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October 7, 2010

Movie Songs I can listen again and again - 1

I don't know about other people, but there are some songs which have just stuck with me. No matter how many times i hear them...i just never get bored. I can play them on loop for hours, sometimes even couple of days. Listening to them is like concerting on a journey repeatedly though every time there is a new destination. Sometimes it is the music or lyrics or the way they are shot in a movie..however, best songs are the one which scores in all these three parameters. Here is the first list of my favourite songs, with lots more to come....

Sung by Mohit chauhan, this song just grows on you as you keep hearing it again and again. It just makes you brood through its intensity, hollowing you from inside. I was a touch disappointed with the way it was used in the movie, could have been better in the movie than right at the beginning during the initial credits. I have not seen the if it is used again, pardon me. And goes without saying, Deepika looks stunning :D

Sheer genius of lyrics writing by Gulzaar, this song is right there at the top among my favourites. When i first heard this song years ago, i hated it...was absolutely gutted with it. It was a weird song in terms of the way it portrays romance. But then, when i saw the movie and in the context in which it was used... it just left me speechless. It has such serene sincerity attached to it that it makes you so nostalgic in the fast rush of everyday life. It is one of the best examples if you want to see the amalgamation of the fact how a song can be used to interact between the characters and express their feelings...something which i try and do at times in my stories when i am short of words or credible dialogues.

My grandfather used to tell me... there was a time when people in India never used to name their children as "Pran" who started his career doing numerous wicked negative characters in movies. That is till the time when he did his first positive role in this movie. It is fascinating to see how a simple song can change the career direction of an actor completely. The lyrics of the song is something which actually holds even today, they are just so bloody true. And hats off to late Manna day who sung this song and the numerous other patriotic songs in Manoj Kumar movies later on...RIP

Every time i talk about movies, there is no way i can leave out Pyaasa from any aspect of film making. But for a moment, forget the lyrics and Geeta Dutt singing.. just see the way it is used in the movie. It is one of the most erotic song in Hindi movies, trust me. I may sound old fashioned here, but there is too much "touching" of couples in songs these days.and here is a song where Waheeda rahman is willing to do every damn thing in the world for Guru Dutt. She wants to feel him, hold him, hug him...but can't because of the circumstances prevailing around....It still gives me goosebumps seeing the song even after so many years. Sadly, we have lost that innocence now in our relationships.

PS: Do you have any songs like this... Any of your favourite, close to heart type song. Share it around...Happy music listening! :)


Shruti said...

I love Tere Mast Mast Do Nain...

And Sajdaa... actually my mother likes it a lot...


ANWESA said...

1. Jhonka hawaa ka aaj bhi - Hum Dil De chuke sanam

2. What makes you different makes you beautiful - Backstreet Boys

3. Kitni baatein - Lakshya

Samadrita said...

There was a time when I used to riyaz every day I could sing 'mera kuch saaman' well. It's one of my all-time favorites. Another oldie that I immensely like is 'Jaane kya baat hai'from the movie Sunny. Lata at her best :)) well although she is always at her best.
Also 'Roz roz aankhon tale', 'tujhse naaraz nahin zindagi' these songs. :))

Vinnie said...

Mera kuch saman is an amazingly beautiful number...can be listened at in infinite loop!

i love 'Ey dil-e nadaan' -Razia Sultan...the pause in between just ceases my heartbeat!

Tujse naraaz nahi - masoom...its my bloody all-time favorite 'life' song

Tere bina zindagi se shikva tho nahi - Aandhi...the situation, the actors just add on to the already perfect beauty of this number

Ek roz main tadapkar (Kishore the greatest) - its young, melodious n a lovely number

these r just some of my infinite loop numbers...thanks for sharing urs :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

Commenting after a long time, but want to add to this :)

1. Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh... one of oldest songs I have grown up with..
2. Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas
3. Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar
4. Khamaj... Will never ever grow tired of this one. :)
5. Yeh raat khushnaseeb from Aaina.
6. Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na from Ghar... Rekha wali movie, shes waiting for him to come back home... simple emotions :)
7. Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara :)
8. Yeh Hai Bambai Meri Jaan :) :)
9. Intaha Ho Gayi from Sharaabi... one of the many songs that will always be a part of some fond memories :)
10. Kahin Door Jab Dil Dhal Jaaye from Anand. Beautiful movie
11. Ankhiyon Ke Jharoko Se..
12. Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko.... first song I learned to play on my guitar :)


Madhu said...

wow..i am a sucker for love and romantic people {i am not hitting on dont worry :P :D}

Hopeless romantic i am too!! waise u still have a lil ex-gen songs on your list..:) Dooriyan is a great track i agree...:)

I can probably write pages when it comes to songs or music cauz singing is my love, passion and also my profession..:)

Hopeless Romantic said...


Nice, but all time favourite...i doubt !!

Hopeless Romantic said...


I was very impressed with the way Johnka hawa ka was used in the narrative of HDDCS, it was a different take on Romance.

Kitni baatein is again an absolutely hummable and fav number!

Hopeless Romantic said...


Tujhse naaraz nahin hain is my all time favourite, i still get goosebumps hearing that song, specially the male version. you used to do riyaaz? wow, singer types!!:)