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August 31, 2009

Days When I Improved My Love Quotient....

Three years ago...

I got a life time opportunity to improve my love quotient as I got crazy about everything in that girl - her furrowed eyebrows, the slight head tilts, her creases on the forehead, her strands of hair kissing the cheeks, her glittering skin and the glistening lips. Even though i didn't get a word of what she was saying (as she was talking in a foreign language), I was mad the way words used to come out in the most poetic fashion from her lips, making those curve balls which your eyeballs can't resist. She was the one who can make even Buddha dance on the beach, completely drunk with red wine. She was the one which can eat into your fears and foibles with a mischievous smile moving from one topic to another while reading. She came into my barren life, free flowing like the river Zambezi over Victoria Falls, as she helped in unleashing a great dam of emotions and sincerity. She made me believe, love is the sweetest of all sensations and rarest of all relations. Her visuals were brilliantly juxtaposed with the inner-workings of the protagonist's mind and the complex chemistry she shared with me through an audio visual medium was truly mesmerizing. She made me believe that if you ACTUALLY stop looking for love, it always finds you at some nook and corner of the heart. Have a look at some of her most beautiful pictures.....


PS: Alright, jokes apart, she is Melissa Theuriau, a french journalist and news reader. She made her breakthrough as a news caster and travel show host for a channel LCI in 2005. She is the highest paid news reporter in France, She has been voted as the sexiest news reader by Maxim in 2007, She is the most watched news reader on you tube till date and the worse part as of now is, she is married with a son :(

August 29, 2009

Songs, Movies And A Tag !

Alright, this is one tag which was lying as a draft version for a very long time, finally i am here to answer this. It goes something like this; you have to answer in the form of a song/part of song (Hindi/English) from any movie/album, any one which first comes to your mind on seeing the question.....

(1) What would best describe your personality?

Jaane woh kaise log the jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila, humne to jab kaliyaan maangi kaaton ka haar mila !

(Oops, zyada senti ho gaya kya, but it was typical HR types, isn't it :D)

(The song is from the movie Pyaasa)

(2) What is the one thing you like about girls?

Moist Vagina (Fuck, sorry 'Nirvana' took over, btw not my fault, that's a song, you pervert minds :D)

(3) What do your friends think about you as a person?

Teri aarzoo kamini, tere khwaab bhi kaminey, Ek tere dil se thi dosti, par huzur woh bhi Kaminey!

( I guess i am still to get over with the kaminey after effects :D)

(The question in itself is flawed, you should ask this question to my friends. Any takers, leave the song in the comment section :P)

(The song is from the movie Kaminey)

(4) Which is one thing which you think very often of past relationships?

Tum raaste mein the ajnabee, lagtha tha kyun yeh har ghadi, Aadhe aadhure iss geet ke, ek tum kadi ek mein kadi !

(Sometimes, Its better to leave things in the hands of destiny because that's how they are destined to leave from your life, sigh!)

(The song is from the movie Socha Na Tha)

(5) What do you think of your best friend and his/her feelings towards you?

Qasme vaade pyaar wafa saab, baatein hain baaton ka kya, koi kisi ka nahin , yeh jhoote naate hain naaton ka kya !

( I don't have a best friend neither i will ever have, i don't believe in that concept !)

(The song is from the movie Upkaar)

(6) What do you think about the person you like the most?

Tumko dekha to yeh khaayal aaya, zindagi dhoop tum ghaana saya

[And many more weired thoughts, discussing them are out of scope of this post ;-) ]

(The song is taken from the movie Chashme Badoor)

(7) What is most biggest misunderstanding which happened in your life?

Tumne jo dekha suna, sach tha magar, kitna tha sach yeh, kisko pata hain, jaane tumhe maine koi dhokha diya, jaane koi tumhe dhoka hua !

(Sometimes in life, misunderstanding remain for a lifetime, you want to go back to correct them, but its JUST NOT POSSIBLE!)

(The song is taken from the movie Shalimaar)

(8) What makes you cry in life at this moment?

Saawan beeto jaaye bhirwaaa, mann mera ghabraaye, Aiso gaye parades Piya tum, Chain humhein nahin aaye re

(No personal questions on this, just enjoy the song :D)

(Taken from an album of Fuzon, the pakistani pop band)

(9) What you think about marriage in your life?

Ek kunwara phir gaya maara, phas gaya dekho yeh becchaara !

(Isn't that the bloddy ultimate truth of life :D)

(The song is taken from the movie Masti)

(10) which is the most saddest moment of your life?

Deewano se yeh mat poocho, dewaano par kya guzari hain, Haan unke dil se yeh poocho, armaanon par kya guzari hain !

(Sometimes in life, the best thing you can do to overcome the sadness is NOT to talk about it, and the sadness takes its own destiny!)

(The song taken from the movie Upkaar)

PS: As always, i am not passing on the tag to anyone. But please feel free to take it head on if you liked it. Keep rocking, cheers!

August 25, 2009

When Love Signed On A Blank Cheque....

@ ICICI Bank, Jor Bagh Market, Delhi

" Sir, i understand, but this outstation cheque is dated for three days back, and there was a national holiday of Independence day in between. That's why the amount has not been transferred to your account.", She paused, moved the strand of hair strutting across her face to put it behind the right ear, and continued, " Let me see if i can get this done today, i need to ask my manager, I'll be right back." She moved her chair a little behind, and bent down to take the file of bounced cheques from the second drawer in the table. And then, the inevitable happened, love at first sight....

Nitin looked at her blue salwaar suit, then he looked at her half moon shaped bindi which was making her cherubic face glow. He closed his wide open mouth when he realised he was in that position for the last 15 seconds. He was glued to gazing at her like a life long adhesive. She was young, confident and breezy in her work. She was not the typical top-two-buttons-undone fashion storehouse, that would make even an older man's gun stand up and blaze away to glory. But she had an inherent sincerity,which would make you take her to your mom straight away, not to mention the desire of marrying her along the way. But his day dreaming castles came to an end when she interjected in between after coming back from the manager's cabin.......

"Sir, this will be done today. Here is your new cheque book, and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. have a good day and take care!", she said and handed over the key to enter a dream world in the future, the cheque book.

