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June 14, 2009

Change Of Coordinates, Delhi To Brisbane !

Yes, I am leaving Saadi Dillii in another two weeks from now, and moving to Brisbane, Australia to pursue my higher studies, MBA to be specific. It’s been a long arduous path to eventually achieve this, to finally pursue my dreams, to finally catapult to new goals in life. It’s been a journey from being a fly on the wall to a painting on the wall. It’s a journey from being the ghost in the darkness to the spirit in the light (Am I Sounding like the Fake IPL player: D).

The journey has been made interesting over the brouhaha happening over the distressing racist attacks in some part of Australia specially certain suburbs of Melbourne. Add to it the fact that I am moving to a university whose honorary doctorate was rejected by Amitabh Bachchaan recently, it just makes the Australian ‘curry’ much spicier.
I was never bothered about such shitty piece of news when it first broke out, but people always find reasons to dig mountains out of molehills, and ultimately your thinking process starts going in a direction, where it should not venture out. I have read/watched/studied so much about racism in the last few weeks that I may be able to write an exclusive book on it now: D. Anyhow, these things don’t really matter to me, Ultimately I feel, India or Australia, your security and freedom is always in your hands. Don’t just misuse it, and you will invariably be safe most of the times.

Over the past few days, I have received numerous e-mails/scraps on Orkut/ Wall posts on Facebook, reading and replying to them has made me feel like I am going on some kind of war in the Oz land. Following are seven best samples I want to share to drive home the shady opinion about people around me (Pardon the language for using all swearing words and expletives which remind us of our dearest mothers and sisters, but removing them would have taken out the soul from the messages :P).

• Hi, Amit! Are you still planning to go to Australia? It can be dangerous, think about it again! How are your parents reacting to it? How they are allowing you to go amidst all this crap.(Really, why are you trying to be my parents, Stay back!)

• Aur Bhai Gupta, Maine suna hain ki wahan par Indians ko bahut maar rahe hain, Dekh le bhai theek rahega ya nahin jana wahan ! Jaan bachegi to MBA karega na ! All the best hain waise meri taraf se ! (Thanks for your constant encouragement, Tu nahin hota to mera kya hota :D)

• Guptaji Kya haal chaal, Are bhai melbourne mein Indians ko bahut maar rahe hain…aur mujhe gupt sutron se pata chala hain ki who log ab brisbane mein bhi ghus aaye hain aur wahan par bhi logon ko maarenge ! (Lol, tujhe to CBI mein hona chiaye tha, Gupt sutron wale, tujhe Gupt rog ho jaaye :D)

• Hi dude, I am sure you are joining gym after reaching Brisbane, you should seriously think about start doing body building, Iiit ka jawab pathar se denge saaale Racist Australians, Unki Maa ki %*#$% (I would join gym for sure, not for body building but checking out ‘hot’ stuff of Australia :D)

• Gupii dost, Australia to jaa raha hain…Koi pooche agar to mana kar dena ki mein Indian nahin hoon aur kat lena chupchap se…lol…are bhai jaan bacchi to jawab bhi de denge baad mein…koi chakkar nahin hain ! (Jawab dena hi hain to hath ki hath denge, baad kisne dekha hain, maro aur maaro :P)

• Are Gupta sahib, kya haal hain, suna hain Australia jaa rahe ho ! wat hell man sale Behen&%*#… Australians, aane do agle baar cricket khelne India, sale bina kapdo ke jaayenge. U take care bro, have fun! (Australia is coming to India for a seven match ODI series in October 2009, Book your tickets now, Dekthe hain kaun kis ke kapde uthartha hain :D)

• Oh dude, body shody bana le, kaam aayegi, ladkiyan to mast hogi hi Australian beaches mein, sath mein zaroorat padi to do-chaar hath bhi saaf kar dena…garv se kaho hum bhartiyan hain ! (To hell with MBA, that’s my prime motive of going to Australia. Cheers mate, not India, But Australia :D)

Would love to hear your opinions about these highly valued suggestions from my well-wishers :)

On the embankment of a new journey, there will be fresh settings in life and hence, it’s going to be hectic upcoming two weeks with all the shopping, finding accommodation in Brisbane, paying bills, settling bank accounts, meeting friends and couple of short trips to meet relatives out of Delhi. I will try to keep in touch with all you and would read all blogs as and when time permits, please be patient.

