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July 30, 2009

Pata Nahin Us Raat Mein Aisa Kya Tha...

Sometimes in Love there can be moments which changes your line of thinking, it changes the way you approach life, it changes the way you create your relationships. There can be nights (or days) when you are so moved by a person's gestures and subtle nuances that you completely fall for him/her, they take the most special compartment in your heart. They throw such curve balls on to you that how much harder you try, you just can't take off your eye balls from them. Here is an account of one such night .....

pata nahin us raat mein aisa kya tha...

un dhadkthe dil ke jazzbaaton mein aisa kya tha ...
un aati jaati saanson ke mehak mein aisa kya tha..
us bheege jism ke khushboo mein aisa kya tha...
un kaapti unglion ki sarsarahat mein aisa kya tha...
un chatphathe haathon ke bandhan mein aisa kya tha....
un surkh hoton mein kaisa adhoorapan tha...
un ki baaton mein woh shararat ka asar kya tha...
un ki hansi mein woh pyar ka shor kya tha...
un ki nazaroon mein woh izhaar-e-wafa kya tha...
un ke chupke se kiye ishaaron mein kya apnapan tha..
us chehre ki muskurahat mein woh raaz kya tha...
us pagal man ki diwaneege mein aisi kya madhoshi thi
usse dekh aaj bhi bus yahin socthe hain ki....

pata nahin us raat mein aisa kya tha...

July 28, 2009

Bollywood In 1950's : The Golden Era of Classics !

Alright folks, this is a movie related series which i wanted to write for a very long time, just searching and selecting the best of the movies took a bit of a time. So, here are my favourite seven Hindi Movies from 1950-1959......

1) Awara (1951)

The USP of ‘Awara’ was the famous Raj-Nargis pairing. Whenever Raj Kapoor and Nargis came together on screen, sparks flew. Their chemistry was electrifying and it crackles with raw passion in Raj Kapoor’s ‘Awara’. Nargis’s wild and carefree sensuality pulsates and Raj Kapoor’s scruffy hair-rebellious persona only adds fuel to the fire. The film was a runaway success not just in India but also in the erstwhile USSR and China. Raj Kapoor plays Raju an aimless youth turned into a criminal living in the slums who is loved by a respectable lawyer played by Nargis. The film established Raj Kapoor as the Chaplin-like ‘tramp’ of Hindi cinema. The music of the film was on the lips of not just Indians but people from all over the world especially Russians. The songs specially “ Awaara hoon”, “Ghar aaya mera pardesi" and “ Dum bhar jo udhar muhn phere" are remembered even today. The first ever dream sequence to be filmed in Hindi cinema where a gorgeous Nargis wafts through the clouds in search of her lover, Raj Kapoor took three months to shoot. It is a symbolic picturisation of the turbulence in the mind of the hero, he escapes the hell that the villain has created and climbs up to the angelic heroine. This song was a big attraction in its time and it spawned numerous dream-sequences in the future films.

2) Do Bigha Zameen (1953)

A Bimal Roy classic, ’Do Bigha Zameen’ is one of the most unforgettable films of Indian cinema. The protagonist Shambhu (brilliantly played by Balraj Sahni) migrates to Calcutta from a small village where he owns two acres of land. He needs to earn money desperately to pay the debt as the moneylender wants his plot of land. His son joins him in the city and becomes a shoeshine boy. Balraj Sahni becomes a rickshaw puller. The scenes with him pulling people in his rickshaw were so compelling that you felt the anguish and the urgency with which he enacts them. To get into the skin of the character, Balraj Sahni, a well educated westernized actor practiced rickshaw pulling on the streets of Calcutta and mingled with other rickshaw pullers without telling them who he was. The film explores the cruelty that is meted out to the poor in villages and cities alike. The film wasn’t a big hit but it won major awards at almost all film festivals it went at that point of time.

3) Devdas (1955)

Based on a novel by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay, this has been made numerous times in the history in different Indian languages, with the latest modern versions in Dev D (Abhay Deol) and Devdas (Shah Rukh Khan). But in this Bimal Roy directed classic, Dilip Kumar played the title role, and is arguably the best performance among all the other lead actors in different versions till date. It is tragic tale of lost love and a complex mish-mash of human relationships, it made you wonder what's so enigmatic about this character that it is been made so many times, after all it is a story of a looser ! But, then sad stories always work better than happy ending stories, they are remembered more and they are more relatable.His drunken scenes are understated and that coupled with his inimitable style of dialogue delivery is a deadly combo. Its dialogue " Kaun kambakht bardasht karne ke liye peeta hai ?” was often repeated by Dilip Kumar fans. Vyjayanthimala as Chandramukhi and Suchitra Sen as Paro gave sensitive performances. Motilal as Chunnibabu is a treat to watch. If you didn't liked the two latest modern versions, go for this one!

