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July 12, 2009

When Love Ran on the Eastern Highway....

@ Fresher's Party, Hindu College, Delhi University

The floor was choc-a-block, the decibel level was going up all the time which was a clear indication of the fact that people were enjoying the Jam session. The ice was broken between the seniors and the Juniors, but Bhupesh was not sure the when the invisible ice layer between him and Shubhika will break. He know her from the past 2 years now, ever since he joined DPS, Mathura Road. It was not exactly love at first sight, but it was surely some kind of karmic connection at the first sight. During the two years in school, he kept on falling for her in-spite of all his efforts not to do the same. Her cherubic personality always had the mesmerizing effect on him, it made him go bonkers in the knees. But the wall of reluctance remained when they moved in the same college, he was just an acquaintance for her, and he was just a half-friend for her.

He kept on glancing Shubhika with surreptitious looks on the dance floor, and with her wishy washy memories of their half-hearted relationship out from the college campus. He started walking on the road of loneliness, an endless road which was probably not destined to the meet the highway of togetherness. As he started strolling down the road, a Rickshaw passed by, playing a song on transistor which brimmed his feelings till the highest level and brought a lump in his throat....

*.......... होटों पे लिए हुए दिल की बात हम....जागते रहेगे और कितनी रात हम
मुक्थ्सिर सी बात हैं,तुमसे प्यार हैं.. तुम्हारा इंतज़ार हैं........*

3 Years Later......

@ Farewell's Party, Hindu College, Delhi University

"Hi Bhupesh, been a long time, not seen you for so long, where you have been in all these months.", Shubhika moved towards Bhupesh with a fluttering hand gesture, a gesture which they both wished to be extended to at least half a hug.

"Hi Shubhika, good to see you." He kept looking at her eye lashes before picking a strand of broken hair and continued, "well things have been a bit busy, I got placed with HDFC bank as business analyst and would be joining them in a month.", he paused and silently flew the hair placed on her right closed hand and made a wish.

"oh, great to hear that ! Congratulations, I am really happy for you!" and added as an after thought, "I guess my plan is to get married and make babies, parents have already started looking for a soul mate, sounds funny na but its true." She laughed which was followed by an eerie silence between the two, as if no one wants to break the barrier of that silence, as if no one wants to say the hidden truth, though both knew it. Finally, Shubhika decided to break the awkward muteness....

"So, tell me something, people said you were in love with a girl in the college, who was it?", Shubhika chuckled with an infectious smile, and Bhupesh fall for it instantly before his inner self made him reminiscent with the nostalgia about three years of unspoken, unutterable tongueless love....

"You really want to know or you just want to confirm it with me, isn't a few things pretty obvious, Shubhika", he asked with as straight face as he has ever made in his life.

She thought for a moment and then said, "Well, I really don't know, I always used to enjoy your company, we have been together for very few times on campus, but those times have been probably the best moments of my college life. I know through common friends, you had a soft corner for me but why you never confessed your feelings till date to me is beyond my comprehension. Why Bhupesh, why you didn't?", Shubhika said with frustration filled, love filled, disappointment filled eyes.

"Listen Shubhika, It was not that easy, don't you know we are the relegated lot here in this university or should i say this country. Don't you know I was always look down upon because I was from the so called Eastern India. Don't we have to fight our way even for the survival, don't we have to fight to make our existence felt in this country. what's my mistake if i was born in the eastern part of India. How it makes me inferior to other so called north, south central or western Indians. You probably don't know how much unwarranted criticism I had to encounter in the hostel, at times i was treated as if i don't even have the right to live in this country." The diatribe was followed by another lull of silence, it made Shubhika think, it made her ponder, it made her awkward how her Delhi treats the 'Eastie folks'.

"I can understand Bhupesh, Its not that easy for you people, but then at least you could have told me your feelings, we could have worked out something ...

