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May 21, 2009

I-Plead-Love ....

Friday @ 7:30 P.M.

"Binti, can you make it fast","it's already late, we will miss the toss and the extra-innings show completely by the time we reach". Rajeev exasperatedly told her among the crowd of shoppers.

"Damn...Not 'we', its 'you' who would miss the show and by the way, we are shopping for 'our home', and not for myself". Binti said with a bitterness in the voice, pushing the Big Bazaar crate forward with her left leg.

"Isn't that one of the same thing. Why you have to always shop on a Friday evening,when you know matches would start in the evening at this time, you can do that on Saturday morning also". Rajeev was annoyed by her time management skills completely.

"Stop cribbing Rajeev, and if you can move a little bit faster, we can pay and go and watch you doodle-strap laced sulky hostess Mandira bedi on TV", She replied with the venom of jealously.

15 minutes later @ 7:45 P.M

"Thank god, we are through this mess, we can reach early to catch the match." "we,Oops!, Rajeev paused for a moment and started again; 'I', will miss maximum of two overs." his words fall on the plates of silence of Binti. Rajeev put all the shopping bags in the backseat and started driving towards home. Silence being the best conversation among the lovers was taking its truest form, till Binti broke the eerie silence between them along the chaotic traffic on the streets....

"Rajeev, we hardly spent time with each other now. Weekdays go in an iffy due to work, its been so long we have done something together since one month." "Tomorrow, its Saturday, lets go out together somewhere in the evening, may be bowling, or lets catch up 'Fast and Furious4, action movie, truly your type, what say!", Binti said with a chuckling smile across her face and hope written all over it.

"Binti, I understand. But you know,Vishal and Shekhar are coming tomorrow to watch the IPL matches at home. Its double header match at De beers Diamond Oval at Kimberley and i simply can't move an inch. May be next time sweetie!" Rajeev replied with a serious look with disappointment written all over it.

"What the hell, how can you invite your friends like that. And forget that, what i am suppose to do, cook for you all cheering boys rooting for more and more DLF maximum 'sixes', who have nothing better to do on a weekend than leering at the semi-clad whores on TV."

"Don't cook na then, why are you giving me that attitude!. Thank you very much, but dominozz still delivers pizza at our doorstep, and that too in 30 minutes. And if they don't come in 30 minutes, still better, we will save even more money !" An agitated Rajeev got into the most satirical mood ever.

"Disgusting, Simply disgusting!. This fucking million dollar bitch is ruining my life now. your sucking IPL has become an I-Plead-Love exercise for me. I need to check the match schedules now to spent time with you, Great !" Binti was fuming with anger and bit her lower lip with the teeth.

30 minutes later @ 8:15 P.M

Rajeev entered the kitchen and saw Binti putting all the vegetables, one by one, in the fridge with downright exquisiteness.

"You need help, Sweetie with this stuff and all". Rajeev said trying to be as genuine husband as he was a cricket lover.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I can manage. You watch the match." And then pointing towards the sound emanating from the TV, she said' 'Look Delhi Daredevils lost another wicket against Mumbai Indians. Go and cheer your team, they need you the most at this time. I am fine. Don't bother!

Nervous about the bad start by Delhi team, Rajeev moved around instinctively, but then turned back realizing that it could be the most inopportune thing to do at that point in front of her. And He said, " Binti, don't you think we are like moving apart thousands miles from each other".

Binti looked at him with utter seriousness, and said," Calculate properly, the distance is even more!". Your mathematics suck, Mr.Accountant !

"Oops, even god would give full marks to women when it comes to being satirical", Rajeev murmured under his breath and moved into the drawing room, where Dwayne Bravo was setting up a nice partnership with Abhishek Nayaar in the middle of the Buffalo park,East London.

45 minutes later @ 9 P.M.

Binti entered the drawing room, half opening the door, lurking her neck out and asked Rajeev, "what you want to have for dinner?"

He thought for a moment, and remembering what happened just a few minutes back, he said in an amorous manner,"Don't make dinner sweetie, let's go out tonight!"

"why today, we can go when your IPL is over. Enjoy your match, and today even David Warner is playing, keep glued in, keep watching !","I will give you dinner here only". she said and bolted the door.

2 hours later @ 11 P.M.

Binti entered the room as Delhi daredevils was making an easy way out off the Mumbai Indians target of 120 runs, sat near Rajeev without uttering a word.

Rajeev waited for a few moments, and put a hand around her arms, and said, "still angry sweetheart?"

