun kiya....
aankhon mein nami aane ka intezar kyun kiya....
veerano mein bahar aane ka intezar kyun kiya....

hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....
har sawaal mein jawaabo ka intezar kyun kiya....
jab hum har jawab se yehi sawal ka jikar karthe hain ki...
hum ne ye pyar kyun kiya....

PS: Sometimes the biggest remedy of pain in love is love itself, that is arguably the biggest irony of being in Love !

May 28, 2009

A Day when I am PS-ed !

PS: My evening's charismatic magic is gone for a toss. My mornings start and go back to deep slumber thinking of the dull evenings to follow. The hot sultry afternoons of Delhi reminds me of the loneliness and solitude that would follow in the evening everyday. Oh no, i am not depressed or going through a break off in a relationship. It's just that there is nothing to look forward to in the evenings anymore. The second season of Indian Premiere League has ended :D

Disclaimer: If you found the first PS crappy, disgusting and written by a maniac, you may not want to take the risk of reading further :P This is going to be an extremely random PS session

PPS: I have a very strong aversion towards the word verification columns in comment settings. The wiggles that make up the word verification makes me feel like a 4 year old kid trying to get all the letters together, and no need to mention - the pain in the ass is when you get it wrong. At times when i feel there is a high probability of me getting a word wrong (due to sheer way it is presented), i deliberately press enter so that i get a newer word to complete the process. Official reason from blogger for this activity is that it would help you to reduce spam. My two cents on this - Even Shobha De and Fake IPL player's blog do not have word verification. Are you a that bigger stud in blogging :D For spammers, they are the best blogs to create nuisance since people visit them more often, but still they don't use it. Our blogs do NOT need word verification settings. I won't say it stops me from commenting on a nice post, but yes 5 times out of 10 I would be relecutant to write a comment due to sucking word verification. Another line of thought is that if you are that concerned about some advertiser or a moron spamming your blog, use comment moderation but for god sake, STOP using word verification on your blogs. Its the most frivilous, useless and time consuming activity in blogging ! For the novices, go to Settings>Comments>Click 'No' on "show word verification on posts". Do it now my blogger buddies!

PPPS: As you may have noticed here about my you-tubing habits, there are a few more laughter filled videos for all the fellow readers and friends. Enjoy them and please don't beat me if you find them ridiculous :D

Worst Ever Fight Scene : Watch Yammers and Captain Kirk fight it out !
Worst-est Ever Fight Scene : Watch this one and tell me actually,who are fighting in this !
Worse Ever Movie Death Scene: Watch the blood, bullets and the 'babe' !
Bizarre Movie Death Scenes: This one is a nice compilation. Enjoy !

PPPPS: Trusting someone is a very sensitive topic. With recession seeping in the closet of our economy,we hear with monotonous regularity, "It has become difficult to trust anyone anywhere". True, mistrust makes your life both physically and mentally sick. For some people trust is like making a muti-storeyed building, where you have to put brick by brick while for some people trust is like running a jumbo jet, where you have to zoom in as soon as you are seated. Everyone may have his or her opinion about it, but in the end everyone would agree that its going to be your hunch, your gut feel which is going to sail you through specially in tough times. Trust is a feeling. It cannot be described completely in words, but you know when you have it or when you don't have it. If you have it, your inner voice speaks yo you. If you don't have it, all the external voices would speak to you. The seeds of genuine trust builds only when you have a personal bonding, however long or short it may be - but its the quality of that trust which is exteremely important and worth noting. And always remember the golden rule - if trust take you towards the pavement of love, your gut feel is working but if it is creating fear inside you, don't try to repeal against your hunch. And Trust me, You would be fine and rocking ahead !

PPPPPS: I am addicted to Wikipedia, I can read it for hours and hours. It is just one stop show for me to read about movies, cricket, personalities, incidents, politics and so much more. Its like a beautiful amalgamation of an encyclopedia and a blog. It helps you to learn a few new things and at times, unlearn a few wrong things. At times, i get completely lost in the labyrinth routes of this sophisticated jungle of knowledge, where each link gives you a new by-lane to move forward towards the ultimate destination. It is like an endless stream of thoughts which takes away all the things which comes in its way, adding or modifying the content within. My biggest wish, I hope to add a page of my own on some topic one day !

