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October 18, 2009

The Journey of Love Ends Now.....

Alright folks, here is the end ! The emotional journey of love completes now on this blog. No more mushy, corny, horny, teary and random ranting posts!

And you may be tempted to ask, why? well i would say,changes! They are good in life; they always keep you on tenter hooks, they keep you guessing about the enigmatic vicissitudes of life, they create roadblocks in otherwise smooth path of life, but eventually they help you in becoming a better person in life. So keeping in notice about certain changes in my life,
I am keeping the pen (rather the keyboard!) down on this blog from today!

I am not really sure when i am going to come back, may be never, may be later! I am not deleting the blog, but I am not going to post any new stuff on this blog. But since this space has been so special in every way to me and it carries such memories which i am going to cherish all my life, I will continue replying to comments on this or any other earlier written posts. I can also be reached via e-mail on But that will be all from my side on this blog........

And this may sound a farewell speech, but a big thank you to all those lovely blogger friends who have diligently read me in all these months, a big thank you to all those lovely anonymous readers who used to send me e-mails from fake ids, a big thank you to all those people who loved to be the first one to comment on any posts on this blog, a big thank you to the immense enthusiasm and constructive criticism which you have showered on me, all that has helped me becoming a better writer and hopefully, a better human being.

And yes, before i go, i forgot to tell you, always remember: From the love laced '5500 fictional tales' to lust laced 'Sex and the city' blog labels; From the hopelessness to the romanticism of the love dipped anecdotes; From the platonic half love relationships to facilitating full love interpersonal relationships; From the resonance of love ballads to the ricocheting lust filled rants; among all these emotional roller coaster rides of life, lust and love, there will always exists an ever internal - The Hopeless Romantic :-)

PS: Alvida, Sayonaara, bye, naa.....Hum hain rahi Pyaar ke, phir milenge chalthe chalthe, may be in a new world, may be in a new setting, may be in a new space, and may be, just may be with a new Hopeless Romantic ;-)

October 15, 2009

Why Love Is Always New?

Is love new when you start missing 1 am mushy mobile calls or when the calls of your heart don't find it's respective network? Is love new when the ego inflates to such imposable proportions that you actually start hurting yourself more than others?
Is love new when you shout your lungs out for Mumbai Indians just to please someone but from inside your heart you are dying to see Delhi Daredevils win the match? Is love new when you know about your closed one's bra size or she knows about your underwear size? Is love new when Harry Potter kissed Cho Chang in The order of the Phoenix or is it when the same love potion starts spilling in your life too?

Is love new when you decides to buy white tulips for your to-be-girlfriend and she decides to propose your best friend on the same day? Is love new when you pamper your sweetheart more during her periods or when she treats you like a kid while handling with all your mood swings? Is love new when you decide to code a interface at work using the worse possible coding standards because you want to rush to meet someone special at Cafe Coffee day in the evening?
Is love new when your best friend's love marriage breaks because there is no space left in relationship for anger and hurt? Is love new when seeing the first day first show of a movie becomes so important that it can give you indirect promotion in your project team? Is love new when the wave of affection emanates from the by lanes of Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi and culminates at the Greater Noida expressway in the half-moon struck night?

Is love new when the heartbreaks move beyond unmeasurable proportions of anger and resentment or when spells of heart-makes glue them together? Is love new when your best project mate silently adores you and helps in making sure you reach your adorable destination on time? Is love new when fight emanates over a question which always remains unanswered who is better actor/star - Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan? Is love new when you stand in a queue for three hours to get two tickets to watch IPL match when your cutie-pie has already decided to book it online? Is love new when her slap-dash hair laced face in the morning after the night out makes you start writing romantic poetry?
Is love new when a men and women clash with their professional ambitions and personal admiration's? Is love new when your ex-girl friend's arrange marriage break because there is no space left in relationship for care and affection?

Is love new when the ass-lickers to your project manager makes sure your hard work goes down the company's drain and your girl friend's brain? Is love new when the percentiles of Mock CAT exams start going down or when the performances of Mock Love-AT exams start going up? Is love new when an auto driver will be the blessing in disguise for you or is it when an online friend becomes a pain in the ass? Is love new when it becomes sweetest of all sensations or is it when it becomes rarest of all relations? Is love new from the lounge rooms of your home to the boardrooms of your office? Is love new when you start believing the nutcases around you or is it when they start massaging your balls with warm Olive oil?

Is love new when you start thinking from your private parts and not from your brain cells? Is love new when you watch her gasping in delight and bask in delirium? Is love new when you reach a pretzel zone of entwined bodies or is it when entourage of various bodies become the bottom line? Is love new when you build a multistory building of trust or is it when you go zip zap zoom blindly with someone? Is love new when your atheist feelings will break because of someone's utter showers of devotion towards God?