4) Pyaasa (1957)

Guru Dutt was one of the most brilliant filmmakers of India and ‘Pyaasa’ his most evocative work. Guru Dutt did the lead role of a suffering poet Vijay when it was rejected by Dilip Kumar. Mala Sinha plays his girlfriend, Johnny Walker his masseuse pal and Waheeda Rehman his admirer and a prostitute. The film is replete with symbolism, Guru Dutt’s forte. Whether it’s the powerful crushing the feeble or the hypocrisy of the society there is no parallel to the way it’s handled in ‘Pyaasa’. As an unsuccessful poet he is shunned by all and sundry from his own brothers to even the prostitutes. In bizarre circumstances he is believed to be dead and as luck would have it his work gets published and famous. The same people who ridiculed him attempt to cash in on his ‘posthumous’ glory. In a Christ-like manner the poet ‘resurrects in a function in his memory. The poignancy of the moment leaves you stunned. ‘Pyaasa’ is utterly bitter at times and painfully ironic at others. Its not the kind of film that one forgets in a hurry, it forces you to contemplate over matters that one usually shoves at the back of one’s mind. S. D. Burman music is brilliant as usual but the crowning glory of the film is the lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi. Songs like “Jaane woh kaise log the”, “Jinhe naaz hai Hind par who kahan hain” and the heartrending “
Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai ” are true classics. The film is an absolute must see for all film buffs!

5) Mother India (1957)

‘Mother India’ is basically a tribute to spirit of the Indian woman! The only film before ‘Lagaan’ to get a nomination in the Best Foreign Film Category at the Oscars, ‘Mother India’ is an epic. Nargis as Radha, a ‘Mother Courage’ like character was spectacular in the film. It was a performance of a lifetime, a role to die for. The film is emotionally charged as Radha represents millions of women across the country struggling to preserve their dignity while bringing up their children single-handedly. She works like a beast to feed her children and pay off the moneylender. Her sons played by Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt help her in getting back their land from the vile clutches of the local moneylender. Sunil Dutt as the rebel son whom she shoots in the end is brilliant. While shooting for the film Sunil Dutt had rescued Nargis from a fire that had broken out on the sets. The two later married spinning a romantic folklore around the film.

6) Do Aankhen Barah Haath (1957)

The renowned filmmaker V Shantaram made a stirring ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’; a film about social reforms. It’s a stark black-and-white film about a jailor who believes that love and trust can turn even the most hardened criminals into God fearing responsible citizens. V Shantaram played the lead character of an idealistic jailor himself and his real life wife Sandhya plays a toy seller. The jailor takes six murderers out of jail and takes their responsibility to reform them. He gives them freedom and trust and gradually are reformed. Shantaram makes the film believable as the change is gradual and thankfully there is no melodrama in the film. The prisoners keep going back to their old ways but the jailors faith and psychologically handled situations make him a winner in the end.

7) Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959)

Another classic from Guru dutt, it traces the life of Suresh sinha (played by GD only), a movie director whose marriage is in the rocks because his wife's family see film making as a direct attack on their social status. He is also not allowed to see her daughter in the boarding school. One rainy night, he meets Mala Sinha accidentally, and sees a potential star in her. She goes into becoming a big star, but the tabloid gossip results in breaking her marriage and relationship with her daughter. He turns to alcohol, don't direct a film till Mala sinha stars in it, and all that tumultuous events in his life ultimately leads to his demise, and in the climax scene - he dies sitting in the director's chair, a true epitome of his own life and its tribulations. You can also read another earlier post on this film and interesting facts about it here.

PS: Please free to share your other favourite movies, just make sure the scope of this post are the Bollywood movies released between 1950-1960. Similar kind of posts to come, covering movies from other decades in a chronological order, stay tuned !


July 24, 2009

Sex, Truths And a Tag !

Alright, this is one tag which is floating around for a very long time in the blogosphere, and since i have not been torchered myself with a tag in last two months, i felt like taking this one head on for some fun. The interesting thing about this tag is that it is about the ultimate destination of falling in Love - Sex :D

1. What is your secret moan Zone ?

Hmm, what crap - if i tell you, will it remain a secret :D

ok, I guess the left side of the
my right cheek :D If you ask crap questions, you would get crap answers, hain na :P.

