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November 2, 2010

Is Love still always new?

Is love new when she send 'energy packs' ONLY to you while playing mafia wars on Facebook? Is love new when you always delete her scraps on orkut so that no one can see your beautiful conversations?
Is love new when you start going invisible on Gtalk just to give full attention while talking to her? Is love new when you start putting mushy songs as your tweets? Is love new when you don't post a write up on blog till he/she reads it offline? Is love new when you wake up in the night with dead eyes so that she can see you just like that on Skype?

Is love new when you lounge to get a SMS on your mobile so that it just turns into a Special Moment Shared with her? Is love new when you start liking the ultra irritating Dolly Bindra in Big Boss only because she is mad enough to see it every time it comes on TV?
Is love new when you start putting his/her pic as the wallpaper on your desktop than your favourite movie star? Is love new when you walk in the mall carrying shopping bags on Diwali because that's her definition of spending 'quality time' together? Is love new like a blushing rose and a sweet wine or is it when you have to pay for both? Is love new when even holding of hands gives you the orgasmic feeling or is it when even the tickling of waistline becomes the most dullard act?

Is love new when you decide to learn kite flying so that you can teach her the same on upcoming Basant Panchmi? Is love new when you decide to learn pasta from the cookery book just to impress him with the culinary skills? Is love new when you decide to cut down on your coffee and still lie just because you love getting scolded by her? Is love new when in the night you feel her soft hands ruffling your hairs to just say a good night? Is love new when you start getting more anxious thinking the time when she will be experiencing PMS?
Is love new when she fasts for the success in the job interview you so desperately want to clear?

PS: Leave the post apart for a moment, after penning down an identical write-up last time...I started writing a book in an effort to understand love and women better. I can very well assure you, it has left me even more confused than ever before... My mistake entirely as I chose the wrong topic to write in the first place. Nevertheless, it did made me fascinated with this particular phrase so much, that it was very well expected when it will come to put a title to the will exactly be this - Love is always new..... what you think of it?


CutePriya said...

This is really nice...Love is New when it's TRUE ^_* (coz Each time you find more and more reason to loved your someone special)

gargi said...

OMFG!!!!! I can actually say "been there done that" to almost all the things in your post! =D

leaving the post apart for a moment... omfg!!! That is a perfect title for your book! (considering you and love are like this *crosses her fingers*...hehe.. all the very best Mr Gupta! =) May your book become one of the best sellers all over the world!! =D

ps..dont forget my get it right?? ;) =P lol... take care!! xox

Aparna said...

this is so mushy and touching...the feeling of love is always new

Aeish said...

I love this! :D

Ann said...

yeah.. agree with that.. Love is new everytime. . You can fall as many times and everytime it's as exciting as the previous one. This is what I've learnt from my experiences.. Just enjoy the moment and give your 100% to your lover .. Life will be beautiful ..

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Love is always new cause Lovers keep changing, my friend. ;)


lalita choudhary said...

OMG!!! I just felt everything within.. Loved it!! :)

Ria said...

Yes love is always new coz u see new aspects of the other person everytime. I like what CutePriya has said.

Amit Gupta said...


True, love is new when it' true, honest and from the heart.

Amit Gupta said...


lol, thanks for all the kind words. I have included your name in the right place, you should be reading it soon in the coming months.

Love and me are like crossed fingers, how cheesy !!;-)

Amit Gupta said...


Thanks, indeed it is :)

Amit Gupta said...


Thanks, spread (and make) love! :)

Amit Gupta said...


Yes, and also just not because love changes your life but invariably love brings some good and positive changes in your life. You just got to watch it from the right perspective.

Amit Gupta said...


I don't necessarily disagree with you. However, my major interest has never been changes in love when lovers change. But how relationship changes when life of the lovers is more of an internal manifestations of love rather than external one. It is not between different lovers but same lovers in different times...that's what makes love truly always new! :)

Amit Gupta said...


Thanks, glad you felt that way. Keep coming !

Amit Gupta said...


Thanks, i second your views. See response for Priya too..cheers!

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