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May 12, 2009

Fun, Frolic & Fantasy !

I have always been an ardent fan of Youtube, ever since i was exposed to it two years back. Apart from catching stuff on it, at times i have been exposed to such mind boggling and hilarious videos, that you would like to watch them again and again for the sheer pleasure and spontaneity it provides all through. Here is a collection of seven videos from youtube which are my favourite too !

Statutory warning : Finding them hilarious depends on one taste, region, country and personality :D

The Fantabulous Couple

Watch Govinda as Superman and Kimi Katkaar as spider-women (For novices, she is the 'chumma girl' from Hum, featured along with Amitabh Bachhan). This is what i call as "out of box" thinking, this can only happen in Bollywood, and this is what happens only in India. Extremely funny and frivilous, there is still no one better with the most innovative combination of clothes and dance steps together than apna 'Raja babu'.I had a jaw-dropping experience thinking about the functioning of the brain cells of the Director/choreographer of this movie to come up with such an idea. But on the hindsight, you should look at the 'true' intentions of people in love. (pun intended). Honestly, after watching this, I can't stop singing in my conscience..Mein hoon tera Superman ! :D

Translation Faux-Pas

Originally a video in Tamil language, featuring Prabhu deva - the dancing king, this has been given the english translations by a US citizen based NOT on the meaning of the words, but on their sounding rhymes. End result, disaster for the song; but extremely ribald and mirthful lyrics such as 'I put a papaya in there' , 'I see the nuns as gay' and ' I'll like to pee on you'. I was laughing on my splits out on watching this. Enjoy !!

Retarded Choreography

I found this song when i was searching for videos on Evolution of Movies, and i land up on this video which was classified under Evolution of dance. I clicked it, and ever since i haven't sit straight. Probably, the worse choreographed song ever in a Z-grade bollywood movie, but you can't stop laughing seeing the expressions of the guy in the video. He Plays hide and seek in the bush, he writes love letters and he rolls in the garden. Only saving grace is the song is not that bad (Or, I have dropped my standards considerably after watching this video :D). Watch this 'LMAO video' from the movie Pyaasi Raat.

Mimicry Intermixed with Singing

Sonu Nigam is probably the most versatile and talented singer in the Hindi filmy Industry. Watch him mimic almost all the top playback singers of the last 20 years in this video. This is a part of the Johnny lever's comedy show on Zee TV telecasted couple of years back. My favourite one in this video is when he copies Suresh Wadekar, probably the most toughest to copy among all singers. Let me know your favourite too in this video. Have Fun !

Lodi Dynasty Reinvented

Ok, this one is from KBC-3 with Shah Rukh Khan telecasted on star Plus. An ultimate confused participant, he mixes up the options, he mixes up the year, he mixes up while talking on 'Phone-a-friend'. The video is eminently watchable due to SRK's one liners and to-die-all expressions and emotions. And what makes it more interesting is what happens in the end, when the participant chooses to freeze the answer. An rib-tickling video which makes even SRK pull his hairs out. Cheers for this one !

Patriotism at its Best

Bollywood movies can at times gives go over board, and create some extremely impractical but melodramatic scenes. This video encompasses such a scene, interspersed with a beautiful patriotic song sung by Mahendra Kapoor. Watch the bed ridden Ashok Kumar, hit back with a venegance, the hamming Manoj Kumar at its best. This is one of the reasons why films still holds utter significant means of entertainment in India, they give us Hope, they give us laughter and they make us live another day here ! Jai Hind !

A Teenage Love Ballad

How can i end any post without some mush :D. Ok, so this one is for all those people who have always had fantasy of having that 'little more' independence during the school days. Originally in Bhojpuri Language, it takes you down the memory lane of those hay days when you were not caught in the intricacies and whirl wind of this materialistic world. A pretty girl, a dancing teenage lad 'Manoj', and loads of love, it makes a perfect recipe for a mushy teenage Love song.

PS: After 5500 fictional series, I am starting yet another chain - called as Seven Squeak Series ,where I would post seven of my favourite things. Anyone interested, is most welcome to join the bandwagon. Lots more to come on this, Stay tuned and Happy Blogging !


Megha Gupta said...

nice one.....
i feel like surfing youtube!
well written!
:) :)

Anonymous said...

Amit, can you also provide direct links to these videos in your blog ?

Anonymous said...

Hey my net connection is slow.. just watched that translation video of prabhu deva.. and it was hilarious.. i have tears in my eyes I laughed sooooooo much.. i am still finding it hard to stop laughing.. too good! :)

will come back to watch the rest of the videos..

and yeah, congratulations on all the deserved all of them truly! :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Just click on the title of each of the video, and it would take you to the youtube site for the particular video. Check it out and let me know if u still require any help !

