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June 24, 2010

Silence: Pin-drop silence, Dead-drop silence !!

Silence is just not the lack of audible sound. It is the not even the lack of communication with the outside world. It is realised when it invades the inside world. It is not the disconnectedness from the external self which should bother, it is when the connection within you starts breaking down - it is the time to feel the real silence. You keep quiet because you don't know want others to feel the anger within you. You found the glimmer of truth, tidbit of compassion, the transparency of love within this silence. Silence is there, in our moods, in our thoughts, in our moments. Silence is the running cover in our entire life, fearing us, fretting us, wrapping us. Silence is beyond will, beyond understanding, beyond anyone's intellect.

Silence just not get observed, it anticipates what others are going to do in your life. Silence becomes a symbol of brutal hurt and agony. Silence becomes a sign of the overbearing memories that burdens your soul. Silence is marked by repression of your soul, it becomes a sign of inherent exclusiveness. Silence start it's own rhythms and melodies, it's denoting periods start making a dynamic impact. Silence becomes your strongest weapon - use it for an argument, use it for a gesture, use it as a proof of proposition, use it for execution, use it as ignorance or worse - use it to hasten decay of a demoralised soul, demean it, beat it, rape it, kill it, fuck it. It won't say anything, won't give back anything except the silence.

The silent mind brings the spiritual connection inside you. A silent mind is free from the onslaught of thoughts and thoughts of onslaught. Silence is the ultimate reality with oneself, or one's true self. Silence is the transformation which integrates and manifests the spiritual growth inside. Silence is the time to speak to your heart, mind and the soul. Silence is there, somewhere, inside you, outside you, every single moment of you and your life. Silence allows the universe to contemplate where it is going. Silence materializes all the existence of the matter. Silence is the one which can contain silence within - no one else could, no one else would. Silence is the mystery of the mind, it is facet of freaky fights of life. Silence is beyond depth of our capacity to understand, yet it is as shallow containing our understanding.

Silence is what makes us consciously aware of the realities, silence is what takes us consciously away from the reality. The awareness of silence is not the consciousness of being, yet it is the silence which is the very space of being. Silence makes us deny oneself, silence is what makes one permeates everything and permit anything. Silence allows us to be and oneself, because it is the silence which contains the final truth, the final hope, the final start, the final stop and beyond. All we need to do now is find the final word - A pure silence.


gargi said...


Hopeless Romantic said...


So is silence....


Aeish said...

Silence is beautiful and so is the post!

Hopeless Romantic said...




Anonymous said...

Silence is religion.
Silence is faith.

A beautifully written piece.

From a silent fan, who lurks somewhere in the silence of the cyber world..


akd said...

it seems u r in deep love with silence.....

Suresh Kumar said...

Quite different from ur earlier writings..
But silence of others can be torturous to us.

The Rugged Heiress said...

I'm reading you after a long long time and man what an intense post, very well written. Silence is the ultimate.

SatyU said...

Its beautiful :)
I agree with every single word you said..
Silence :)


Rishi said...



Hopeless Romantic said...


I acknowledge your silence :)

no worries,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, i was always in love with silence. It helps in sorting out a lot of complexities in life without creating too much fuss.


Hopeless Romantic said...


True, i wrote this piece keeping both the sides in mind. Sometimes we want people to speak, doesn't matter what.
People just forget to do it.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Welcome back, thanks for reading me again! have fun in blogging!


Hopeless Romantic said...


I silently hoped people don't relate to this post, because if they did - it means something is missing from their life just like mine.


Hopeless Romantic said...


Shockingly magnificent ;-)


Vishal Raj said...

Silence is deep n always emerges from within only. Nicely written. Touching and true.

Hopeless Romantic said...


It depends who is the reason behind the silence. Generally, in broken relationships silence is due to someone else but otherwise it is from within only.