PPPPPPS: OK, i want to write this for a special blogger friend of mine (No, its not another secret admirer :P). she is one blogger who hardly blogs, but writes awesome poems - once in a life time types. These days her internet connection is free from 2 am to 6 am,and due to her, I am sleepless in Saadi Dilli. Reason, no i am not talking to her but because every morning, she promises me that she would come online to talk to me, and conveniently sleep by 1 am in the cosy bed, completely ignorant of her promise in the morning. And poor me, i am kind of finding work to do, finding movies to see, finding books to read and finally writing this crap post to keep myself occupied till 2 am. By god, I am sure she is a reincarnation of a relative of Osama Bin laden, such emotional blackmail, such emotional atyaachar, i tell u ! Ok, i should shut up otherwise raat ko Phir class hain :P

PPPPPPPS: I am planning to restructure my blog over the weekend. No, it doesn't mean change in template or some blog settings but a few new posts imported from my other blog. As i mentioned in my last post, I used to blog anonymously for 18 months before starting this blog. I finally want to undertake this long time pending activity of shifting a few posts from that blog to this blog. So, over the next few days, you may find updates about the newer entries which I have posted but could actually be of an older date. I would also be editing/deleting a few posts for the sake of maintaining completeness on this blog. It may sound complex, but trust me it is even more complex to do it :D. Primary reason of doing the same is that there are certain thoughts i want to share with you all, there are certain stories of my past life i want to share with you all and there are certain hidden features about myself which i want to share with you all. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the same as and when i post them.

May 26, 2009

Awards, Rewards & Recognitions !

It was my dream to start a post with a PS, i finally did it :D

PPS: All right, lets get down to business ! In the recent past, I have been guilty of silently tucking inside all the awards in my cupboard while not being gracious enough to acknowledge the love, affection and positive criticism I have got till now. This is my award ceremony to finally hand over a few mementos to the most deserving readers of this blog, and who have become great friends over a period of time.

Secretly Moi - By Gargi

When she writes comments on my blog, i literally have to put my time management skills to the optimum use to reply her back. Reason, sheer length of the her comments where she goes into utter depth of each and every point i have made in the post. She is probably the only one who replies infectiously on my random ranting posts more than the Fictional stories. She is honest, she is forthright, and she surprisingly, loves all the different combination of F-word i use in my posts :D. Wait and watch her comments on this post, its again a random ranting post :P

In The World of Words - By Fatima

I followed her blog when no one was ready to do that :D Ok, on a serious note, i was her first follower. At that time, she had just three posts. First two were introductory posts, and another one was poetry. By the time I finished reading them, i knew this blog would rock in the time to come. There was an unusually heart wrenching feel to it, words which make you feel the emotions to the core of your heart and expressions which would leave you spell-binded. I have religiously followed the works of this brilliantly creative blogger and poetess - and looking forward to reading her collection of 107 poems in the Book - "Na jaane kyun" soon.

Anubhav - By Mahesh

Bhaiyaa aisa hain, this dude rocks. On the risk of me being sounding a bit arrogant, i would like to quote that this dude can beat me with his mushy stories any day. Don't trust me, go and read his 6 part(s) Love is a matter of heart series. When i read first part of it, i stopped and didn't read the next five till he posted the last one. I wanted to feel the complete vein of emotions all through it, and i am pretty ecstatic at the fact that i was not a bit disappointed. He experiments with his story telling style with minimum of fuss and with remarkable jaw dropping results. He truly is my blogger dude. Keep writing !

Quirky Alone and Happy - By Mayurakshi

She is another person who is a hopeless romantic in its own way, whose prime motivation for starting a blog was to pen down her thoughts so that one day "he" would come and read it. She is someone whose posts may be on any random topic, but the effervescence she exudes with her writings scribbles a lot of thought in your brain cells. Another reason I really admire her writings is due to the ease with which she can write about herself, the kind of self introspection she has done on her after a few nasty experiences in relationships. I really need to learn from her how to project about myself in front of others through my writings. She is thoughtful how to handle her close ones and knows where to draw the lines along with how to erase those lines, if required. Even though she is missing since last few days from the blogosphere, i hope she gets back to blogging soon ! Kind of looking forward for her posts :D . This one is for you, Miss Doc.

Everyday is a little Life - By Sameera

After I stopped writing on my anonymous blog - which contained my random day to day scribblings, i have never really missed it. Reason, her blog which contains quite a few things i used to write or used to do. She can write on the most dull things in life with perfect elan, which is a very complex thing to achieve in life. Be it cricket, cooking, MBA, exams, parties - She has an opinion about all damn things in this world. It just comes out to be a mirror image of what I used to write myself couple of years back. She also gave me first award on this blog, and it was big time i returned this sweet gesture to her. A tomboy with an golden heart, this is for you Sam !

The Pink Orchid - By Kajal

Oh Damn, I need money to say anything good about her :D . Well, actually she doesn't really requires any introduction formalities. She is probably the most followed blog in my blog roll list. (Offcourse, after Fake IPL player :P). I am delighted to see the change in her writing style, which has become more thoughtful (finally, after 100 posts :D). She has started following a way of writing, which now forces people to analyse about themselves. And somehow offline, she has agreed that it is the right way forward. In any case, she still touches people as always! She is elegance personified, I wish God makes more females of this kind. World will be a better place to live in for all !

