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September 27, 2009

Just For Today, I Hate Women!

Enough of love, let's be different today and talk about what i hate,
specifically in the opposite sex. This list is being written after hearing, reading and experiencing first hand, the numerous experiences in the short span of my existence on this planet. Anyways, the below list is definitely not and should not be considered a complete list by any stretch of imagination. People of any sex (!!) are free to add their valuable points in this compilation.

It is being said, women are puzzles to be solved. Oh ya sure, kiss my ass! Puzzles to be solved which doesn't have a definite answer. If for a change, even they are asked to solve their puzzles, i am sure they will commit suicide :P . Nevertheless, here is the list...

1) Women who crib about the fairer sex emancipation and liberation every time you talk to them; gives you endless sermons about equal opportunity in the society and then go home - and watch fucking regressive serials like 'Balika Vadhu','Kyunki saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi','Kusum' and what not, that too religiously day-in and day-out. All that jazz like, 'come on, it's just a serial', 'there are so many bad things happening anyways around','they sometimes show positive things also about women' are just preposterous thoughts. It doesn't take an iota less from the fact that you are actually contributing towards such kind of serials being made by watching them in the first place. If there is no market, these serial will never be made in the wildest imagination of any TV producer. There are surely better way of utilizing your free time constructively than watching these serials. And if you eventually decide to watch them in the first place, then shut up your mouth. You have absolutely no right to talk on female regression in society. I agree with a statement i heard the other day in a chat show, women need to watch drama in reel life to become better drama queens in real life. So bloody true!

2) Women who commit dressing faux-pa by wearing ill matched undergarments with transparent/translucent Tees and T shirts and then bitch about the attire of other people within the team/project/company/college/school/university/malls/multiplexes/on the street :D ok, I stop. You got the drift na!

Sample this: during my working days as a software professional, a bitch (let's call her Miss P) was unfortunately my project mate. On one sunny glorious morning, i made a mistake of having coffee with her in the company cafeteria. While gulping down the most pathetic coffee from the office vending machine, she started throwing lavish compliments (or comments :D) on the a girl's dressing sense sitting on the adjacent table. She preached a sermon for the next 5 minutes, hearing which even Baba ramdev will fall on her toes. She constantly cribbed on how girls should dress appropriately in an official environment and how they themselves are responsible for their safety while going out at public places. What Miss P did not knew was that the girl sitting on the adjacent table was my car pool partner and joined me two days before that particular morning :D.Only I know how i suppressed my laughter at that time! And to top the cake with cherries, croissants and macaroons; two weeks later at a common friend's birthday party, she was wearing a pink bra with white transparent t-shirt along with blue jeans and green thongs. Can you beat that combo !!!
(ya, we saw the thongs too :D)

3) Women who suffer from cleanness fetish to the point of ad nauseum and make other people suffer because of this particular habit. They would want every damn thing in a room to be at its perfect place. They will always complain on the most ludicrous things you can think in this whole bloody universe.

Count these: "Why you have taken out that much sauce on the plate"," Why are you keeping the orange peels on the side table","why are you keeping the water on the front table","why are you keeping the wet towel in the bathroom","why are you keeping your shoes with my sandals" and so on.I have become completely disillusioned by this freaky behaviour and if i find one more girl like this, i swear i will shoot. Not myself, but her :P They are prey of maniacal hygienic-alimentary-healthy obsessions. They themselves are hysteric and generically unbearable, but very easily are able to criticize our life style, loading us with the faults of our stereotypes.Gosh, and as the famous dialogue from the movie Hum Tum goes, I am sure even God realised its mistake after he made females on this planet.

4) The women who will fight with the vegetable vendor in the morning for 1 rs in 1 kg of Onion or tomatoes, and then in the evening won't even think about saving money by buying the most expensive jewellary in the shop. They will emotionally blackmail you by offering the most ridiculous excuses like "it's an investment for the future", "it's for the welfare of our family", "its for the education of 'Monu', 'Sonu' and "Chutki'". That's a totally different case that when it actually comes to selling it at a later date in any unforeseen situation, they always accuse men of showering less love to them. I hate them because men dedicate their lives to fill up their world, we can kill our wishes and desires at time for them, we throw away half of our life trying, then giving, then again trying to keep up with them, just to be reminded at the end it was just NOT enough to satisfy them.

5) Women who take advantage of emotional side of men as a bait to make their wishes come true and treat them with utter disrespect.
I completely disdain them because they serve men with the worse changes of mind with a candid smile, an evil heart and sharpened weapons, ready to attack at the worse protest. They completely change their stances at the rate of ball reaching to the point boundary on Sachin's square cut. They destroy men by their extraordinary ability to conveniently forget things, to turn the book onto a new chapter as if nothing has ever happened in the previous pages. They quickly delete and replace one man with another puppet with whom they can start dripping their honey laced talks that will eventually become sour after a while. They consider it absolutely normal that it is their exclusive birth right given by Jesus Christ to throw infantile tantrums, non completion of which can eventually lead to non existence of men's body and soul on this planet, or worse this universe. I hate the furtive glances with which they conclude that every interest of men (be it sports, body building or investments) is puerile, while their bull shit talks (be it pedicure, matching pin or a rosy scarf) are the most inalienable and undisclosed things waiting to be thrown on earth. What women doesn't realise is that the end of the men desiring women would be an ultimate and sad end to the women themselves.

