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May 1, 2010

Life Impossible....may be, not yet !

Sometimes life gets too hectic, too erratic, too clumsy or worse too depressing. You feel like being in a closed dungeon and the darkness starts engulfing you from all sides. You feel like scratching the walls so hard with your nails that its screeching noise can make you deaf. The palpable irritation start taking such insurmountable proportions that you feel like hitting the wall with both hands. The heaviness in your heart makes even the rocky road of the life lighter in weight and practicalness, in that order.

Your trust factor with fellow human beings start going down at the rate of your heartbeat. Your life moves on from one work assignment to another in a sequential manner as if nothing new happened because there is no time to reflect back. Eating your favourite dish makes you pitiful from inside because it is not shared on the table with anyone. Pursuing your hobbies makes you deplorable because it doesn't give you the same enjoyment or satisfaction. You start saying wrong things at the wrong time and feel like a crazy man who has no business being on this stage of life. The sadness inside makes you cringe outside, the numbness outside makes you miserable inside. You feel like something is lost, something is hidden from you and in the process of overcoming it, you try to find the hidden treasures of life in stupid FB games.

But at the end of the day, life is not that bad. Prioritizing goals and ideas takes you forward. You may stray away from it once in a while, but the passion which you will exude throughout is going to win one day. Always have a goal, have an ultimate idea in mind. Nothing wrong in taking advice or inspiration from any person - be living or dead. Be read to adjust the idea as you go through - it is the adjustment which is crucial to the final outcome.

Gradually sadness starts to faint away from your heart, giving away a feeling of heavy blanket being lifted from your shoulders. It is only when you are close to your goal, you start getting jittery. Self doubts starts a game of utter idiotic permeableness through your veins. Self criticism starts a new sine wave of insinuations through the body cells. It is at that very exact moment, you need to stop, think, rewind, reorganize and go all out...Because at the end however life is moves on. And whether you like it or not, it will invariably takes you to a destination you won't regret ever again.


oRange* said...

Needed just this right now.

suruchi said...

Hi Amit...
The grind in the first two paragraphs was so well defined that I felt I was being sucked into a black hole myself...
I can't say that I understand how you feel...coz each one of us has our own different battles to fight...

But then I can say 'we are all fighting...n if we are all lonely..then does that not unite us in a common chord?'

I am so glad though that it ended on a positive note...
Coz I expect nothing else but that from your end...
You exude love for life and fun and i hope that fact always remain irreversible:-) is not that bad...and we all are here...maybe not physically...but there somewhere:-)

Sameera said...

I don't know if any other followers noticed this or it just me over observing things... what is with you...? CHANGE..? It is not like the old Amit. .. you are just more vocal about things relating to you. Anyway I like you both.. the old and the new!

Nik said...

Dude, I really have started believing in our coincidences!

The work part you wrote, when you have to shift from one assignment to the next and theres no time to throw a review, thats exactly what is going around me these days too.

When you dont get time to look back, what do you feel in the end? You are lost somewhere! Lost the track of your life.

Nice post, and yes, "Life is a bitch." :P or atleast it seems to be....

Nice writeup :)

The Survivor said...

Good Post!!

mêlée said...

hai lou zindagi, zindagi noor hai.
magar isme jalneki dastoor hai..
Gulzar said n I loved it :)
lets say cheers to life!

Hopeless Romantic said...


That's nice to hear...keep smiling :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Melee

Thanks for those lines, cheers surely for life :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ The survivor

Thanks :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@ Sameera

I think i was always vocal about my likings and dislikings, may be not so much me as a person. Times change, situations in those times change and people also change. After all, just like love - life is also always new!


Richa Sharma said...

Your post reminded me of these lines from a song
"Dil na-ummeed to nahin, nakaam hi to hai,
Lambi hai gham ki sham magar sham hi to hai..."

Loved the line "you try to find the hidden treasures of life in stupid FB games...."

But the best part was the positive direction you gave to the post in the end. Hope, whenever Life touches troughs for you, the bright beautiful turns are just around the corner :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


The point is not the positive or negative direction. It is about the path you travel, how easily you can travel it. Most of the times either you do not know where are you travelling or you can't help travelling in the wrong direction. In the end, it is only the self belief which carries you forward. Beautiful corners are not found, they are made most of the time.