An Anonymous reader and A Secret Admirer

I have never seen this thing ever on the blogosphere, but i really wanted to give away an award for recognizing an anonymous reader, follower and commenter on my blog. All I know about her is that she is not from India, at times she uses different ids to send me personal one-to-one e-mails, she even changes her city so that i am not able to track her exact location on IP tracker. I have never asked her reasons for the same, and i am least interested in reasons why she wants to be that anonymous. But, what shocks me is the deep interest with which she reads and understands my post. I'll give two examples to illustrate this :

(a) Almost everyone on the blog knows my fascination with Bollywood Movies. But Only she pointed out that in this post, the name of the two friends in a gay relationship were Sameer and Kunal, which were incidentally the screen names of John Abraham and Abhishek Bachaaan in Dostana. Talk about having an observation power, take that !

(b) Almost everyone on the blog knows my voracious reading habit. But only she pointed out that in this post, the end was inspired by a novel 'There is something called as love' by Tuhin.A. Sinha. Talk about having a deep interest in your writings, judge that !

She was the one who after reading story about my ex here, shared her complete story (to a relatively stranger at that point of time) with me on e-mail which ironically, had a close resemblance to my life. She was the one who literally cajoled me into writing an all exclusive post about myself here. Hence, for all those mind boggling gestures, Miss (or Mrs.) Anonymous, please accept this as a token of our friendship.

Final PS: All these awards have been shamelessly copied from one blog or another. I don't claim any rights of creating these awards on my own. Somehow For me, the reasons for giving awards are more important than just simply endowing it to a fellow blogger. Ya, I know my rules on the blog sucks at times, but it sticks as well ! Happy Continuing blogging to everyone!

May 21, 2009

I-Plead-Love ....

Friday @ 7:30 P.M.

"Binti, can you make it fast","it's already late, we will miss the toss and the extra-innings show completely by the time we reach". Rajeev exasperatedly told her among the crowd of shoppers.

"Damn...Not 'we', its 'you' who would miss the show and by the way, we are shopping for 'our home', and not for myself". Binti said with a bitterness in the voice, pushing the Big Bazaar crate forward with her left leg.

"Isn't that one of the same thing. Why you have to always shop on a Friday evening,when you know matches would start in the evening at this time, you can do that on Saturday morning also". Rajeev was annoyed by her time management skills completely.

"Stop cribbing Rajeev, and if you can move a little bit faster, we can pay and go and watch you doodle-strap laced sulky hostess Mandira bedi on TV", She replied with the venom of jealously.

15 minutes later @ 7:45 P.M

"Thank god, we are through this mess, we can reach early to catch the match." "we,Oops!, Rajeev paused for a moment and started again; 'I', will miss maximum of two overs." his words fall on the plates of silence of Binti. Rajeev put all the shopping bags in the backseat and started driving towards home. Silence being the best conversation among the lovers was taking its truest form, till Binti broke the eerie silence between them along the chaotic traffic on the streets....

"Rajeev, we hardly spent time with each other now. Weekdays go in an iffy due to work, its been so long we have done something together since one month." "Tomorrow, its Saturday, lets go out together somewhere in the evening, may be bowling, or lets catch up 'Fast and Furious4, action movie, truly your type, what say!", Binti said with a chuckling smile across her face and hope written all over it.

"Binti, I understand. But you know,Vishal and Shekhar are coming tomorrow to watch the IPL matches at home. Its double header match at De beers Diamond Oval at Kimberley and i simply can't move an inch. May be next time sweetie!" Rajeev replied with a serious look with disappointment written all over it.

"What the hell, how can you invite your friends like that. And forget that, what i am suppose to do, cook for you all cheering boys rooting for more and more DLF maximum 'sixes', who have nothing better to do on a weekend than leering at the semi-clad whores on TV."

"Don't cook na then, why are you giving me that attitude!. Thank you very much, but dominozz still delivers pizza at our doorstep, and that too in 30 minutes. And if they don't come in 30 minutes, still better, we will save even more money !" An agitated Rajeev got into the most satirical mood ever.

"Disgusting, Simply disgusting!. This fucking million dollar bitch is ruining my life now. your sucking IPL has become an I-Plead-Love exercise for me. I need to check the match schedules now to spent time with you, Great !" Binti was fuming with anger and bit her lower lip with the teeth.

30 minutes later @ 8:15 P.M

Rajeev entered the kitchen and saw Binti putting all the vegetables, one by one, in the fridge with downright exquisiteness.

"You need help, Sweetie with this stuff and all". Rajeev said trying to be as genuine husband as he was a cricket lover.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I can manage. You watch the match." And then pointing towards the sound emanating from the TV, she said' 'Look Delhi Daredevils lost another wicket against Mumbai Indians. Go and cheer your team, they need you the most at this time. I am fine. Don't bother!