6) Women who are always trying to show off their worth in the society. They pretend to be adorable, cute, feminine, seductive (or any other jazz word you want to add!) with their pictures on various social networking websites. They take their 'modern looking' cheek-to-cheek snaps with their friends to show their wild and sexy side. They always show off their kinky side in the pictures to be considered as the most popular and hip hop on the party circuit, foolishly not knowing that it reveals every small chunk of their sucking personality in front of everyone. They are always looking for materialistic things in this universe to keep them happy, be it new boots, dresses or lingerie. I hate them because all of such kind of women have monstrous obsessions about certain things in life and they never confess them, a little because they don't have the guts to be themselves and a little because they love to keep their exclusive privileges, including the one to pretend to be disgusted when they come to know men's exclusive privileges.

7) Women who are not able to decide when and how to have sex in a relationship. Forget sex for a moment, even a mild request for a kiss will be followed by the most innovative answers you will ever come across.Take these if you can: "What, no kiss today, my lipstick will get smeared"," What, no kiss today,its too hot and sticky today"," what, no kiss today, its raining today, let's enjoy the weather"," what, no kiss today, i just had a facial". Wtf! I hate them, because if something goes wrong in the bed, they never wonder it could have been because of their wooden behaviour or their involuntary skin convulsions at an inopportune moment. But very swiftly, they make us a source of great chagrin and self conscious sympathies. I hate them when while making love, they make us feel as if we are committing the most heinous crime on this planet and they are doing the most menial job ever designed for an employee in an organization. I hate them when she never feels obligated to the fact who is finishing last in between the sheets because she was not in the mood in the first place. I hate them when the lack of sex drive is attributed to an excess of sex sessions, an excuse which if given by us is tantamount to the less care, love and affection on our part. Ok, i stop!

PS: I feel i have so much more to add to this list, but with 2 assignment submissions and 2 mid semester tests due in next 6 days, i better stop here and let other people contribute to the list. Happy bitching about girls, cheers!


gargi said...


gargi said...

i thought i should at least put that up before i start with my comment and someone else just pops in and crushes my dreams... =P
well ....i guess i went kind of haywire with my words and feeling here... lol =D

well..i enjoyed the post...why?...because i dont think im like that... at least i hope im not.. =/

This made me laugh like crazzy!!!::

"6) Women who are always trying to show off their worth in the society. They pretend to be adorable, cute, feminine, seductive (or any other jazz word you want to add!) with their pictures on various social networking websites. They take their 'modern looking' cheek-to-cheek snaps with their friends to show their wild and sexy side. They always show off their kinky side in the pictures to be considered as the most popular and hip hop on the party circuit, foolishly not knowing that it reveals every small chunk of their sucking personality in front of everyone. They are always looking for materialistic things in this universe to keep them happy, be it new boots, dresses or lingerie. I hate them because all of such kind of women have monstrous obsessions about certain things in life and they never confess them, a little because they don't have the guts to be themselves and a little because they love to keep their exclusive privileges, including the one to pretend to be disgusted when they come to know men's exclusive privileges."


and the one on so not that!!!.... you know what i mean.. ;) =P

anyways..great post!!
but chill a little... and stop blowing up on "women" in this manner... =P

tc =)

NEHA said...


you have no idea how much i enjoyed reading this post only to realise that it is partially directed to me! i still cant beleive the fact that this is coming from you!

anyway here goes my justification even though you have not asked for one!

serials suck big time i stopped watching them long time back! and those who watch are morons!

2nd damn yaar this was the kickass part of your post! but i dont agree completely, even men criticise dressing styles to no limit! saying that from personal exp mind u.i do too and its not that bad after all :P

3rd is true again! but "why are you keeping your shoes with my sandals" this is so silly why will any girl say that? lol

"They quickly delete and replace one man with another puppet with whom they can start dripping their honey laced talks that will eventually become sour after a while." this is the high point of your post man! loved it toally even though it is directed to my gender :P

social networking for most girls is like flaunting their sexy side nothing else!

7 -> ROFL i mean i got no words really! dude this was awsome had a nice laugh. you know best about sex :P

shit. i am a girl and not suppose to enjoy this :P


SiMbA tAgO said...

@ amit : man u jus bitched all the girls on this planet....

@neha : can i ask u something , y did u say that amit has directed the post on u ?? may i know tht ???

@ amit again : man wtf ... u seriously saw that "thongs".... and yeh that was the bitch-iest combo possible... blooooody hell crap....suck tht.....

man can i seriously ask u how do u know so much of girls,sex in such span of time (m considering u as unmarried til now) .... but stil man, this post was jus too awesome .... lmao....ROFl .... wowoiee.... so much of girls and sex together...(next to on bed) ....

anyways i have more bitching... jus 'l take time n post them down..