Nitin moved out of the bank, but his heart was left behind. He wanted to go back, on any pretext. He was least concerned about the money now, he just wanted to talk to her for a few more moments. He wanted to tell her how good he is in playing guitar, he wanted to tell her about his aversion to golgappas, he wanted to tell her about his love for sci-fic Hollywood movies, he wanted to tell her about his dream of building an orphanage for young kids. In this confounded condition, he just threw the new cheque book on the dash board of the car, and was surprised to see a small 2 by 2 inch pink paper slip coming out of it. He took it out, read it, and immediately it brought a smile wider than the man who comes in Vicco Vajradanthi Ad. A
song played in the CD player in his car, Nitin realised the admiration was mutual, and not one sided, as he read the pink slip which has written on it - Garima, 9811473264.

*..वोः अचानक आ गयी, यूँ नज़र के सामने
जैसे निकल आया घटा से चाँद कोई
चेहरे पे जुल्फें भिखरी हुई थी , दिन में रात हो गयी... *

3 weeks later....

@ Bobby Bataashe wala, Paranthe wali Gali, Delhi

" Garima, how many more golgappe you will eat, we will get late for the movie"," Move in fast yaar", Nitin literally yelled seeing her stuffing another one from the counter. It was making him smile and frown at the same moment.

"Come on man, golgappe are more important than your sci-fic high funda movie", " don't worry we won't get late". Garima said as she sat inside the car adjusting her pink dupatta.

"Oh ya, you always do this, I can't even eat one, how can you eat so many. I just hate them", Nitin replied with a face replenished with hatred for the food item and continued, " And worse, i don't even get a kissie in making all the efforts in bringing you here in this crowded market." he said and moved his face away from her.

"Aww, my baby want a kissie, ok come here, permission granted," Garima chuckled like she has just one a prize in eating the highest number of Golgappas.

Nitin took the right side of her face in his right palm, put his left index finger just below her chin, fixed it at a slightly higher position, slightly tilted his head to get the feel, and moved forward in kissing her, and as he came agonizingly close in touching her lips, Garima shouted at the top of the lungs, " Thuuuuulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

He moved back with fear in his heart, moved around a bit, saw no one, looked at red faced, laughing Garima, and immediately understood the ploy.He was moving away when she realised the gimmick
has been over done, she moved closer to him, and said, " Sweetie, i am sure you will be the most pampered kid by me when your orphanage is built. Come here, give me a huggie, I was just kidding around."

"You better be kidding with me now, because no one can dare to come in between us now," He moved forward to take her in his strong arms, and a song played on FM 102.4 radio....

**....बाहूं के यह हार में, तुझे पेहेंऊंगा एक दिन
सब देक्क्थे रह जायेंगे, ले जाऊँगा एक दिन....**

3 years later.....

@ Nitin's Residence, Laxmibai Colony, Delhi

" So honey, 24 hours more to go, and we will be Mr. and Mrs. Saxena", a 2 peg drunk Nitin whispered into the phone in excitement, and became nostalgic about his love for Garima in the last three years....

For them love was not a mutual fund, which would depend on the entry and exit 'loading' rules of the society. For them love was not a fixed deposit, which would require a scheduled time frame to mature. For them love was not a RBI bond, which would change seeing the fluctuating and fickle nature of the economy. For them, love has taken an altogether new dimension, a new altitude, a new attitude as they were moving in to start a new life together.

"Yes babie, we will be together all our life.", " you know what, the colour of mehndi has come out to be fantastic. Its said that darker the colour, longer the marriage lasts and you know....", Suddenly her voice was stopped by a ear shattering noise, she kept quiet, and asked, "what was that sound?"

"Oh, that one, Ramesh bhaiyaa's friends are all drunk, just firing some shots in the air with his licensed gun, celebrating our togetherness, nothing major, chill", Nitin replied with a nonchalant attitude.

" ok, Good night sweetheart, and don't drink too much, alright. Otherwise i would tell Ramesh Bhaiyaa to keep a watch on you.", Garima said in an ecstatic and teasingly concerned voice.

"Ya, don't worry, i won't drink a lot, i will sleep in some time. Good night sweetheart, Sleep well, and dream about us, and our life together.", Nitin exclaimed as a song was playing by the DJ in the background....

***..साए में उसके बरसों का जागा, में सो जाऊं
उसकी सजती सवरथि खनक में में घर बसाऊँ ..***

3 hours later......

@ Emergency Ward, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

" I am sorry, we can't do anything, he was brought dead here.", the doctor removed the stethoscope hanging from his neck, and continued, "The bullet pierced his left atrium and got stuck there. The pulmonary veins cut off the supply of blood to the heart by the bullet's momentum and it was death on the spot.", He ended his technical sermon and left behind a group of crying and sobbing relatives..

In the corner was lying a numb Garima, recapitulating the moments of togetherness a few hours back. Ramesh Bhaiyaa came to her, told how his drunken friends were firing shot in the air. when one of them fired, but the gun's direction was down parallel to the ground level, and unfortunately Nitin came in between the bullet path.

With one bullet, came to an end all the festivities. With one bullet, came to an end all the dreams. With one bullet, came to an end all the aspirations. With one bullet, came to an end all the ambitions of life. Garima moved out of the hospital, with a song playing on the transistor of the watchman on late night shift...

****...एक आह तो भरी होगी , हमने न सुनी होगी,
जाते जाते तुमने, आवाज़ तो हमको ज़रूर दी होगी
हर वक़्त यहीं हैं गम, उस वक़्त कहाँ थे तुम, जहाँ अब चलें गए ..****

3 months later......

@ Garima's Residence, Defence Enclave, Delhi

For Garima, suddenly life came to a stand still. She hates the golgappas now, eating them make her puke now. She watches sparingly sci-fic movies, reminiscent of how it used to make him all happy. She misses the feeling of holding hands close to his heart, him feeling the boniness of her fingers. She has her lungs full of hot air, wanting to throw all the crap out in one gulp. She has emotions pent up till throat, which are urging for an urgent release. As she was drowned in these thoughts sitting on the sofa, a door bell rang. She sat up, and unwillingly opened the door...

" Hello madam, I am from LIC life insurance policy. Our client, Mr. Nitin Saxena has applied for a life insurance policy of 10 lakhs with us. Due to his sudden demise, we have to hand it over to the first beneficiary, Miss Garima Raheja", He stopped to take out certain documents for her signature and then handed over something to her...

"Madam, here is the cheque book, you can withdraw 2 lakhs in first installment, after which you have to make a plan for monthly installments to withdraw the remaining amount of 8 lakhs. All these cheques were signed by Mr. Nitin", he took a few signatures as formality on official forms and left....