Nervous about the bad start by Delhi team, Rajeev moved around instinctively, but then turned back realizing that it could be the most inopportune thing to do at that point in front of her. And He said, " Binti, don't you think we are like moving apart thousands miles from each other".

Binti looked at him with utter seriousness, and said," Calculate properly, the distance is even more!". Your mathematics suck, Mr.Accountant !

"Oops, even god would give full marks to women when it comes to being satirical", Rajeev murmured under his breath and moved into the drawing room, where Dwayne Bravo was setting up a nice partnership with Abhishek Nayaar in the middle of the Buffalo park,East London.

45 minutes later @ 9 P.M.

Binti entered the drawing room, half opening the door, lurking her neck out and asked Rajeev, "what you want to have for dinner?"

He thought for a moment, and remembering what happened just a few minutes back, he said in an amorous manner,"Don't make dinner sweetie, let's go out tonight!"

"why today, we can go when your IPL is over. Enjoy your match, and today even David Warner is playing, keep glued in, keep watching !","I will give you dinner here only". she said and bolted the door.

2 hours later @ 11 P.M.

Binti entered the room as Delhi daredevils was making an easy way out off the Mumbai Indians target of 120 runs, sat near Rajeev without uttering a word.

Rajeev waited for a few moments, and put a hand around her arms, and said, "still angry sweetheart?"

Binti looked at him, trying to find the innocent spark in his eyes which used to drive her crazy in all these years, and said, " I wish we understand each other more like we used to, I wish we care each other like we used to, I wish we pamper each other like we used to, I wish we are there for each other when needed like we used to." She stopped for a second, and said to him," The keyword is "We", rajeev....Good night, sleep well !

Binti stood up and starting going away towards the bedroom. Soon, Rajeev came to accompany her silently a few seconds later and both slept with
a stream of thoughts flooding their minds.

Saturday, 8 hours later @ 7 A.M

Binti was woken up by the constant ringing of the bell at her home. Rajeev was out for his usual morning walk. She walked gingerly to open the door, and found a delivery boy with a bouquet of roses, and an closed envelope.

He looked at Binti and started blurting, "This is for Mrs. Binti Khanna, Mr. Rajeev has sent this for her, he is entitled to receive this after last night". He left immediately after that and it left Binti with an amused look on her face. She put the bouqet on the table and opened the envelope,it contained the tickets for a 6 day and 7 night holiday package for Maldives. She was stunned, she was nostalgic, she was lost, and a tear drop lurked around the corner of the eye.

30 minutes later @ 8:30 A.M.

"Thank you so much for this sweetie, It was such a pleasant surprise". "I am sorry, i was difficult to handle yesterday, but this is something special". Binti literally jumped on Rajeev as soon as he entered the home.

"That's ok sweetie, all the pleasure is mine.", But please can i make a request to you. he asked with a churlish smile."Can you cook chicken biryani while we are watching the match tonight". "I just love it".

"You dog, you won't improve ur dogi-ness na", and then coming close to him, she said "I, will cook it tonight. Hope you would enjoy the double-header to the fullest!". They came close and he kissed her lips tenderly and at that time, just had one thought in mind, "what the hell man, i missed the presentation ceremony last night, i am sure AB Devillers would have got the man of the match!". Arghh......

PS: The Holiday package is given by Kingfisher airlines, who sponsors the SMS contest - 'win moments of love'
during the IPL matches on SET max,in which you have to predict the number of sixes in an innings. Rajeev had a habit of playing those contests while watching the matches,and sometimes in life - love and luck strikes the right chords at the right time.

PPS: As the second season of Indian Premiere League(IPL) culminates over the weekend with semifinals and final lined up in South Africa, lets hope the best team wins. And being a core delhite, i am rooting my lungs out for Delhi Daredevils, which incidentally have been the best team in the tournament so far. Hope, we get some cracker of these knock out games. Enjoy, the fun gets better from now on !

May 19, 2009

Aaj Bhi......

aaj bhi har 21 ko tu zindagi mein aayi jaise lage....
aaj bhi har 17 ko tu kahin kho gayi hain aaisa lage...
aaj bhi har raat tera haseen sapna band aakhon mein aa jata hain....
aaj bhi tera chehra in sitaron mein kahin ghum sa jata hain....

aaj bhi shor mein kahin teri hansi sunai deti hain....
aaj bhi bheed mein jaise ek tanhai si panah deti hain....
aaj bhi tere bin mehfil mein akelapan aa jata hain...
aaj bhi teri yaadon ka jaise dil mein karwaan lag jata hain...

aaj bhi tu kahi muzh mein zinda sa lage...
aaj bhi tu juda hokar kahin muzh se judi se lage...
aaj bhi dil teri yaad se bhara bhara sa lage...
aaj bhi jeevan mein kahin teri kami se lage..

aaj bhi dil ke jharokhon mein jaise roshni aa jati hain....
aaj bhi teri muskhurhat par jaan nisar ho jaati hain....
aaj bhi tere liye jaise yeh duniya ruksat kar de...
aaj bhi tere tabaasum se hum woh baatein phir kar le...

aaj bhi lekin pata hain ki yeh sab hum kar nahin sakthe...
aaj bhi lekin pata hain ki hum phir saath aa nahin sakthe....
aaj bhi lekin dil ko naa jaane kyun aisa yeh kuch yaad aata hain...
aaj bhi lekin shayad hum aap se thoda aur pyar kar pathe...