P.S. - @neha .. i expect a reply to that ... amit u can too ans to that ... that neha said , "its directed at me"

Hopeless Romantic said...


I just put forward some points which i felt i completely detest about girls. Well, if you are wearing low rise jeans, you can easily see anyone's thongs. Yes, i am unmarried and as far as your question of how i know so much, read the first para of the post again. Quite a few are heard and discussed through friends in the social circle and on blogs. So, if i say "I" it means "all men". It is no particular "me" instance which we are discussing here. Its like battle of sexes through my point of view.

As far as neha is concerned, i let her answer it completely. But as far as i know her a little bit, she was pointing towards pt.6, though its only her who is going to justify it.

Thanks for dropping by, will surely like to read your post on similar lines!


Hopeless Romantic said...


yes, you are the first one to comment, best birthday gift for you, first on HR's blog. happy birthday once again!

pt.6 is surely perfect for you, i know from all those kick ass snaps on FB.

On your comment on pt.7, no comments, sex is too personal thing for me to comment on your comment! oops, zyada comment ho gaya kya :D

Read the title of the post again, its just for today, let's have fun in blowing the women apart. Actually you should do that once in a while, only then these ladies keep their heads on the ground :P


Hopeless Romantic said...


please explain how you construed it to be directed partially towards you with reasons :P

So, you agree you was a moron once :P

I didn't said men don't complain but women have this extraordinary habit of criticizing someone's else clothes and then exactly doing the same themselves. That was the main point :)

you ping me online, i will tell you who said that silly quote. And the reason apparently goes like this, your shoes carry dirt and my sandals will get dirty. (as if sandals don't have dirt :P)

glad you liked other points, and if i have kick ass friends like you, my sex knowledge automatically increases by leaps and bounds. I don't have to do anything special :D


Vishnu said...

"If for a change, even they are asked to solve their puzzles, i am sure they will commit suicide".. lol.. bull's eye on each of the prototypes.. neways none of the gals r gonna accept this.. atleast one of them shd get provoked to write one against men.. am waitin for tht.. as usual a great read..

Free Falling said...

this post made my DAY!!!!
loved it to the last bit
and frankly no opposition
i hate these women tooo!!!
with the core of my heart
and except for the 4th point i have none of these unpleasant qualities :D

p.s the third point was completely lame!
its a disorder that any woman or a man can i have... believe me i have seen men with the same disorder ;)

Guria said...

***Long comment ahead***

1st point: Agreed completely

2nd point: These women need you to look, if not for the pink and green combo you wouldn't have.

3rd point: "They would want every damn thing in a room to be at its perfect place."
-That's probably because her other half will yell the house down when he's in a hurry and be looking for something. :D
Personally, I have no problem with more sauce on his plate, can make a man clean after him (orange peels), and myself leave the wet towels in the bathroom! :P
And men too bicker a lot! :D

4th point: I didn't know about this. I guess women a should tell the vendor to take any damn price they want and go out in the evening to buy jewellery. :D
I hate them because men dedicate their lives to fill up their world, we can kill our wishes and desires at time for them, we throw away half of our life trying, then giving, then again trying to keep up with them, just to be reminded at the end it was just NOT enough to satisfy them.
-I agree. But I find the man foolish too, for being duped.

5th point: Ahem, agreed. But then that's why God made men physically stronger. Women wiles vs. Brute strength. :P

6th point: Agreed

7th point: I think that woman is crazy who does that. I wouldn't ever ever do that. :P

Great post! But an addendum to your introduction. Women are a puzzle with no answer to keep the big men interested for ever. Never yet heard of a man backing off from a challenge.

And with all the flaws, men still love women, don't they (even gay guys are mostly best friends with us). :D

My LAST POINT: Men have equal and proportionate flaws but women just don't crib about it. Ever seen a woman crib about how high-maintenance men are! lol...

Loved this...

Samadrita said...

Okay here we go-

1.)I think that women addicted to saas-bahu serials are most likely used to being dominated by the male members of the household and take pleasure in bitching about neighbors.
You know the kind right?
I doubt they're even aware of the concept of their own emancipation.

2.)First of all you weren't supposed to see her undergarments. :P and if you're telling me she was deliberately trying to show off the er pink bra-green thong combo she's either a crackjob or a total slut.But yes I know of a few women who have horrendous fashion sense themselves but still never know to keep their mouths shut about what others wear.

3.)I would like to copy-paste what Guria said in this matter.I agree completely and totally with her.

4.)Could be that the vegetable-vendor was asking for an unreasonable price. :P
Another thing is that you can atleast bargain at the sabzi market not at a jewellery outlet right?Though personally I hate bargaining.

5.)I agree with you.This is what most women do including me.
Here too I go by what Guria said. :D

6.)Don't agree.Men do the same.And you're saying women have an addiction for stuff like bags,jewellery,clothes and thereby they're materialistic.Ahem but how about the fact that most men want only sex? Isn't that even more disgusting?

7.)Uh about the sex issue can't really say.Not my forte.But you can't deny it's a very sensitive thing for a woman.It can lead to severe emotional and physical repercussions for a girl which is not the case for a guy.So you can't blame her if she is a bit wary or cautious.
But if she is being a bit too hyper...then that makes things different.