Binti looked at him, trying to find the innocent spark in his eyes which used to drive her crazy in all these years, and said, " I wish we understand each other more like we used to, I wish we care each other like we used to, I wish we pamper each other like we used to, I wish we are there for each other when needed like we used to." She stopped for a second, and said to him," The keyword is "We", rajeev....Good night, sleep well !

Binti stood up and starting going away towards the bedroom. Soon, Rajeev came to accompany her silently a few seconds later and both slept with
a stream of thoughts flooding their minds.

Saturday, 8 hours later @ 7 A.M

Binti was woken up by the constant ringing of the bell at her home. Rajeev was out for his usual morning walk. She walked gingerly to open the door, and found a delivery boy with a bouquet of roses, and an closed envelope.

He looked at Binti and started blurting, "This is for Mrs. Binti Khanna, Mr. Rajeev has sent this for her, he is entitled to receive this after last night". He left immediately after that and it left Binti with an amused look on her face. She put the bouqet on the table and opened the envelope,it contained the tickets for a 6 day and 7 night holiday package for Maldives. She was stunned, she was nostalgic, she was lost, and a tear drop lurked around the corner of the eye.

30 minutes later @ 8:30 A.M.

"Thank you so much for this sweetie, It was such a pleasant surprise". "I am sorry, i was difficult to handle yesterday, but this is something special". Binti literally jumped on Rajeev as soon as he entered the home.

"That's ok sweetie, all the pleasure is mine.", But please can i make a request to you. he asked with a churlish smile."Can you cook chicken biryani while we are watching the match tonight". "I just love it".

"You dog, you won't improve ur dogi-ness na", and then coming close to him, she said "I, will cook it tonight. Hope you would enjoy the double-header to the fullest!". They came close and he kissed her lips tenderly and at that time, just had one thought in mind, "what the hell man, i missed the presentation ceremony last night, i am sure AB Devillers would have got the man of the match!". Arghh......

PS: The Holiday package is given by Kingfisher airlines, who sponsors the SMS contest - 'win moments of love'
during the IPL matches on SET max,in which you have to predict the number of sixes in an innings. Rajeev had a habit of playing those contests while watching the matches,and sometimes in life - love and luck strikes the right chords at the right time.

PPS: As the second season of Indian Premiere League(IPL) culminates over the weekend with semifinals and final lined up in South Africa, lets hope the best team wins. And being a core delhite, i am rooting my lungs out for Delhi Daredevils, which incidentally have been the best team in the tournament so far. Hope, we get some cracker of these knock out games. Enjoy, the fun gets better from now on !


I, Me and Myself said...

hahaha u knw guys can be so brother gets me a bunch of chocolates so that he can watch d match in d night n so dat i dont disturb friend calls me aftr every five minutes to knw d score as his cable suposedly is not mania is what i call...n no wonder we gals dont like it yaar....but nywys enjoyable read n i am sure most of us have gone thru dis....n inpsite of everything i am cheering fro delhi...hurrrraaaayyy

Megha Gupta said...

good one.... love and luck by chance!

and yes when it comes to cricket i guess all of us especially Indians are in the same freaking boat!

fms1988 said...

I got a HUGE GRIN on my face !This according to me is not fiction :) it's reality ..for soooo many people out there.
I just LOVED reading this.
Im deff gettin my hubby to read this one :)

(All da best to your team,Although im not following up but obviously hubby does :P )

take care , & im still smiling :D

Anonymous said...

wow, looks real!

like your post, even i'm not that keen into criket.

Kaddu said...

Men! Sighhhhhh!
Btw, u hv a new follower! :-)

Kadambari said...

Hehe! Awesome story! The conclusion, some things never change! Men will remain sports maniac and women will continue to be over emotional! Brilliant post! :D

Smita said...

Awesome story!!!!! You have a way with words.

And the story is soooo real, men can be so impossible!!!!

Sameera said...

Oh man.. all you love lorn people having blogs.. making me read love stories.. surprisingly I like them!! :D

The twist was ridiculous..! Make the girl win at times.. it would be more fun ;)

Hopeless Romantic said...


You seem to be the one who is dealing with cricket maniacs wonderfully...Kudos to you !

All the best to DD team today in the Semifinals.I hope they make it through to the finals :)

Cricket cheers,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Ya, we all r floating in and diving from the same boat of cricket !