Garima had a hard look at the cheque book, with tears lurking around the corner of her eyes. It was ironic that a blank cheque book which started their relationship has now ended their relationship completely. But there is one dream which they saw together, which is unfulfilled, which is still lying dormant. She has to complete it at any cost. She moved, opened the laptop and started writing her resignation mail to the ICICI bank. She was ready to make a new beginning, she was ready to give back to a society which took away her love with such cruelty, She was willing to give care and affection to all those people whose life has been burnt with unfortunate incidents. A song played in the background on Radio Mirchi, as She decided how to utilize the blank cheques signed by his love, She would built the dream they once saw together - An orphanage in Delhi.

*****.....पलछिन में बातें चलें जाती हैं,
पलछिन में रातें चली जाती हैं,
रह जाता हैं जो सवेरा वोः ढूँढें,
जलते मकान में बसेरा वोः ढूँढें,....*****

PS: Statistics show that every year, on an average 1891 people die in India because of fireworks/arms celebrations during wedding processions. Given our population, it may not be a very high number but spare a thought for the families who loose their close ones just before such an auspicious occasion. I, myself lost a family member in a similar way, and as his family mourns 12th death anniversary this year, the menace in the Indian society still continues...

*****जैसे बच्ची हैं वैसे की वैसे बच्चा लो यह दुनिया,
अपना समझ के अपनों के जैसी सजा लो यह दुनिया,
छिटपुट सी बातों में जलने लगेगी, संभालो यह दुनिया,
कट पिट के रातों में पलने लगेगी, संभालो यह दुनिया!*****


* Taken from the song, Ek ajnabee haseena se, Ajnabi (1974)
** Taken from the song, Oh Mehbooba, Sangam (1964)
*** Taken from the song, Dhaani, Album of Strings (2004)
**** Taken from the song, Chitti na Koi sandesh, Dushman (1998)
***** Taken from the song, Yeh Duniya, Gulaal (2009)

August 23, 2009

Kuch Is Tarah...

Heartbreaks are never easy to handle in life. It can break your confidence, shatter your spirits, makes you feel miserable and worse - you loose trust in people. A lot of things come to an end with a broken relationship; those mushy 1 am goodnight calls, those pangs of affection while buying Archie's card for your beloved, those all afternoon mall walking sessions or those 20 minutes grabbing of coffee at Barista after work. Following are some of the thoughts at the end of a relationship...

Kiya tha pyaar jisse hum ne zindagi ki tarah

Woh miltha hain aaj hum se ek ajnabi ki tarah....

Sitam to bas yeh hai ke wo bhi na ban saka apna
Wo kar raha tha mohabbat hum se dillagi ki tarah......

Jisko rakhte the dil main hum aarzoon samajh ke
Woh basa hai aaj dil main ek bebasi ki tarah...

Jiske khayaal se hi muskaara uthta tha yeh dil
Woh aaj baithaa hai in ankhoon mein ek naami ki tarah....

Jiske milne se lagta tha, har khushi jaise mil gayi
Wo ab darathaa hain humein ab ek kami ki tarah....

Jis ko hum milathe the sab se apni
dost keh kar
Woh kar raha hain aaj dosti humse dushmani ki tarah...

Bhaada kar meri dil ke aas, usne saath choor diya
Na jaane kyun, wo mila hain humein ek badnasibi ki tarah

Mushkil yeh hain, socha tha jisse sunayenge hum apne dil ka haal
Woh mehfil mein baithaa hain aaj ek ajnabi ki tarah....

Problem with love is that at the end of the day, it always moves on, sometimes with a purpose of finding another relationship or sometimes may be another heartbreak.......

August 14, 2009

Raat Ke Barah Baje, Brisbane Mein Kaminey Baje !!

Living in a multicultural society like Australia has got its own WOW moments. It is annoying and irritating at times, it is funny and happy at times, it is learning and unlearning at times, but overall it is exciting,yet confusing most of the times. Here are a few quirky(and random!) moments in my life going at this point of time which i am thinking/observing, with the song 'Dhan-e- taannn' from the movie Kaminey playing on my laptop in a recursive manner.....

1) Life generally gives you a lot of options in life. But more options gives you confusion in the mind. I was perplexed what should i do first : write a mushy poem or write another random ranting post. Finally writing this, but i am sure life can't get more moody than this...

2) When you are in school,you want to go to college soon. When you are in college, you want to start working soon. When you start working, you wanted to study again in college. When you start studying again at college, you want to go back to work again. And i am sure when you start working again, you want to look for other new things. Its never static, so is life and its indecent proposals.I am sure life can't get more horrendous Quarter life crisis than this......

The Brisbane weather and My Canadian female flatmate (not room-mate!), both are getting hotter day by day. The rising temperature in the city has become directly proportional to the number of clothes on her body, and I am left drawing a demand-supply curve for her accessories remaining on the body. I am sure Life can't get more horny than this....

4) When i thought love was all about flaunting it, it gave me true affection in return. When i thought love was all about feeling from the bottom of the heart, it gave me heartache in return. When i thought love was all about caring for the person, it gave me loose threads to savor in return. And when i thought love was all about commitment for a person, it gave me selfishness in return. I am sure life can't get more hopelessly romantic than this...

5) After drinking two cans of coke, i am planning to eat something. So, should i make scrambled egg - which will make it same as my breakfast menu or should i warm up Daal chawaal in microwave - which will make it same as my lunch menu. Life can't get more foody than this.....

My Indian male friend after drinking three glasses of vodka and three bottles of beer is asking the German female flatmate, aka Priyanka Chopra in Kaminey," To kya rape kiya maine tumhara?". Obviously the German girl doesn't understand Hindi except the word rape, hence in confusion, and with the translation help of the another Indian male friend, it has been construed as something "Can i please rape you tonight?" , and now the first Indian male friend is reminded about the fornication activities of his mother and sister by the German girl. We are laughing our guts out, but i am sure life can't get more filmy than this.......

7) So far away from India where you can't really feel the buzzz of any festival, to everyone, belated Janmasthami, Happy Independence day, go and watch Kaminey and finally let me prepare for the final exam of 'Economics in Business' to be taken on Monday. Life can't get more bitchy than this....

PS: If you find this post extremely frivolous, irritating and a waste of time. You are absolutely correct, it was meant to be exactly that. I needed some phokut-giri among a busy hectic schedule of submissions, assignments and presentations. I am sure, my life can't get more random than this.....