Is love new when it breaks relationships in life or when it creates newer pastures of companionship? Is love new when its enigmatic nature makes you go through the up and down on your heart's lake surface? Is love new when it brings the smiles across all our faces or is it when it streaks the tear down our cheeks? Is love new when you are being so purposefully cryptic to safeguard details or when you want to scream out the secret in open?

PS: As the final quest begin in answering all these questions one by one, as the mystery unfolds in front of all of us, and as life throws surprises every now and then, we realise among all these emotional roller coaster rides of life, lust and relationships, that Love is always new!

October 9, 2009

Bollywood in 1980's : A Period Of Classics!

Hello all ! This is the fourth part in the Bollywood series covering my favourite movies from 1980's, having already written about the same in the first part (1950's), the second part (1960's), and the third part (1970's). Here is the latest one from the 1980's .....

1) Arth (1982)

One of the best films coming from the filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, ‘Arth’ was known to be based on his relationship with the late actress Parveen Babi. The film had two of the best actresses of Hindi cinema, Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil pitted against each other resulting in some super-volatile performances. The soulful songs rendered by Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh were truly beautiful. The film is about the complexities of an extra-marital relationship from the points of view of the husband (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), the wife (Shabana Azmi) and the mistress (Smita Patil). Shabana excelled in the role of a wronged wife and gave the character a certain dignity hitherto absent in such roles despite the scene when in a drunken state she calls her husband’s mistress a whore publicly. But Smita walked away with the accolades as a guilt ridden, insecure ‘other woman’ and her final scene with Shabana when in a hallucination she picks up the imaginary
mangalsutra beads of Shabana shakes you up completely. Give it a try, and you will surely not be disappointed with this love-hate saga.

2) Jaane Bhi do Yaaron (1983)

You just can’t watch this film and then once you have watched it, you can’t stop talking about it. One of the most brilliant satires coming out of Hindi cinema, ‘Jane Bhi Do Yaaron’ has some of the brightest actors of Hindi cinema. The film is about two simple and honest photographer friends, Naseeruddin Shah and Ravi Vaswani. By chance they witness a murder and are dragged into the corrupt real estate deals with politicians and bureaucrats. Actors like Pankaj Kapoor, Om Puri, Satish Shah and Satish Kaushik shared some incredibly funny scenes in the film. People remember the outrageously funny dialogues of the film like Naseeruddin Shah’s "Thoda khao, thoda phenko”, Om Puri’s "Oye DMello, Tu to gaya". They are definitely some of the most memorable lines from this laugh riot. Some of the funniest scenes include a drunk Om Puri trying to help Satish Shah’s dead body to start his ‘car’ (coffin) and the million times copied now, famous modern Ramlila scene are absolutely side-splitting. I watched this movie last month again, and it made me feel like watching it again and again till my browser started screaming, not any more :D

3) Mr.India (1987)

Shekhar Kapoor’s ‘Mr. India’ had all the ingredients required for the superhit status that it acquired. A superhero like protagonist, great plot, Sridevi at her sexiest best, catchy songs and Hindi cinema’s most adorable villain, ‘Mogambo’. Anil Kapoor as the guy who had the power to go invisible was just awesome in the film. Amrish Puri’s menacing act as Mogambo was not just a turning point in his career but also the most memorable comic-book-villain-acts in Hindi cinema. The audiences were thrilled every time Amrish Puri glared down at them with his fiercely bulbous eyes sporting an atrocious blond wig and garish knee high silver heeled boots. They came back again and again to hear him mouth possibly the most repeated line of Hindi cinema (post 80s), ‘Mogambo khush hua’. Children loved the film for its special effects and the kiddie brigade taking on the villain. The grown ups couldn’t get enough of Sridevi in one of the most erotic 'wet saree’ (blue clingy chiffon) songs ever in Hindi films, ‘Kaate Nahin kat te’. Anil kapoor in the scene where he discovered the gadget to go invisible is so kiddish that you instantly fall in love with him. To go along with all these, was a brilliant child brigade who touched your heart at every moment in the film.

4) Qayamat se Qayamat tak (1988)

Aamir Khan’s debut film, ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ made him an instant heartthrob. ‘QSQT’ is one of the landmark films of Hindi cinema. It was a welcome break from the violent 70s and 80s with all and sundry doing their ‘angry young man’ act. Even the original ‘angry young man’ was no longer angry. ‘QSQT’ was a simple youthful love story with a fresh look at doomed romance. It is about a star-crossed young couple from traditional feuding families a la ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The young lovers elope and are chased by their parents. When they find no hope for their love they decide to die and make their love immortal. The film was a blockbuster making Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla household names. Written by veteran producer/director Nasir Hussain and directed by his son Mansoor Khan, this one film changed everyone's careers. Not many people know that Juhi Chawla who won the Miss India title was actually offered the role of Draupadi in the mega television series 'Mahabharata', which she turned down to do QSQT. And as they say, rest is history!

5) Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

"Dosti ki hain, nibhani to padegi hi", is probably the most repeated quote in a friendship, valid even now and often repeated. This flick, directed by the first timer Sooraj Barjatiya and coming from the 'clean image' family entertainer production house of Rajshri movies was instrumental in many ways. It brought back the family dramas and romantic comedies once again into business, after almost a decade of nonsensical Bollywood
action flicks. It made a star out of Salman khan, who has earlier debuted in a small role as the hero's side kick in 'Biwi ho to aisi'. It brought the merchandise of film items back into business. Remember, those "FRIENDS" caps, mufflers, and bags. Though Bhagyashree, heroine of the movie failed to take advantage of this big break, as she decided to marry and work only with his husband. Even though couple of producers were so desperate to cash on her popularity that they even decided to work with both of them, only to realise the potential fatalities related to it later on. The songs of the movie, be it 'Dil deewana','Mere rang mein rangne wali', 'Aaja shaam hone aayi', or my favourite 'Aate jaate', everyone was a gem in its own. Not to forget, the parody of songs during the 'Antakshari scene' which become such a rage, that every time after the release of the movie, in weddings it became part of the auspicious celebrations. A must watch for any movie buff!

6) Parinda (1989)

Directed and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, it is considered to be one of the turning point in reality Hindi cinema, as it dealt with the real life of Indian underworld gangsters and their complex relationships with the residents in the city of Mumbai. Starring Jackie shroff, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit in the lead roles, it was India's official entry for the 1990 Academy award for Best Foreign language. Although it lacked the visceral punch of RGV's Satya in 1998, still its acclaim and influence can no longer be discredited. Nana patekar was edgy and memorably offbeat as the fire-phobic mob boss. Although the movie's pace gets slow down due to unnecessary songs punched in, this is still a worth of a watch due to sheer dynamic performances by the principal cast.

7) Agneepath (1990)

The title of this movie was taken from a poem penned by Harivansh rai Bacchann, father of the main protogonist of the film, Amitabh Bacchaaan, who immortalised the character of 'Vijay Dena nath chauhan'. Ironically, this is the only movie till date for which AB has won a national award for best actor even though he has acted in numerous hits of 70's and the 80's. Produced by Yash Johar and directed by the extremely short lived talent house, Mukul.S.Anand, it brought
loads of praise for him the way he handled the sensitivity of the characters. Mithun Chakarboarthy and Rohini Hattangadi won the national award for best supporting actor and actress respectively for this movie. Quite a few of the scenes were actually inspired from the 1983 movie Alpachino's enacted 'Scarface', along with a few background scores. The believable characters in real situations make this movie a worth watch.

PS: Feel free to add other of your favourite movies from this era. Some of the notable omissions of this period are as follows:

a) Karz - probably the best reincarnation drama in Bollywood.
b) Love story - When Kumar Gaurv took the world by storm, only to see the downside later on.
c) Saaransh - Anupam Kher's Best performance till date.
d) Mashaal - One of the most realistic movies ever made by Yash Chopra.
e) Masoom - One of the Best Parent-child movie ever made in Hindi Cinema, Songs to die for!

Next up will be the movies from 1990's. Cheers, stay well, and happy movie watching!


October 2, 2009

The day when Hopeless Romantic was born...

29 October, 2005 :: Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

4:30 pm, @ Air Deccan Counter, Domestic terminal 1A

"What, but i have got my tickets booked last night, just check properly, its just not possible", he said to the lady across the counter while taking out his mobile to call the travel agent again.

"Sir, I have checked. But this is not a confirmed ticket. Only if the flight is overbooked, or there are any last minute cancellations, we can give you a ticket. Please wait till then", she said and immediately moved on to the next person in the line.

He moved, searching the last dialed called history on his mobile as he heard another person, storming up and down the airport entrance area...

" Sid man, this Indian airlines has fucked me again, as usual pending ticket at the end. Now i have shifted myself to Air Deccan, still waiting for the confirmation from them for the flight to Kolkata", he said it irritatingly, playing with the strap of his black bag on the right shoulder.

He looked at him once again carefully, trying to figure out where he has seen him last, his face seems so recognizable, still not able to point out exactly about his identity. His mind was trying to play a game of hide and seek in trying to guess the stranger, when an announcement for his name broke down his reverie. He moved to the Air Deccan counter..