Anyway nice post. :)

Srishti said...


Haha, actually I'm laughing really hard right now and pretending to be indignant only because I'm supposed to be on the girls' side.
This post is HILARIOUS!

Except..."I hate them because men dedicate their lives to fill up their world, we can kill our wishes and desires at time for them"
Puh-lease! When have men ever done that? 'Killed' their desires for women?

They consider it absolutely normal that it is their exclusive birth right given by Jesus Christ to throw infantile tantrums, non completion of which can eventually lead to non existence of men's body and soul on this planet, or worse this universe."


Destiny's child... said...

How did you manage to cram so much hatred into one post?! :O
I want to kick you for being so so so so so mean...but I won't because the title says the hatred is just for a day. May be you are past it now. :p

PS: Women never crib about how hopelessly mean men can be sometimes. Even after all this bitching about women, none of us (women) here gave you a real dressing down.:p That poise, my dear hopeless romantic, can come only to women! ;)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Does it matter that none of the girl is going to accept it, they don't accept the bloody truths in any case :)

lol, dude all those feminists posts actually provoked me to write this one, and it will NOT be the other way around. All girls just keep on bitching about men on blogs, i was actually sick of it. This is my two cents for the welfare of Male species :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, glad you liked it and i made up your day! great to hear from you!

Well, you get married and then we will discuss about your disagreement with point no.4. Its too early to even start discussion on the same.

For point 3, i was talking in the percentage terms, more females are cleanness freak than men. In any case, this post is not a generalization for all females :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Guria

2) so basically they are attention seekers and were trying to seduce people around. I don't need to say anything more then. But point was not what they were trying to do, but it was that how conveniently the same girl who was bitching about a fellow employee one day about the dressing sense can herself come so horribly dressed in a party. Trust me, only girls can do this with regularity.

3)Please note that it is not a generalization for all women,it is just my experiences and point of views. Neither is the question that men don't do it, it is about who does it maximum times. They are crazy about this stuff and they would force you to follow it even when outside third world war has started. They can be that bad, trust me!

4)Men are not foolish, they don't want to let you down for the care and shower you show to them. But the problem is even men try day in and day out to please you, you can't be ever satisfied.

5) So, basically in short you are agreeing that women can be mean,irritating, nagging, cribbing bitches. I agree totally :D

7) You guy will be lucky if you turn out to be the way you just mentioned.

Well, that's the beauty of women cunning nature, they always keep the men engaged, they always keep them on tenterhooks, they always keep them guessing and solving the puzzle.

Even women love men with all their flaws, no one is perfect, but this post was written to discuss certain non sense imperfections about females.

I completely disagree with your last point. But i am not utterly surprised by your comment. Because most of the women (and this has been proven by research) don't realise how much they bitch about men, how much they always keep on cribbing and nagging with them.

PS: This post was written after being sick of seeing all those male bashing and sexist posts everyday on the blogs. And as they say, your patience damn do break one day (or something like that :D)

Thanks for that elaborate comment,

Kaddu said...

So true! And u forgot abt their "crocodile tears" that are always on their beck-and-call... whether they want to send someone on a guilt-trip or attempt another "emotional blackmail"! Such a powerful weapon!

Btw, the 3rd point... I personally know a few men who too who are such terrible nags! No matter what you do, they'll find some reason to criticize or complain... so that you'll feel like screaming - "Let me just live dude!" Phewwww!

NEHA said...

@ simba

i guess the title of this post clearly suggests that it has been directed to women. i am a girl so in a way it has been directed to me na jerkhead!

stop widening your wild imagination! :P


Hopeless Romantic said...


1) I don't agree. I have seen working IT professionals whom you can consider quite well educated and modern working in Delhi/NCR do this kind of double standard thing. for eg: One colleague used to constantly bitch about how she has been getting shabby treatment by the management of the project (where as in real work load, she was a liability on the project, and my saying this has nothing to do with the post) and hence, always used to talk about female empowerment in the corporate world. And later on, we came to know that she was a big sucker of all the K serials, and she used to see a serial (i don't remember the name, i don't watch them in any case) where a female boss used to harass male employees! These kind of girls may be in minority, but that is not the point here.

2) See you yourself is agreeing, so i don't need to say anything else. But as far as Miss P show off is concerned, let's not do a character assassination here. That is irreleavnt here actually, but the main point was that she was doing the same thing which she so strongly was condemning a few weeks before for another women. And we are not even talking about male bashing here, we are just talking about women to women thing. I was not delieberately seeing her lingerie, but if someone is so intend to make it watchable for others, you can't really help it. I can't close my eyes in a party.

3) and 5) - See response above for Guria

4) You can bargain even at jewellary shops, and there are some big time bargains, atleast in Delhi. Also, if you do that 1 rs bargain everyday with every vendor, how can the vendor be culprit all the time. Give some breathing space to poor fellows...

