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June 25, 2009

I will Miss you, Amma !

Deaths are cruel, they come as a slap from somewhere upstairs reminding us of its omnipresence. Deaths are ironic, they teaches us the toughest of the lesson in an extremely easy manner. Deaths are most awful of evils, they create a vacuum which nothing in this world can fulfill or replicate. Deaths are dull and dreary affairs, but they pave the ultimate path of meeting a great ordeal in life.

My grandmother expired last evening here in Delhi after being in ICU for the last three weeks. Apart from being a Diabetic and high BP patient, She was suffering from a kidney ailment for the last six months and in this time period, her dialysis frequency increased from once a week to thrice a week. As we all family members (me in a joint family, so the number is huge) wait for the dawn, and as all relatives plan to assemble in the morning, so that we can proceed for the funeral later in the afternoon, this cruel night just keep getting longer and darker.

With my fixed schedule of flying to Brisbane in another 8 days, the journey has now become even more arduous. Sigh !

June 22, 2009

The Fool's Paradise !

I personally don't prefer to use any snaps in my posts, I simply put off the onus on the readers to imagine the emotions and the feelings of the characters. But there are times, when certain snaps make you laugh your guts out immensely. I got the following snaps in a forwarded mail, and it irked me to start a new label - Pictorial Pun on this blog. Watch the snaps and enjoy ! More to come on this label Soon ! Happy Blogging !

1) Eat and Get....

2) Take care of the balls....

3) The Hilary Special....

4) Fun with Fonts...

5) The best Position....

6) The Pant Cleaners...

7) The source of Spell checks...

Source :

June 17, 2009

Ek Baar Phir...Aaj Bhi !

Aaj bhi unki nafrat se is kadar mohabbat hum karte hain
Aaj bhi unki aakhon me apna chehra dekhne ki hasrat hum karte hain

Aaj bhi unki aawaaz ke liye har pal tarsa karte hain
Aaj bhi unki yaad me aansoon baarish ki tarah barsa karte hain

Aaj bhi yaad aata hai har paigaam unke hothon ka
Aaj bhi deta hai dard har zakhm pyaar ki choton ka

Aaj bhi jab kabhi hawa mere daaman ko chhooti hai
Aaj Bhi Unki hi khushboo usme har pal mehsoos hoti hai

Aaj bhi unki har aahat ko pehchaanta hai dil
Aaj bhi unki har aadat ko mohabbat karta hai dil

Aaj bhi yaad aati hai unki haathon ki narmaahat
Aaj bhi unki tasveer se jhalakti hai wo chaahat

Aaj bhi unki ek jhalak se tham jaata hai har pal
Aaj Ji bharkar dekh lete hain unko,shayad na mile humse wo kal

Aaj Par kyun aisa lagta hai ek din sab badal jaayega
Aaj lagta hain jaise yaadon se baahar aakar dil sambhal jaayega

Aaj Unke diye hue dard ne hume hai jeena sikhaya
Aaj Humein Zindagi ke har zehar ko hai peena sikhaya

Aaj Chaahe ab kitni bhi badh jaaye ye doori
Humari nahi,naa sahi,unki har tammanna ho poori.....

June 14, 2009

Change Of Coordinates, Delhi To Brisbane !

Yes, I am leaving Saadi Dillii in another two weeks from now, and moving to Brisbane, Australia to pursue my higher studies, MBA to be specific. It’s been a long arduous path to eventually achieve this, to finally pursue my dreams, to finally catapult to new goals in life. It’s been a journey from being a fly on the wall to a painting on the wall. It’s a journey from being the ghost in the darkness to the spirit in the light (Am I Sounding like the Fake IPL player: D).