August 12, 2009

From A Mushy Mortal To An Angry Young Man !

After the
9/8 post explosions, things have settled down a bit (or has it!). I sat down today to read back all the comments, and incidentally realised that I crossed 100 comments on it, first time ever on this blog on any write-up. It made me contemplate a little bit what made it so intriguing, for me it was just a ranting post about the way i perceive blogging. A few people pretty conveniently took out the "MY" word from the post, and in turn took it as the Seven(not ten!) commandments of blogging, which is an incorrect generalization. Also, there have been a few other questions which have been asked from me either through e-mails, chat sessions and even during the comments. Though i have tried my level best to reply each of them in a concise manner, for the sake of letting everyone know the answers for the same; here are the seven questions which i feel can cover up all bases and clear up all existing (if any) misunderstandings/apprehensions. This is in sort of a self- interview mode...

1) What made you write this post, even when you were so called 'uncomfortable' doing it, and are you apologetic about it?

A: Ok, i really want to challenge the person to show me even one line in the post which can be construed in this manner proving that i am apologetic in writing it. I REPEAT, i did it with a conscious mind that there will be people who would be offended by it, and that is the exact reason why it was written - to make a few of the frigging creatures realise what crap they are doing it on the blogosphere. Yes, i could have hurted a few people unwillingly, but that's part of the game. You win some, you loose some, and going by the response i am pretty sure i have gained from it a lot. And yes, you can say that i took the moral responsibility of exposing a few people (without taking names) so that next time if such a scenario happens in their blogs, they are not caught unaware regarding the tribulations of the negative side of blogging. Every system in the world has positive and negative traits and same goes with the people associated with it. You can never eliminate them, but you can always minimize them. I wrote it because i wanted people to know about it, and why would i be apologetic in spreading the word !

2) Why this sudden change in the tone of the post, I recognize your blog with clean and entertaining writing, i felt uncomfortable reading it !

A: There are times in life when you have to get stern, and show the world that me (or any similar situation blogger) can't be taken for granted or can't be pushed under the carpet by some morons. In no way i am defending the abusive language, but such a kind of post required this kind of language. If tomorrow i start to write about a sex addict, do you expect me to write without using the "bees and the boos" terms. Same goes with this one, i can't make my point lucid without showing the irritation, because lets face it - had i used a milder language and not used specific examples, this post would have had not even half the effect. You can't always make lemonades when people throw lemons at you, sometimes you have to mix it with tequila shots to have a burning (read offensive) sensation. Though some of the bloggers still feel it was witty and NOT rude, but then different ppl, different opinion. I am cool with it!

3) On one hand you are saying you don't want advertisements on your blog, and on another hand a few days back, you wrote a post when one of your write-ups was selected for blog adda. Isn't this hypocrisy?

A: No, its not same ! There is a difference between me putting an advertising website link on my blog and a website linking my post. However, i agree that in both ways you are looking at increasing your blog traffic, but you need to understand that i don't want to break the sanity of my blog by putting such advertisements. You are coming on my blog space to read me, not to read advertisements. Why should i let you wander your mind from reading my attractive posts (I am modest, i know :D) Point is, unless you are looking for financial rewards from your blog its absolute frivolous to put them on your blog. I was just clearing my stance in blog rule no.7 that i am not interested in these kind of crappy advertisers. Also, i didn't put a blog Adda logo on my website when they linked my post on their website. It was their initiative that they searched my blog, found a post worthy enough to be picked for their weekly section and were courteous to let me know before posting it through an e-mail. where is the bloody hypocrisy here?

4) Who are you to tell us how to write on our respective blog and our posts, its my space and i would write in whatever way i feel like?

A: Who is stopping you to write on your blog, its your space and its your prerogative to write in whatever way you want it to be. But i have the right to decide what is pissing me off in a bad writing, and that's exactly what i have just shared with all. In no way, i am telling you to write in an even sized font or without using colour ALWAYS, but don't misuse it. Use it when necessary, undesirable usage leads to putting off people completely from the content of the post to these extraneous things in the post. And do you really think one post can make ALL the people change their style of writing, you are kidding me, RIGHT? Its not about the people who decides NOT to follow the rule, its about the people who decides to abide by it which is more important to me. And as you can see from the comments, a lot of people agree with it. How can telling people to be better organized and presentable seen as a negative trait, i am still rucking up my brain cells to answer this :D

5) On one side you write that you are away from all the machinations of the blogging, and still you know everything about the politics and bitching which goes around. Are we dealing with a double standard person here!

A: Very interesting question, i would love answering this! I believe, i am completely away from all the bitching and the cribbing which goes on in the blogosphere. I am directly not affected by it, but unfortunately some of my blogger friends and followers are not in the same boat. So, if any of them are offended when he/she is deleted from a fucking group blog, and he/she is ranting the details, you would get affected. If any of them are depressed when he/she is being blocked by a fellow blogger for an incorrect reason, you would get to know about it. Either call me a good friend and a networker, or a double standard person shifting stances. It can't be both, right! I really don't want to brag here, but since i am answering this, i would take this liberty. I think anyone who interacts me offline or through e-mails knows, the least we talk about it is blogging, and we are mostly talking about blog posts, its about the subject of the post and its implications. But yes, if i meet people who are comfortable sharing their so called 'blogging relationship issues', i can't be insensitive to them and give them a cold shoulder. Will you do that in real world with real friends, no, never, then i can't do the same here ! While blogging anonymously before starting this blog, i realised very early why its important to make so called BLOGGING RULES. It truly saves you from a lot of unwarranted attention and tensions. So, i will be present for anyone who interacts with me or want to bitch about someone, but i won't get myself mingled in the mud.

6) What is this fascination with love, why most of the people who wants to write on a blog rant about love stories/poems, isn't this an attention seeking behaviour?

A: Well, why is your ass paining then. its my blog, i will write what i want to. Oops, i got into the aggressive mode like some of my commentators on the last post :P Anyways, coming back to this question, let me put it this way. Love is a universal feeling, but it comes with a lot of baggage - relationships, marriage, sex, dating, compatibility issues, societal pressures and all that jazzz! Anyone who decides to write about it has been affected by love in one way or another. Blogging gives him/her an opportunity to express it, i don't see it as an issue. As far as attention seeking behaviour or increased traffic on the blog is concerned, it is again a false assumption. You won't read a blog because it is based on love, you would read the blog because you love the way love is interpreted in its write-ups. Tell me, how many people used to read Fake IPL player's blog to know about cricket and its technicalities, hardly anyone. People read it because they identify with players/stars and its various associations with the game. In a similar manner, writing about love ONLY doesn't mean someone is seeking attention, rather he/she is just extrapolating their personal life on the white blogger sheet, letting people know what his/her perceptions are in real world. And as far as my blog is concerned, people know their is mostly a hidden agenda behind writing any story. So, if spreading knowledge and resolutions means attention seeking behavior, then so be it !

