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November 11, 2010

Movies that I love to hate - 1

There are always certain movies which become super hit, do tremendously well at box office and collect a few awards as well...but you never tend to figure out what the fuss was all about this movie? This is the first list containing some of the super hit movies which i hated first time while watching and continue to do so...

1) Raja Hindustani (1996)

First thing first, it was such a shameless uncredited copy of a sweet heart-felt innocent 1965 flick - Jab Jab Phool Khile starring Shashi Kapoor and Nanda. Leave that apart, i never understood what was so special about the storyline - a rich girl falls for a poor taxi driver and her family opposes it in various predictably all hunky dory in the end. Is there any other more predictable storyline you have ever heard in Bollywood, it was like watching a movie some 20 years too late. Moreover, the characters came out to be so superficial - take the evil stepped mom in Archana puran singh, the helpless dad in Suresh Oberoi, the wicked brother in law and so on. On top of that, everyone in the movie just keep shouting at the top of their lungs. They shout in emotional scenes, they shout in comedy scenes, they shout in romantic scenes...I was like, dude what the hell is happening...i need cotton plugs!! yes, the music was outstanding, the performances were credible...but for me it has always remain a movie which got more than it actually deserved.

2) Gadar - Ek prem katha (2001)

I had the chance of watching the trailer of Yamla pagla deewana recently and i must say, the one liner right at the end in it is an absolute killer. Its been more than 9 years since this movie released, but i constantly crib and criticized that poorly written scene where Sunny Deol bashes the whole pakistan army with a hand pump and then somehow manges to run through the whole Lahore in a burnt truck...and wait not alone, with his wife, son and friend. I mean, come on....there must be some limit to creative liberties you can take in cinema before it start reaching such preposterous levels. The movie was such an inexcusable excuse of patriotic jingoism thrown at the viewers, you just laugh off at the intentions to manipulate your emotions. However good the music is, it is no fun when the lovers break into a song every now and then, specially that inopportune song - hum juda ho gaye, which comes immediately after Amrish Puri forces the couple to stay in Pakistan. The climax is too long and by the time lovers meet, you want to kill them. What remains etched in your memory are some confrontation scenes of Sunny Deol and efficiently executed partition scenes in the beginning of the movie. Otherwise, it was such a waste of time.

3) Don...the chase begins (2006)

Firstly, i am not a great believer of remaking classics...they should be left just like that. However, once you have decided to remake anything, but please don't make a Con of the audience. Leave apart the logical loopholes which Farhan Akthar tried to induce in his "own interpretation" of the script, the basic distinction between the two SRK's character was missing sorely. The most untranslatable character on screen for me was of Arjun Rampal who was once shown as an engineer breaking codes and then later, like a pro breaking into villain's den passing through the KL's famous sky- scrapper's which to me at least is not funny nor heroic to say the least. Here are some more - a) SRK, the Don, arrives in India for a major drug deal, but why isn't he arrested by Boman Irani and his team of cops when he must've presumably boarded an aircraft from KL? b) Boman Irani is a junior police office in the movie, but then what the hell is Om Puri (more senior to him) doing in this film? c) where in the end Arjun and his son vanish? where they actually go? It seemed the director just forgot his characters by the time he came to copy from the original script. I can go on, but i am sure you got the drift why i hated the movie.

4) Housefull (2010)

I still remember those 2 hours of 20 May, 2010...7:15 to 9:15pm, where under the pressure of numerous exams and assignments of MBA; i decided to de stress, have some fun and consequently, decided to watch this movie. You know, i have never been a great fan of these 'leave your brains behind" kind of comedies but still if it makes me smile and forget my other daily worries, i can forgive them. But what the hell was this man... i still want those 2 hours of my life back, like seriously. I wish i can sue and ask for damages of wasting the precious 2 hours which i spent on this movie right in the middle of exams. We have become such an entertainment starved movie goers that such crap gets a bumper opening and do well for at least one whole week. On top of that, we have the asshole directors like Sajid Khan who keep showing off in the interviews as if he has made the most enjoyable movie ever. Random events, lies, misunderstandings keeps on happening through out the movie..and when they run out of ideas, they stand in line and slap each other. The climax scene of using laughing gas on all actors thereby trying to create humour actually brought tears of embarrassment into my eyes. And let's not even go into plagiarized scenes from Hangover (that tiger scene), Mr. Bean TV series (that vacuum cleaner scene), Meet the parents (Arjun's character of an officer) and Night at the museum (the night scene between all the leads). We make such movies hit, and then we complain...there are not many good movies in the cinema halls...What irony!!