The journey has been made interesting over the brouhaha happening over the distressing racist attacks in some part of Australia specially certain suburbs of Melbourne. Add to it the fact that I am moving to a university whose honorary doctorate was rejected by Amitabh Bachchaan recently, it just makes the Australian ‘curry’ much spicier.
I was never bothered about such shitty piece of news when it first broke out, but people always find reasons to dig mountains out of molehills, and ultimately your thinking process starts going in a direction, where it should not venture out. I have read/watched/studied so much about racism in the last few weeks that I may be able to write an exclusive book on it now: D. Anyhow, these things don’t really matter to me, Ultimately I feel, India or Australia, your security and freedom is always in your hands. Don’t just misuse it, and you will invariably be safe most of the times.

Over the past few days, I have received numerous e-mails/scraps on Orkut/ Wall posts on Facebook, reading and replying to them has made me feel like I am going on some kind of war in the Oz land. Following are seven best samples I want to share to drive home the shady opinion about people around me (Pardon the language for using all swearing words and expletives which remind us of our dearest mothers and sisters, but removing them would have taken out the soul from the messages :P).

• Hi, Amit! Are you still planning to go to Australia? It can be dangerous, think about it again! How are your parents reacting to it? How they are allowing you to go amidst all this crap.(Really, why are you trying to be my parents, Stay back!)

• Aur Bhai Gupta, Maine suna hain ki wahan par Indians ko bahut maar rahe hain, Dekh le bhai theek rahega ya nahin jana wahan ! Jaan bachegi to MBA karega na ! All the best hain waise meri taraf se ! (Thanks for your constant encouragement, Tu nahin hota to mera kya hota :D)

• Guptaji Kya haal chaal, Are bhai melbourne mein Indians ko bahut maar rahe hain…aur mujhe gupt sutron se pata chala hain ki who log ab brisbane mein bhi ghus aaye hain aur wahan par bhi logon ko maarenge ! (Lol, tujhe to CBI mein hona chiaye tha, Gupt sutron wale, tujhe Gupt rog ho jaaye :D)

• Hi dude, I am sure you are joining gym after reaching Brisbane, you should seriously think about start doing body building, Iiit ka jawab pathar se denge saaale Racist Australians, Unki Maa ki %*#$% (I would join gym for sure, not for body building but checking out ‘hot’ stuff of Australia :D)

• Gupii dost, Australia to jaa raha hain…Koi pooche agar to mana kar dena ki mein Indian nahin hoon aur kat lena chupchap se…lol…are bhai jaan bacchi to jawab bhi de denge baad mein…koi chakkar nahin hain ! (Jawab dena hi hain to hath ki hath denge, baad kisne dekha hain, maro aur maaro :P)

• Are Gupta sahib, kya haal hain, suna hain Australia jaa rahe ho ! wat hell man sale Behen&%*#… Australians, aane do agle baar cricket khelne India, sale bina kapdo ke jaayenge. U take care bro, have fun! (Australia is coming to India for a seven match ODI series in October 2009, Book your tickets now, Dekthe hain kaun kis ke kapde uthartha hain :D)

• Oh dude, body shody bana le, kaam aayegi, ladkiyan to mast hogi hi Australian beaches mein, sath mein zaroorat padi to do-chaar hath bhi saaf kar dena…garv se kaho hum bhartiyan hain ! (To hell with MBA, that’s my prime motive of going to Australia. Cheers mate, not India, But Australia :D)

Would love to hear your opinions about these highly valued suggestions from my well-wishers :)

On the embankment of a new journey, there will be fresh settings in life and hence, it’s going to be hectic upcoming two weeks with all the shopping, finding accommodation in Brisbane, paying bills, settling bank accounts, meeting friends and couple of short trips to meet relatives out of Delhi. I will try to keep in touch with all you and would read all blogs as and when time permits, please be patient.

PS: I am starting a new Label – “Bitchy Brisbane” from today as a part of the Australian journey. Going forward, if opportunity presents itself, I may start new labels such as – Moronic Melbourne, Slutty Sydney, Horny Hobart, Asshole Adelaide and Perverted Perth. It’s Australia, mate, its Australia. Ah, my mind is wandering too much. I better go, cya folks !