"Worked out, damn, what you want to work out Shubhika. Can you work out the change of the mentality the society is carrying with this divide. Can you work out the change of the repellent attitude the society has frowned upon us. Can you work out the change of ill feelings society harbor upon us all the time.", "Our relationship could have worked out only if first the society changes". He was literally fuming in anger ....

Bhupesh paused for a second, and made himself calm down a bit , and continued, "I know Shubhika, if i would have proposed you in these 3 years of college, most probably you would have said yes to me, and it would have been the best thing that could have happened to me. But, love is not just about roaming in the campus with hands locked, its also about to see the comfort with which the hands are holded together. Love is not just about partying in the city with the person you care, its also about to see how you as a couple fit into the social strata. Love is not just about flaunting your partner to earn brownie points in front of batch-mates, its also about earning their admiration about your relationship when you are not with them. I was not weak, i was not a coward, but honestly speaking i didn't had the guts to take on the wrath of the society if we had taken our friendship to the next level." Bhupesh vented out the dragon venom society has endowed upon him for all these years, and further said;

" Shubhika, i know i have hurted you also by not coming out like this, you can curse me or hate me if you want, i couldn't reciprocate your feelings in the manner you expected it to be. but really, on this last day of college before the exams begin, i really want to confess to you, that I LOVE YOU, i have always does, and i guess i always will, May be that's what's call mad first love.....

I have loved you ever since our hands feather touched
in first year; when i gave you that one rupee coin to make an urgent call back home. I have loved you ever since you fought with the auto wala for faulty meter in the second year; when you wanted the relatively unknown stranger from Italy to reach airport without being robbed. I have loved you ever since you gave away your scholarship money to Vipula for the final year studies; when you came to know about her financial condition at home after his father's sudden demise." you will always hold a special corner in my life, and it is a reason enough to love you, all this while and in the future.....

Shubhika eyes were filled with tears, she moved forward, half hugged Bhupesh as if completing it would have make her weak, and placed a soft peck on his right cheek, and said, " I love you too, Bhupesh, i don't know i would again get a life partner like you or not, but i am surely not going to get you, and this will be my biggest regret in life. Good luck to you.Always take care of yourself, Bye!"

She turned back and started walking towards the footpath of the by lane of Hindu college, Bhupesh aimlessly followed her for a few steps, before seeing her vanished from her eyes,his wish done a few minutes back about giving her strength came to be true as a song emanated from the nearby Chaaurasi Paan Bhandaar.....`

**........एक में क्या अभी आयेंगे दीवाने कितने, अभी गूंजेंगे मोहब्बत के ताराने कितने
ज़िन्दगी तुमको सुनाएगी फ़साने कितने, क्यूँ समझती हो तुम मुझे भुला ना पाओंगे .........**

5 Years later....

@Crossword, Select city walk, Saket, Delhi

"Hey Bhupesh, long time, how you have been in all these years," Shubhika literally jumped out of joy seeing him reading at a secluded corner in the bookstore.

Bhupesh looked at her by raising her eyes, seeing her from upside down as if he was seeing her for the first time. " Hey, you look great, just a bit of excess weight, otherwise everything is fine", Bhupesh gleamed with a smile and it brought the 1000 watt smile on her face.

"well, come home soon na, i have shifted here only to Saket after marriage, Anurag will be very happy to...", her voice was cut down with a cute infantile voice, saying 'Mummy' as someone came out running from the Kid section with a red sketch pen in his right hand.

"Hey meet my son, I generally bring him here for the colouring competition, he is so fond of them...", her sentence was cut short again by a ringing mobile, and she excused herself to take the call, leaving the kid behind.

Bhupesh bent down to greet the kid, looked in his eyes, and said, "Hey Junior, I am bhupesh, what's your name ?", The kid squirmed his eyes in muddiness, and said, "you copy cat uncle, this is my name, i am bhupesh". And he started running towards Shubhika, leaving behind a numb Bhupesh, his name alike.