PS: I am starting a new Label – “Bitchy Brisbane” from today as a part of the Australian journey. Going forward, if opportunity presents itself, I may start new labels such as – Moronic Melbourne, Slutty Sydney, Horny Hobart, Asshole Adelaide and Perverted Perth. It’s Australia, mate, its Australia. Ah, my mind is wandering too much. I better go, cya folks !


nsiyer said...

All the best Amit. But continue writing.

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Iyer Sir

Thanks, I would surely try to keep writing ! Hoping for the best !


Shruti said...

I can so understand ur irritation. My brother had the very same reaction...

I wish u all the best there! It's a great place.have been there myself! Great people...great night life! great food too!!

And don't bother! Have fun! QUT is too sexy..the orientation is to die for! seems as if I"m going there..LoL

Take Care
Have Fun

Quirky Mon said...

Two weeks till a brand new phase of life!
All the best for this new journey! :)


hey i did comment on ur last post but guess was some problem there...ur last post was reli nice...evn i hope india wins 2dy...all the best with australia...!!! aur thoda MBA mein bhi dhyaan

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, thanks for making my excitement go leaps and bounds now by pointing so many good things about QUT. Hope to get it starting soon with the orientation on 3 july !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Ya, As a background song of Bacchna ae haseeno says - A new life, A new beginning- in Australia (it happens when ranbir kapoor reaches Sydney).


Hopeless Romantic said...


Oops, i didnt got ur comment :(

Hoping India to win today, and on Tuesday to make it to the semifinals of the T20 WC.

Thanks for wishes. Dhyaan to pura wahin hain, MBA mein i mean ;)


Suresh Kumar said...

All the best wishes on ur journey.

I laughed on many of the messages and ur comments too.

Continue blogging from the land of Oz also.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a lot dude, I hope i can keep up with blogging from Brisbane!

Well, such messages i am receiving almost every day and i am pretty sick now, but life goes on !


roshwrites said...

Have fun in Australia =D
You might even get to see some koala bears and kangaroos!

Satans Darling™ said...

All the best Amit! I loved the last scrap you got the most :D Rock it up and enjoy yourself! I personally think that one cannot succumb to recism if thye just try and be themselves and you dont seem to be one of those typical indians who go abroad and say "hey I am from India and I am so poor" anyway :D

Anonymous said...

That should be the spirit..
Welcome abroad. welcome to Brisbane 'n' QUT 'a university for the real world'
and i needn't say its a cool place. Oh I already said it.:D
Well, besties 2 u..and enjoy to the fullest while in Brisbane.!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to the blog! great to see you here! I am impressed with your awesome talent and knowledge. Hope to keep up with the things u mentioned in the comment!

Keep coming back,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy :) Ah, that last scrap's response was a joke. I am fully concentrated on my MBA :D

lol, no i am not from poor India. But as you know me a complete metrosexual guy :D

I have lived for 7 months in US, so this is not the first time i would be abroad, hope to have a nice time!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for all your wishes. It seems either you are in QUT or passed out from it or know QUT very well. In any case, it was good getting assurance from you.


gargi said...