7) Why this change in the content of the posts, your blog is becoming a mix and match of everything, it doesn't go with the title and feel of your blog!

A: Well, variety is the spice of life, isn't it? I never started this blog to write only about mushy stories, perfect love (and things) happen only in good books and bad films (Remember, KANK bench scene :D) I was always writing about different things, be it cricket, films, books, or the regular things like love stories, love laced incidents and anecdotes. What has changed is the frequency of mushy posts, which i agree has gone down. Reasons for it could be attributed to my studies, my personal life and not having an environment to write good stories. But, it doesn't mean if i don't have a decent story to write, i can't write on other different things. If Sachin plays chess one day, it doesn't mean he is not capable enough to play cricket. If i find something interesting on Origami, i would share it in its simple form, rather than molding it to make a love story based on it. (Not a bad idea, btw!) The main theme of this blog will ALWAYS remain love, but let me show my love for various other things in life too. I can't be uni dimensional in life, i love the other aspects of life too. So basically you see i am a lovable person (oops, PJ :P)

PS: The credit of title of this post goes to Sujata Di, whose one liner on the last post cracked me up completely in middle of laborious act of replying back to each of the comments. Thanks
a lot for that !

PPS: I had enough of preachy talks, i am back next time with a corny horny mushy love story or should i go with the wave of transformation. I love the changes, i love the transformations, i love the feeling of love :D Stay safe, cheers!

August 9, 2009

My Blogging Rules : They (may) Suck, But they (always) Stuck !!

Alright, I first started drafting this post around two months back. I kept on putting it off because i really did not wanted to offend anyone. I kept on thinking of the repercussions about airing my views about blogging openly. But, After loads of contemplation and numerous failed attempts to convince myself, i have finally decided to post a few of my (in) famous blogging rules. The final trigger to post this write-up came because of a few bloggers,who tried to get fucking cute with me, but were caught red handed :D

But before i start ranting, please note (very carefully :D) that these are solely MY views, these views are developed after being in the blogosphere for over two years, first as an anonymous blogger and then with all my realities intact. I have read a lot of blogs, interacted with quite a lot of bloggers through comments, e-mails, Gtalk messages and the following issues/views are a culmination of all those conversations/experiences. Also, note that in no way, i am being personal to any particular blogger, in turn if i am airing a view - it doesn't mean i am picking on anybody, there can be (or will be) many persons with similar issues/characteristics.

Ok, enough talks, lets get to the business end. So, here we start.....

1) The art of Commenting in blogging

Commenting on blogs is an art, but more importantly commenting back on your own posts is a bigger art. Trust me, there is nothing more insulting (remember, my opinion!) to your reader if you are not replying back to his/her comment. It shows that you are just busy in writing, and is least bothered about who reads it, and what is their opinion about your writing/views. If someone has bothered to take out time to read you and comment, the least you can do is to reply him/her for the sweet gesture. STOP taking your readers for granted, no one is irreplaceable in the blogging world. There is always better than you lurking around the corner, and yes, "STOP FOLLOWING" button still works :D

Also, I have seen a few bloggers who just can't take the so called 'constructive criticism', they would avoid your "views/don't reply to your comment" if they disagree with it. WTF, do you think i am going to comment on your sucking posts in the future, if that's what i get EVERY time i comment on your post. If you have the ass to take in all the praise which has been showered on you, then have the balls/tits to take in the positive or negative criticism
(what ever it is !)too.

Let me elaborate this with two small examples i have faced myself during blogging:

(a) There is a blogger who almost invariably disagrees with my posts, finds faults with it. I have absolute no qualms about it, because that's his/her opinion about my writing. But the good thing about him/her is that if you reply back with the 'logical' reasons, he/she may not agree with them, but would surely appreciate your reasons of writing in that particular way. Point is, learn to appreciate and accommodate other people views, to agree with it (or not) is your prerogative, exercise it later on.

(b) There is a blogger who almost invariably appreciates all my posts, he/she always has good things to say about it. You must be wondering what is the issue in this, well there is one small problem - you are appreciating me without understanding what i am trying to say in a post, rather you are appreciating me on a tangential direction. Yes, there could be misunderstanding or non clarity at times while airing your 'appreciative' views, but if those fucking sycophant comments starts happening in an arithmetic progression with a common difference of one, you know he/she is lying. Please read, understand and then air your views. Bluffing about your views just to attract attention on someone's blog is disgusting. It shows your true motive of blogging, which is to be an attention seeker rather than an active blogger.

2) The Picasso's and Van Gogh's of Blogging

Are you an artist who wants to convey your writings through various colours, shapes and sizes? If your answer is no, then why the Hell do you use different colours, font sizes and shapes within one post. As a reader, for me it is the most irritating thing to see a deliberate ostentation of multifarious colours within single piece of writing. You may vary size if you specifically want to make a point within the post, but there is ABSOLUTE no need of varying the font shapes, size and colour within the post. It put off the readers, it creates a visual imbalance in reading, it breaks speed and lastly, it might prevents him/her from airing their point of view about the post. Another thing which personally put me off are the word verification things on the blog, but i have already ranted about it here before, so i won't torture you again with the same details :D

3) The Enigma of Group blogs

Till very recently, i was unaware of this facet of blogging - the sinister motive(s) behind running group blogs. But before i rant about the details of this issue, let me tell you a small story (oh ya, you know how much i love telling stories :D)

A female blogger- let's call her Miss A, (i am not stupid to use the right initials, so don't wander your mind in thinking alternatives :P) who is pretty active on blogging. She writes well, network well, comment and reply back to comments well, till one day she got an invite from the owner of a group blog to join the community. Out of curiosity and novelty of the group blog, she joined it and then the drama began...following of sucking rules - of writing on a blog about a "social issue" on a particular day of the week when you are actually feeling "horny" (and in turns want to rant about sex :D) and so on. To add spice to the blogging dish, the group owner starts adding her on orkut, facebook and Instant messengers. Even after repeated denial of friend requests, he kept on doing it, till she left the group blog and blocked him from all places. Now, after Miss A jabbered these details to me around a month back, it made me wonder what is the main motive behind running a group blog for that particular owner ? I don't even have to explain now, you got the drift na, cool :P

Coming back to the main issue, i have a rule of NEVER joining any group blogs. Reason, simple enough - i get enough time in my busy life to write on my blog, why the hell i would write for someone else blog. Please note that it is not a generalization that everyone should think like that, but what i have observed in the blogosphere is that most of these so called group blogs have more to do with networking (looking for potential date/love/sex partners to be precise :D) rather than actually blogging. So, for god sake - do not send me invitation(s) to join a group blog, or ask me to write on a group blog (on special occasions like 25,50,75,100 posts completion, wtf !). I am NOT here to promote your group blog, I am here to write on my blog and promote it, if time permits.

