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May 26, 2009

Awards, Rewards & Recognitions !

It was my dream to start a post with a PS, i finally did it :D

PPS: All right, lets get down to business ! In the recent past, I have been guilty of silently tucking inside all the awards in my cupboard while not being gracious enough to acknowledge the love, affection and positive criticism I have got till now. This is my award ceremony to finally hand over a few mementos to the most deserving readers of this blog, and who have become great friends over a period of time.

Secretly Moi - By Gargi

When she writes comments on my blog, i literally have to put my time management skills to the optimum use to reply her back. Reason, sheer length of the her comments where she goes into utter depth of each and every point i have made in the post. She is probably the only one who replies infectiously on my random ranting posts more than the Fictional stories. She is honest, she is forthright, and she surprisingly, loves all the different combination of F-word i use in my posts :D. Wait and watch her comments on this post, its again a random ranting post :P

In The World of Words - By Fatima

I followed her blog when no one was ready to do that :D Ok, on a serious note, i was her first follower. At that time, she had just three posts. First two were introductory posts, and another one was poetry. By the time I finished reading them, i knew this blog would rock in the time to come. There was an unusually heart wrenching feel to it, words which make you feel the emotions to the core of your heart and expressions which would leave you spell-binded. I have religiously followed the works of this brilliantly creative blogger and poetess - and looking forward to reading her collection of 107 poems in the Book - "Na jaane kyun" soon.

Anubhav - By Mahesh

Bhaiyaa aisa hain, this dude rocks. On the risk of me being sounding a bit arrogant, i would like to quote that this dude can beat me with his mushy stories any day. Don't trust me, go and read his 6 part(s) Love is a matter of heart series. When i read first part of it, i stopped and didn't read the next five till he posted the last one. I wanted to feel the complete vein of emotions all through it, and i am pretty ecstatic at the fact that i was not a bit disappointed. He experiments with his story telling style with minimum of fuss and with remarkable jaw dropping results. He truly is my blogger dude. Keep writing !

Quirky Alone and Happy - By Mayurakshi

She is another person who is a hopeless romantic in its own way, whose prime motivation for starting a blog was to pen down her thoughts so that one day "he" would come and read it. She is someone whose posts may be on any random topic, but the effervescence she exudes with her writings scribbles a lot of thought in your brain cells. Another reason I really admire her writings is due to the ease with which she can write about herself, the kind of self introspection she has done on her after a few nasty experiences in relationships. I really need to learn from her how to project about myself in front of others through my writings. She is thoughtful how to handle her close ones and knows where to draw the lines along with how to erase those lines, if required. Even though she is missing since last few days from the blogosphere, i hope she gets back to blogging soon ! Kind of looking forward for her posts :D . This one is for you, Miss Doc.

Everyday is a little Life - By Sameera

After I stopped writing on my anonymous blog - which contained my random day to day scribblings, i have never really missed it. Reason, her blog which contains quite a few things i used to write or used to do. She can write on the most dull things in life with perfect elan, which is a very complex thing to achieve in life. Be it cricket, cooking, MBA, exams, parties - She has an opinion about all damn things in this world. It just comes out to be a mirror image of what I used to write myself couple of years back. She also gave me first award on this blog, and it was big time i returned this sweet gesture to her. A tomboy with an golden heart, this is for you Sam !

The Pink Orchid - By Kajal

Oh Damn, I need money to say anything good about her :D . Well, actually she doesn't really requires any introduction formalities. She is probably the most followed blog in my blog roll list. (Offcourse, after Fake IPL player :P). I am delighted to see the change in her writing style, which has become more thoughtful (finally, after 100 posts :D). She has started following a way of writing, which now forces people to analyse about themselves. And somehow offline, she has agreed that it is the right way forward. In any case, she still touches people as always! She is elegance personified, I wish God makes more females of this kind. World will be a better place to live in for all !

