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August 29, 2009

Songs, Movies And A Tag !

Alright, this is one tag which was lying as a draft version for a very long time, finally i am here to answer this. It goes something like this; you have to answer in the form of a song/part of song (Hindi/English) from any movie/album, any one which first comes to your mind on seeing the question.....

(1) What would best describe your personality?

Jaane woh kaise log the jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila, humne to jab kaliyaan maangi kaaton ka haar mila !

(Oops, zyada senti ho gaya kya, but it was typical HR types, isn't it :D)

(The song is from the movie Pyaasa)

(2) What is the one thing you like about girls?

Moist Vagina (Fuck, sorry 'Nirvana' took over, btw not my fault, that's a song, you pervert minds :D)

(3) What do your friends think about you as a person?

Teri aarzoo kamini, tere khwaab bhi kaminey, Ek tere dil se thi dosti, par huzur woh bhi Kaminey!

( I guess i am still to get over with the kaminey after effects :D)

(The question in itself is flawed, you should ask this question to my friends. Any takers, leave the song in the comment section :P)

(The song is from the movie Kaminey)

(4) Which is one thing which you think very often of past relationships?

Tum raaste mein the ajnabee, lagtha tha kyun yeh har ghadi, Aadhe aadhure iss geet ke, ek tum kadi ek mein kadi !

(Sometimes, Its better to leave things in the hands of destiny because that's how they are destined to leave from your life, sigh!)

(The song is from the movie Socha Na Tha)

(5) What do you think of your best friend and his/her feelings towards you?

Qasme vaade pyaar wafa saab, baatein hain baaton ka kya, koi kisi ka nahin , yeh jhoote naate hain naaton ka kya !

( I don't have a best friend neither i will ever have, i don't believe in that concept !)

(The song is from the movie Upkaar)

(6) What do you think about the person you like the most?

Tumko dekha to yeh khaayal aaya, zindagi dhoop tum ghaana saya

[And many more weired thoughts, discussing them are out of scope of this post ;-) ]

(The song is taken from the movie Chashme Badoor)

(7) What is most biggest misunderstanding which happened in your life?

Tumne jo dekha suna, sach tha magar, kitna tha sach yeh, kisko pata hain, jaane tumhe maine koi dhokha diya, jaane koi tumhe dhoka hua !

(Sometimes in life, misunderstanding remain for a lifetime, you want to go back to correct them, but its JUST NOT POSSIBLE!)

(The song is taken from the movie Shalimaar)

(8) What makes you cry in life at this moment?

Saawan beeto jaaye bhirwaaa, mann mera ghabraaye, Aiso gaye parades Piya tum, Chain humhein nahin aaye re

(No personal questions on this, just enjoy the song :D)

(Taken from an album of Fuzon, the pakistani pop band)

(9) What you think about marriage in your life?

Ek kunwara phir gaya maara, phas gaya dekho yeh becchaara !

(Isn't that the bloddy ultimate truth of life :D)

(The song is taken from the movie Masti)

(10) which is the most saddest moment of your life?

Deewano se yeh mat poocho, dewaano par kya guzari hain, Haan unke dil se yeh poocho, armaanon par kya guzari hain !

(Sometimes in life, the best thing you can do to overcome the sadness is NOT to talk about it, and the sadness takes its own destiny!)

(The song taken from the movie Upkaar)

PS: As always, i am not passing on the tag to anyone. But please feel free to take it head on if you liked it. Keep rocking, cheers!


AD said...
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AD said...

9) Ek Kunwara phir gaya mara? Com'on man, this line has been beaten to death already, can someone pleassssse be ORIGINAL????!!!!

BTW, love your blog!!

LIFE: A Collection Of Beautiful Memories! said...

well i had just heard tat phrase...

theres a song for every emotion and situation!
gawd u proved it ryt!
and the mistake out here i told u while chatting...

keep writing!

bondgal_rulz said...

AWESOME TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pehle hi answer se senti kar dia.

Loling at 2. :D :P

Ha ha....3rd is what I'll use to describe myself I guess. :D But tere liye bhi perfect hai. :P :D

Baap re!! You know so manyyy songs!!

Once again, real mast tag. Enjoyed it!! :)

Might take it up. :)


NEHA said...

haha nice tag amit ..

now i c y u take so must 2 fill a tag form ..

trying 2 get all right and MUSHY at the same tym and then u cal us perverts .. lol

and u got exactly the right answer for 5th question :P


suruchi said...

almost melodious verging on being all a great read amit...
great going:)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Ashwini Di

I truly mean it, i truly dread the day when i am going to get married.It gives me shivers down the spine that i had to finally take that plunge !

I was original hopefully in other songs, i hope so :D


Hopeless Romantic said...


well, ya pretty true i guess. But i love the songs, you know that. I have corrected the lyrics of that song!


Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, HRA ke blog par senti hona is mandatory!