4) Multiple blogs, Multiple personalities

Why in this world you have to make multiple blogs, when you don't have the time to write/maintain/manage all of them. Trust me, if someone is having more than one blog, either he/she is absolute vella in their respective lives or he/she is looking for motives other than just writing (like financial rewards through advertising). I have one blog, and with my busy schedule i find it tough to maintain even one, because reading and commenting on other people blogs, reading and replying to comments on my blog takes most of my spare time.

Please note that in no way i am passing a judgment on how many blogs you should start, i feel in a way it also depends on your personality.If someone feels he/she is not that well organized, they can segregate their blogs on various topics for eg: A female blogger who maintains two blogs, one for sharing culinary skills and another for sharing her family life. That's cool with me. But honestly speaking, you don't need different blogs to write on same thought processes. Disadvantage in maintaining different blogs is that you are confusing or perhaps, even dividing your esteemed readers, making their tasks difficult.

Rather, learn to use 'labels', efficient management for them saves time/energy in avoiding making multiple blogs. It streamline your thoughts into one particular direction, after all that is the prime motive of blogging, to help you pour in your thoughts on this white empty blogger sheet. Remember, more organize you will be here in your labels, much better it will be for you to get over your frustrations and anxieties in life. Also, it is irritating to see long list of labels (like mom, dad, dog,cat,love, sex, bf,gf, i say fuck off!) in a blog, specially when you have written a handful of posts only. It shows your lack of ability to classify your thoughts and channelize them in a right direction.

5) Showing off your kick- ass writing skills

Don't shove a 'big word' or a 'clever phrase' into a post which will not help understanding the readers your point. And if they don't understand your point, then there is no point in blogging :D
for eg: there is a blogger who probably use Thesaurus to write his/her posts, Webster to be exact :D. And if you are wondering how i know about it, well, when a fellow blogger asked me to read one of his/her poem, i checked that 'magnificent' word's origin and came to know its roots and synonyms. And everything else fall into place automatically. I still have laugh reading his/her poetry. I am sure people know this, but a synonym doesn't mean it can be used anywhere you like it to, certain words have different connotations when used in a particular way. Be careful while reproducing such factual information. (It may sound a bit vague, but i can't give you the specific example, it would just open all my cards :D)

Also, i am not going to spare even myself on this. But, yes we all make grammatical and spelling mistakes in our writings every now and then. However, it makes a great viewing and reading if you can avoid them or atleast minimize them.Remember, we are writing on the blogs to express ourselves, not to impress others. If it is written and structured well, it helps. I have read some of the most wonderful expressions, but extremely poor presentations in the post. It just completely takes away the magic from the writings, it puts off the readers completely. Avoid that, folks (ok, sermon over, wake up :D)

6) Torture with Tags and Award Ceremonies

I am terrified of tags because in responding to them, i need to write about myself and honestly i am pretty pathetic in doing that. I can write about any tom,dick and harry (or Eeena, Meena and Sheena :D) but when it comes to writing about myself, invariably i feel short of words. So, please DO NOT feel offended if i don't respond to your tag immediately. I always make a point to save the tag in my draft versions, and i keep on trying to reply to it but i post it only when its worth sharing, if at all it is. I respect people who tag me, it makes me feel special, but WHEN i am going to reply to it, please leave that decision to me.

Awards are important to anyone, some kind of rewards and recognitions are surely worth sharing. But then more important than that are the reasons why you are giving awards to certain people. Because if i see an award given to a absolute useless, hopeless, mindless blogger; I (or anyone !) can immediately make out its because of a personal equation and NOT because of good writing. Distribute awards, but please mention why are you giving it (either he/she should be a good writer or have potential to be a good writer, i know its a bit subjective, but still :D). Check out my only post of giving awards here, and you would surely get the drift ! I need to schedule another award ceremony soon before people start unfollowing me, lol

7) The Moronic Money Hungry Advertisers

I am actually sick of people sending me e-mails to display their blog links/websites on my blog. Through this post, I am making it very clear to EVERYONE, i am NOT interested in any "financial/more followers" rewards with which you are trying to lure me.I don't want to break the sanity of my blog, for me the real motive of writing on this blog goes far beyond the fucking crap mentality of those jackass advertisers. I won't be going in the nitty gritty details of various incidents that have occurred in the past, but here is one of the them which happened recently, and completely pissed me off...

A person sent me an add request on Gtalk,whose e-mail id can be comprehended to be a female id. Thinking it to be any genuine blogger, i added her. Despite that it was our first conversation, she was extra sweet and coy and somewhere within 5 minutes, it started ringing alarm bells in my head (Trust me, my gut feel is very strong specially when it comes to opposite sex :D) She didn't revealed her personal details (not that i was interested in first place :D), but started ranting about her professional details. Simultaneously, i searched her email id on certain 'websites' (not divulging details :P) and immediately found out that either it was a male or someone is playing a prank. When i probed her in 'my corny mushy way', she broke down, and confessed that she is an advertiser from Chennai looking to put her company's website link on my blog. Her work profile includes having sugary and syrupy talks with bloggers and lure them into putting the desired link on the blog. Wtf, after that you can very well imagine, what would have happened with that person, i kept on puking abuses till she went offline. And even after that, after all you do get offline messages also :D

I am not averse to talking to fellow bloggers offline, after all the real talks and feedback (and the bitchy stories :D) happen there only. I have met some of the most awesome, most charismatic people while interacting offline, but adding me for this kind of shit is absolutely not acceptable. Add me if you want to talk about me or yourself, not about some asshole company and its profit plans.