Gupta Saab!..welcome to "maidaan-e-jang"... hahhaha
agar ap sydney aa rahe airport pe security ka intezaam kar deti... ;)
chalo koi nahi... next time...
han bhai..body ki to zrurat hai... yahan item jo itni hain! ;)
dekh lo..pehle se hi tayar kar dia maine apko!....
whatever man..ull have a rocking time here!..
apart frm the 50,000 pachde... sab rocking hai.. :D
btw..koi bhi "plans" be it..telephone, cellphone, electricity, water, home...etc etc... lene se dhyan se *Special Considerations padh lena... ;)
oh..n ..ahem ahem..btw..wo Slutty Sydney wala mera idea tha.. :p

and leme know when ur hea!!.. cuz within australia call charges zyada nahi lagte!! :p...
u cn always call me.. :p
all the best with MBA!!... kabhi sydney chakkar lage to sannu dasi...hehe..
tc... :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, tu mujhe dara rahi hain ya encourage kar rahi hain. 50k pacchde, special considerations etc :D

Ya u deserve kudos and awards for framing that word - SS, but all r germinated from my mind. Tere naam ka ek award nikalwa deta hoon :P

Drop ur num on my email id, only then i can call u ;) Sydney to aana hi hain, Opera House bhi to tune hi ghumana hain :P

Keep in touch !

Vinnie said...

oye Amit, tussi great ho!
i wish u all the best well (in ur studies) :P

the messages/ warnings u received were funny...thats why media should be responsible in their reporting n all...

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, thanks dear for ur wishes, i really need them :)

Well, media just hype everything - its high time they do some responsible reporting!


Anonymous said...

india ho ya australia .... keep blogging !! and abt the suggestions ... none !! treat all the way you want to be treated yourself !!

Hopeless Romantic said...


I would try to keep blogging, time permitting! Well, you always get back what you give to others! So, be nice to everyone!


Anonymous said...

All the best!!! Waiting for the Aussie series with BATED breath :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks dear :) I hope i get enough time from studies (and babe watching :D) to write on this blog about Australia :)


fms1988 said...

I read half of this post earlier w (B4 india played)Was loving it & finding those comments really funny,but coz sumthin came up i had to go..
& now i fnshd reading it (after India played)& obviously the mood is just not the same :(

All the best with ur studies & evrything else u do.
(Still can't gulp the defeat down!..)

Hopeless Romantic said...


I can completely understand what you are going through! I couldn't sleep myself till 4 am this morning after the match ! For the first time, i am hating Dhoni ! why the hell he sent Jadeja up the order when he has not even played in the warm up games!

Anyways, its gone and dusted, lets look forward! Thanks for your wishes!


Cяystal said...

Gupt sutron se pata chala hai. Lmfao =D
Luck to you! You'll be happy down under..cos its certainly not HELL :D..and PLUS..there are a lot of BLoggers in have fun!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog! This is your first comment here! I am hoping for the best, most of the things are media hype and nothing else! Thanks for your sweet wishes!

Keep in touch! Do visit again!


Smita said...

If we can survive India we can survive any country ;-)

So all I will say kucch to log kahenge :D

Take care, have fun & settle down quickly :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, very true actually, Racism is much more in India. well said:)

Thanks for the wishes,hoping for the best!


CutePriya said...

First things first. Wish you all the very best for a "New Beginning". Am so happy for you... Study hard, stay in touch and keep writing those wonderful stories...

Miss Ya!
CutePriya :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, long time! hope ur doing well !

Thanks for all those wishes, hoping to keep on writing from there as well ! Will miss u too !


Benny said...

Hey Amit...awesome..jus njoy der..everything ll be fine,by d time u land u ll support Australia the next world cup R still wil it be Dhoni?? ;) :D..

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey dude, welcome to the blog! I hope too that everything would be fine there. I haven't heard any incidents till now of racism in Brisbane, Queensland and hope it stays that ways!

No ways, I am going to support India all the way wherever i am. I was in US when India won 2007 T20WC and seeing my celebrations, people of US thought i have gone mad :P

I hope dhoni stays till 2011 WC as captain. He is not that bad guy as people are making him to be!

Keep coming back!

BlueMist said...

Hillarious. Are these your real replies on FB/orkut ?
Good luck and stay safe.

bondgal_rulz said...

All the best for your MBA. I'm sure you'll need it. :P (No pun intended)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for ur wishes. I still want to keep some of my friends, hence didn't wanted to offend anyone :D These are not my real/exact replies on FB/orkut, but ya somewhat close to that !