On a serious note, i think its the lips (Oh ya, See I am a frank person, telling you better to get on with it straight away, why to fritter away here and there :D)

2. When you feel the sexiest -Dressed or undressed ?

Should this be even a question? :D

Ok, let me play safe - i feel sexy when i am semi dressed ! though when i am in that position, many can't just resist to keep me in that position for long (how modest na :P)

3. Which is the most passionate book you've ever read?

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, I have already written about it in the last tag i did here in May. Do check it out !

4. What makes a woman irresistible to you ?

Her huge assets and tiny liabilities towards me (Oops sorry, i was answering this sitting in the "Financial Statement Analysis" class, thoughts took over :D).

Giving it a serious thought, there can be different things - ranging from being a good cook to understanding the cricket nuances, from being a major movie buff to a voracious book lover, from being a good lingerie addict to a different position experimenter, simple, isn't it :D (Trust me, Quarter life crisis has some serious repercussions :P)

5. What would be the most perfect romantic setting for you?

Romance builds better not in just perfect settings but with better relationships. you may have thousands of scented candles and perfumes for creating an ambiance around you, but if you are not comfortable with the person, it will never be worth any penny. You may indulge in champagne soaked sunsets or dusk filled picnics but if you don't invest care and affection in the relationship, it will all be meaningless. Ok, i should stop ranting now.

6. What is your most secret obsession about love and sex?

lol, obsession about love, can't you see it in the blog, i have this whole crappy website devoted to it. Let's talk about sex, a more interesting proposition :D

ok, lets digress a bit to after sex effects
(Amit, answer seriously!). I may not be obsessed by it but well, i guess the moments after you have just woken up in the morning after sex are awesome. The randomly thrown clothes, the broken glasses, the sinking feeling in the stomach, the slapdash-ed hairs, the tentative eye contacts, the awkward silences and not to forget the dragon breath :D

Oye, that doesn't mean i had sex, can't i write about it without having it. If i am writing about a rapist, does it mean i had to rape first and then write about it. You got the jazzz na, cool !

(Did i Cover up well :D)

PS: This is not a complete tag, I have deleted a few questions from the tag and modified a few to put it in a better way. As always, I am not tagging anyone since no one tagged me :D, but please feel free to take it on if you feel like. Happy tagging ! Stay Good !

July 21, 2009

Wedding of the Century !

I am
now pretty convinced in my mind that it is love which makes this world go around, it is love which can make people do the most weird things ever imaginable, it is love feeling which is so strong that it can overcome all 'shapes' and 'sizes', it is love which can make you neglect the society norms with utter convenience, it is love which can make you like fools to the outer world despite of you feeling it to be the best thing ever.

People say marriages are made in Heaven. Alright, I believe it now after seeing these wedding pictures. Have a look and you would know exactly what i mean. You won't imagine what kind of disgusting thoughts I have encountered from this morning after seeing these snaps in a forwarded mail, but it does reinforce my belief, it is love which makes the world go around!

PS: Ok , please don't beat me up for this. I was in splits seeing it and just wanted to share it with you all. Stay well, happy blogging and have fun !

July 18, 2009

When Harry Potter Built The Castle Of Love.....

"Alright, see you then at GIP (Great India Palace, Noida) at 4pm, bye", Tushira chuckled with child like excitement of Hermione as she almost hung up to get ready so that she could be on time.

"Listen...Listen sweetie, what are you wearing today?", Swapnil literally barged into the phone to stop her from putting the phone down, just like Draco Malfoy bumps into Harry Potter at times.

"Clothes Swapnil, what a stupid question!", replied Tushira with a straight face trying to show bit of anger, just like fake anger of Arthur Weasley at times.

"Oh really, i thought people at GIP would have the time of their lives today had you decided otherwise, gosh, how unlucky they would be, poor fellows!", Swapnil retorted with a Hagrid alike grin on his face.

"Shut up, you pervert, now get ready and reach soon, I don't want to be late on our first date, neither i want to miss the starting of Harry potter and the half blood Prince, because if i do, then your are as dead as Voldemort, got it !", Tushira replied with a frothy smile on her face, and put down the phone.

First dates are always special, in anticipation of the unknown, in confirmation of the known, in retrospection of the previous experiences, in introspection of your own thoughts and desires. First dates gives you an idea that sometimes two people are just not meant for each other, or they were always meant for each other. First dates makes you oil those levers and gears of love potions, which makes you snuggle into a wizardry world of playfulness. Tushira and Swapnil were set out today for their first date....