PS: You have seen any movies that made you cringe in embarrassment, squirm in your seats, you kept looking at your watch and you thought this is one of the worse movies you have ever seen...but Voila, it becomes a super duper hit...Share them around...Otherwise enjoy movie watching, cheers!


Anonymous said...

Don came in 2006

Samadrita said...

I cannot agree more with you on fact by including Houseful in this list you're actually doing a favor to the makers. It's worse than shit. Add Ghajini to the list btw and also flicks like Kuck Kuch Hota Hai.

Urvashi said...

Hehe.. I absolutely agre with ur view..also add to ur list- Om shanti Om...!!

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Anonymous/I know who you are :P

Thanks, corrected...i always write year by memory, sometimes it fails :P

Hopeless Romantic said...


Well, you need to tell people what was so bad, at least we don't commit the same mistake of making such movies hit again...and wait they are planning Houseful -2, bigger and better...God save us, what we have done to deserve this!! :)

You know, i have turned critical towards these both movies after seeing them...but it's a fact that when i watched these 2 movies in hall, i have enjoyed i will give both of them a benefit of doubt. However, i am aware of some loopholes in the script and manipulative emotions....i will write about it some time later in detail.

Hopeless Romantic said...


I am aware a lot of people hated OSO and deservingly so...however i also tend to believe that there are certain gem of scenes in it which are master strokes from the point of view of screenplay writing or even from a scene construction point of view.

I don't know whether people appreciate that highly hamming up scene of Kiron kher and SRK right at the start which was so synonymous of any 1970's movie you pick. I don't know whether people appreciate the digs SRK takes on his repetitive but successful romantic image in that filmfare nomination scene...or that Sooraj Barjatiya dialogues copying scene...may be it needs someone mad like me to appreciate all those nuances :)

Sameera said...

Raja Hindustani was a painful movie...! OMG to add on to that it became hit and people couldn't stop talking about it. Some cheap comedy scenes in between.. yuk!

Don- I didn't mind it much. Didn't like it didn't hate it.

Didn't watch Houseful and Gadar. Trailers scared me enough! Phew!

PS: Would you take a little time to visit my new website. The writing style is changed completely.
I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Neeha said...

I need to agree with you esp that Raja hindustani n Gadar..
I would love to add Kuch Kuch Hota Hai n Dil toh pagal hai too...
I love only the music in d above 2 pics..I feel in both Kajol n karishma(esp Kajol) are sort of dumped by SRK:)

suruchi said...

My gawd Amit,
You are a critical viewer...
Raja Hindustani would click simply because of that kiss! was one hell of a kiss!

Houseful ka end was bad...but beech beech mein theek thaak the...
I know it was mad n nonsensical...but sense expect nahi karna tha na:-)

Don was good just for its style...
N Gadar agreed was way over the top...
Actually all the movies u mentioned suffer from the syndrome of being so irrational in some ways..
But then movies yaar...what would we do without them!
My all time real sad experiences would be
Road-the movie...offoooo...don’t even ask about THAT one!
Singh is King...I mean what was THAAAAAAT!

Bharat Pantula said...

3 idiots! Actually I didn't watch it, and I'm glad!

Mani Lalwani said...

A nice read.
I remember watching "Action Replay" recently.
Ohh! I so badly demand a refund from the director.
I could have actually seen Tashan twice, without a break, without pop corn rather than that shit ! !

Amit Gupta said...


I absolutely hated the OTT sensibilities of Raja Hindustani. Good you haven't watched Housefull, saved yourself some money and precious time.

I am loving your new blog and writing style, keep penning

Amit Gupta said...


agree about the first part, what is wrong with dumping...isn't that a part of our lives...You have to make some difficult choices in love and life, always! SRK is lucky to have such sexy choices ;-)

Amit Gupta said...

@Suruchi Di

Yes, i am too fascinated to analyse them deeply. I haven't seen ROAD and i absolutely hated SIK, infact for that matter i have hated most AK stared movies in past few years.

If kiss was the barometer, No Emraan Hashmi movie would have failed at box office ;-)

PS: I am not a great fan of leave-your-brain-behind kind of movies, i love using my brain cells!

Amit Gupta said...


Well, you need to provide reasons for me to comment on that. I thought even though not perfect and definitely not the best work of RKH or AK, it was worth watching.

Amit Gupta said...


Unfortunately, i have not seen any of those 2 movies. I guess, i have juggled up similar affliction for AK movies as i did with Salman khan movies a few years back. No point wasting money and time on such craps. But i liked the songs of Tashan, specially Falak tak chal :)