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May 2, 2010

Movies which have stayed with me - 1

Sometimes you watch certain movies which stay with you all the time. They may be box office failures, but are always close to your heart. They are considered to be way ahead of times; either in terms of issues, emotions or twists. I just thought of writing about such movies, which influenced my thinking in some way or make me chuckle big time. Here is the first list...

It was one of the last few released movies starring Sanjeev Kumar. He portrays a theater artist who meets with an accident in saving his wife (played by Sarika) during one of the rehearsals. He goes blind and the wife begins an extra-marital affair with his best friend and theater group owner (played by Marc Zuber). Sanjeev Kumar comes to know about the affair soon, there by begins a silent journey of revenge which eventually leads to Sarika's murder. The whole 'management' of the crime is startling, though the court room portions are portrayed far from the reality. The re-organization of the crime makes you chuckle even though you know it is not a practical situation. The hounding song sung by the street beggar (played by Ashok Kumar) comes at the most appropriate times in the movies and goes tremendously with the flow of the story. There are lot of questions marks in the movie which has no answer, like - why didn't the husband confronts his wife even once? why he feels so strongly about murdering her and not his partner? But at the end of the film, what is left with you is a brooding performance by Sanjeev Kumar. I consider him as one of the most underplayed and most underestimated actors of the previous generation. This one act is a must watch...

2) Samay (2003):

I am a great fan of serial killers, albeit it requires great story telling and finesse to make one into taut thrillers. Sushmita Sen is in the lead playing a super cop ACP Malvika Chauhan, who has been entrusted with the investigation of a murder of an industrialist. They can't make much progress on the case since there is nothing left behind - no fingerprints, no clue, no tips. Till another murder happens, and then another and it starts becoming a pattern. Reality stuck, and she realise that they are dealing with a dangerous killer - though completely ignorant of his personal vendatta with Malvika. Numerous twists and turns later, the movie ends on a sad and ironic note of deceit and disappointment. Even though there are certain questions unanswered in the end, it is watchable due to sheer honesty of performances from its cast. Like other Bollywood thrillers, it doesn't veer off to any romantic track or slapstick comedy. And that's what makes it so exciting. Do catch this one...

It stars Vinay pathak as a 37 year old simpleton Amar Kaul, who lives with his mother (obsessed of watching TV) in a small apartment. He is unmarried, shy and on the top of it - has a nasty boss in Sourabh Shukla who hardly watches while eating and scolding him. On a routine visit to the doctor, it is revealed that he is suffering from stomach cancer and does not have much time to live by. Thus begins a 'bucket-list' kind of journey where he decides to live his remaining life by completing 10 wishes. An old 'Anand' like concept, but it surely brought a lump in my throat. It is heartbreaking, ironic and humorous in equal proportions. Many interesting characters come across in this journey, some of which stay with you long after you have finished watching it. My personal favourite is the incident with Neha Dhupia, with whom Amar was in love but never confessed. When he meets her, she is married with a beautiful daughter and an ideal husband. But at the end of the day, before leaving her - he confesses love without any words. Excellent cameos by Gaurav Ghera and Ranvir shorey adds to the teary tale and makes you feel the irony of life. A poignant story, which touches all the right chords at the right time in your heart.

4) Gulaal (2009)

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, it is an endlessly fascinating movie about politics and the youth, about love and betrayal, about reform and revenge. It has a solid drama at its core, and a series of excellent performances that by the time you finish the film, it is difficult to decide which is the best one. The second half careens anarchistically into nonsense, character consistency damned for the sake of high drama. It's political drama is a metaphor for the fundamentalist parties like MNS and Shiv Sena. However, there are few over indulgences too...There are some half baked characters like that of Jessie Randhawa and that blue beast dancing across the home all the time. The masterstroke in the movie is its music and brutual lyrics by Piyush Mishra, specially the renovated version of Sarfaroshi ki tamanna or even an current affair update Ranaaji. I'm not even going to enter the film's political flaws here, but it was one of the few films that remained watchable to the very end - even if all we did see was a firecracker fizzle out. You feel the catharsis, you feel the irony and the brutality.

PS: Is there any movie which stayed with you all the time but was a box office failure? Is there any movie which you can watch again and again? Is there any movie which makes you nostalgic or gives you goosebumps every time you watch it? Do share....cheers!

May 1, 2010

Life Impossible....may be, not yet !

Sometimes life gets too hectic, too erratic, too clumsy or worse too depressing. You feel like being in a closed dungeon and the darkness starts engulfing you from all sides. You feel like scratching the walls so hard with your nails that its screeching noise can make you deaf. The palpable irritation start taking such insurmountable proportions that you feel like hitting the wall with both hands. The heaviness in your heart makes even the rocky road of the life lighter in weight and practicalness, in that order.

Your trust factor with fellow human beings start going down at the rate of your heartbeat. Your life moves on from one work assignment to another in a sequential manner as if nothing new happened because there is no time to reflect back. Eating your favourite dish makes you pitiful from inside because it is not shared on the table with anyone. Pursuing your hobbies makes you deplorable because it doesn't give you the same enjoyment or satisfaction. You start saying wrong things at the wrong time and feel like a crazy man who has no business being on this stage of life. The sadness inside makes you cringe outside, the numbness outside makes you miserable inside. You feel like something is lost, something is hidden from you and in the process of overcoming it, you try to find the hidden treasures of life in stupid FB games.

But at the end of the day, life is not that bad. Prioritizing goals and ideas takes you forward. You may stray away from it once in a while, but the passion which you will exude throughout is going to win one day. Always have a goal, have an ultimate idea in mind. Nothing wrong in taking advice or inspiration from any person - be living or dead. Be read to adjust the idea as you go through - it is the adjustment which is crucial to the final outcome.

Gradually sadness starts to faint away from your heart, giving away a feeling of heavy blanket being lifted from your shoulders. It is only when you are close to your goal, you start getting jittery. Self doubts starts a game of utter idiotic permeableness through your veins. Self criticism starts a new sine wave of insinuations through the body cells. It is at that very exact moment, you need to stop, think, rewind, reorganize and go all out...Because at the end however life is moves on. And whether you like it or not, it will invariably takes you to a destination you won't regret ever again.