4 hours later....

"Alright, here is your butter popcorn, with an extra spoon of caramel, be happy now!", Swapnil was irritated as it took him ages to get that one packet from the counter.

"oho, sit down na, to hell with pop corn, look at Radcliffe, man he looks so cool while flying", Tushira was flustered as to which place she should concentrate more, the man of her dreams or the man on her date.

"what the hell yaar, it took me good 20 minutes to get this one, and now you don't want it, craap!", Swapnil was fuming with anger, more with a spectacle ridden Harry Potter than with Tushira.

"Oho sweety, we will eat na, i am sorry it took that long, come lets eat", she tried to pacify the situation, not because she was actually worried about him, but because she didn't wanted to miss a moment of Ginny kissing Harry.

Two rows ahead, a couple was sitting who was least interested in the Quidditich match between Gryffindor and Slytherin, they were more interested in exploring each other bodies, the hands were playing a more ferocious game than the on screen match, their tongues were exchanging saliva which surely was more tastier than the pumpkin juice Harry gave Ron Weasley, their fingers wanted to search the zips and the hooks of each other clothes like Ron was searching to stop the goal as the keeper.

Having seeing this uninhibited public display of affection, Tushira was startled, and she came close to Swapnil and whispered..."what the fuck they are doing, I mean look at the boy, he is literally forcing himself on to her, you all guys want one thing kya, anywhere and everywhere, just like hungry pack of wolves".

"So what yaar, they are in a relationship and they have every right to do what they want. And let me tell you God has made us like this, Man falls for physical beauty and women falls for emotional beauty, I can't help it. Didn't you notice how in our Hindi movies, the songs are always in praise of women's physical features, her eyes, her lips, her face, her skin, her hairs.", Swapnil shot back as if someone has shoved a bezoar down his ass, like Harry shoved it down the throat of Slughorn.

"What, does that mean you got attracted to me because of my physical attributes, and not because of what i am as a person, how cheap!" an irked Tushira questioned him back.

"Oh yes baby, you completely butt-fucked me, i was totally gone insane with the machinating mechanism of your swinging ass, it drove me nuts!", Swapnil was getting as sarcastic as possible, akin to Professor Snape.

Tushira passed a wry smile, looked at him and kept quiet. She was happy about one thing, whatever may be the fate of this relationship; Swapnil will always be honest with her. They know each other for three years now, and after months of dilly dallying about their feelings for each other, now they are on their first date. His love towards her will be free flowing like Zambezi over Victoria falls, his love will surely come to her in regular fits and spurts, not like guys who have been hit by the mighty great dam of unfaithfulness. She thanked her stars, and got engrossed in watching the adventures of Harry Potter on screen.

4 hours later...

"Oh so how was your date today evening,
baby", Swapnil mouthed into the mobile due to tiredness.

"It was ok, nothing special, i mean not that special", Tushira replied with a half smile on her face.

"So, what you liked in your date today, the drive, the popcorn, the pepsi, or the man." Swapnil asked with a big question mark in his eyes.

"I liked the man. Well, yes and no actually. Yes, because he is a nice person, and No, because he is not like Harry potter. I mean kahan Harry potter, aur kahan My date, not even worth comparing you see.", Tushira replied as if ridiculing her date.

"What the fuck, Harry Potter sucks and you know why, because he can't love you more than me, he can fly on the broom but can't give you comfort there while holding your hands. He can do amazing acrobats using potions, but he can't give you the love potion which keeps you grounded in this materialistic world. He may be brave enough to defeat Voldemort in the end, but he will never be strong enough to defeat our Love for each other, ever in this lifetime."

"Aww, so sweet, I am lucky to have you in my life Swapnil, thanks a lot for a wonderful evening today. It was a real pleasure to be with you." Tushira replied back ecstatically.

"All the pleasure is mine sweetheart, lets sleep and mind you, dreams permitted only with me, no more Harry Potter dreams, alright, sleep well, good night !", and Swapnil disconnected the phone.

Tushira put down the phone, and with a smile on her face opened the laptop, googled "Harry potter and the Half-blood prince free download", started searching for the online version, and said to herself, "Sorry Swapnil, but Harry potter may not be in my dreams, but would surely be in my world when i am awake" and got busy with the downloading the movie.