PS: It is very unlike of me to come up with such a post, because i am really far off from all the machinations of networking and blogging relationships. Yes, i want more people to read me; but anyone who follows me also knows my reasons behind blogging and hence will never misunderstand me. But, there were certain people who required a kick on their backside (verbally atleast!) and even if i don't say anything to them directly, people on the blogosphere are smart enough to recognize whom i am addressing. Happy Blog Bitching to all ! :D

PPS: Please refrain from taking any person/ blog names or sharing any blog's URL to air your views in the comment section. However, please feel free to share any similar experiences in blogging or opinions about my blogging rules. Sigh...!

August 6, 2009

The World of Origami !

Origami is an art of Paper folding, first originated in Japan. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one piece of paper. Origami only uses a small number of different folds, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. Here are seven Origami Designs, they are considered to be the toughest designs ever made in origami.
Enjoy, keep blogging! Cheers, Mate :D


August 4, 2009

The Tangy Tuesday Picks....

Alright, this one came as a surprise to me but Blog Adda decided to link my last post - Bollywood in 1960's : A Tale of Classics ! in their Weekly Tangy Tuesday section.

You may find the exact section here on the actual website of Blog Adda. Alternatively, here is an excerpt of the section where the post is linked...

  • Who : Amit Kumar Gupta
    What : Bollywood in 1960’s : A Tale of Classics!
    Tangy : Amit takes us back to the 60’s where we had some amazing bollywood movies coming out. He takes us back to the Mughal-e-Azam’s and Padosan. Read the post and add your favorite to the list. :)
As a rule, I am posting this Icon here....Do visit the website !

Read the post, if you have not by now and let us know your favourite movies. Enjoy, Belated Happy friendship day, Advance Happy Rakhi, Go and watch Love Aaj Kal, and let me complete the assignment on 'Financial statement Analysis'. Life can't be more cruel. i tell you.....

August 2, 2009

Bollywood in 1960's : A Tale of Classics !

After the first post of 1950's movies here, and in continuation with this filmy series, here are seven of my favourite movies of 1960's :

(1) Mughal-e-Azam (1960)

Mughal-e-Azam’, a historical, had the grandeur of a
Mughal court and a heady defiant note. Each and every scene in the film is a masterpiece moving in front of your eyes. The film took almost fifteen years in the making and cost Rs 1.5 crores in those days. The cast had the superstars of that time including Dilip Kumar, Madhubala and Prithviraj Kapoor. People from all over the country were brought to Bombay to work on the elaborate costumes, props and sets. It had a grand premiere held simultaneously in 150 theatres all over the country, a big thing in those days. The filmmaker K. Asif left no stone unturned to make sure that his film becomes a part of the cinematic folklore. Its a classic tale of rebellious love between Prince Salim and the courtesan Anarkali. Their love is opposed by the powerful king Akbar leading to a father-son rift. Naushad’s music is spell binding specially “Prem Joga”, ”Pyaar Kiya to darna kya ” and “ Mohe panghat". The recreation of the Sheesh mahal and the shots where the reflection of Madhubala in a giddy twirl is captured in loads of glittering glass pieces is fascinating. The humongous set for this legendary song took all the lights available (even 500 truck beams) and about 100 reflectors to bounce off the light. An intoxicated Madhubala declaring her love with bold lyrics like ‘ Parda nahin jab koi khuda se, bandon se parda karna kya’ in front of the whole world and the powerful King himself is awe-inspiring. It has one of the most talked about erotic scenes in Hindi cinema; Dilip Kumar teasingly caresses an impassioned Madhubala’s radiant face with a long white feather. She shuts her eyes slowly with her lips turned towards her lover and there is a suggestion of a kiss when the two go behind the veil of the feather. The classical notes of ‘Prem Jogan Banke’ sung by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan add a timeless quality to the moment. It had some most heart wrenching dialogues remembered even today, such as "Anarkali, Salim tumhe marne nahin dega aur hum tumhe jeene nahin denge" (by Akbar), "Jahe Naseeb, Kaanton ko murjhaane ka khauf nahin hota"(by Anarkali); And who can forget the clash scene between Jodhabai and Salim, where the most famous dailogue of the movie was said "Hamara Hindustan koi tumhara dil nahin hai, koi laundi jispar hukumat kare"; "Toh mere dil bhi aapka Hindusthan nahin hai, jo aap uspar hukumat kare" Aww, The aura, the voice modulation, the anger and the frustation that has been brought out in this scene still gives me goosebumps. Its coloured version which was released in 2004 met with stupendous success, just reiterating my point of the beauty of this timeless classic.

(2) Sahib, Biwi aur Ghulam (1962)

According to some, ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam’ was ghost directed by Guru Dutt. But Actually directed by Abrar Alvi,the film was set in late 19th century against a feudal backdrop. Meena Kumari has never looked as sensuous as the Chhoti Bahu in this movie. A stray lovelock peeping out of her head covered with a silk saree pallu and falling on her forehead adorned by a big bindi. She plays the respectable bahu from an upper class Bengali household, yet when she starts a slurred “
Na jao saiyaan, chuuda ke baiiyaan ”, the contrast is striking. The unshed tears in Meena’s eyes make her worthy of her ‘Tragedy Queen’ title. Undoubtedly, Chhoti Bahu is the most spectacular character in tragedienne Meena Kumari’s career; a role that was uncannily similar to her own alcohol ridden life, ultimately leading to her death (or suicide, whatever it was,still a mystery!). Chhoti Bahu dares to question the system and tries to reclaim her errant husband. Unlike the other women in the house, she is not submissive instead she wants his adoration and time. When in her desperation she turns to alcohol, one is stunned by her passion and desire to win over her husband. Her most forceful dialogue from the film is when she dares to argue with her husband who equates her to the wives of other landowners, " Hindu ghar ki bahu hokar, kya sharab pee hai kissine ?” Meena Kumari, like the miraculous sindoor she yearns for in the film mesmerizes you with her acting skills. The role of Jaba was played by Waheeda Rehman and of Bhootnath by Guru Dutt himself. The film remains with you forever simply because of the splendid performance of Meena Kumari. A Must watch !