Shubhika came back after completing the call and said, "Hey dude, Anurag called, some of his friends are coming over for dinner tonight, so i have to rush back home, why don't you come along with me, it would be great fun catching up with old things of college", Shubhika was beaming with the radiant energy on her face.

Bhupesh literally woken up from the deep slumber, and lied to her, "Actually, i had to leave for Germany tomorrow night, i just came to pick up some books for reading, lot of packing is left, may be some other time..", and he started asking the most obvious question from her, "Shubhika, his name is also.....",

"Alright, if you would have come it would have been great, anways i got to go, need to pick groceries before heading home. Do drop me your details on this email address, as she handed her visiting card to him, and started moving with the kid.

Bhupesh didn't know what to say, he didn't know whether he should say anything at all, He know one thing - the love ride which started on the eastern highway is probably on the right path now, they are getting accepted now, they are becoming a part of Indian society", he saw Shubhika go away from the shop, and heard a song playing on Radio Mirchi at that very moment......

***.........इस जवानी के सौ साल हैं, इस कहानी के सौ साल हैं
यह तेरे प्यार के चार पल, जिंदगानी के सौ साल हैं.........***

PS: Its ironic how we blame other countries for racism outside India, when in our own country we subject our fellow Indians for the same. Isn't funny when Bal Thackerey makes comments against racism in Australia, when his own nephew's organization beats up north Indians in Maharashtra. Isn't it sad that the people from Tamil Nadu prefer settling to Singapore now, because Tamil is an official language there now, and blaming North Indians for this ouster act. Difference would occur, but at the end of the day we belong to the same country - but then why we are becoming so intolerant about our fellow citizens only ? Think about it..........


* Taken from the song, Tum Pukar lo, Khamoshi (1969)
** Taken from the song, Pyaar Mujh se Jo Kiya, Sath Sath (1982)
*** Taken from the song, Tu mere samne, Darr (1993)


J said...

Ok, my two cents...

if this was a real story then the guy was just making excuses for not making a move on her.

i've lived in india for quite a while and the folks from eastern regions were the 'dudes' who were part of a band or something creative.

but you do make a point, racism sure exists in India. But does it mean that we shouldn't stop complaining about such issues until we resolve the internal differences, when it happens to indians outside the country?

Hopeless Romantic said...


This is not a real story, see the label - its a piece of fiction. Being a part of a band and approaching a girl for a relationship CANNOT be termed as synonymous to each other. Being a dude doesn't mean you don't have insecurities, it doesn't mean you don't think about the unfairness society throws at you.

Please note that this is just a point of view about an individual and the story based on his life as he found the injustice around him and was not able to get over it even after making efforts.In NO WAY, it makes an assumption that ALL Eastie guys are like that, in no way it means every guy who comes from eastern India faces racism or is not been able to make relationships with the opposite sex. Its just a point of view of bringing out the injustice which is dealt out with these guys, and mind you i have not even gone into details of what happens with the fairer sex and their exploitation.

Again, i didn't said we should stop complaining about Racism if it happens outside India, we should get our voice raised whenever something wrong is going on, the pertinent point which i wanted to make through the PS was that its ironic how can we make Australia (comparatively) a RACIST country based on certain recent incidents, when in our country it is happening for ages. Its been 4 years i have passed from college, and i still know of eastie people who are subjected to racism in Delhi

Thanks for your honest opinion, i appreciate that!

PS: Mind you,I am not a eastie, complete Delhite all my life.

Sameera said...

Nice story.. not too much of romantic blah blah..but HAPPY ENDINGS PLZZZZZZ!! :(

Hopeless Romantic said...


Lol, You are at a blog where Romance comes in bundles :P, sad endings makes u yearn for good endings more, so i am making you wait for good one :)


Suresh Kumar said...

This story is touching... Sure the story of many.... I felt really sad at the line, "Our relationship could have worked out only if first the society changes" and its quite so true...