PS: As the sixth move installment of the Harry Potter series - "The Harry Potter and the half-blood prince" releases worldwide this Friday (I know, i am a bit late in writing this :D), just a small ode of remembrance from my side :P (Btw, i have not watched the movie till now, but having read all seven books, it was a good exercise to recall the whole series in a fictional story :D)

PPS: When i first started writing a fictional story keeping Harry Potter as the background, i created an alternate parallel story - "When Harry Potter Destroyed the castle of Love", But seeing the comments on my last post and having run the risk of people unfollowing me, I decided to change the storyline and post this one :D

July 12, 2009

When Love Ran on the Eastern Highway....

@ Fresher's Party, Hindu College, Delhi University

The floor was choc-a-block, the decibel level was going up all the time which was a clear indication of the fact that people were enjoying the Jam session. The ice was broken between the seniors and the Juniors, but Bhupesh was not sure the when the invisible ice layer between him and Shubhika will break. He know her from the past 2 years now, ever since he joined DPS, Mathura Road. It was not exactly love at first sight, but it was surely some kind of karmic connection at the first sight. During the two years in school, he kept on falling for her in-spite of all his efforts not to do the same. Her cherubic personality always had the mesmerizing effect on him, it made him go bonkers in the knees. But the wall of reluctance remained when they moved in the same college, he was just an acquaintance for her, and he was just a half-friend for her.

He kept on glancing Shubhika with surreptitious looks on the dance floor, and with her wishy washy memories of their half-hearted relationship out from the college campus. He started walking on the road of loneliness, an endless road which was probably not destined to the meet the highway of togetherness. As he started strolling down the road, a Rickshaw passed by, playing a song on transistor which brimmed his feelings till the highest level and brought a lump in his throat....

*.......... होटों पे लिए हुए दिल की बात हम....जागते रहेगे और कितनी रात हम
मुक्थ्सिर सी बात हैं,तुमसे प्यार हैं.. तुम्हारा इंतज़ार हैं........*

3 Years Later......

@ Farewell's Party, Hindu College, Delhi University

"Hi Bhupesh, been a long time, not seen you for so long, where you have been in all these months.", Shubhika moved towards Bhupesh with a fluttering hand gesture, a gesture which they both wished to be extended to at least half a hug.

"Hi Shubhika, good to see you." He kept looking at her eye lashes before picking a strand of broken hair and continued, "well things have been a bit busy, I got placed with HDFC bank as business analyst and would be joining them in a month.", he paused and silently flew the hair placed on her right closed hand and made a wish.

"oh, great to hear that ! Congratulations, I am really happy for you!" and added as an after thought, "I guess my plan is to get married and make babies, parents have already started looking for a soul mate, sounds funny na but its true." She laughed which was followed by an eerie silence between the two, as if no one wants to break the barrier of that silence, as if no one wants to say the hidden truth, though both knew it. Finally, Shubhika decided to break the awkward muteness....

"So, tell me something, people said you were in love with a girl in the college, who was it?", Shubhika chuckled with an infectious smile, and Bhupesh fall for it instantly before his inner self made him reminiscent with the nostalgia about three years of unspoken, unutterable tongueless love....

"You really want to know or you just want to confirm it with me, isn't a few things pretty obvious, Shubhika", he asked with as straight face as he has ever made in his life.

She thought for a moment and then said, "Well, I really don't know, I always used to enjoy your company, we have been together for very few times on campus, but those times have been probably the best moments of my college life. I know through common friends, you had a soft corner for me but why you never confessed your feelings till date to me is beyond my comprehension. Why Bhupesh, why you didn't?", Shubhika said with frustration filled, love filled, disappointment filled eyes.

"Listen Shubhika, It was not that easy, don't you know we are the relegated lot here in this university or should i say this country. Don't you know I was always look down upon because I was from the so called Eastern India. Don't we have to fight our way even for the survival, don't we have to fight to make our existence felt in this country. what's my mistake if i was born in the eastern part of India. How it makes me inferior to other so called north, south central or western Indians. You probably don't know how much unwarranted criticism I had to encounter in the hostel, at times i was treated as if i don't even have the right to live in this country." The diatribe was followed by another lull of silence, it made Shubhika think, it made her ponder, it made her awkward how her Delhi treats the 'Eastie folks'.

"I can understand Bhupesh, Its not that easy for you people, but then at least you could have told me your feelings, we could have worked out something ...

"Worked out, damn, what you want to work out Shubhika. Can you work out the change of the mentality the society is carrying with this divide. Can you work out the change of the repellent attitude the society has frowned upon us. Can you work out the change of ill feelings society harbor upon us all the time.", "Our relationship could have worked out only if first the society changes". He was literally fuming in anger ....

