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October 23, 2010

End of the MBA era....

Scrap that!! Rework that!! Include that!! Create that!! Delete that !! Let's do that!! Let's not get into that !! Elaborate on that!! That's good!! That's shit!! That's look good!! That sounds excellent !!That's just waffle!! Link that to that!! Summarise that!! Check that!! Reference that!!... End of the MBA era !!

Yeeesssssssssss, i completed my MBA earlier this week with last set of the scheduled exams. I also had a small graduation ceremony last night as i will not be able to attend the main degree distribution ceremony in December later this year.It's been a long, arduous, interesting and eventful journey. Getting back to studies after working for close to 4 years was challenging to begin with, but slowly it just seeped into the system and became the norm.Ironically, the most important thing i will take away from MBA is not the business concepts or tools you are exposed but two things - people and time management.

Last 16 months have been the time where incidentally, i was always short of time. Almost every day used to start with a set of goals and a priority list including work assignments, preparation of lectures, social and professional networking, blogging and writing. Add to that, unlike Indian B schools there is no concept of hostels here... so you end up doing all the domestic chores yourself including cooking, shopping, laundry etc. Add to that talking to publishers, planning for the marketing, going through the contracts - everything just soaks up your time and energy. And lastly, add to that an internal world created inside you of a book and well... you might just get the ACTUAL drift. But when i now look back now, all has turned out to be fine... and surely going to be well worth it in the coming months.

MBA also makes you learn about how to manage people - their mood swings, their eccentricities, their punctured or self-inflated egos, their passions and preferences of work, their personal and professional commitments and not to forget the strong social network you generally form up with them in the mean time. It is a wonderful opportunity to soak in different cultures and customs, different rituals and religions, all in one place. Having said that, i truly believe there are two kind of people who just do NOT belong the the B school - the dull ones who don't have anything better to do, so end up doing this 'coveted' degree or the (too) talented ones who are just in too much hurry to spend time studying properly. But then nothing in life is perfect, and at times you got to make the required adjustments and just go through the motions to take everything towards a logical end.

Lastly, every time we achieve something...we ask questions to ourselves and it is generally the answer that come out of that, satisfy and eventually make us happy. I don't know whether i got any suitable answers out of the MBA, but surely i have got the knack of now asking the right questions. And that's why sometimes in life, what you achieve is not important...what you do with that achievement is what matters the most in the end.....Cheers!!!


vicious said...

dat was a verry nice read ...loved the way u ended it ...

Saim said...

Many congrats:)

mêlée said...


Me-Era* said...

Congrats Amit. Even I dream of becoming a MBA graduate one day.

Good one! And an advance welcome to India! :)

suruchi said...

sometimes in life, what you achieve is not important...what you do with that achievement is what matters the most in the end....
congratulations n celebrations:-)
and now that you know the art of asking the right questions...we hope the right answers also follow:-)
wish u a smooth journey ahead Amit:-)
loads of love as always:-)

Sameera said...

MBA = Awesomeness!
MBA+Chores+Book+routine stuff :O
I bow down to you Sir!

Congrats man! I will be finishing my MBA by feb. :P

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks, it was a great end to MBA as well :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks bro :)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Thanks buddy:)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Hope your dream also come true one day....Thanks a ton, you are a sweetheart :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Suruchi Di

Thanks a lot for all those wishes. Right answers will follow for sure, i am hoping for the best.

Hopeless Romantic said...


One day, i will write a post cribbing about the difficulties i faced. I generally keep a happy go lucky face, but that's not always a true picture.

Enjoy your last days of MBA !!