An Anonymous reader and A Secret Admirer

I have never seen this thing ever on the blogosphere, but i really wanted to give away an award for recognizing an anonymous reader, follower and commenter on my blog. All I know about her is that she is not from India, at times she uses different ids to send me personal one-to-one e-mails, she even changes her city so that i am not able to track her exact location on IP tracker. I have never asked her reasons for the same, and i am least interested in reasons why she wants to be that anonymous. But, what shocks me is the deep interest with which she reads and understands my post. I'll give two examples to illustrate this :

(a) Almost everyone on the blog knows my fascination with Bollywood Movies. But Only she pointed out that in this post, the name of the two friends in a gay relationship were Sameer and Kunal, which were incidentally the screen names of John Abraham and Abhishek Bachaaan in Dostana. Talk about having an observation power, take that !

(b) Almost everyone on the blog knows my voracious reading habit. But only she pointed out that in this post, the end was inspired by a novel 'There is something called as love' by Tuhin.A. Sinha. Talk about having a deep interest in your writings, judge that !

She was the one who after reading story about my ex here, shared her complete story (to a relatively stranger at that point of time) with me on e-mail which ironically, had a close resemblance to my life. She was the one who literally cajoled me into writing an all exclusive post about myself here. Hence, for all those mind boggling gestures, Miss (or Mrs.) Anonymous, please accept this as a token of our friendship.

Final PS: All these awards have been shamelessly copied from one blog or another. I don't claim any rights of creating these awards on my own. Somehow For me, the reasons for giving awards are more important than just simply endowing it to a fellow blogger. Ya, I know my rules on the blog sucks at times, but it sticks as well ! Happy Continuing blogging to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I am the first one to comment?

Hopeless Romantic said...


Yes,ur ! :P


Anonymous said...

firstly this post has enriched my blogroll... :D

secondly someone was telling me that it is kinda difficult for him to write things about in..special nice things..

and then voila this post happens!

my my my.. and tere 2 khokhe tere adde pe pahucha dungi for so much of taareef..

and hey thought provoking ka mutlab ye nahi hai ki scribblings bund..wo bhi chalega bindaas..

but I am deeply honoured.. elegant blogger sounds like something huge.. elegance.. is a very fine term..and coming from you sophisticated gentleman like you.. (now its your turn to send me some money) it is an honour Amit... :D

and your blogging rules RULE!! :D

I am really proud that I am a part of your blogroll.. :D

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Aur kitna enrich karegi blog roll, already 160 plus followers hain :P

Nalayak, I was telling it was tough to write fake things about people. i have written all the truths about u :)

apna account mein third pary transfer activate kar le...tareef ke badle transfer chalthe rahnege !

scribbling kar ya thoughtful posts..hum to padenge hi :)

Sophisticated lag raha hain Bharat Ratna mil gaya hain :D

Blogging rules rule to karenge hi...banaya kisne hain :P


Anonymous said...

every time you reply to my comments, you sign it with a 'cheers Amit'... aaj pehli baar I got a 'Love, Amit'!!

mere to aansu thamne ka naam hi le rahein hain.. gosh!!

chal ab observation ki tareef kar, another khokha shall be bestowed on you.. :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol,agar aise hi comments aate rahe to ek din 'Hate, amit' bhi na aa jaye :D:D

zyada senti na ho...2-3 award aur dene padenge mujhe :P

Observation to anonymous logon ki taraf se acchi lag rahi hain...waise teri bhi mast hi hain..from cheers to love eternal love :D

More Love,

Anonymous said...

omg! 'hate amit' nahi chahiye.. :D eternal hi rehne de.. :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, i was kidding...mazak bhi nahin samjahti hain...eternal kaise banyegi story ko :P

Some more Love,

fms1988 said...

Amit thank you sooo much,Very very touched :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Ur welcome, you deserve it completely !


gargi said...

Firstly..Thanks for the wonderful award.. :)
honestly..i was thinking my blog was looking so empty.. :| with no new awards.. :(
but problem solved! :D

You know how my comments get so long?...because im such a chatterbox..i just put EVERYTHING in writing!!... And since you write so well... i have to get in depth and keep on writing..fir pata nahi chalta kaise itna lamba comment ho jata hai.... And anyways... since i kept on pestering you on changing the comment settings so that i can comment on ur posts... i have to make a good use of it na! :p

And now...thanks for those wonderful words... :D
im smilling so much..hehe... (not like that ugly smiley though.. :|)

And yes of course I love the F-word!..haha... i use THE word in every other

Keep writing!! Cuz I love reading!!! :)
You write very well... from every detail to all the simple little situations! It's just amazing!!!