Bhupesh paused for a second, and made himself calm down a bit , and continued, "I know Shubhika, if i would have proposed you in these 3 years of college, most probably you would have said yes to me, and it would have been the best thing that could have happened to me. But, love is not just about roaming in the campus with hands locked, its also about to see the comfort with which the hands are holded together. Love is not just about partying in the city with the person you care, its also about to see how you as a couple fit into the social strata. Love is not just about flaunting your partner to earn brownie points in front of batch-mates, its also about earning their admiration about your relationship when you are not with them. I was not weak, i was not a coward, but honestly speaking i didn't had the guts to take on the wrath of the society if we had taken our friendship to the next level." Bhupesh vented out the dragon venom society has endowed upon him for all these years, and further said;

" Shubhika, i know i have hurted you also by not coming out like this, you can curse me or hate me if you want, i couldn't reciprocate your feelings in the manner you expected it to be. but really, on this last day of college before the exams begin, i really want to confess to you, that I LOVE YOU, i have always does, and i guess i always will, May be that's what's call mad first love.....

I have loved you ever since our hands feather touched
in first year; when i gave you that one rupee coin to make an urgent call back home. I have loved you ever since you fought with the auto wala for faulty meter in the second year; when you wanted the relatively unknown stranger from Italy to reach airport without being robbed. I have loved you ever since you gave away your scholarship money to Vipula for the final year studies; when you came to know about her financial condition at home after his father's sudden demise." you will always hold a special corner in my life, and it is a reason enough to love you, all this while and in the future.....

Shubhika eyes were filled with tears, she moved forward, half hugged Bhupesh as if completing it would have make her weak, and placed a soft peck on his right cheek, and said, " I love you too, Bhupesh, i don't know i would again get a life partner like you or not, but i am surely not going to get you, and this will be my biggest regret in life. Good luck to you.Always take care of yourself, Bye!"

She turned back and started walking towards the footpath of the by lane of Hindu college, Bhupesh aimlessly followed her for a few steps, before seeing her vanished from her eyes,his wish done a few minutes back about giving her strength came to be true as a song emanated from the nearby Chaaurasi Paan Bhandaar.....`

**........एक में क्या अभी आयेंगे दीवाने कितने, अभी गूंजेंगे मोहब्बत के ताराने कितने
ज़िन्दगी तुमको सुनाएगी फ़साने कितने, क्यूँ समझती हो तुम मुझे भुला ना पाओंगे .........**

5 Years later....

@Crossword, Select city walk, Saket, Delhi

"Hey Bhupesh, long time, how you have been in all these years," Shubhika literally jumped out of joy seeing him reading at a secluded corner in the bookstore.

Bhupesh looked at her by raising her eyes, seeing her from upside down as if he was seeing her for the first time. " Hey, you look great, just a bit of excess weight, otherwise everything is fine", Bhupesh gleamed with a smile and it brought the 1000 watt smile on her face.

"well, come home soon na, i have shifted here only to Saket after marriage, Anurag will be very happy to...", her voice was cut down with a cute infantile voice, saying 'Mummy' as someone came out running from the Kid section with a red sketch pen in his right hand.

"Hey meet my son, I generally bring him here for the colouring competition, he is so fond of them...", her sentence was cut short again by a ringing mobile, and she excused herself to take the call, leaving the kid behind.

Bhupesh bent down to greet the kid, looked in his eyes, and said, "Hey Junior, I am bhupesh, what's your name ?", The kid squirmed his eyes in muddiness, and said, "you copy cat uncle, this is my name, i am bhupesh". And he started running towards Shubhika, leaving behind a numb Bhupesh, his name alike.

Shubhika came back after completing the call and said, "Hey dude, Anurag called, some of his friends are coming over for dinner tonight, so i have to rush back home, why don't you come along with me, it would be great fun catching up with old things of college", Shubhika was beaming with the radiant energy on her face.

Bhupesh literally woken up from the deep slumber, and lied to her, "Actually, i had to leave for Germany tomorrow night, i just came to pick up some books for reading, lot of packing is left, may be some other time..", and he started asking the most obvious question from her, "Shubhika, his name is also.....",

"Alright, if you would have come it would have been great, anways i got to go, need to pick groceries before heading home. Do drop me your details on this email address, as she handed her visiting card to him, and started moving with the kid.