Loved the song lines u have selected... specially deewane kitne... tarane kitne... fazaane kitne... mujhe bhool javo...

Hopeless Romantic said...


You got the jist absolutely correct, i have taken the literary liberty in taking things a bit far fetched in this story, but i promise you even these things happens in India, where i have seen the guy/girl get subjected to racial taunts if they get into a relationship with an eastie.

I love bollywood movies, and i love this format of writing verses from the song within the flow of the story!


Kaddu said...

You truly are a Hopeless Romantic! Touchy story... the way it is written.

But, I don't quite relate to men like Bhupesh! The world, the society, the ppl arnd us... they aren't thr to make our lives a bed of roses. If we want sth... we hv to go for it, despite everybody n everything else... against all odds even! God also helps only those who help themselves! I agree with the first commentator... Bhupesh was a coward to hv given up on his love so easily.

Netika Lumb said...

Very well presented.. though, I do think that the girl was a coward bigger than the guy was. Nevertheless, a very nice idea. :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


I understand your response, but we are deviating from the main issue which is NOT to decide that Bhupesh was a coward or not, but the kind of racism and injustice he has to face during his college days. May be the effect of efforts he put in to work out that issue didn't came out well (thanks to my slack writing at times), but i still can relate to people like Bhupesh,because i have met and shared experiences with such kind of people. Trust me, not everyone is strong enough to take on the society, otherwise most of the time you are labelled with all kind of names.

And what about the girl, even she was in love with him, but didn't came out because of him being an eastie, and she being a delhite. Think about it !


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for your compliment !

Lets put it this way, no one is coward here, they just couldn't fight hard enough against the injustice society thrown towards them. Not an excuse, but circumstantial conditions, which may happen to anyone!

Btw, your second wish of a nice guy (with first wish of bad girl already completed) is done. Only third wish of a complete hopeful romantic story remains now, wait for it now!


Kaddu said...

Ummm yes... tht part didnt come out clearly actually... tht he had to face any hostility 'coz of his regional roots.

As for the girl... well let's be practical... girls don't make the first move... & for a valid reason. They are the ones who hv to leave home n go with the man. And until & unless they are sure of the guy's feelings for them, & to what extent he's willing to go to, to be with them, they can't really take any drastic decisive move.

Bhupesh made it very clear to her that he wasn't ready to fight the world for her. He wasn't willing to do it during college... & he was still not willing to do it after they graduated! She at least went up to him & confronted him abt this subject, didnt she? So that if thr were any "fear of rejection" issues bothering him, they could be put at rest. But it wasn't that. So she just had to accept it as her fate na... I mean what else could she do - threaten him to marry her at gun point? :-/

Btw, we girls have to face a lot of prejudice too, every step of the way. From society, parents, work colleagues, even our promotions don't come easily 'coz of the fact tht we are girls! But tht doesn't mean we just stop trying. It's all in the mind. Prejudice is everywhere... against fat ppl, against South Indians in North India, against Biharis all over the country... u name it. But its upto us whether we give in to the mob, or whether we fight for our dreams.

paddy said...

Hi dude! great story!

I write this social welfare, politics, security and blah blah blah kinda blog every week in memory of 26/11/2008. I promise you that i am gonna link this post from my blog's post on racism!

Actually i was lookn for a topic and this story has given me one for this week. Thanks.


Megha Gupta said...

hey....great work done here...amazingly written..

i agree racism is there in India...and people are made to feel inferior...but then again, someone has to take a lead..i mean u cant run away from the things coz u think the society wont accept u...after all we make the society...and things are changing...

and this effort by u wud also inculcate some change!

good job!


hey amit,
loved ur post as always... nice story...liked the way u brought up the issue of racism in ur post...the fact that racism is prevalent in india itself is quite sad n v blame others...loved the line

"Our relationship could have worked out only if first the society changes"

was hoping 4 some happy ending this tym coz when things dont tend 2 end happily i keep thinking abt it a lot :(

SrishtiC said...