June 9, 2009

When Love got Spilled On a Red Canvass....

Aman opened the door with his left hand, and utilized his other hand pinching her breast between the thumb and the pointer finger.They got in and closed the door with a thundering sound, making two different sections in their respective pharynx boxes. He grabbed her other breast then, squeezing them both, pulled her closer to him and started using her nipples like rein to the bridle. She got her hands busy in unbuttoning his shirt, while his manhood was longingly nudging downstairs, begging for entrance to her innermost sanctum. He moved forward and started removing her skirt down the smooth thighs, but at the very next moment all his mood started going down the slope, and he reluctantly moved back.

"Aman, what happened, anything i did which put u off ?",said Revathi pulling her skirt back to to its original position of decorum.

"Revathi, how many times i have told you not to wear those Red Panties". "I completely detest them, I know its your favourite colour, but still can you put them off specially on days when you knew well in advance, we are going to hit the sack." Aman reverted in a tense shrill voice.

"Oh, I am sorry sweetheart! It completely skipped my mind, Don't worry, Any other colour panties is as good as no panties, what Say!", Revathi moved back and swirled her body in an erotic manner, an invitation clearly to start the action again. She stripped off that red piece of clothing keeping the skirt on her swinging hips, and said "Let's take a break from the Red panties, Alright Mr.Kit Kat!"

This is the reason why Soniye, Love tera Hit hit!" It brought the smile back on Aman's face, he moved forward, bit her tenderly on the lower lip and began a long night of passion and love making.

3 months later...

The D-day of engagement finally arrived for Aman, who was grappling with the timorous thoughts of running away, but the love of Revathi was too strong an incentive to stay calm and composed. He has loved her since last three years with utter depths of his heart. They both looked great together, perfect together, in love together. Suddenly from the sight of his eye, he saw a guest at the entrance of the hall, and realized that a can of worms can get opened today which will be so venomous that its effect would stay for years to come.

Oh, hello Srikant ji, please come in, it’s such a great pleasure to have you here in my son’s engagement. We are delighted you came over after such a long time, almost 20 years!" Raman Dev exulted as Srikant entered the Banquet Hall, simultaneously greeting a
cold and sullen Shanti Devi, Aman's mother.

"Are bhai saab, I just have to come,good time to eat
Bengali rasgullas,You know na my favourite, all the time", Srikant said with a chuckling smile and then eventually got intermixed with the herd of other guests.

15 minutes later...

"Hey Aman, Meet my best friend Shipra, remember i told you, she is studying MBA at University of Berkeley in US. She just returned to India last week after completing her studies", Revathi introduced her to Aman in an exhilarating voice.

Shipra's eyes met Aman's eyes, and in that three second eye-to-eye meet, a gush of emotions starting moving in and out of their senses, their "Hello" to each other was interspersed with a string of nostalgic reminiscences moving in and out of their hearts. In the very next moment, Shipra excused herself to a secluded corner of the hall, but she was not alone.

5 Minutes later....

"What the fuck are you talking Shipra, are you in your senses!", " I know Aman for the last three years, this is not possible, I have never felt that something so strongly is wrong with him". Revathi was thinking at the crucial issues of life which could go wrong if she went ahead today with the engagement.

"Trust me Revathi, I have seen him many times at dad's clinic in Greater Kailash. He underwent the treatment for almost ten years, but nothing substantial came out of it. Ultimately, Dad advised him to discontinue the treatment with some precautionary tips for future. I have discussed his case deeply with dad,only because he felt so low on the fact that he couldn't do more for him.I know we should not judge someone like this, but then its you, my best friend. I can't let your life get ruined like this.", Shipra paused to take a breath which she so desperately missed while telling this saga. And then She continued, "Tell me something, does he reacts aggressively whenever he sees any thing in red colour, Specially clothes.