Bhupesh didn't know what to say, he didn't know whether he should say anything at all, He know one thing - the love ride which started on the eastern highway is probably on the right path now, they are getting accepted now, they are becoming a part of Indian society", he saw Shubhika go away from the shop, and heard a song playing on Radio Mirchi at that very moment......

***.........इस जवानी के सौ साल हैं, इस कहानी के सौ साल हैं
यह तेरे प्यार के चार पल, जिंदगानी के सौ साल हैं.........***

PS: Its ironic how we blame other countries for racism outside India, when in our own country we subject our fellow Indians for the same. Isn't funny when Bal Thackerey makes comments against racism in Australia, when his own nephew's organization beats up north Indians in Maharashtra. Isn't it sad that the people from Tamil Nadu prefer settling to Singapore now, because Tamil is an official language there now, and blaming North Indians for this ouster act. Difference would occur, but at the end of the day we belong to the same country - but then why we are becoming so intolerant about our fellow citizens only ? Think about it..........


* Taken from the song, Tum Pukar lo, Khamoshi (1969)
** Taken from the song, Pyaar Mujh se Jo Kiya, Sath Sath (1982)
*** Taken from the song, Tu mere samne, Darr (1993)

July 9, 2009

WTF, Who was writing that script ?

Alright, as i mentioned in my last post, i am going to bore you with all the details of my last few 'crazy' days back in India just before arriving here and the most amazing aspect is that a few of the ass kicking things are continuing here as well in Brisbane. So here are a few best of them worth sharing with you all.....

1) As most of you know about my personal loss just a week before leaving for Brisbane, it was a huge chaos scene at home with all the relatives pouring in from the length and breadth of the country. Along with them, came the numerous question about Australia, safety and accommodation plans here which literally makes you feel a bit skeptical about your decision in the first place, later to realize the impracticality of thinking about this situation. Some of the best questions were like - " Beta, wahan to Indians ko bahut maar rahe hain", " Are, wahan to scene bahut kharab hain, kaise manage karoge". Gosh! Give me a break please!

After the Uthawani (the rememberance sermon) function of grand mom got completed, dad got a call on his mobile that our office has caught fire. There was utter chaos as we left all the guests at home and rushed towards the office in Old Delhi. The fire was caused due to the wires hanging outside the office (thanks to fucking Delhi electricity board). We are in paper business, so all the stock was piled on and in reams. The fire brigade came on time, and they did put off the fire. But in overall scenario, there was more damage done by the water from them than by fire. The reams of paper were either burnt or soaked in water, making them unusable for the future transactions. It was heartbreaking to see such a loss , and the timing of that fire make me think wtf, who is writing that script?

2) I was flying on last Friday night, and on Wednesday night, i realized that my laptop which came from the HP service station is not working properly due to the screen hinges gone for a toss. Immediately began a mad search about buying a laptop from India, which ended the next day with a brand new Acer Aspire series Laptop after seeing like zillion of brands and comparing features/prices. I know some of you may be wondering about the fact that why not you bought in Australia, well due to high exchange rate, the cost of buying a laptop is almost the same now in both India and Australia. Also, if i bought one here in Australia, then the old HP one would have been lying here only cooling its batteries. :D. So, in any case i was itching to get a new one from a long time. Btw, this is my first post from the new one :P

3) I really didn't had the chance of packing my bags because of the mad rush, i just shopped for things and deposited in one corner, only to be packed properly by my sis and mom. But i was in for a rude shock - my weight management skills went for a sixer as the weight of the luggage came out to be 7 kg more than the required limit of 40kg on student visa. Add to it , my hand luggage too was about 5kg more than the prescribed limit of 10kg :D. God knows what fucking weighing machines the Malaysian Airlines used on the Delhi airport. Anyways, then began a mad rush about disposing some of the "not-so-important" items, also I surreptitiously transferred a few of the electronics items to my laptop bag (which incidentally is never weighed :D), but i still had to pay 1500 per kg for the extra luggage. It was just a start of a really bad flight !