How do we know said...

i KNEW there was a catch somewhere..

it was a lovely read, and not fiction at all. Sigh! if only men would not go maniacal over matches they have nothing to do with(ask them to watch and they can do it for an hour. Ask them to play and they will poof out in 10 mins) , and wish women would understand that for a while, their husbands belong to insanity ONLY. at all other times, they belong to insanity, but also a little to the wife..

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, do tell me what your husband says about the post. I am sure he is going to agree to this !

Keep smiling ! and thanks for ur wishes !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy :), start reading and watching a bit more..u would start liking it..its more like baseball in your US ;)


NEHA said...

hey its reli nice stuff..i luved it..!!

n i hope delhi loses coz m suporting chargers n challengers..!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog! Thanks for following. Keep reading !

I have subscribed myself for email updates from ur blog. Would soon go through ur blog !

Btw, thanks for that widget - yahoo rocks !


gargi said...

awwww..sho shweet!...
perfectly perfect!!!
happy endings make me happy!... i mean the story..not the cricket.. :|
lol.. :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


hey,welcome to my blog ! Well, if men or women change their traits, the post would have not been that great ! Its better somethings in life never change !

Keep visiting! Stay in touch !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for all the nice words :)

PS: U have a deep analysis about men and their behavior !

Carry on,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, well you poor little girl, you have to bear with love struck people around you like us !!

When it comes to cricket, i don't think any girl in India can win over it ! So, forget girls winning anytime like this, may be in some other situation, i will make her win in a new post. Point granted,buddy!

Keep visiting!

Hopeless Romantic said...


have i become so predictable in my writings that people expect i can't write a story without twists n turns :(

Gender bashing apart,men knows why they love cricket, the adrenaline rush because of it ! I wish girls knew and feel the same passion. Its like why men never fathom why girls are crazy about shopping and jewelery...which i personally consider as a waste of time n energy !

Think about it, these things makes life and relationships spicier, and not duller !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Glad u liked it :)

Good, we know each other on blog and not personally, i would have killed you for saying that Delhi is gonna loose :D

Jokes apart, let the best team wins !

Enjoy IPL,

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, good then ! next time i should write some sad stories to keep u glued !

PS:Shhh...let anonymous be like that only !


fms1988 said...

@ Amit Lol i made him read it & he read the first to para's & was like your hinting at me with this :P
Im like nop just want u to read it !
But he enjoyed it & asked who is this guy that wrote this is he married..?Im like nop :P

You made us have a real laugh coz of this !

rh3a said...

ha ha.. truly, hoplessly roamtic! :D
i guess all girls have to go thru the same thing yet we keep cribbing!
sigh.. best to surrender to the fact that there are a few things that always remain a priority for men! ;)

have a nice day! :)

Little Girl Lost said...

amit- a nice peek into the average indian household at the moment :)

Newbie Mommy said...

Riveting post :) And Fast and Furious4, eh?

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

Amit, thats too real.. and thats what happens in all most all houses, though the kingfisher prize goes to one or two.. :) And a High five in mid air for Delhi :)

Girl Next Door said...

Really a Sweet, Cute Story... You write very well....

Keep Rocking... and Keep Posting :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


I can imagine those expressions reading the first 2 paragraphs...its all the same in every household..common expressions !

Glad it made u both laugh a lot !

what's the fascination between marriage and writing? Is it necessary to be married to be a good writer :D

Take care,

Hopeless Romantic said...


You are the first intelligent girl i have come across in replying back to the comments :D

Reason, you have gracefully accepted the fate rather than fight and crib about it !

That's the spirit lady !

Well Done,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Har ghar ki yahin kahani hain...bus suni humhari zubaani hain :D:D


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks :)

what about FnF4...did anything happened when you watched it? :P:P:P

Are you finished calculating the distance? :D

Happy working!

Chriz said...

i wanna fall in love...

you stood by your blog name... hopeless romantic... but some hope is left here

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hi, welcome to my blog ! This is your first comment here !

It happens everywhere, part of metro life i guess ! N, ya...lets cheers for DD..we rock !

Do keep in touch ! Visit again !

Cya Around !

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a lot for all those nice appreciative words!

Keep visiting!

Hopeless Romantic said...


I thought you are already in love with your red undies :D

Jokes apart,don't kill hope for me, atleast till i get married :D

All the best for the search in Love!

Keep rocking!

BlueMist said...

Soppy bollywood romance :D
Good once in while though

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Blue Mist

Hey,welcome to the blog! This is ur first comment here!

