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June 17, 2009

Ek Baar Phir...Aaj Bhi !

Aaj bhi unki nafrat se is kadar mohabbat hum karte hain
Aaj bhi unki aakhon me apna chehra dekhne ki hasrat hum karte hain

Aaj bhi unki aawaaz ke liye har pal tarsa karte hain
Aaj bhi unki yaad me aansoon baarish ki tarah barsa karte hain

Aaj bhi yaad aata hai har paigaam unke hothon ka
Aaj bhi deta hai dard har zakhm pyaar ki choton ka

Aaj bhi jab kabhi hawa mere daaman ko chhooti hai
Aaj Bhi Unki hi khushboo usme har pal mehsoos hoti hai

Aaj bhi unki har aahat ko pehchaanta hai dil
Aaj bhi unki har aadat ko mohabbat karta hai dil

Aaj bhi yaad aati hai unki haathon ki narmaahat
Aaj bhi unki tasveer se jhalakti hai wo chaahat

Aaj bhi unki ek jhalak se tham jaata hai har pal
Aaj Ji bharkar dekh lete hain unko,shayad na mile humse wo kal

Aaj Par kyun aisa lagta hai ek din sab badal jaayega
Aaj lagta hain jaise yaadon se baahar aakar dil sambhal jaayega

Aaj Unke diye hue dard ne hume hai jeena sikhaya
Aaj Humein Zindagi ke har zehar ko hai peena sikhaya

Aaj Chaahe ab kitni bhi badh jaaye ye doori
Humari nahi,naa sahi,unki har tammanna ho poori.....


Satans Darling™ said...

Wah Janaab, kya arz kiya hai! I loved it.. The after-feeling of this poem is still holding me hung up on thoughts. Lovely work. Applauses for you.

Love reading you!

Satans Darling™ said...

Oh and I was first? :O Lord, thank you for me being first atleast somewhere :P

Satans Darling™ said...

Oh and I just saw that the next post would be your 50th, congrats in advance :)

Anonymous said...

this was so much swesome !! wish i was in love and could dedicate this to some one of now, i read it to myself !! lovely post :)

Vinnie said...

u aren't Hopeless Romantic for nothing!

pure work of love...i hope the message gets delivered :P

Suresh Kumar said...

Wow! Kya Poem tha...I need to make some of my friends read this...

sHiNiNg sUrYa said...

good content my friend :)

яノςんム said...

it is really b'ful and agreeing to ur line, i am sure in love with this post :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thank u sooo much :) Yes, you are first. Treat yourself on my behalf :)

I actually completed my 50 posts long time back, but then i restructured my blog and hence deleted a few posts:) But its ok, we can celebrate it again!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks dear :) When i wrote it, i was NOT in love :D

You don't have to be in love to write love poems, just the feeling of nostalgia is enough ! Isn't it?


Hopeless Romantic said...


I would make sure i keep up the reputation of my name intact by writing more such stuff :D

Thanks for your kind words :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Please do that and let me know what your friends thought about it, would like to know other people opinions about it too!

Thanks for dropping by!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey dude, ur first comment here! Come back for more, would love to see u here again!

Thanks for the appreciation,

Hopeless Romantic said...


:), i am glad u liked it, thanks a ton! Keep coming back for more!


Shruti said...

Meri hindi thodi.. (zyada nahi).. bas thodi kamzor hai..

But i could very well understand the Urdu words!!

So coming to the poem... I liked it! But this love thing is not my cup of tea anymore!!

So I'll rest it here!
Take Care

Hopeless Romantic said...


Let Love come to you, it will be a futile exercise if you chase it ! Magic lies in exploring the unexplored ! Keep reading more, you wld get a hang of Urdu words soon, that's how i learnt them!


bondgal_rulz said...

Meri maan and MBA weMBA ko chodh and become a lyricist. :P :D

Beautifully written. :)

And I so agree with what you've written above!!

Cheers :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol are part time hain MBA to, main kaam to yahin hain ! :D

Thanks, glad u liked it and agreed to it, does that mean ur in love or ru just out of love :D

It's ok u dont have to answer it, i was just pulling ur leg !


bondgal_rulz said...