6) See, you fall into the exact trap which i set up while stating this point. Thank you very much. I am talking about materialistic things, and you took the discussion to a carnal thing. That's exactly my problem. Why always you have to equate things with sexual ambitions of a man. Sample these: You are not taking me for a movie, you just want sex from me. You don't call me in the night at 1am, you just want sex from me. You don't say I love you 20 times in a day, you just want sex from me. you don't allow me to shop for that new bag, you just want sex from me. Point is, you keep on wanting all the materialistic things in the world, and in return if they are not fulfilled for whatsoever reason, you blame men for wanting only SEX from you. I let you decide now which is more disgusting.

7) We were assuming here that both men and women are in love and decide to have sex. Now there are 2 things here - first men also have to do all the groundwork most of the time (like buying contraceptives, setting up the mood, do all the bookings, be on time etc) and secondly, we are also as nervous or emotional as you for the sexual act, then why this 'all thing thrown" at us all the time. And are you trying to tell me, it is not emotional moment for a men to make love to a women. Its a very vast topic to discuss, let it happen another time and in another post. I basically have too much to say on this hypocrite standard in Indian girls.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views!


Hopeless Romantic said...


I touched upon that emotional blackmail side a little in point 5, in other words i was just trying to convey exactly what you have mentioned. And coming from a girl, it was a nice surprise. now that's what i call as constructive evaluation of an issue! Well done!

Point 3, i don't deny such men don't exist but then the higher percentage is with the fairer sex and we were talking about what i hate in women, and not men!


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Sristhi

welcome back to the blog after a long hiatus, good to see you here and many thanks for showering all those compliments.

As i said to another blogger, you get married or get into a relationship (that is if you are already not in one of them) and then we will talk about how men kill their 'desires' of doing things their ways!


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Neha

Well done!


Got the response dude, enjoy now!


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Destiny's child

welcome to the blog, this is your first comment here, good to see you here!

Well, you are right, its just for one day, i love girls :)

I am just stating the truthful facts, if that comes with a bit of meanness, so be it!

You got to be kidding me, girls don't crib, roflmao.

Women are free to give me a dressing down if they want to, its an open forum and i don't moderate my comments also. But i feel you need to have a solid case against my points to argue about it. And i don't think its possible, because let's accept it, these are some of chronic women's traits just like men have. It was time for dressing down of women!

Keep coming,

Vishnu said...

lol.. seeing this they write more of that anyway..

SiMbA tAgO said...

@ neha : : relax dudette ... m jus asked a smal doubt .. and yeah der was no wild-imagnations intended...

pls bhaksah do na ....

@ amit :: buddy really man better off showing peace than argue with feminines ...


Deepika said...

you described your frustrations so well :P :P
Well few of these things offend me too in women.... but that bargaining thing... I would say I also do it... not for one-two Rs though :P
And even i think it later on i never argue while buying a levis for Rs 2000/- and I argue on Rs 160/-kg lemons :P its just about percieving values of things(why wuld i pay Rs.160 for something i can get for Rs.80 or something whatever) :P.... i know guys too who bargain(though lesser than girls).... So its not totally gender specific...

btw guys are annoying too... their habits uff... I'll too come up with that sometime ;)

Kaddu said...

Yeah tht's true... very few of the male species who do that.

Oh but I want to add one more point to your list... from a female's perspective though... hope u don't mind...

I hate women because they make life so tough for girls who aren't like them! It's like giving the dog a bad name! All that pretense and cunning and manipulating people who love them! And that includes all that "playing-hard-to-get" in sex too! As if they don't enjoy sex! As if they're doing some major "upkaar" for the guy!

Oh and u won't believe this... a MAN was actually kind enough to enlighten me on this... that if I need something from a man, I should ask for it after a good session in the bed! (That's how women do it apparently!) In other words, I should use "sex" as a ploy to get something ??? WOW! Height of manipulation... and then they say women are the "weaker sex"! What irony!

How do we know said...

i came to read the comments after such an interesting post.

Tell you what? Its very simple. if you dont like women, feel free to dislike them, for an hour, for a day, for your whole life. :-) Am sure you can live without one. So, where is the problem?

Oh, did you say you can't live without them.. aww.. thats sad. Tell you what, you can always go find a perfect woman, one who has none of these flaws.. after all, you are perfect, god WOULD have made a perfect person to match you...


Netika Lumb said...

Yeah..someone tol me I was writing sexist posts.. Yeah right! :P

Free Falling said...

Id be posting my response on my blog soon amit :D
behold! :P

Guria said...


Thanks for the long reply. :D

I think women bitch about other women more than men! :D

And men are not foolish universally, I don't believe that.

But on a serious note:

But the problem is even men try day in and day out to please you, you can't be ever satisfied.

This is more true in cases of women than in men.

And one more thing, you may crib, bitch about women but in your heart you still love them! :D

P.S. I do understand you talk about specific women and not generalisations because no two women in this world can ever be the same. Sad truth. The puzzle is never solved! Hell, I myself don'y understand most! :D

Guria. ^_^

Hopeless Romantic said...


Pretty true :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


You got to have some ammunition to back up your case. You threw away bomb before finding shelter to hide yourself.