May 17, 2009

Books, Authors & A Tag !

Alright, Another 'famous-by-now' tag torchure for me. But, as i menioned here in point no.3 of the post, reading books is one of my passions and hence, i felt kicked doing it. Let's see I can make through this one or not :P

1) What author do you own the most books by?

Dan Brown, Khalil Gibran, Sidney Sheldon. (On the other hand, at one point of time i owned more than 75 comics of Super Commando Dhruv and Nagraaj ala Raj Comics :D)

2) What book do you own the most copies of?

The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. I have an original copy, a pirated copy, a print out copy(taken from office,hence adding to my CTC) and an e-book. So, total 4 copies.

3) Did it bother you that both those questions ended with prepositions?

Did you bother reading the answers of the previous questions :P . Move on, Man!

4) What fictional character are you secretly in love with?

Ah, that would be a really long list. Ok, let me try and answer a few :

- Atticus Flinch and Scout Flich, To kill a MockingBird By Harper Lee(I can't choose any one of them, so both of the above as mentioned)
- Yossarian, Catch-22 By Joseph Heller (The most satirical character I have ever read!)
- Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone By J.K.Rowling (reading it for the first time was an exhilarating experience!)
- Robert Langdon, Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown.(Just for the sheer intensity and mystery, his personality is evolved over the two novels)
- Balram halwai, The white tiger by Arvind Adiga (One of the best Booker's prize winner books, most others i couldn't understand well enough :D)
- Dolores, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (Arguably, most sexually attractive and interesting character ever written in literature!)

5) What book have you read the most times in your life?

Honestly, No one. I read a book, analyze it for a while and move on from it. Though at certain times, i have read portions of Harry Potter Books again while continuing and completing the whole series.

6) What was your favorite book when you were ten years old?

None. I was too much in love with comics at that time. You name it, and i was reading it. Diamond comics, Raj Comics, Tulsi Comics, Manoj Comics, Champak, Nandan, Chanda-mama and really the list is endless.

7) What is the worst book you’ve read in the past year?

Ah, quite a few actually. Let me quickly recollect and list it here...Hmm..

- Everything You Desire by Harshdeep Jolly (Probably the worst campus (IIM-Bangalore) novel i have ever read in my life, actually just read the sentence again and delete the word 'probably')
- Love, life and Dream on by Animesh Verma (Another IITian's romantic love story, actually there was no story, no structure,and pathetic half-baked characters. Must have bribed the Publishers to get it in the market:P)
- Sumthing of a Mocktale by Soma Das (Promoted as the book in a place where Kurta fell in love with jeans (JNU,Delhi), i waited till the end of the story so that either - kurta or Jeans fall off the characters, but nothing happened :D)

8) What is the best book you’ve read in the past year?

Again Difficult to choose one, but let me scribble a few of them...

- Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal (Inspiring 25 stories of IIM-A graduates who have made it big in today's corporate world)
- How starbucks saved my Life by Michael Gill (A typical yet animated riches-to-rags story of a man who had it all, then lost it all, and found it again!)
- How Opal Mehta got kissed, got wild, and got a life By Kaavya Viswanathan (Even though this book was accused of plagiarism a few years back, still i found it a good and worthy read in spare time)

9) If you could force everyone to read one book, what would it be?

Hmm..Probably two of them..Angels and Demons, and The Da Vinci Code by Dan brown (Probably reading one of them is equiavlent to not doing justice to both of the books)

PS: Damn, the movie Angels and Demons was not released in India on 15 may,2009. I don't want to see a pirated version. So, i am waiting with deep breath.

10) Who deserves to win the next Nobel Prize for literature?

Amitav Ghosh… His language and the narrative is quite impeccable…he’s far ahead of his contemporaries, who all are cashing on in the same topics of corruption, loose morals and generation gaps.His intrinsic way of story telling along with conveying a social message is most impressive. Don't trust me, read Dancing in the combodia, The calcutta chromosome or the Hungry tide. And, you would get the real drift.

11) What book/Comic would you most like to see made into a movie?

Romance - Once upon a time zone by Neelam Mishra
Science-Fiction - Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
Super Hero - Super Commando Dhruv in Raj Comics
Thriller - The associate by John Grashim
Political Drama - Not a Penny More Not a Penny less by Jeffrey Archer

12) What book would you least like to see made into a movie?

