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July 1, 2010

The Shopping conversations...

@ a random corner of a random mall in a random city...

She: you like this?
He: Yes.
She: you really like this?
He: Yes, i really do.
She: (looking carefully) But, i don't like it that much.
He: OK, as you say.
She: At least, give some opinion.
He: I did.
She: you just said, "Yes"
He: (surprised) Is that not an opinion?
She: You can say a little more.
He: OK, i will from now on.

3 minutes later, in the soft toys section of the shop..

She: Look at this, it's so cute
He: Yes, it is.
She: really?
He: (irritated) yes, really!
She: You don't have to sleep with this, stop dreaming.
He: Did i say anything?
She: you are looking at it like a pervert.
He: Beware, i can actually be one too!
She: you talk so much nonsense, speak less
He: Just now, you were asking me to speak more and now this.
She: Then talk with some sense.
He: you mean i talk sense less
She: No, i mean...
He: ok, you mean i shouldn't talk..
She: No, i mean...
He: No, exactly what you mean?
She: chuck it, let's go.

2 minutes later, in the soft drinks section...

She: (deliberately changing topic)You know what, i dreamt about you last night.
He: (surprised) Really!
She: ya, why - can't i?
He: No, i was just wondering did i fuck you well or not ?
She: yuck, are all men assholes?
He: Great to know your taste, you have picked the best.
She: ya, right.
He: Fuck you.
She: my place or yours?
He: (smiling) Thank you, but not interested.

1 minute later, on the billing counter...

She: I am so tired.
He: Really, you just shopped one item.
She: Ya, but it is so tough to shop with you.
He: OK, and why is that?
She: Because i love making you speak.
He: And then crib about me speaking.
She: cribbing is my birth right.
He: ya, right.
She: I am always right.
He: Good for you.
She: Love you !
He: love you too !

PS: I take immense pleasure in the fact that i have improved my eavesdropping skills tremendously from last time. My vacations for 2 weeks are about to end and sometimes, too much time on your hand can make you add spices to such conversations. Have fun, stay safe!


numerounity said...

Looks like this your personal conversation :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Not really, my conversations are much more cheesy to put on a public platform. I better listen other people and enjoy.


The Demigoddess said...

Dropped by to send you some love...This sounds like something my boyfriend and I might talk about soon. There are just days when conversations are senseless.

Shruti said...

Happens all the time! Guys are ACTUALLY difficult at times! :|

suruchi said...

Hehe...Amit...are u sure this was JUST eavesdropping? always, I take your word for it:-)

Damn cute you can be when you want to here with these little snippets of fun dipped mush:-)

And that line “fuck place or yours”
Such an old one...yet like they say...old is never ceases to amuse...

Maybe this is also how your future would look like...bas, we just have to find a pretty young “she” , haven’t we?:-)

Smita said...

lol :D

No comments :P

Sameera said...

People have such conversations... stupidity at its best.. are all people in love so stupid ...?

vicious said...

lol! that was fun 2 read ... its the sme story everywhere !!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Wow. Loved it. :)

Next time I should be careful when conversing at malls. ;)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@The Demigoddess

Sigh!! I used to read you a lot before taking a break last October. I am not sure if I ever commented, so was kind of a silent admirer. Glad to see you here, senseless conversations for others are always full of sense for lovers.

Thanks for dropping by,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Humans are difficult to handle irrespective of sex.


Hopeless Romantic said...

@Suruchi Di

Di, it was a combination of eavesdropping and my writing skills. I always put in “my kind of” masala into it. Old lines or new lines, it is the effect within the conversation which makes an impact.

Pretty “she” is far away from my dreams; there are many more important things before that. She has to wait.


Hopeless Romantic said...


It's alright. I generally leave people speechless. *pats on the back*


Hopeless Romantic said...


We will talk when you have these talks with your man! :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


I prefer it this way everywhere than couples not talking and building resent within them. It's better for sure.

Thanks for the comment,

Hopeless Romantic said...


Just make sure i am not around the corner when you are doing such conversations, otherwise i will dedicate the next post to you.


Ria said...

Interesting conversation! :P

Aparna said...

such a fun read it was!

The (un)Common Woman said...

I have met guys like this. So difficult,yes.

Nice work! ;)

Butterfly Thoughts said...

good one.Loved reading it:-)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Ya, but an honest conversation :)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks a lot :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

@The UCM

I though the girl was acting difficult here, trying to shove down the man'e throat what she wanted him to say ;-)


Hopeless Romantic said...


Glad, you liked it.


Tweety said...

hahhaha :D :D

sigh...don't i just love u for all the write matter how sucked up my mood is...ur posts just make me laugh...i am glad u eavesdrop :P :P

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, glad i make you laugh and smile, that's what life and love in it is all about....I will keep eavesdropping, don't worry!