"Yes, he reacts every time i wear anything in red, You know Yaar, its my favourite colour, but i have stopped wearing it now because of his aversion of the same. Oh damn, why me in such a mess, why me Shipra? what wrong my parents have done who have to go through this humiliation?", Revathi broke down completely in her arms, completely oblivious to Aman's feelings at this pertinent moment.

Three weeks later…

“You lied to me Aman, why you didn’t tell me about your past”, Revathi said with a dewy- eyed innocence, as if asking a string of unwarranted questions, answers of which are better left unanswered.

“Revathi, what difference it makes now. Only you said, I don’t want to know about your past. Now why are you making it into such a humongous issue? It was not my fault”. I tried very hard with all the psychiatric treatment, it reduced but any clothes i used to encounter in red, and i used to loose it at most of the times." Aman said with a dry voice, wanting to convince her at every possible cost.

“No Aman, it does make a difference now. The whole world now knows you get into precarious situations of seeing red color around you. How many times I have faced it myself, but I kept on ignoring thinking it to be a trivial thing. And the worse part is most of the relatives and friends now knows the exact reason why you have to undego that treatment.” I can't take the pain anymore, please forget me and if possible, forgive me".

Revathi left Aman, leaving behind a
Red trail of bettered love on the canvass of his life and a sobbing person, who was left retrieving memories of the Holi day of 19 years ago. In a space of few moments, Aman’s whole world came crashing down to the ruinous effect of the cyclone ‘Aila’, all his dreams of starting a new life with Revathi came to the standstill like the cyclone 'Dolly' and all his aspirations of leading a 'convention' life in this Indian society was washed away completely like the devastating effects of the cyclone 'Paula'.

Three years later…

“Aman Beta, Please eat this. It’s your favourite gajaar ka halwa”, Shanti Devi said it with an exasperated tone, as if questioning herself against the wall created by his own son.

"No mummy, let Srikant uncle come, I will go with him. He would take me to the Bengali market near Shivaji stadium, I really want to eat Rasgullas from there." Aman said throwing his uncharacteristic infantile tantrums.

Hearing this, Shanti Devi ran out of the room as tears started lurking around the corner of her eyes. S
he remembered that fateful Holi day which changed the life of her family completely It was when Srikant came to their home wearing a red shirt. He was Aman's dad's best friend and Aman's best buddy uncle. During the celebrations, as he got an opportunity, He took Aman in the garage room just behind the home, luring him on the pretext of eating Bengali Rusgullas. Aman went with his favourite uncle, who was besmirched with Multi Holi colours, prominently of them was red colour, and was also wearing a red frenchie. And in those few minutes of ravishment, the innocence of a child was smeared, and life was never the same for him again.

Shanti Devi looked at the glistening beam of sunlight falling on Aman's face and She started feeling nostalgic about last three years of her son’s life, the numerous encumbrances she has faced in taking care of him, the uncountable number of visits she has made in this room of 'insanes', the host of fears and traumas she has undergone to make him slightly better; all in vain till date. She mentally made a compromise with her destiny of not seeing up to a comely life for his son, and eventually moved out of the ward in Department of Psychosexual Psychatiary, Lok Nayak hospital,Nehru Marg,Delhi

PS: Due to the heinous act committed by Srikant on that uneventful Holi day, Aman developed
Ereuthophobia over his adolescent years. Even after repetitive medical treatments, the scars remained and continued even when he went into the relationship with Revathi. The trauma of loosing his true love in the 'red' light of his past, made him go on the brink of insanity.

PPS: After being in the Blogosville for close to 2 years now, I am quite astonished with the lack of cognizance about male child sexual abuse in our country. Give it any reason, Indian male egoistical image, inadequate laws to deal with child abuse or the lack of sensitivity among the citizens; this bĂȘte noire in our society is spreading like wild fire. What People (specifically,read ladies) need to realize is that whenever such an incident occurs in childhood, the people who will be most infected are going to be the females in their upcoming lives.