- The Da vinci Code by Dan Brown (i know its been done, but i wish they hadn't done it)
- 3 Mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat (You don't want another 'Hello' disaster)
- The God of small things by Arundhati Roy (Twice, i left this book uncompleted after reading 100 pages. I couldn't fathom what she was up to. Miracoulosuly, it won the booker's prize)

13) Describe your weirdest dream involving a writer, book, or literary character.

It was when i was in school, class 5 to be precise. I wanted to save delhi by being a super hero such as Super Commando Dhruv (of Raj comics fame). I wanted to have a secret home in the Ridge road forest, roam around in the outer circles of C.P looking for the potential rapists and druggies, have a 6 cm scientist friend named as chootu, have supernatural powers to interact with dogs and cats on the street and have a secret 'commando force' to deal with the thiefs and terrorists. I later realized the impracticality of the dream, and moulded myself to be a normal citizen of Delhi :P

14) What is the most lowbrow book you’ve read as an adult?

You're here by Meenakshi reddy madhvaan (Typical to her Compulsive confessor blog,the book has nothing but Vodka, Gin, tonic and with a high overdose of sex, half-hearted relationships and random rants about loose morality)

15) What is the most difficult book you’ve ever read?

As mentioned in point 12, not counting The god of small things, i found the following books captivating, still at times you would feel you are loosing the grip over the storyline :

- Ulysses by James Joyce
- Harry potter and the Goblet of fire by J.K.Rowling
- Doctors by Erich Segal

PS: Phew, i made it through the torchorous tag....yippieee !
PPS: Ok, I cheated. I removed the last 5 questions from the tag :D

May 12, 2009

Fun, Frolic & Fantasy !

I have always been an ardent fan of Youtube, ever since i was exposed to it two years back. Apart from catching stuff on it, at times i have been exposed to such mind boggling and hilarious videos, that you would like to watch them again and again for the sheer pleasure and spontaneity it provides all through. Here is a collection of seven videos from youtube which are my favourite too !

Statutory warning : Finding them hilarious depends on one taste, region, country and personality :D

The Fantabulous Couple

Watch Govinda as Superman and Kimi Katkaar as spider-women (For novices, she is the 'chumma girl' from Hum, featured along with Amitabh Bachhan). This is what i call as "out of box" thinking, this can only happen in Bollywood, and this is what happens only in India. Extremely funny and frivilous, there is still no one better with the most innovative combination of clothes and dance steps together than apna 'Raja babu'.I had a jaw-dropping experience thinking about the functioning of the brain cells of the Director/choreographer of this movie to come up with such an idea. But on the hindsight, you should look at the 'true' intentions of people in love. (pun intended). Honestly, after watching this, I can't stop singing in my conscience..Mein hoon tera Superman ! :D

Translation Faux-Pas

Originally a video in Tamil language, featuring Prabhu deva - the dancing king, this has been given the english translations by a US citizen based NOT on the meaning of the words, but on their sounding rhymes. End result, disaster for the song; but extremely ribald and mirthful lyrics such as 'I put a papaya in there' , 'I see the nuns as gay' and ' I'll like to pee on you'. I was laughing on my splits out on watching this. Enjoy !!

Retarded Choreography

I found this song when i was searching for videos on Evolution of Movies, and i land up on this video which was classified under Evolution of dance. I clicked it, and ever since i haven't sit straight. Probably, the worse choreographed song ever in a Z-grade bollywood movie, but you can't stop laughing seeing the expressions of the guy in the video. He Plays hide and seek in the bush, he writes love letters and he rolls in the garden. Only saving grace is the song is not that bad (Or, I have dropped my standards considerably after watching this video :D). Watch this 'LMAO video' from the movie Pyaasi Raat.

Mimicry Intermixed with Singing

Sonu Nigam is probably the most versatile and talented singer in the Hindi filmy Industry. Watch him mimic almost all the top playback singers of the last 20 years in this video. This is a part of the Johnny lever's comedy show on Zee TV telecasted couple of years back. My favourite one in this video is when he copies Suresh Wadekar, probably the most toughest to copy among all singers. Let me know your favourite too in this video. Have Fun !

Lodi Dynasty Reinvented

Ok, this one is from KBC-3 with Shah Rukh Khan telecasted on star Plus. An ultimate confused participant, he mixes up the options, he mixes up the year, he mixes up while talking on 'Phone-a-friend'. The video is eminently watchable due to SRK's one liners and to-die-all expressions and emotions. And what makes it more interesting is what happens in the end, when the participant chooses to freeze the answer. An rib-tickling video which makes even SRK pull his hairs out. Cheers for this one !