And of course..keep giving some more awards.. ;)
u would obviously want to encourage my commenting.. :p

Anywho...take care.. :)

PULKIT said...

have read mostly all of them...
well deserved!

Ms.R. said...

Congo Congo! Well deserved ;) :D

CutePriya said...

Awww Amit! I truly loved ur idea of recognizing other ppl's efforts. You're an amazing person at heart and a great writer. "A Rocking Blooger"

comfortably numb said...

its all about passing on the appreciation....well dun mate:)

Sameera said...

Thank you!!!! Wow- I never knew you people (assumes other too think this way) had such good opinion about me. Thank-you once again!! I'll put it up on my blog soon.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Dude, i agree completely with u !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for dropping by! U were the first lucky person to get an award from me. Be happy to know that now :D

Now, there are 7 more ppl following u, that makes u elitist in the list :)

Keep visiting!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey mate, thanks for dropping by my blog and blog-rolling me at ur space.

Keep coming!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Why do girls become so modest after receiving the awards, is a complete mystery to me after 26 years of my survival :D

You deserve it all, and i was late to give it to you actually ! You truly remind me the way i used to write on my last blog!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Ok, finally i am here to reply back to ur another longish comment!

Honestly, by writing a long comment again, tune meri ijjat rakh li, nahin to log kehte jhooti taarif kar raha tha !

aur maine tere blog is tanhaiii dekh li thi baby, thats why an award for u, tu bhi kya yaad rakehgi :P

I know how big a chatterbox ur just like any other girl btw, nothing new :D , and those comment settings, my god took like 2 weeks to figure whats going wrong!

ur smile is infectious and u know, i now have to make a habit to find a new F word to include in my posts, wherever possible. Now thats like a big compliment for u ! B happy now ! :D

I will keep on writing till you keep on giving me such long comments:) Its a mandate now !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy for all those nice words! I am not sure i deserve all of them, but i would take it hands down, anyday! People like you make the blogging a special activity for me !


Mahesh Sindbandge said...


Thanks alot for the wonderful award...:)

I am really honored...:) feeling short of words for this...

Mujhe abhi tak ek explicitly koi award nahi mila tha, aur woh tumne puri kardi....:)

Mujhe nahi pata tha ki "Love Is A Matter Of heart" tumhe itna pasand aaya... :P

I haven't thought of giving awards as of now..par tere liye ek award pending hai...:D

Take care dude.....


Hopeless Romantic said...


U deserve it all,i don't comment much on ur blog (all guilt is on me), but i always read ur posts:)

I always like well written mushy stories, n ur series was no exception :)

I would look forward to your award ceremony !


Hopeless Romantic said...


One thing i forget to add, u were the only male blogger in this post of 7 squeak series, enjoy the company !

Lucky Dude !


bondgal_rulz said...

Congratulations to all !!! :)

It really is a very sweet gesture to let others know how much they mean.

Keep up the good work. :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a ton buddy :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Amit. Very few people admire the talents of others.You seem to have done that in a very gracious way. Hats off to you.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy :)

I love reading and analysing other people blogs as i love to write on my blog ! It is always an enriching experience !

Great to cu again here!

Take care,

Aparna said...

Great post,I think you deserve an award too for making so many people happy....

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, i have already received awards in the past ! I was guilty of not reciprocating their love earlier!
But i guess better late than never !

This is ur first comment here, if i am not mistaken!

Do visit again! Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amit,

I am truly overwhelmed by your gesture towards me. Even you don't know me in person, this means a lot to me. And we were already friends, and i accept the token with a warm hug.

Please keep writing more, i will always come back here to read u more! was a bit busy with work,so took a bit of time, but next time no complains!

Your secret admirer :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey buddy, thanks for coming!

the award was waiting for u, finally u took it!

keep coming again!

Loads of love,

Quirky Mon said...

Hey Amit,
I'm back on the blogosphere. My wonderful holiday turned into holiday from hell! My dad fell seriously ill after eating seafood and was in the ICU for a long time. He would need a couple more months to recover. So you can understand how harrowing and tense a time the last month was for me.

Anyways, thanks a ton for the award! :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Oops, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he is doing well now and continue to do so!

Welcome back to the blogosphere! You deserve the award in every sense!

Take care,