Take care,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, I'll take that writing thing as a compliment. Well,probably you should see women doing bargaininng in some big Sabzi mandi sometime. I used to go with my mom to do exactly this, watch ladies bargain and oogle at their daughters :D

Do come up with the post, i will not be surprised. We are the weaker sex(males) when it comes to bashing the opposite sex in the blogosphere. I am already quite sick of it.


Hopeless Romantic said...


If you had written this comment as anonymous, not many people have guessed it that it was written by a female blogger. I appreciate your honest and an eye to see the things with a mature perspective rather than getting emotional about it.

Well as far as sex part goes,just see the response to point7 to Samadrita. I need to come up with a different post on this topic, because I have just too much to say on it. But i agree with those points, females do manipulate in a big way!

PS: *Did i hear sounds of male bashing again on this topic*


Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, if you have already read all the comments and still saying all this, then i am sorry to say but you have got some very poor inferential capabilities.

Did i anywhere in the post or comment said I am perfect or in general men are perfect? Did i say i am looking for so called elusive perfect women in my life, and if i don't get it, i will be a bachelor all my life? Did i say i can live without women?

Your comment stands in very poor light in the scheme of things. Here, we are discussing certain female traits which i find nauseating. You may agree with them or not, that's your prerogative. But it doesn't help you in learning anything about yourself or womanhood in any case. Point is, how can we make certain women aware of why they are wrong in particular facets of life and if possible eliminate/minimize them.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Did i say this is NOT a sexist post. Come on, you could have done better than this. For someone who does so called "male bashing" so often in her blog, this was not an expected response from you or did you run out of ideas seeing my brutally honest truths :D

Should i add a PS in the post citing you as my inspiration in writing this post :D And btw, i am still waiting for that "evidence backup" wali post. I know you will be busy in doing male bashing, but atleast come up with something. The war of sexes is still on :P


Hopeless Romantic said...


Let me know when you post the same on your blog, will be fun to know a new perspective!


Hopeless Romantic said...


lol, well the puzzle will never be solved. It is destined not to be solved, because if by chance it does happen, life will never be the same again for all of us. Male or female, no one is irreplaceable. we both need each other all the time, this post was just an extreme view of seeing things and in no way generalizes all women. Finally, you agreed with most of my points (barring the generalizations). Glad to know about it !


Kaddu said...

Of course sweetheart! :D "Male bashing" will always be a vital part of my blog... just like males will always be a vital part of my life! He he he! :D ;)

LOL! I mentioned this on someone else's blog too once... you don't find too many men who actually open up to talk abt what they like or don't like in women. And the females usually complain too much, rather than sitting and finding workarounds for mutual differences in a mature and calm way. (Read: "minus the emotional drama"!) Hence, there is lack of constructive feedback both ways... which leads to frustration in relationships that could have otherwise been so beautiful.

I personally would like more bloggers to write honestly and objectively about this topic... so that we all can become better persons and enjoy more fruitful and rewarding relationships.

Americanising Desi said...

i could just go on lol-ing at everything

bondgal_rulz said...

Interesting post and even interesting comments section, to say the least. ;)

I had read it earlier, but commenting now. :)

#1 I thought the K serials were passe now and reality television has taken over, whic btw I hate even more than those effing saas-bahu dramas. And oye! we are drama queens alright, even without watching these sob - operas. I know I am. :D

#2 OMG!!!! I totally ABHOR women who wear a black bra underneath a transparent white tee or suit. Ughhhh!!! Disgusting!!

But but but, it is sooooooooooooo much fun dissecting someone's attire. And JFYI, guys do this not only more, but even better. :P And yes, they too wear Red, Yellow and Green Jockeys which are available for full view to the mango people. Talk about "brimming on the shores of open sexuality". :P

And honestly, hats off to the girl ya, for carrying off such a deadly combo, not many are capable of it. ;)

#3 I'm soooo making my mom read this particular point!! :D :D

#4 Alright! Guilty as charged!! I'll haggle with the auto-wallah for the last rupee. They charge bloody exorbitant rates yaa!! But yeah I won't do that in a fancy restaurant. Dunno abt that gold and investment and all stuff...

Try satisfying them with your endless love for them, it suffices more often than not. :)

#5 ha ha ha.... I knowwww!!! And I so agree with KADDU's point above about the tears, crocodile tears!!! Damn!!! I mean, what's wrong with these women. It's like they can cry at the drop of a hat!!
It's a lesson for all - Women only act dumb, in reality, they can give any strategist a run for his money. Which if you come to think of it, is not too bad a thing. ;)

#6 No comments. :|
Not that I'm one of them, but what's wrong in being materialistic? If it gives happiness to someone, I say let em pursue it! I guess you have problem with them not accepting it, is it?

#7 ROFL @ the excuses....ha ha ha. Unchartered territory hai, so wont babble on this one. ;)

And yaar, aren't some puzzles best left unsolved? I mean the fun lies in the journey and not the destination right?

M.J. said...

Something is wrong with your relationship if your woman is more concerned with her lipstick than getting a nice sexy kiss from her man.

Smita said...

Came here!!!

Read it!!!

Deciding to give silent treatment!!! :D

nsiyer said...