Patriotism at its Best

Bollywood movies can at times gives go over board, and create some extremely impractical but melodramatic scenes. This video encompasses such a scene, interspersed with a beautiful patriotic song sung by Mahendra Kapoor. Watch the bed ridden Ashok Kumar, hit back with a venegance, the hamming Manoj Kumar at its best. This is one of the reasons why films still holds utter significant means of entertainment in India, they give us Hope, they give us laughter and they make us live another day here ! Jai Hind !

A Teenage Love Ballad

How can i end any post without some mush :D. Ok, so this one is for all those people who have always had fantasy of having that 'little more' independence during the school days. Originally in Bhojpuri Language, it takes you down the memory lane of those hay days when you were not caught in the intricacies and whirl wind of this materialistic world. A pretty girl, a dancing teenage lad 'Manoj', and loads of love, it makes a perfect recipe for a mushy teenage Love song.

PS: After 5500 fictional series, I am starting yet another chain - called as Seven Squeak Series ,where I would post seven of my favourite things. Anyone interested, is most welcome to join the bandwagon. Lots more to come on this, Stay tuned and Happy Blogging !

May 7, 2009

I Love you, Till I find Someone Better !!

"Hey baby, why u feel so shy all the time", I asked Kunal having
again witnessed his withdrawn hands from the lock I so desperately wanted to mingle around his hands.

"Listen Julie, Its not about being shy, I am just not comfortable with the these public display of affection. It so very embarrassing. That's it". He replied with raised eyebrows and shrugging shoulders.

Suddenly, sitting in the Cafe Coffee Day and sipping the Cappuccino, made me reminiscent of the memories attached with him.I have always fancied Kunal from the moment I laid my eyes on him.
His eyes were amazing, an emerald green colour and they sparkled every time he smiled. There was something different about him, some special magnetic thing,though I had never been managed to pluck up that particular thing during the last three months.We had nothing much in common other than the fact that we both were working in Advertisement agencies, but He came like a whiff of fresh air into my life and blew apart all the doors and windows of my heart to a catastrophic effect of tsunami. I took my love for him to a level where love ceases to exist, it just started loosing its meaning as it take small short steps towards obsessiveness.

"I am happy my parents are now beginning to accept you and the fact that we are dating each other. I am just so relieved". He said and It broke stream of thoughts running in my mind.

Before i could reply to Kunal
, Suddenly, from a corner of the table on which we were sitting, I saw a man looking at us perceptibly.His eyes were boring me through my clothes as he was constantly eye-fucking me. It was weird, I felt awkward, but i kept mum. I tried to ignore, looked towards Kunal and said..

"Ya, i am also happy that your parents are cool about it.It makes you more at ease with me and in our relationship." I replied to him with my thoughts entwined about that man peering at us.

Putting my brain cells to work, and recollecting my daily schedule in the past three days, i realized that this man is following me, continuously. I saw him in the British library the day before when i went there to take some notes, I saw him in the Sacred cathedral church near GPO yesterday when i went there in the morning to offer prayers, and today at CCD in the inner circle of Connaught Place. This can't be a freaky coincidence, there must be something else.
i felt stalked, i felt terrified, but i kept mum again.

"Let's go home. I am getting late." Kunal intervened as he paid the bill and starting moving to get up from the table.

"Ya, sure. I should also head home." I also got up and we started walking out of CCD. In the parking, we kissed gingerly, and he drove away into his car.

I moved to another part of the parking slowly, where my car was parked . I realized that a dark shadow was looming over my head. It was the same person in the CCD and he was moving towards me.
He was wearing a long black jacket, and torn blue denim Jeans. As he leered towards me, incidents of vehement acid attacks by revenge lovers rushed through my mind at that very instance. He came close and said....

"Stop Meeting Kunal from now on, I won't let him meet you till i am alive. I promise you".
He said the whole sentence in one whole breath, as if breaking it into parts would break his heart.

"Sorry, who are you" ?, I asked with a face which had 1000 questions written all ove
r it.

"That is not important. What is important to you and me is that you broke off with Kunal
". He replied with a non-chalant freakish attitude.

"What the fuck are you talking about? How dare you talk to me like this? Why should i stop talking to him". By this time, i was fuming with anger and just want to hit him for having the guts to say such crap in front of him. I really wanted to dismiss him like an worthless stalker

But surprisingly he got milder, and his reply put a dagger in my heart. He said...."Because I Love him and I don't want to loose him to a looser like you."

He paused for a moment to help me absorb the truth in its entirety and continued saying." I am Sameer, I know Kunal for the last three years and we were in a relationship, till u came into his life." I don't know why but he doesn't respond to my e-mails or calls. I don't know that you are aware about the fact that we both are gay and were planning to move in together soon, till he met you. I love him more than anyone else and would do anything to make this relationship work out. So, please stay away from him, that would be good for you. Otherwise be prepared for any unwarranted consequences."

He left after this, i was shocked, and I was left contemplating the joke life currently was playing with me. I felt like getting fucked left, right and center. I, immediately called Kunal, and let him know of the diatribe which Sameer just disclosed in front of me. What followed afterwards, was an even more shocking and heart breaking thing to digest. He said..