Welcome to the Kaminey gang then :D

I just did 10 questions from the original tag, as i was running out of time, if i had done the whole tag of 20 questions, you would have got a much better range of my songs knowledge :P

Do let me know when you take it up!


Hopeless Romantic said...


well, i generally modify tags because i don't want to do it just for the heck of it. It needs to be something; witty, sentimental and hard hitting or may be combination of all.

So you also belong to "no-best-friend-for-me" category, cool !


Hopeless Romantic said...


well, i guess it was more of sentimental, just the way i choose the questions to be answered!

Nice to see you here!

Keep coming back,

Anorak said...

Jane kya tune kaha, Jane kya mane suna, baat kuch banhi gaye, jane kya.....keep walking!!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


:), well said!


Suresh Kumar said...

Wow! Beautifully done tag with some awesome numbers.

Odd one out is the second answer :) Never heard that song before...

Movine to youtube to catch that pakistani album song.

Free Falling said...

hahaha that made me laugh :D
well most of the songs i havent heard myself, but the words go so well :D i am impressed :P cheers ;)

Free Falling said...
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Hopeless Romantic said...


thanks, you can catch the second song also on youtube, fuzon is an old number, you should get that one also easily too!


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Free falling

glad it made you laugh! Most of them are Bollywood songs, so if you are not into it, chances are you have not heard them, but you can catch them on you tube for sure!

Thanks for following my blog,i tried posting a comment on your blog, but there was some technical error always, check it out!

Cya around,

gargi said...

U know what GuptaJi..ur a very lucky person..i read most of the post on other blogs..but ur the only one jiske har post par mera comment hota hai... =P ..hehhe..gotchya!! =P

anwyays..mera detailed comment begins..::
(1)..beautiful song...i love it!..acha laga aj apko senti dekh kar sirji.. ;) waise bina senti zyada theek lagta hai. =)

(2)Moist vagina....sheesh... what can i say?!? o_O ... i LIKE it!..hahah... very honest.. ;) ... im sure every guy would say the same.. =P

(3)..aaayyee..perfect song chuna yaar!...dil khush kar dia!.. =P ..kaminey was an awesome movie..nai??...

actually..all the songs picked by you are great.. =)
loved this tag..will do itt too when i get time.. =)

tke care.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Its heartening to see you give your generous comments, but let me live up to my reputation (as in song3) and say you have NOT commented on quite a few of the posts in the past, though whenever you comment, its a long and detailed one! :D

1) lol, When i get into HR mode, i automatically shifts in becoming Senti ;)

2) Oh ya, wet holes, dream of every guy :D

3) yup,i loved Kaminey!

Thanks, Do let me know when you take this one up, koi to kare mera tag :P


Shruti said...

I love the Kaminey title track.
I love Fuzon's Khamaj!

Nice tag.. it felt so good after actually taking out time and reading your blog!


take care!

Hopeless Romantic said...


me too like both the numbers you mentioned :)

thanks for those sweet words, i myself take out time to write every now and then, so generally it comes out to be alright.Its the quality and not the quantity which matters in the end on the blogs.

Hope you are doing well in studies!


nsiyer said...

Loved the post. The 'Pyasa' one was quite interesting consideribg the HR connection that I have. My experience, however, has been different.

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Iyer Sir

well, the feeling of HR should be there is every post, you feel incomplete writing without it ;-)
I am sure you have better and best experiences than my hopeless ones!


Free Falling said...

lol @amit
about ur posting on my blog, well therez always something wrong with the things i own ;)Ive grown used to it now :D
and yeah bollywood isnt my dept. :P
i tend to believe they sound nice only for a short while :P I do keep trying the recommendations nevertheless ;)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Free Falling

well, I posted a really long comment on your latest post and it did not got published, so ya it was a bit sad :|

Well, all new things nice sound only for a while, its only when you delve deeper into it, you appreciate the nuances!


Manju said...

hahaha...number 9 is such a classic ^^

Deva84 said...

hmm I would like to read your answers in English. Would be fun to understand what you wrote here. I see you mix often those two languages, right?

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Manju

lol, ya but quite a repeat :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Deva84

Well, its not a deliberate attempt to mix those two languages. Its just been the case where in the last two posts, there have been a few 'Indian' things to be shared, specially the songs from the Hindi movies. I may not be able to translate them all,too time consuming but yes, from next time i can add a English version to something i am writing in Hindi.


Free Falling said...

Tsk tsk :D
i wud have loved to get my confusion solved :D
but anywayyyy its a sad world :p

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Free Falling

huh, i can see its a mean world too ;)

Satans Darling™ said...

Yaar, tum toh ekdam complete total full on sau pratishat filmi ho :P

Fun read :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


Haan, woh to hum hain hi, typical bollywood types :P


mêlée said...

such an engaging post :) now I wonder how come I missed it!
pls pls invent more questions and add to the list...

Hopeless Romantic said...


may be if i come back to blogging, i will do another tag on the same line, but i need more questions, i can fit in songs as answers!