Hopeless Romantic said...


I need ur wishes anywhere and in any case! Thank u so much :)


Preeti said...

ehhhee ....aise dost hon to dushmanon ki kya zaroorat hai ..rt.

its better thats they address it to you and not to your family ...when I was about to leave home for job 5 years ago of my relative had guts to tell my parents ...'mat bhejo ghar se dor , kal ko kissi ke sath bhag jayegi'.

Anyways ..Have a safe journey ..and enjoy your stay .... kabhi kabhi study bhi kar lena ..and keep blogging !!

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, pretty true, but some of them said in a lighter tone and some of them were dan pan serious in saying this!

Well, i don't give a damn fuck to people like this, who always are poking their noses in other people matter, even if they are your relatives. I really don't understand why can't people keep their narrow minded attitude within themselves. Disgusting!

Thanks for ur wishes, lol, i will study and blog too, rest assured!


Anonymous said...

Hey Amit,

All the very best ! and I know u wudnt try hard to take out time for blogging. It's a part of U so it would never be a problem :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


:), Thanks, i hope to keep writing too, this blog has become a part of me now, i hope u keep reading it !


Mahesh Sindbandge said...


Itna sab kuch hone ke bavjud jaa rahe ho to, daad deni padegi tumhari...

Wishing you a great life out there, though its doubtful..

DOnt stop blogging please..

Kisi ko apni blog link pass on mat baj jayegi tumhari..


Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, i am glad finally someone came up with such a response to this post, i really wanted someone to say this, so that i can give a befitting reply :D

I don't know whether u have lived in a foreign country before or not,but i really wanted to ask u, is India safer? Don't we have racist attacks here? Don't here north Indians got beaten up by MNS ppl? Don't the girls were thrown out of a pub in mangalore? Think about these issues DEEPLY and you would know that we are much more racist than them!

And what do u mean i should not pas my blog link, its open to everyone. Its my views, and if anyone has a problem with it, i give a fuck. Some people who have said these things have already read it and are cool with it. They know what kind of person i am and I know what kind of person they are!!

Were you actually wishing me good luck, or was putting a question mark over the life there. I am sure its going to be good, and if something is destined to go wrong, it would go wrong, inspite of all precautions u take. There are certain suburbs where its happening, and that too due to certain reasons at certain timings,details not worth to discuss here!

You should be more open and rational to things rather than blinding following fucking media speculations! they are running 24 hr news channel and they want news to give u all the time, right or wrong news is not their prerogative now, its ur which one ur choosing!!

Thanks for dropping by!

BrownPhantom said...

Wow...Your friends are concerned for you ;).
Waiting for the Bitchy Brisbane entries..Should be lip-smacking :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, they genuinely tried to show their concern. we should appreciate them :D

Sure, hope to get some stories which are worth sharing :D

Thanks for dropping by, keep in touch!


Psych Babbler said...

Good to hear that you haven't fallen prey to the media's sensationalising of the news! Been in Aus for almost 5 years and haven't been discriminated against ever. Having said that, I still take care of my safety in general...not worried about racism but just crime in general...which was something I took precautions against even back in Bombay! Good luck with your studies!

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Psych Babbler

Welcome to the blog, this is your first comment here!

I agree with you completely, good to hear similar views from you! Your security is always in your hands, well mostly !

Thanks a lot for ur wishes

keep coming,

aqua gurl said...

hey just randomly read this post outta your australia posts!!

good one, hope alls well there.

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Aqua Girl

Lol,that was really random. Ya, all is fine here, been two months and its been good so far!


Richa said...


I have myself done extensive MBA and even immigration but had never read anything this hilarious on the topic.

Loved the new labels thought.
Hope u having a great time there!!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, there comes a time in your life when the people's opinion in life starts to suffocate you. But if it continues for too long, you start seeing the funny side in it.

I am replying to this comment, so i am all safe and doing pretty well now. Seems a long time i came here!