Cya around,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, thanks, u better surf youtube after ur exams. Study well till then!

All the best for your exams !


Hopeless Romantic said...

@The Pink Orchid

Ya, that is a very funny translation. Enjoy all the other videos. take your time !

I am truly overwhelmed by all those nice things about me in your 100th post. Thanks a lot dear for those awards. I am touched !


gargi said...

ROFLMAO!! This made my day!..haha..

Govinda my superman is awesome!..hahahha ... really who was the choreographer?!?!

The Tamil video was so so so so fucking funny!.. i was in tears watching it!...obviously because I was laughing so hard!...LAMO!!!

Retarded Choreography... a true z-grade film!... shit... what are these people thinking?!?!?... this is my second fav..first was the Tamil one! haha

Sonu Nigam simply rocks!..i so totally love him!..he was in Sydney last year..and man..what transformation he has gone through!..the last time I saw him wa sin israel..and then in sydney... huge difference!..he is the indian rock star for me!..simply love him!

Lodi will always remember the answer to this one!...hahah to band baja di!..hahaha.... good old (funny) times!..

Oh..there are far worse bhojpuri songs than this one!.. being born in varanasi..and having my nani house there..i have heard quite a cousins put em on for some good laugh!... "toPHA".... haha...sweet... :p

a very very good post!... :)

gargi said...

*oops..its LMAO..not LAMO :|


Anonymous said...

LOL the prabhu deva one was hilarious :), pretty funny shit

Girl Next Door said...

LOL :) ... It was too Funny

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, i agree totally. When i watched it first time around, i couldn't stop laughing for a day :)

Keep Rocking,

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Girl Next Door

Ya, Enjoy ! Thanks for dropping by !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Glad it made your day !

I wish I can find that director/choreographer, would kill to know his thought process behind this one :)

Prabhu Deva video seems to have won it hands down among all these seven videos.

My favourite is actually this z-grade bollywood film song. Very innovative steps.

Sonu Nigam is great but slowly he is fading now, you listen very few good songs from him in these days, last i heard was soniyo from raaz2

SRK's one liners are killer here in this video:)

Hamming Manoj kumar at its best, look at the way they march away to glory, literally :D

My fav line in this one is - de dega jaan manoj duniya mein nahin rahega...n look at its expressions :P Girl is hot chick though :D

Thanks for dropping by as always !


ApocalypsE said...


Thanks for links buddy...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog ! This us your first comment here ! Ur welcome any time, buddy !

Stay in touch ! Keep visiting !


Preeti said...

I have my fun on th youtube ...

watch out for spiderman in punjabi ...

and dukhna dandiya ...that is dard-e-disco in gujrati ...

lol is fun!!

Smita said...


Hilarious links...iskool ke tem pe..ha ha ha

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, i have seen the spiderman in gujrati and punjabi earlier. But this dard-e-disco gujrati version was new for me. LMAO, thanks for letting me know this one !

Youtube is fun all the way !


Hopeless Romantic said...


yes, it is damn funny. I like the way he dances on the road, just like me. I am still a terrible dancer :(

Glad the videos made you laugh :)

Take care,

Gauri Mathur said...

Thas Nice:)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy :)


Chriz said...

youtube introduced me to achmed and jeff...

and yes lots fo funny things that we come across through youtube..

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hi, welcome to my blog ! This is your first comment here !

Youtube is fun uninterrupted any day !

Keep visiting ! would love to cu around !


Little Girl Lost said...

LOL!! that was great! thanks for sharing...

Hopeless Romantic said...


You're welcome ! Happy-youtubing :P


Serendipity said...

lol!!! :D

Hopeless Romantic said...



Do visit again!


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Tum hi mujhe OUT_of_BOX lagte ho to phir tumharre posts to obviously honge hi out of box types...:P

It was nice reading all those stuffs categorized...:)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Dude, what do u mean by I am out of the box! I have all my gears in place :D

Enjoy the videos !


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i shall definitely look into this-- youtube rocks :-)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hi,welcome to the blog! Good to cu here ! Enjoy the fun at youtube!

Do visit here again!

Happy blogging !

Mayz said...

hahahahaha...ROFL!!! the KBC one takes d cake...ssssssss!!! hahahaha

Hopeless Romantic said...


KBC was indeed funny, the contestant's expressions are flawless in the situation :D

Keep visiting!

Satans Darling™ said...


I have watched the first, third and last video before.

And hey I am in love with Manoj :P

De dega jaan manoj duniya main na rahega, aana zaroor na bahana banana [-(

I love that song!

Try watching the video of golimar on youtube. It's very funny!

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, ya that manoj wala is my fav too, i love mushyness u know :) I love the lyrics of that song!

I would see golimar soon!