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October 26, 2010

Ghar aaya yeh pardesi.....

Time flies, it feels like just yesterday i was sitting with my bags packed to start MBA journey to Brisbane and here again... i am all set to go back. Nostalgia is gradually setting in regarding small nuggets of life here in Australia - those frustrations of living alone, those anxious moments of exams, those Gold Coast trips to the beaches, those AFL and cricket matches at the Gabba, those BBQ parties with friends...there is so much more to explore and so little time left in the end.

However, it's only when you start living away, you realise the real value of small things you inadvertently take granted in life. This time around, I wanna relive the Delhi i grow up watching - the rides in Lutyens Delhi, drive for the aloo paranthas to Murthal, paneer kulchas@Moolchand, lasagne@Big Chills,falluda kulfi@Def-Col, 20rs thali@kakke da dhabba, Aloo ki tikki@Parnthe wal Galii; play the luddo games @Costa, CP; Hukkah@mochas, GK; window shopping in GIP, Noida; the innumerable rounds of Central Park; the divine feel of Bangla Sahib; the calmness of Cathedral church; the silence of Lotus Temple.....phew!!! post-CWG DELHI still has lots to offer :) :)

And yes, always remember...from the rides of City CAT in Brisbane to the Metro rides in Delhi; from Tuesday's cheap Domino pizzas in Brisbane to Thursday's Pino pasta in Delhi; from burning midnight oil for studies in Brisbane to party neon lights of Annabelle's in Delhi; from the rustic shorts in Brisbane to the glittery Sherwani in Delhi...among all these lanes of love and life; there exists an ever internal, the majestic, the incorrigible, the one and only - you know who :D

October 23, 2010

End of the MBA era....

Scrap that!! Rework that!! Include that!! Create that!! Delete that !! Let's do that!! Let's not get into that !! Elaborate on that!! That's good!! That's shit!! That's look good!! That sounds excellent !!That's just waffle!! Link that to that!! Summarise that!! Check that!! Reference that!!... End of the MBA era !!

Yeeesssssssssss, i completed my MBA earlier this week with last set of the scheduled exams. I also had a small graduation ceremony last night as i will not be able to attend the main degree distribution ceremony in December later this year.It's been a long, arduous, interesting and eventful journey. Getting back to studies after working for close to 4 years was challenging to begin with, but slowly it just seeped into the system and became the norm.Ironically, the most important thing i will take away from MBA is not the business concepts or tools you are exposed but two things - people and time management.

Last 16 months have been the time where incidentally, i was always short of time. Almost every day used to start with a set of goals and a priority list including work assignments, preparation of lectures, social and professional networking, blogging and writing. Add to that, unlike Indian B schools there is no concept of hostels here... so you end up doing all the domestic chores yourself including cooking, shopping, laundry etc. Add to that talking to publishers, planning for the marketing, going through the contracts - everything just soaks up your time and energy. And lastly, add to that an internal world created inside you of a book and well... you might just get the ACTUAL drift. But when i now look back now, all has turned out to be fine... and surely going to be well worth it in the coming months.

MBA also makes you learn about how to manage people - their mood swings, their eccentricities, their punctured or self-inflated egos, their passions and preferences of work, their personal and professional commitments and not to forget the strong social network you generally form up with them in the mean time. It is a wonderful opportunity to soak in different cultures and customs, different rituals and religions, all in one place. Having said that, i truly believe there are two kind of people who just do NOT belong the the B school - the dull ones who don't have anything better to do, so end up doing this 'coveted' degree or the (too) talented ones who are just in too much hurry to spend time studying properly. But then nothing in life is perfect, and at times you got to make the required adjustments and just go through the motions to take everything towards a logical end.

Lastly, every time we achieve something...we ask questions to ourselves and it is generally the answer that come out of that, satisfy and eventually make us happy. I don't know whether i got any suitable answers out of the MBA, but surely i have got the knack of now asking the right questions. And that's why sometimes in life, what you achieve is not important...what you do with that achievement is what matters the most in the end.....Cheers!!!

October 13, 2010

The Good-bye Conversations...