"My parents got suspicious about me being gay and being too close to Sameer. My night-outs at his place started resulting in too many questions, most of them left unanswered. I had to divert their attention to you, so that I can later on move with Sameer. I didn't tell all this to him because he would have never agreed to living apart for such a long time. And I wanted to portray to my parents that we both are not in touch anymore, and I am dating you currently, a girl. I am sorry, I know it sounds stupid and i should have told you this before. But if i would have done that, you would have not accepted to be a part of all this.I just loved you, till the time i find love in Sameer."

On hearing this "poignant" tale, i kept quiet for a few seconds and then replied..

"you frigging coward, why the hell you have to play with my emotions, my feelings. Don't you dare to contact or talk to me again.Just fuck off." A rush of blood went on from head to toe at that very moment, and i disconnected the phone. I felt like crying on being back stabbed, but the tears didn't came out. I felt like sobbing myself down to the ocean of tears, but the incident left me too numb to react. I felt like screaming and shouting, but the futility in doing such an act stopped me in my tracks. I started the car and moved towards my home.

3 months later

After that evening, I broke all contacts with him immediately and never met him again. Till date, I don't know on which thing I should have been more shocked and angry - On the fact that Kunal didn't revealed his true sexual orientation or on the disclosure that He was cheating on me, and that too for a fucking asshole gay. But after this incident, life taught me one lesson - Don't love someone so much that love for anyone else ceases to exist.

PS: These days, Kunal is getting treated for Syphilis of the rectum in the division of Infectious diseases, Orsola Hospital In Italy.

May 5, 2009

Half a Tag....

Ok, by mistake if anyone reads me seriously, he/she knows how much i hate tags (Is this reason enough that people don't pass me tags in the future :D). Putting it mildly, i never take tag posts seriously. For me, its all to answer it as the first thing which comes to my mind. So, if you feel while reading this, that i have lost my sensibilities and rationalities, skip and read my previous posts :P . I am running short of time, but wanted to write something. So i am doing half a tag. This tag was not passed by anyone and i am not passing this tag to anyone. :D


Drink: New Grape flavor of Appy fizzz....Yummy !

Phone call: Called a friend last evening, response: busy in shopping, told me to call later, bitch :P ( Read this B, I abused you finally on my blog, Yippie :D)
Text message: M – reminding me that we have to go for bird watching in the new mall opened in Saket. (Asshole, can't think of a better alternative than this, there can be more naughty ones :P)
Song you listened to: Din Dhal jaaye from The movie Guide
Time you cried: Don't remember..Argh...May be around months back !


Dated someone twice: No, Never. Taste of pudding lies in eating it one by one. (Ok, I know that was cheesy :P)
Been cheated on? : Hmm...Backstabbed would be a better word than cheating.
Kissed someone & regretted it? : You are kidding, Right, How can male species regret it (Argh...Did I hear the word Dog somewhere :P)
Lost someone special? : You loose someone special, to find someone special (Ok, enough crap Amit, answer seriously)
Been depressed? : Ya, last night only :(
Been drunk and threw up? : Never, Buddies in US used to call me 'tanker' :D


. What Stupid Questions, Anyways, Ivory Blue
. Parrot Green
. Crimson
. Cut it, What stupid Answers


Made new friends: Yup, Blogging has its advantages
Fallen out of love: You never fall IN love, you only rise in love. So, there is no question of
Falling OUT of love. (ok, ok, I promise, No more jokes :D)
Laughed until you cried: Ya, a few times :P
Met someone who changed you:Yes, she introduced me to the world of books (Thanks S, you are a sweetheart)
Found out who your true friends were:Not really, I am not good at finding that!
Found out someone was talking about you: Oh yes! Many times, Office gossip used to rock man !!


Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Did that on the third weekend of April'09
How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Quite a few
How many kids do you want to have: Bacche Kam Hi Acche. Hum do Humhare Do
Do you have any pets: No.Never. Not in even in my dreams
Do you want to change your name:Yes, its been a childhood dream now.
What did you do for your last birthday: Was in Jodhpur with family and it was fun :)
What time did you wake up last sunday: 11a.m., mom threatened me to stop making breakfast on sundays
What were you doing at last sat night:Reading blogs, and watching ..You know na..Sat stuff :P
Name something you CANNOT wait for: Nothing, i guess.
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I’ve been very mean to a lot of people…wish I could go back in time and reverse my actions. Specially one particular thing.
Most visited web page: as of now. :)

PS: Ok, i gave up. Can't answer anymore. see you next time around :D

May 1, 2009

When Love Took a U-Turn ....

***The post has been intentionally deleted due to copyright protection. This story in its updated/edited form is under consideration to be published in an anthology of short stories. Will update the space soon with further details.***