Sugary and syrupy stuff, u would find this in abundance on my blog :)

Keep reading! Do visit again!


Netika Lumb said...

I just looovee your stories.. :)
And this was no different. I loved it, again.
But, why do your stories portray the male protagonist like a jerk?
This has happened in the last 2 stories.
As a reader, a sincere request, can we have a guy who REALLY loves. I mean REALLY REALLY only loves without being self-centred.
Your call at the end.. But I still maintain, I am glued to your stories :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a lot for that appreciation and deep interest in all my writings.I am touched !

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify/explain a few things :-

(a) I don't agree that Rajeev in this story was self-centered. If u read carefully between the lines, he was concerned about her wife.Its just that he can't get his passion of IPL and cricket out of his mind. In no ways,its demeaning to Binti. Also, don't this happen all the time, when girls keep on cribbing to men about their interests in sports.Men also crib about ladies spending their enormous energy and time in shopping and gossiping! I am showing one side of men because it depends on the story line. In no way i meant to show men as jerks.

(b) As far as the last post was concerned, yes Kunal was a jerk in a way that he cheated on her gf. But the point i wanted to make was about the issues people of alternate sexuality faces in India, where to make relationships they have to over do a facade of false pretense. His love was true, though not for her lady.

Finally, life is perfect only in good books and bad films (Remember, KANK bench scene), in life everyone is a bit self centered and selfish. But, i agree completely with your point. may be its time to show the bad and meaner side of girls. btw, read Love know no rules post in which in a subtle way i have shown females selfishness.

Let's hope I can cook up a story which makes u happy and portray the male protagonist as u want it to be !

Till then,

Preeti said...

!!! lovely story

we women dont hate sports ...its just that u guys get so engrossed that we feel missed out ..

I had watched last football world cup with my ex-hubby ...I got so interested that there were nights when i was awake and watching matches alone while he was sleeping ...

and I love Ballack ..and I still follow football sometimes ..:-)

criket is anyways loved by most of the people in India ...

we used to get pulaos on the the days when India used to play ...that too in break ...coz my mom loves cricket and she wont leave her seat when India is playing ...

Anonymous said...

Binti is so me.. lol. I dont know if Rajeev is wrong but Binti is right..

Why did I not read it in the morning? I was going through something very similar..

Your understanding of emotions is always bang on target Amit.. It's not for nothing that I call you a 'Master of Fiction'!

Piyush said...

brought up on bollywood..i so love such bother, that i claim to watch bollywood very selectively and prefer crispier story lines from english movies..
besides..besides reading your stories, reading all these comments is also so much fun..any place where people collect-listen, appreciate and specially criticise constructively is such a delight..i guess it's just calcutta's 'adda' culture..
keep writing..your stories are a delight to read..

Anonymous said...

Lovely story.....but you already know this. My sympathies to you because Delhi lost. But then my favorite team never made it to the semis :) The good thing about IPL is that I am still interested in the matches, unlike the world cup which is over as soon as India is out.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy:)

we also don't hate women shopping,its just that they forget that there is a match going on/starting at home on TV :D

Last football WC was real fun. I remember going every morning to work with sore eyes, having watched matches late in the night and sleeping early morning !

eating and drinking is like a great combination with cricket or any other sports. Good to see a mother-daughter combo so interested in sports!

Keep it up !

Hopeless Romantic said...


No one is right or wrong in a relationship.It's the relationship which is right or wrong :)

I told you offline something is coming along soon. Pay attention from next time :D. Hope ur feeling well now :)

Thanks for showering all the compliments !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey buddy, welcome to the blog ! This is i guess ur first comment here!

Ask me dude, i know how it feels to be bred upon bollywood movies,it runs in the veins. I have nothing for or against Hollywood movies, i love them, but apna masala movie, i would take it any day hands down :)

Ru from Calcutta or Delhi? Kol people are (in)famous for gossiping and so called selective discussion and criticizing on topics. But, then i guess every culture has its beauty and that's what makes India such a great nation !

Thanks a ton! Do visit again! Keep in touch ! Would be good to cu around here soon!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a ton :)

I am like really heart broken that Delhi lost after playing so well and topping the tables in the league stage :( But, then you have to give credit where it is due for adam gilchrist, it was an exceptional innings.He just took the game away and in the end it was a one sided affair, though i was not very impressed with the team selection (not playing Vettori was a mistake)

which was ur fav team in the IPL?
World Cup T20 is also around the corner starting from 5 June and we are the defending champions.I hope we can retain the title.


