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September 5, 2009

The Coffee Conversations....

You, stupid!
She: You, double stupid!
He: You, triple stupid!
She: You ,stupid to the power of infinity!
He: Ok, stop! Let's not fight!
She: Ya, better, you loose!
He: I don't want to fight, where is the question of loosing here?
She: Whatever!
He: Whatever to you too!
She: Whatever back to you!'
He: Whatever back at you to the power of infinity!
She: ok, stop! Lets not fight!
He: Ya, better, you loose!
She: Oh ya, you looser!
He: Why, we fight so much?
She: Because we like each other so much.
He: Sounds an absolute ridiculous thought to me.
She: what the hell, Are all men born dogs like you?
He: No, not at all, atleast not till they meet bitches like you!
She: What do you mean, i made you a dog!
He: No, Only a bitch can make a dog complete. So, you make me complete, honey!
She: (blushing) ya sure Mr. Tommy!
He: Always, Miss Bow-wow!
She: You know what, i truly hate you at times when you behave like this.
He: I know that.
She: And you still, does it, each and every time!
He: I know that.
She: Oh Mr. Know all, say something else!
He: Hmmmm
She: What Hmmm!
He: Hmmmm, I see!
She: What you see?
He: What you can't see!
She: (Confused) Ok, what i can't see?
He: Something you should see.
She: (More confused) And what should i see?
He: Something you don't want to see but is always seeing!
She: What nonsense, cut the crap, ok!
He: I am talking crap, fine, you would not hear me saying anything again.
She: Why, are you committing suicide today, i can't be that lucky!
He: No, i am committing murder today of a bitch!
She: Oh ya, i can also kill, my nails are long enough ok!
He: Stupid, You can't kill with nails!
She: They are enough to kill a dog like you!
He: And will you be spared then, you are going to get fucked!
She: Oh ya sure, which position you want to fuck!
He: (embarrassed) wtf, i don't want to fuck a bitch like you, i don't my willy to get dirty!
She: Oh, do you have one?
He: Ya, you want to see, right now!
She: Shut up, ok, enough of your sleazy talk!
He: Who started it, by asking "which position" ?
She: Ok, fine! I started it, now i am ending it, Period.
He: Should we make a move, our coffee is done a long time back, i don't want them to throw you!
She: They would throw you first.
He: Why me, we both came together here.
She: Ya, but they can't touch me just like that, so you have to bear the brunt!
He: Oh ya, sure! You girls always play safe, we have to face all consequences, damn!
She: Oh hello, Mr. bear-all, girls bear a lot of pain!
He: Oh really, like what?
She: Like anything, (pauses) from waxing skin to delivering babies to monthly pain.
He: Big deal, and you always take advantage of it.
She: You males have pea-sized brain cells situated in two cookies, not our fault.
He: Oh ya, and you females big time shammers, faking your assets all the time.
She: Mine is not fake, alright.
He: But you make them more faker na.
She: (with shyness) Well sometimes, we do.
He: See, fake kisses, fake breasts, fake i don't know what else.
She: Oh ya, if we are that fake, why you keep coming back to us?
He: We don't come. You always found us from somewhere, bitch!
She: Oh ya sure, in your dreams, looser!
He: Oh yes, not your problem. I am just so bloody good looking.
She: Come to my home sometime, i will show you the mirror.
He: No, thanks, I have one at home, you need it more!
She: Go to hell!
He: you too, bye!
She: Bye!

PS: I have this really weird habit of watching people and making observations about them, and on the pretext of sounding a bit pompous, i must tell you i have been correct most of the time. To go along with it, to boost my writer's ego, i at times build conversations by just hearing a few words of a sentence. This was just one of those conversations i heard over the week, sitting in a coffee shop in Queen Street here in Brisbane, reading a book and listening overheard with a girl talking with a friend/boy-friend.I found it so amusingly witty, i just cooked up the remaining unheard bits. Enjoy this one...


Satans Darling™ said...

Haha.. Ghar ghar ki kahaani!

Love.. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

I could totally relate to this one :P

But these stupid fights make everything all the more worthwhile :)

Lovely post as always!
Take Care,

sujata said...

whoa..makes me feel really the young ones love like this now?

Pooja Mahimkar said...

woaaaah... that was soo funny yet cute yet amusing yet etc etc etc.. :P

and really sometimes its so much fun to just observe people!