I'm still in school (DPS Noida, actually :P) so I couldn't exactly relate to Bhupesh facing racism because of him being an eastie. But I've read in books that taht racism does exist and you are right in saying that its ironic that we blame others for racism when we are guilty of it ourselves!

I love the story, and especially the song parts! Though I do wish that Bhupesh and Shubhika would have gotten together!

Anyway, kudos to you :)

Nik said...

Hey brother. Surprised to see me back...RIGHT.. ?? :P Seriously our returns are also the same, as you said in one comments section sometime back(mujhe yaad nahi kahaan..! ) ..

Anyway, Mr. Romantic, i must say this friend of yours is fond of your writes and appreciates you a lot for conveying beautiful, essential messages through the barrage of your creative thoughts.
Bahaaut hi mast post hai bhai...i loved it..! :)

I guess i should start writing too now as i have got my net back.

Tc man...beautifully written.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmm this wasnt less than a love story.
I must appreciate your attempt on such a sensitive topic... :-)
I didnt know that delhite's have this thing for eastern indians...

One thing amith, keeping the subject in view, i liked the story but the defination bhupesh gave for love is quite unclear to me.
love never considers the society as one of the parameters, but he made such conclusion which on one side seemed more practical but on other side totally sidelined from the track where love actually gets defined...

one more corrections, its not south indians, its tamilians.. called it chennaites or whatever ...

me myself, feel it as an embarassment for what tamilians think of tamil...but telgites, kannadigas and maratha's dont have anything to do with tamil..

Very well written :-)


Girl Next Door said...

Hey ! It was a nice story ... very well written.. Just a request, please write a love story with happy ending next time... Though my Love life had no happy endings, but I like happy endings...

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Wow! I kept hoping with each step ki ending happy hogi. Damn. But yeah, 'chinks' do get picked on.

Hopeless Romantic said...


No, i think effect of the fact that he faced hostility from the society do came through, but what i meant was that his own efforts in removing it didn't came through, check again the story and comment if you disagree with me.

I find the statement about girls a bit regressive, if the female species have the guts to ask for 33 percent reservations in parliament, if they want other equalities and privileges in the society, what's wrong in making the first move with a guy they actually think can be their life partner. And mind you, here we were not jumping to the point of marriage but that of coming into a relationship. Even she was afraid of approaching him to disclose her feelings not because they wont marry each other but because she was also apprehensive about the repercussions society would throw at them. It was a story of two week individuals NOT being able to fight for their love. This is just a point of view and by no means its a generalization.

Having prejudices has now become part of Indian society, first it was non sense superstitions and traditions and now these things. I don't think it would ever get removed, but at least we can spread awareness to minimize it. That's the bottom line.

Hopeless Romantic said...


i went through your 26/11 related blog, and it seems a very nice initiative, carry on with it. Do let me know when you link this post on your blog, would love to read and flaunt it :D

Thanks for dropping by!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for the compliment, i hope this can be a small 0.1 percent change in the mentality among the people who subject others to racism.It takes lot of efforts to get rid of the prejudices prevalent in the society


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for the appreciation, that line is the soul of the story :)

It's not a deliberate attempt to write sad stories, but let me tell you a fact which has been proven by research also - Sad end stories are always remembered more than the happy ending stories. Example, take love stories from history - romio-Juliet, heer-raanja, sri-farihad, laila majnu etc. They all had different reasons of being ended up as sad stories (like family enmity, caste-ism etc), would you have remembered them if they ended happily :)

Don't think too much about the type of end of the story, but i would prefer if you concentrate more on what i am trying to achieve through the story in possibly an entertaining manner.

Ok, i should stop ranting now !


Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, i didn't knew that you were in DPS, i actually remember DPS for a lot of 'Harami' things, though i myself have never studied there, i had quite a lot of friends who have studied there in the past.