4) When i entered the connecting flight from Delhi to Kuala lampur, an uncle sitting beside mentioned to me in the waiting lounge that there is a tourist group of 64 Indians in the same flight. I ignored it initially, only to realize that sometimes the most ignored things in life can become the most cherished memories every in life. Man, that group contained all the jats and the biharis from the nook and corner of India, it was one of the most rowdy, undisciplined, uncourteous group I have ever seen in a flight. They were probably on the first International flight (or may be even first flight), and their enthusiasm was crossing all boundaries. They were jumping here and there like it their asses were set on fire, screaming like they have just lost their virginity, and making the aircraft look like a Disco floor.The air hostess literally had to shout at the top of the lungs to those people - either u sit down and tuck in your seat belts or I am calling security :D. The show didn't end here, the take off was concurrently enchanted with prayers like -" bharat Mata ki Jai ho", " Chacha chowdhary chala KL" (the Pilot, his initials were CC) , "Katrina ki Maa ...Amar rahe"(An airhostess who had a stark resemblance with Katrina Kaif), " Jai maa Kali" and what not :D. Well, to cut it short it was probably the most celebrated, most entertaining and the most enjoyable take off i have ever had in my life in a flight.

5) After KL, our flight was scheduled to go directly to Brisbane. But, again i realized too late (ya, i know its just been those days, everything is being realized late :P) that it has a stop over to Sydney, and worse- we had to check out with hand luggage and board the same flight after 1.5 hours. Anyways, i wanted to convey back home about my whereabouts, and was looking for an internet connection to at least drop a mail back home, which would have been sufficient. I couldn't get through any of the internet wireless connections, so i went about loitering around the airport to see any other alternative. Unfortunately, it was occupied with a couple who was ferociously involved in PDA, well saying it just a PDA would be a gross understatement, because really seeing them made me actually forget my whole purpose at the counter - which was to drop a mail back home :D For a moment, the boundary lines of having PDA and having sex was getting blurred till I asked them if they can excuse me, they reluctantly and unwillingly did, i wrote a mail back home and realized later, what a first entry this is going to be under the Label - Slutty Sydney :D

6) On reaching Brisbane, there was an airport reception from the University itself, where they would take us to the temporary accommodation we have booked in the city in the cab. We reached the place at around 11:30pm, were greeted with the regular expressions of 'cheers' and 'mate', till it felt on our half-deaf ears and sore eyes, from the receptionist saying sorry sir, we have no booking in your name :D I was like wtf, we have booked it, check properly. He said to provide me a booking reference number, which they never provided on the email but they did confirm it that it has been booked. I was adamant and Ultimately, they had to relent and provide me a higher rent room to which we again objected, and they provided me with the a higher rent room on the room rent to which we booked it earlier over the internet. Phew !

7) The last week has been fun with all settling down here in the place, getting to know the city, getting familiar with the university, and best, looking for accommodation makes me feel like singing the song - Ek Akela Is Sheher mein :P Finally, we have got a decent accommodation and would be moving in tomorrow afternoon with all our bags after completing the formalities in the morning. With winter having already arrived here, and coming from Saadi Sultry Delhi was a huge weather change, i am down with cough and cold as i write this sitting in the university library. Hope to get some rest over the weekend. Ahem...

PS: I received two emails in the last week complaining about the lack of 5500 fictional tales on this blog in recent times. Well, my sincere apologies to those people (and others too!), but as you may have realized by this post, i had some serious reasons not to follow up on that Label. But I love writing love stories, hopefully Hopeless Romantic would be back soon with another Mushy corny love story :D Stay well, happy blogging ! Cheers, mate :D

July 3, 2009

A New Life, A New Beginning !

Alright, Almost all set, bags packed, shopping done, and as i sit down to write this, its last 6 hours in Delhi before flying to Brisbane this evening. Its been crazy last 10 days, lot of unexpected things happened, lot of things done at the spur of the moment and lot of things which got delayed unwillingly. But as they say, all's well that ends well ! Though I would surely like to share the details of the fucking brain-wash stuff which happened with me in the last few days in my next post. Stay in touch!

I generally don't feel nervous before commencing on any journey, and even if i am a bit nervous; it is overtaken by the excitement of starting a new lease of life. I am excited and happy to have made this beginning for which i have yearned for a long time. But when good things come, there is always a tinge of sadness which may prevails alongside. In this case, this new beginning may have an adverse effect on my blogging habits, but i seriously hope i can get enough time to blog once or twice a week (Not that i used to blog more than that in any case here in India :D). By comments and emails, i know there will be at least an handful of people still willing to read me, whenever i write! I feel obliged and touched...

And remember, From the Pool events of Delhi to Beach events in Brisbane, From the kudiyas of Delhi to the babes of Brisbane, From the Parantha parties of Delhi to Barbecue parties in Brisbane, From the Pyajama fights of Delhi to Pantie Pillow Fights in Brisbane, From the nukkads of Delhi to the by-streets of Brisbane, there always exists an ever internal - The Hopeless Romantic :D