You have immense patience to think of what women do, digest some part of ot and write a post.

Hopeless Romantic said...


I agree with your point of sit down and talking about it in a mature way, but how many of the men and women have that. I can tell from personal experience that women always want to have a 'last say' and when they are at fault, they will make sure they will find a way either to escape or do an emotional drama to tilt the situation in their way. And i am not even talking about a bf-gf type relationship, this happens even in close friendships. But yes, at the end of the day, we both require each other, so either u accept or ignore. Nothing more you can do about it!


Hopeless Romantic said...


This is just a way of ignoring and escaping from some of the nasty truths about women, and as usual they would simply ignore it and keep on making the life of male species hell :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Couple of things i would like to mention before i start replying to your comment:

a) I was talking about in the Indian context. I know that things are very different in the US culture. But in India you have to actually convince the girl that kissing when you are in love is absolutely normal. Strange but this is how it works.

b) when i said "I", i mean the whole male species. I am not sure in your comment you meant my relationship is wrong or in general that of any 'Male'. In any case, i am talking on behalf of the whole male community :D

So, coming back to your comment. That is exactly my point, when you are in love and when you want to kiss, why this sham (and hence, making weird excuses) about kissing or any physical touch. Ok, i agree that women are designed differently and take their time to open up to sex. But if you are telling me that even after being in a relationship for a considerable duration of time, "I" would still keep on hearing such kind of fucking excuses, then its JUST not acceptable to me. Things are changing in India, but still there is a long way to go till the hypocrisy in the Indian females fade away.

More on this in another post some time later!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Silent treatments in life don't change the honest notions or observations. Silent treatment don't change the wrong attitudes or beliefs. Silent treatment doesn't make the relationships easier to handle or simpler to cope up with!


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Iyer Sir

Well, I am lucky to have people around me who keep on giving me feedback, along with myself guilty of being in right/wrong relationships at various points of life. But, at the end of the day if i am writing something like this, it means i have learned something from these relationships. Hope, i have done justice to it.


sujata said...

what an utter provokation to write one on males!!! my fingers are itching, and am remembering the wet towel on the bed this morning, the slippers flopped around, yesterday's office wear hung on the door..eeeeow, I am getting angry right now...males!!!!

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Sujata Di

lol, So finally i got someone provoked, purpose solved for writing this post. Though personally i never expected in my wildest dreams its going to be you! But on the other hand, what do you think provoked me to write this post in the first place. On blogosphere, 90 percent of the time what i see is male bashing. Females dominate the blogosphere (may be because they have more time on hand than males), and all they do is keep on cribbing about males. And btw, first 2 points were not at all related to male-female. They were about general nature about women and their eccentricities. Somebody needs to stand among all this male bashing, i took the plunge. And do you know as a result of this post, i have already read 2 more male bashing posts today in the blogs i follow. Talk about inspiration, take that!


Heavenly Muse said...

somehow bitter....but true indeed....

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Heavenly Muse

Its an extreme view of seeing the things,so it contains all kind of emotions!

Keep Coming,

I, Me and Myself said...

ahem ahem...amit am i suposed to hate u fr d post...well yes a bit...but right now i am laughing like could u hate us soooo much...

1. i think the serials are crap and i hate them because they always shows us as the abla nari who cannot do anything for her life..which i agree is a bull shit..

2. well yes we bitch a lot...i wouldnt disagree with u...i have done that too...but i have seen men comment more than us...though i wldnt commit the dressing faux-pa but have the habit too...n i have seen guys coming wid pink hairs and spikes..with gel and then bitch abt the other guys...this is solely out f experience...

3. oh i am not a cleanish fetish but i prefer things in an orderly dat when u need something u dont have to look for ur files under the bed and ur pen under the pillow...thats where i usually find my brothers pen and i crib abt it to him every single day...he hates me fr it...

4. i hate i completely agree here...
but only part amit i didnt agree was that even though u try n please us and shower all ur affection on us...but i think its equally vice-versa or even more...we love u guys...and care for u as much as u do for us...we are the ones waiting late in d night for u to return so u can get a hot meal...i hve hardly seen u guys waiting...we are expected to suposedly compromise with ur if u do, y does it become a big deal...i think it shuld be mutual...but i hate women who dont respect their husbands...but same goes vice-versa agn...

5. well i dont think u guys ever stop desiring us...the puzzle is way too challenging for u guys...well yes i have seen that and honestly speaking i have used the emotional blackmail myself to my bro but thats 1ce in a blue moon...not usually :P

6. i completely agree here...

7. well no comments here...

overall enjoyable...honestly no girl here would understand whether to hate u or not..

but great post..

oops long comment..

Manju said...

so much hatred! i feel offended .... okay not really haha

oh well, if a woman finds more pleasure in her lipstick than a kiss, then her man must not be such a great kisser after all....just sayin..

'I hate them because all of such kind of women have monstrous obsessions about certain things in life and they never confess them, a little because they don't have the guts to be themselves'

euhhh wtf

i've got my priorities straight but still materialistic things like new boots,pretty dresses or sexy lingerie make me happy. that's being myself and i won't pretend otherwise.

does your type of woman wear only grandma knickers and shapeless clothes?duhh

Hopeless Romantic said...