Thanks for the compliments, and do keep coming back, may be you would get a happy ending some day!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Bro, great to see you back, start writing again, would love to read something on your blog soon.

As far as story is concerned, it is just a way of giving back two cents to the society, though not in a preaching manner because generally that always backfires. Being entertaining and giving a message always carries a deadly combo.

Keep rocking,

Hopeless Romantic said...


You always make me write a few things more than i want to, so i better not stop myself this time too :D

First, correction approved, its tamilians and NOT south Indians, it was incorrect to generalize it.

Secondly, wtf made you think that it is Delhi people who have racism against the eastern Indians, just because the story is set in Delhi, it doesn't mean only Delhi people have this biasness. This occurs in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and even in Kolkatta. Try and talk to any eastie in these cities, and you would get the drift.

Thirdly,I understand what you are trying to hint at but i tend to disagree with it, though only slightly and NOT completely. Please note that when you fall in love, then you never think about society because you are always attracted towards the person and his/her attributes. But when you want to take that love feeling into a relationship, then the society comes into a picture. Then you tend to think about the society(read the three Love lines in the para where he tries to tell his perspective about love on campus in college).

You tell me, don't break offs happen because of society because certain combination's are never approved off by your family. Don't relationships gets broken up and crushes get crushed because two people belong to different strata or different religions. Story is not very different here also, only pertinent issue is they didn't had the guts to openly discuss it and try and find a solution to it, good or bad whatever it is.

Think about it, But i appreciate you brought that out, because it helped me clarifying a few things which i wanted to convey but cannot do it as it didn't went with the flow of the story.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, but i won't guarantee a happy or sad ending stories, for me writing a story has different connotations. But hey, who said if you had sad story, you should not read one. May be reading sad stories would give you an idea about what goes into a bad relationship and how can we avoid it. Everything in life has something to learn from it, why not sad stories then :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


I better writing happy ending stories otherwise i run the risk of people starting unfollowing me soon :D

Thanks for the compliment, i appreciate you dropping by and letting me know your thoughts!


Benny said...

Amit..superbly written..I think I'll keep on reading this..the romance was too good..wish they two lived together!But then reality has to be there rite..good going !!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for all the nice words, keep coming back! Sometimes, there is very slight difference between reality and fiction :D


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Dude, frankly speaking i do not of any such thing that have had occured in hyderabad. In fact my roommate was from assam here in bangalore, he never mentioned of any such thing anytime. May be it happens, at some places in some cities. i have asked few of my friends about it, they said they will let me know about it.
Even in Kolkatta ? Now thats a terrible shock to me amith.

I havent had any relationship in my whole life so far. So i do not know practivcally how it works out. But afteer reading your comment, i do agree with you some how. Yes your defination by bhupesh is fair enough :-)

Thanks for the clarification.i was very much unaware of it.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Generalization is not the correct way of going about such a topic,even if it happens with 10 percent of people, we can't neglect it, right?

Yes, even in Kolkatta it happens, and the reasons being there are lot of eastern guys who are labelled as homosexuals having been coming from the eastern India, since it is considered to be a taboo in that area to come out of closet.

That's ok, i wanted to clear it myself about a few things, but now you should know why love is always new !!


wildflower said...

love d way u brought it out here.. racism was n is very much a part of living in India.. we r very aware of it n r waiting for the society to change..

Bhupesh said...

Hey Amit
:) Nice one man

this link was send to me by my wife saying "Dekho lo apne naam waalo ki kartoot"

Cant help it out

Our story was almost same but luckily we got married after a time
:) So in my case no junior Bhupesh.....

BTW how come this name came to ur mind?? I thought it to be a very unique sort of name (an an old fashioned too)

keep on penning


Miss Sunshine said...