(3) Bandini (1963)

A Bimal roy directed film, it explores the human conflicts of love and hate intertwined in the mind of kalyani, brilliantly played by Nutan. The movie binds an awesome narrative in a story of all suffering, selfless, sacrificing, strong yet ironically weak women, where she has to make the choice between two men in her life apart from answering all the awkward questions society puts forward to her. Her scenes were Bikash (played by Ashok Kumar) and Deven (a young vibrant Dharmendra) are brilliantly filmed, and the films ends at a jaw dropping climax - where the character of Kalyani gets lifted from a prisoner of destiny to the one who defines her own freedom in a oppressive Indian society. It was peppered with brilliant numbers such as " Oh Jaanewale ho sake to laut ke aana" (by Mukesh), " Mora Gora Aang Laga lai "(By Lata Mangeshkar) and " Mere Saajan hain us paar" (sung by the music director, S.D. Burman himself). The brilliantly photographed movie,with its rich tonal quality and evocative framing won almost all the major awards in that year.

(4) Waqt (1965)

The Indian movie industry probably never saw such an ensemble cast together before 'Waqt' hit the theatres in 1965. Comprising of Balraj Sahni, Achala Sachdev, Rehman, Sunil Dutt, Raaj Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Sadhana, Madan Puri and Sharmila Tagore, it pioneered the 'lost and reunite' formula in Bollywood. It traced a happy family separated by time (and a never seen earthquake scene on Indian celluloid !), which goes through a series of trials and tribulations and finally reunites in the climax. Raaj Kumar's two dialogues, "Jinke apne ghar sheeshay ke hon, woh dusron par pathar nahi phenka karte" and "Yeh bachon ke khelne ki cheez nahi, haath kat jaye toh khoon nikal aata hai " become a rage among the young audience and created the "jaani" sterotype for all his life.The brilliant songs "Ae meri Zohara Jabeen","Kaun aaya ki nighaoon mein", and "Aage bhi Jaane na tu" gave the musical touch to this melodramatic storyline. The court scenes
(which has been a trademark of all B.R chopra films), acted and emoted brilliantly by Sunil Dutt, are an absolute treat to watch.The climax scene where the whole family reunites still gives me a shiver down the spine. This film put Yash chopra among the top bracket of directors prevalent at that time, and was one of the most successful movies produced by B.R Chopra ever.

(5) Guide (1965)

A true classic based on R.K. Narayan's novel ‘The Guide’, Vijay Anand’s ‘Guide’ starred Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman. The film was pretty bold for its time as it showed a guide and a married woman in love and even living together. Rosie played by Waheeda is a dancer who is forced to get married to a middle aged man. She meets an interesting man, Raju who is a guide by profession. The two fall in love and Raju gives Rosie the life that she always craved for. Things don’t work out between them and in a cheating case Raju lands up in jail. When years later he is released he is mistaken as a holy man. He tells the villagers a story of a holy man who had kept a fast for twelve days to bring rain to a drought-hit village. Unfortunately, a drought hits the village soon after. He keeps the fast and slowly grows week and listless. The rains come on the last day of his fast and while the villagers rejoice he dies quietly. ’Guide’ is a landmark films of Indian cinema, way ahead of its time. Dev Anand gives a remarkable performance, perhaps his best, winning the Filmfare Award for Best Actor that year. But, its Waheeda who brings life to the film, specially in the first half as a free-spirited young woman who doesn’t mind a live-in relationship. She also won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress that year. Another plus-point of ‘Guide’ was S.D Burman’s music with songs like, Piya Tose Naina Lage Re”, ”Aaj Phir Jeene ki Tamanna Hai”, “Din Dhal Jaaye”, “Gaata Rahe Mera Dil”, ““Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hai”, “Kya se Kya Ho Gaya” and “Wahaan Kaun Hai Tera”. Can you beat that collection of songs in one single album, which have stood in the test of time, and even today are equally relevant and mesmerizing ! Just one word, Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

(6) Teesri Manzil (1966)

’Teesri Manzil’ is a suspense thriller peppered with glamorous people, glittering sets and a lot of the swinging 60s style songs. The lead pair of Shammi Kapoor and Asha Parekh featured in a string of hits and this potboiler was undoubtedly their best film together. Shammi Kapoor as Rocky, a drummer at a nightclub with his Elvis Presley suits, hairdo and rock’n’roll style was a delight to watch. He is such a rock-star that you ignore his sometimes funny (read bad :D) enactment of a drummer. Asha Parekh with her tight churidars, the classic sixties bouffant, heavily made up eyes and fluttering eye-lashes wooed her fans dancing down the slopes in her sleeveless kurtas. And not to forget Miss Ruby played by none other than the ‘cabaret queen’, Helen who has some of the most memorable dances in the film. The sets were bizarre yet unforgettable. The matchless duo of Asha Bhonsle and RD Burman added punch to the sizzling numbers of Helen like "Oh haseena zulfowali" and "Aaaja Aaaja" . Not to forget the other ever romantic numbers like "Oh mere Sona re", "tumne mujhe dekha" and "Deewana mujhsa nahin". Gosh, songs which you can hum even today, and took this murder mystery to an entirely different level, a great watch !

(7) Padosan (1968)

Arguably the best Hindi comedy of all times, the mere mention of ‘Padosan’ makes you guffaw. The two uncrowned ‘Kings of Comedy’, Kishore Kumar and Mehmood are at their best. Add to this an excellent performance by Sunil Dutt as a harebrained young man and you have a super entertainer. Bhola (Sunil Dutt) falls in love with a lovely girl, Bindu (Saira Banu), his ‘padosan’ whom he admires from his window every day. Bindu flirts with her music teacher, Master Pillai (Mehmood). Bhola, with the help of his friends Vidyapathi (Kishore Kumar) and his cronies plans to win her over. Vidyapathi runs an acting school and is a singer as well. He turns into a ‘Dr. Love’ persona for Bhola and Bindu ultimately falls for Bhola. It has some hilarious numbers like ‘ Ik chatur naar karke singaar’ and ‘Mere saamne waali khidki mein . Kishore Kumar with paan dripping from the side of his mouth, his hair parted at the center with the edge of his dhoti in one hand and a paan box in the other is an enduring image from the film. His impeccable comic timing and the ability to generate fun even from a simple gesture and a word, is remarkable. One simple “Bhole” uttered by him sends you rolling with laughter. If this wasn’t enough , there is Mehmood too as a south Indian music teacher with a choti hanging on his clean-shaven head. The scenes where the two suitors of Bindu are competing against each other are riotous. A true masterpiece!

PS: Please free to share your other favourite movies (and view about these movies too :D), just make sure the scope of this post are the Bollywood movies released between 1960-1969. Similar kind of posts to come, covering movies from the following decades in a chronological order, stay tuned and Keep rocking!