"Sir, a couple has cancelled his ticket, so there are two seats available. We are issuing you the boarding pass but we still cannot guarantee that seats will be available in the flight as due to some system error, the flight was over booked. You need to wait 20 minutes before the flight take off to confirm this boarding pass. Otherwise, we need to put you to next flight to Kolkata on 8pm. Till then, please go through all the security measures through this door", She completed explaining the whole process and pointed towards the Air Deccan entrance gate...

He picked the boarding pass, and started moving and realised that same man was standing behind him in the queue, patiently waiting for his turn so that the lady across the counter can attend to him...

5:15 pm, @ Airport waiting lounge, Domestic terminal 1A

He went through the security check up, and sat across the empty chairs to catch up some moments of rest. It has been a tiring day for him, but excitement was still not completed yet ...

The same man whom he met outside airport came and sat across on the chairs, still talking on his mobile. His mind again got entangled in trying to recollect his identity. At times, he felt he is close to cracking the nut, but still it was becoming a perfect case of so near, yet so far. He saw him moving towards the wash room and he closed his tired eyes, in an effort to make them relax. But as he shut down his eyes, again an announcement voiced asking him to meet at the Air Deccan counter.....

5:30 pm, @ Airport waiting lounge, Domestic terminal 1A

His boarding pass got confirmed in the Air Deccan flight, and he started moving towards the same seat where he was sitting before, and saw the same bespectacled guy again sitting there, but this time just to its next seat.

"Hi, i just saw you outside the airport, i am not able to recall you, Do we know each other?", he said making first move to solve the riddle.

The guy told his name, and lightening immediately struck him - he saw him two nights before on TV in a chat show discussing about his latest book. He was an author and his latest writing piece has hit the book stands last weekend. He got ecstatic, and started talking to him...

"I have read your first book, and i really liked it. It was different, it was cool, and it had so many moments of dark humour", "But what made you write this one on such a weird topic as your second book."

"Dude, i needed to break the shackles. I actually wanted my second book to be my first book, but then when you need to break into a new field from your current profession, you got to make compromises. I am not saying my first book was a compromise, it is still a part of very special me and my life in one of the premier institute of India. But this second effort is more of what i always wanted to write. A contemporary theme, dark characters and a story with a message in the end without being preachy. I wanted to retain the same characteristics as first one but still wanted to convey different theme this time to express myself. And that's what writing is all about." " Do you also write?", he stopped by asking the question.

He listened patiently to him, and asked again, " I read a lot, but i am not sure i can write. I don't feel i have the patience to write anything though there is a burning ambition somewhere in the corner of my heart."

He replied, " well, in just one short sentence, you told me two things about you. You read a lot, this is first step in becoming a good writer. Because how much you can think about good ideas, if you don't read well, you can't bring the punch in your writing. Secondly, you are impatient and you have a burning ambition. That's perfect. As a writer, you need to have that fire in your belly to be different. To write something which makes a difference to the lives of people who read you. It doesn't matter how many people read it, but it needs to make a straight impact when someone reads you first time. The rest of the things can take its due time and path. But just keep reading and start writing. And I hope there is nothing which Stops you.", he stopped to take a pause and then asked again " Tell me,which is one thing you read the most?"

He said, "basically fiction, most of the time. I love reading about relationships and their complexities. About the issues surrounding relationships specially in the complex society like ours. There is always so much to say and discuss".

"Then why don't you start writing about it, because its much easier to write about what you read and identify the most", he said as his words were interjected by an announcement of his name. He went and came back with his final boarding pas. The other cancelled ticket from that couple was his ticket. Both of them were on the same flight, waiting in the lounge for their tickets to get confirmed that evening.....

8:15 pm, @ Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport, Air Deccan baggage collection counter

"So dude, all the best to you! I hope you start something positive, The guy tapped on his shoulder to say a final good bye as he was collecting his luggage from the counter.

"Thanks a lot and all the best to you too. Hope you write many more books for us in the future", He replied and saw him exiting out of airport gates. He was going, leaving behind a resolute man; determined to start writing, writing which will make people laugh, writing which will make people cry, writing which will make people think and writing which will help me becoming a better human being....

PS: The writer who met in the lounge and travelled in that Delhi-Kolkata flight was Chetan Bhagat, famous author of best selling novels like - Five Point Someone, One night at Call Center and Three Mistakes of my Life. And you must have guessed by now, who was the other guy - yours truly, The Hopeless Romantic !

PPS: Oh ya, btw 27 years ago on 3 Oct, I was actually born today, so if you want you can wish me Happy Birthday! :D

PPPS: And Just in case you are wondering, why out of the blue, on my birthday, i have started talking about writing and writers here in this post; well, wait and watch this blog space for more in the coming weeks ....