Firslty, I can never fathom how you grasp every situation in the romantic way.
Hopeless romantic u r, for sure.
and perhaps all this exists..but arent the north eastern guys supposed to be cuter? :P ;)
I think they are..and hell yes.. some People in India (MNS) are *&(*&^.. need to get a life..!

cute story nonetheless.. :)

and ur obsessed with DU :P

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to my blog space, great to see you here!

Well, racism always exists, at least we can spread awareness to minimize it, if not completely eliminate it. Changing society norms is difficult, but not possible.

Keep coming back,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Firstly, welcome to the blog, this is your first comment here. Makes me really intriguing to know who is your wife, is she a regular reader of my blog or just another anonymous reader. In any case, good to see you here!

Thanks for the compliments, well its a fictional story, so nothing to worry about really, but i am glad things worked out great for you!

I had an eastie friend in college in my class named Bhupesh. Though he was part of our group and never faced racism from us, but yes when i sat down to penning this story, the first "eastern" name which came to my mind was his name :)

See you around, Keep in touch!

Hopeless Romantic said...


The answer to your question lies within only, a blog tag-line goes as - love is always new regardless of how many times you do it, So i need to carry the weight all along na, i need to justify it, isn't it? Hope you got the drift!

Eastie guys are cute, who denies it, but they face racism from society, even that is something which cannot be denied.

And the less we say about MNS and Shiv Sena, better it is, I hate them to the core. I think in a way they are the biggest culprits in breaking the unity of this country.

I am just obsessed about DU, i am just obsessed about Delhi in general. I love the city, and wherever i live, my heart always lives within Delhi. Also, having loads of friends in DU always helps.


J said...

I see what you mean. Missed the fiction bit, my bad.

Air France issue, we screamed racism all over. Cricket, we did it too.

I think we (indians) give a completely different meaning to the word.

Anonymous said...

Great story, well written loved it so much.Keep writing such sweet love stories.

Hopeless Romantic said...


No problems, buddy :)

Well as far as racism in cricket is concerned, i think Aussies are more worried about it. They keep writing it in their books, and people just get an opportunity to harp about it. But yes, we are no less hypocrite in other spheres, we can't complain so profusely specially when we ourselves are doing it for the ages!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Buddy, thanks for all the wishes, keep coming back!


Anonymous said...

I'm spellbounded. I think that's the most realistic story I've ever read. It's so true when people think that every story would have happy endings but they don't happen all the time. It really isn't that easy. There's so much to think about before you progress into a relationship. Not a big fan of my society. I absolutely loved this. :)

Keep writing.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, welcome here on my blogspace and for following my blog! This is your first comment here!

Well society changes comes from within, there is no magic wand to make it happen. And yes, at times there are many things to consider while moving into a relationship. And as they say, falling in love is easier, but to carry it on it takes guts and patience :D

Keep coming back,

roshwrites said...

Wow this was amazing!! I especially like how the kid's name was also Bhupesh! Shows how much the girl liked Bhupesh ;)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, well love is hopeless in some cases, we all know that now!


Priya said...

yes..i am in love with the post....great work and thanks for blog rolling me...:)..hope to read more...

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hey, welcome to the blog. thanks for the compliment,you have a nice blog too. Keep visiting, would love to see you here again!


bondgal_rulz said...

Innovative one here.

Though I don't think the current generation bothers so much with the eastern clan of our country, I do know for a fact that this minority is more often than not taken for a ride in our city.

I have a cousin who is half eastie and has come to delhi for further studies, and I'm really scared for him now that he's about to start college.

Anyway, as always, beautifully brought out. :)

And yeah, I LOVE the way your posts brim with the details of the hotspots of Delhi. Gives me a feeling that you are still very much here. :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Its not about generalization, its about discussing the exceptional things. Eastie people are still taken for ride, even in Delhi, percentage may differ in various part of India. All the best for your cousin for his studies, hope he doesn't face anything like this during his college time.

Thanks for the compliment.Wherever i stay in the world, my heart will always stay in Delhi. And having brought up in Delhi, i am very well versed with the nook and corner of the city.