Netika Lumb said...

Ye dekho..female bashing karne ke lie nai kaha tha :P
Anyway, Well yes, you're right in some ways.
And I shall wait for the true true eternal romantic story, just like Love just happens once.. It made me fall in love with this blog and I don't even. I still remember every bit of the story :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

doodle-strap laced sulky hostess Mandira bedi ???? LOLZ...

Well i have seen lot of IPL fever all around and this is one add on to it i guess...:P

I think IPL sach mein aise difference lata hoga couples.....:)

Good post amith...:)

Keep going...

NEHA said...

yess..!!! delhi lost...n did u c how

nsiyer said...

You write brilliantly and it is infectious. I loved every bit of it. I will keep visiting.

Hopeless Romantic said...


How can i think of doing female bashing ! Me a true lover of :D

I think u missed some words in the comment. Anyways, now i know which post kept u glued on my blog !

Cya around,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, isnt' that true for Mandira Bedi :P

Its not abt difference between the couples but their natural instincts which come out in such situation!

N btw its amit and not amith, i think there is a guy with an extra 'h' in his name in blogosphere !


Hopeless Romantic said...


:(((( ...i know, i only commented on ur post after the match !

Gilchrist just fucked up the DD's bowling, no one was given a chance !

Hope the best team wins the IPL now !

All the best to ur teams!

Hopeless Romantic said...

@iyer Sir

Thanks a lot sir for those words. Would love to see u around here for sure!

Keep visiting!

bondgal_rulz said...

Cute, cute and cute all the way!! :)

I'll soon be running short of adjectives to tell you how great your posts are. :P

And shitt ya, Delhi lost and that too so badly. :( :(

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for dropping by and saying so much even when u were running out of words :P

Ya,Delhi lost..Hyd were better on the given day :(

Keep visiting!

Ms.R. said...

Men!!! You won't believe I, IIII, started watching soccer. *rolls eyes*

Gauri Mathur said...


Anonymous said...

My favourite team is Mumbai (mee Mumbaikar :D). And yes Gilly did play well. Of course I wish India wins the world cup again but in 20-20 you never know.

By the way I am following your blog for some time now. Keep writing.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Success lies not in starting something but maintaining it all through !

Happy Soccer watching!

Hopeless Romantic said...




Hopeless Romantic said...


If u read "the game begins now" wala post, i also felt Mumbai indians were a strong team, but somehow injuries to Shikhar dhawan and zaheer khan hurted them badly. Also, batting order in a few games were baffling to say the least.They lost a few close ones as they did in the first edition of IPL in India.

T20 WC can be a lottery, but lets c how it unfolds from June5

Delighted to know ur following my writings. Great to see u here in my blog space!


Iya said...

awesome.. coming to your blog first time and really liked what i read!!!

Deepika Gupta said...

he he he... it was cute,it was humorous, it was interesting... and it was every guys' story.... truly great...
Even i wished so much for Daredevils :'(....
But anyways they performed really well and m glad for that.... :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


Welcome to my blog ! It took you so long to come here,i was like looking forward to this day :D

Thanks for the compliment ! Do visit again, would love to have u around :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy :)

Yes, i wished that my wish of DD winning would have come true, but there is a bonus, they have been selected to play in the CLT20 in Oct on account of topping the group league in this yr IPL :)

Hope they do better next time ard in IPL3

Thanks for dropping by!

Nik said...

Why do i end up feeling connected in some way or the others in ur every post!!

" I wish we understand each other more like we used to, I wish we care each other like we used to, I wish we pamper each other like we used to, I wish we are there for each other when needed like we used to." She stopped for a second, and said to him," The keyword is "We". I could so connect with this! Dude excellent writeup...dis is my frst read after my long exams...i.e. my frst visit to blogger after my exams...! and i find dis! awesome.... kp up d gud wrk...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Broder:) so ur back :) Hope exams went well for u :)

thanks for dropping by and saying those nice words !

Keep in touch !

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. You write very well. Thanks for visiting my blog.Do visit again.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog!

You write well too, i couldn't stop myself blog-rolling u.There is too much of same-ness in what we write...all those mushy things :)

Keep visiting! Would love to cu around !


Satans Darling™ said...

Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.... When I read the roses and the tickets part.. I thought, why isn't my man like that... And then I read the PS.. And well... All I can say is sigh...

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, caught u by surprise! That's why i love writing, it can take you down that emotional roller coaster rides !