He he...uhhh....though I'd have LOVED to say neither but it is a little bit of the latter. ;)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hmm, all the best if that is the case! Hope ur doing well, anytime u need any 'advice' on love, HR is there. Though Payment will be on Australian dollars now!

Got it Mate :D

bondgal_rulz said...

I'll pay you in Osstraaalian dollars matey, not for the advice though (yours truly is quite a bit of a louuuuuu guru herself;)), but if you deliver a hot and hunky "mate" for me from the land which has gifted us teh wonder called Brett Lee. :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


Can anyone love guru be better than a Hopeless Romantic, I doubt it :D

I am going to Queensland, and i can get you two bullies from there - Andrew Symonds and Mathhew hayden! Chalega kya, ek retired hain aur ek hone wala hain, But IPL mein khel kar bahut Osstraliaan dollars mil jayeneg return mein!


bondgal_rulz said...

Yesh yesh!! Look around. :P Explore the unexplored. :P :D Lol.

Ek insaan kam aur bandar zyada aur doosra kisi ko pasand aye aisi koi nahi hogi maada. he he. Sorry aur kuch rhyme nahi kar raha tha!! hee hee

I'm SO glad that I didn't come to you for advice. :P

Hopeless Romantic said...


Aisa hain yeh nahin chalega, this is a RACIST comment, aap kisi ko bandar nahin keh sakthe hain, chaaye woh kaisa bhi diktha ho :P

hayden ki 3 bacche hain, bina mada ke kahan se aaye! Kangaroo ke bacche thodi na hain :D

Come for real advice, then would tell u ! People say - I have "mesmeric effects' on girls :D

Sorry for bragging but its true!

bondgal_rulz said...

Achaaaaa ???? Alright will keep it in mind next time any such trouble crops up which I really hope does not happen anytime soon! :)

And oye! how do you know ki vo teen bachche Hayden ke hi hain?? :P

Anyway, the angels of sleep are beckoning me now and I gotta go.

It was great to chat with you.

Good night. :)
Take care.

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, daar gayi, koi na! :D

Hayden ke nahin to uske padosi ke honge, ab year around cricket khelega to biwi kuch to karegi na :D

Alright, good night! Sleep well

Sweet Dreams,

Megha Gupta said...

kyalon me jab bhi aata hai unka chehra...
toh labon pe aksar 'wo khush rahen' ye fariyad aati hai...
hum bhool jate hain unki bewafaayi ko...
aaj bhi jab unki beinteha muhobbat yaad aati hai!!

bahut achcha likhi hai....bahut saari yaaden wapis laut aayi...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Beautiful lines penned by you, wow, it feels great. Thanks for writing those lines ! Best comment so far on this post ! Lovely :)

I hope u feel alright!

Cheer up!

Preeti said...

wow !! bahut ache ..

i somehow cannot write in hindi /punjabi though I love good potry in all forms

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a lot !!

Well, if you read more Hindi/Punjabi I am sure one day you will be able to pen more! It takes time to get the grip on any language!

All the best!

DPhatsez said...

'Main shaayar to nahin..magar ey haseen..jabse dekha..maine tujhko mujhko..Shaayareee Aaa Gayee'

Kya farmaaya janaab!

Psst..Was the message delivered successfully? ;)

Priya Joyce said...

this was damn gud :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, delivered successfully indeed !

Love can make u do things a lot of crap things!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog space! Thanks for the compliment and for following me!

Would be good to have u back here! Keep coming !


Cяystal said...

Like this a lot..strikes an old chord.
Love the choice of words

Phoenix said...

its beautiful and heart rendering... :) i so loved it... :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Well what can i say when one had posted such a nostalgic poem..

Once again a new theme "Aaj bhi"..

Its beautiful and very romantic poem..

I am sorry , for being late..


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, glad it touched a few old chords, serves the purpose well :)

Keep in touch !

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, happy u liked it ! Hope ur doing well !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Dude, better late than never, glad u made it before the next post :)

Thanks for the compliments!


Illeen said...

Wah Wah ! :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


:D Thank u ji :D


उन्मुक्त said...

मैं तो केवल देखने आया था शायद देवनागरी में कुछ लिखा मिल जाये :-(

Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, why do u actually need it to be written in that language? It still conveys the feelings completely even if the hindi poem is written in English script!