NEHA said...

o wel tat was some hilarious conversation ..

i kind of heard somewhat similar as well at a coffe shop ..

men-o-men pea-sized brained how true!! :P


LIFE: A Collection Of Beautiful Memories! said...

tat was gud....
and sounds filmy....gawd...!
am still laughing... i had heard this phrase tat 'The Best Conversations in Lyf were had over a Cup f Coffee!
and reading this one ws fun!

mast post hai...
keep govin!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hey thats very much realistic conversation you know :)


Achcha tha...vaise main bhi kabhi kabhi logo ke conv sun leta hoon..provided they are spicy :P

Been busy yaar...baki sab kisi aur time pad lunga..


Suresh Kumar said...

hum tum in amit's style.... ek dum first class tha....

enjoyed every bit of it. Fun to the power of infinity... :)

bondgal_rulz said...

VERY COOL post....could sooo relate to it!!

And very crisp too...the convesation goes like zip, zap, zoom.

Different than you regular fare and I like it!!


Netika Lumb said...

Wooo..I wonder what part of the conversation did you make up and what part of it is ACTUALLY true :P ;)
And hello, stop eavesdropping, okay.. No actually, if it makes up for an interesting post like this, then carry on :D

Hopeless Romantic said...


ya, i totally agree that these kind of fights are part of every relationships, but what i overheard was more of a talk by two people sitting but were not sure they wanted to be together :D


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Sujata Di

I am not sure they were in love. It seemed more like someone has tied them to sit together and talk :D

And we are always young in our thoughts, age is just a sham !


Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, i like that etc part in your comment :D

Well,its fun to observe people silently at times!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, glad you were able to identify with it.

Well, lets not start this argument here about who is who, we will see it some time later ;)


Hopeless Romantic said...


It was filmy, but someone's fiction is another person's reality you see!

Btw, that's the tagline of CCD, and you are a CCD addict,so you see!


Hopeless Romantic said...


dude, it was spicy indeed, this is what made me share it here. Take your time in reading the posts, they are not going anywhere :D

Keep rocking,

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, ya hum tum style with an addition of bit of swear words, very true :P

Thanks for the compliment!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, it was meant to be exactly that ways only; zip, zap and zoom! I am glad you liked it, did it reminded you of someone :)

I think I am writing different stuff only now, I hardly write regular stuff now. You are truly impressed by my change :D


Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, I made up in between the lines to make it complete. But most of the punch lines were already there in their conversations. I just had to make it sort of readable and relatable so that i can post it here.

I don’t eavesdrop, but if someone is speaking so loudly that its clearly audible to the person sitting in front of them, I can’t help it. But yes, I was curious enough to keep on listening to them for sure :D , And as you said, it does make for a good laugh, so just simply enjoy!


Harini said...


I do the same all the time.. well mostly when i am waiting for ma friends to show up.

I pick a group and try to imagine what they are talking and if they are audible great... best way to spend time u know ;)

Kaddu said...

Waaahhhh! Kya time pass hai!

I, Me and Myself said...

hahahahaha amit i wonder who doesnt have this conversation....i luved topic u can endlessely fight wid ur friend/bf....asusual lovely..

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, isn't that so much fun.

*Hi'5 in the air*

Its really so much fun observing people!


Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, full on buddy !


Hopeless Romantic said...


well, yes opposite sex do attract :D
But, i found it amusing them to be together. They were caring, yet wanting to eat each other and cut the throats :D


Rishi said...

eaves dropping... bad habbit!!!

but only if ur caught!!

Hopeless Romantic said...


I am not caught till any of them reads my blog, i am safe till then!

Thanks for following the blog, good to see you here!


suruchi said... many comments above...i'm sure my praise would just be an echo...u are great in this space n u know it...lemme just say i almost pictured a 'he' n a 'she' blabbering cutely like that...
also with a 'sigh' of my own;)
..u are a great story teller...keep eve's dropping...but next time..let us get a glimpse into one of ur own spicy ones;)
cheers..n good day:)

Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, thanks! I appreciate your comment too :) I don't eavesdrop intentionally, it just happens i guess, i am surrounded by so many interesting people.

keep coming, good to see you here!


Phoenix said...

Hota hai, talking crap playfully also releases endorphins methinks.

Hopeless Romantic said...


Quite possible, talking crap help sometimes positively for sure!


Spark Star said...


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Garima

lol too :)