She: So...all set to leave.
He: You doubt?
She: As if you will stay back if i say something...
He: Ya, i won't
She: But its going to be too long... 18 months.
He: Good for me.
She: You, you, you...i hate you.
He: I wish feeling was mutual.
She: (giggling) Tum na bade woh ho...
He: Now who the hell is 'woh'?
She: Oh, are too much.
He: but i love you very much.
She: liar....
He: ya, right.
She: Ok, listen...
He: Yes.
She: nothing.
He: OK.
She: Ok, listen na...
He: What else you think i am doing...
She: Hmm....Are you going to miss me?
He: Not really.
She: How rude is that!!
He: Is it?
She: But i am going to miss you.
He: That's really scaring to hear.
She: Fine.
He: OK, i am going to miss brownie.
She: Get lost.
He: Really, i will... my Strawberry topping.
She: Ya, right.
He: Saachi, i will.. my Chocolate dropping.
She: Ok stop now, enough of your nautanki.
He: As you say.
She: (thinking) Don't you dare look at those firangi girls.
He: OK
She: What ok?
He: I will look at them without daring.
She: I am going to come there and kill you.
He: That's going to be quite expensive.
She: No worries, you have to pay for it.
He: You think i am mad...I will pay for getting myself killed.
She: Yes, can't you do this for me?
He: Will you live without me.
She: Yes, you doubt?
He: As if you will kill me if i say something...
She: ok, i won' Take care.
He: I will
She: Stay in touch.
He: You too.
She: I am going to miss you.
He: Me too.
She: I love you.
He: (irritated) abe kya hain, jaane to de..let me go at least.
She: OK, fine go..
He: OK, i love you too.
She: Good for you.
He: Thank you, Good bye.
She: Good bye.

October 7, 2010

Movie Songs I can listen again and again - 1

I don't know about other people, but there are some songs which have just stuck with me. No matter how many times i hear them...i just never get bored. I can play them on loop for hours, sometimes even couple of days. Listening to them is like concerting on a journey repeatedly though every time there is a new destination. Sometimes it is the music or lyrics or the way they are shot in a movie..however, best songs are the one which scores in all these three parameters. Here is the first list of my favourite songs, with lots more to come....

Sung by Mohit chauhan, this song just grows on you as you keep hearing it again and again. It just makes you brood through its intensity, hollowing you from inside. I was a touch disappointed with the way it was used in the movie, could have been better in the movie than right at the beginning during the initial credits. I have not seen the if it is used again, pardon me. And goes without saying, Deepika looks stunning :D

Sheer genius of lyrics writing by Gulzaar, this song is right there at the top among my favourites. When i first heard this song years ago, i hated it...was absolutely gutted with it. It was a weird song in terms of the way it portrays romance. But then, when i saw the movie and in the context in which it was used... it just left me speechless. It has such serene sincerity attached to it that it makes you so nostalgic in the fast rush of everyday life. It is one of the best examples if you want to see the amalgamation of the fact how a song can be used to interact between the characters and express their feelings...something which i try and do at times in my stories when i am short of words or credible dialogues.

My grandfather used to tell me... there was a time when people in India never used to name their children as "Pran" who started his career doing numerous wicked negative characters in movies. That is till the time when he did his first positive role in this movie. It is fascinating to see how a simple song can change the career direction of an actor completely. The lyrics of the song is something which actually holds even today, they are just so bloody true. And hats off to late Manna day who sung this song and the numerous other patriotic songs in Manoj Kumar movies later on...RIP

Every time i talk about movies, there is no way i can leave out Pyaasa from any aspect of film making. But for a moment, forget the lyrics and Geeta Dutt singing.. just see the way it is used in the movie. It is one of the most erotic song in Hindi movies, trust me. I may sound old fashioned here, but there is too much "touching" of couples in songs these days.and here is a song where Waheeda rahman is willing to do every damn thing in the world for Guru Dutt. She wants to feel him, hold him, hug him...but can't because of the circumstances prevailing around....It still gives me goosebumps seeing the song even after so many years. Sadly, we have lost that innocence now in our relationships.

PS: Do you have any songs like this... Any of your favourite, close to heart type song. Share it around...Happy music listening! :)