Typical female response of putting all the blame on the male. Anyways, see the response to Mara on the same point.

Exactly,you are being yourself and in turn you (as in females) are highly materialistic by nature. Sometimes, they themselves don't realise how their obsessions is indirectly affecting other people. I would have preferred if you were not that personal with "my kind of women" because i was not talking about myself here in particular, i was talking on behalf of male species. Personally, speaking i love sexy lingerie on my kind of women, but it was not about my preferences here. It was about women habits which are so fundamentally rooted and ingrained in the worse possible manner that however hard you try to make it 10 percent better, its all in vain. After all relationships are about adjustments.


AnjuGandhi said...

thanx for dropping by my blog and laving your imprints behind.
i enjoyed reading your reflections on woman psychology here. will post my comments later on. that means i will follow your blog regularly and will come back
but you keep visiting my blog and please donot forget to leave your comments

Samadrita said...

Hey you're tagged in my last post.Be sure to check it out :P

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for visiting my space, please feel free to post your comments here. Would love to see you around!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks for tagging me, i will do it later on sometime next week, too tied with assignments at this time! responding to comments is my break time :D


Hopeless Romantic said...


I love girls, and for one day - you can hate anyone, but not more than that :D

1) Well, I don't think there is any issue in showing social issues concerning women, but when it goes regressive and it shows, the females taking crap from their husbands, it just gets too much. Though the serial fads is over i guess, its more of real drama now :D

2) The kind of guys you are talking about is extremely low in Indian society, whereas the kind of females i was talking about, it can be seen anywhere. A little harmeless bitching everyone does and is fine with me, but when you keep on doing day in and day out, constantly, it just gets too much to handle. But the main point here was not bitching, but the double standards of females when it comes to comparing their attires with other women

3) The example with your brother is alright to me, its just that some people become freaky about it and that was my only concern in this point.

4) I agree totally that we both require each other, and no one is irreplaceable or belong to the higher order. My only issue is with certain women who gets completely berserk with their materialistic requirements upto such a point that they start ignoring the males who are doing his level best to bring the comfort and safety in their lives.

5) Well, if that's the case, probably you should either get a bf of talk to someone who has a bf, you would now how girls can utilize their emotional powers to make way for themselves. They can be real bitches in doing that.

Don't worry about girls, they love me in any case :D

A mature comment from your side, keep coming!


Hopeless Romantic said...


Ok, so i am finally here to reply your all exclusive comment. Apologies for not replying it before, but i was running busy with deadlines and assignment submissions and i wanted time to answer this. So, here we go...

1) Pretty much true, See response to Shweta above as well. Some of the real drama serials are quite sickening. I said, they become better drama queens. they are born drama queens, no question about that !

2) Well, question was not what males do, but what females do and with such hypocrite standards. I don't think so men dissect women or men's attires with such precision or detailing. And as far as your question of 'brimming on the shores of open sexuality" goes, well blame it on low waist jeans. But more than the men, i think girls show off more of their visible pantylines and bra straps. I personally know (used to know!) of a pervert girl who used to open the top two buttons of her shirt during practical VIVA in engineering exams. Talk about sexuality usages, take that ! ( btw, i love Red jockeys, gives you a feeling of superman :D)

3) Let me know what your mom says about it .

4) Endless love, an oxymoron. Comparing love with all materialistic things is disgusting. We always provide the love, but you girls always want reasons to prove our love, and that invariably comes from such materialistic things. That's the beauty of this point and the worse part in girls.

5) Stop self praising yourself, strategist my foot :D All drama, good for nothing. Making all the scenes, emotional atyaachar to the core. *shrugs*

6) I had a problem with it if i was not materialistic myself, which is not true. We all are materialistic at some moment, but you don't have to show off always. Girls are guilty of showing off their newest things to the closest friend or kitty party wali auntie. Not only this, they always keep certain things up their sleeves so that they can emotionally blackmail males for more and more materialistic things.

7) I had said enough on this, see responses to Mara, Samadrita and Manju. More on this, in a post later this month.

These puzzles will never be solved, so me and you both will always enjoy this journey, since the destination is impossible to reach.


Spark Star said...

One line: This post is Desperation unleashed !!!

to which you shall say: truth is bitter. cuz you are a woman.

and I shall say: That's a attempt to thrust a highly frustrated ranting about the better sex!!! :P after all you are the frustrated lot. Grapes are sour. right? So keep on bitching :P

Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Spark Star

Well, i don't think so it was desperation in any sense. It was a honest and blunt interpretation of some of the facts about women, just like someone can write about men too.

Grow out of your village mentality and see more of the world, and specifically what goes with women and in their relationships in the metros. This post has a label - life in a metro, this is not to discuss about life in some of the backward areas of India, where even the basic necessities are not done. And if you say, men are frustrated lot, well then women are also to be blamed partially for it, after all its women who make disgusting rules to first stop women from going out and making them frustrated. So, share the blame and the repercussions and the sour grapes too !