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December 20, 2010

I expect nothing, I fear nothing, I am free.

Expectations from someone are just not few materialistic or emotional things you want from a person, they are also what you hope to give back to that very person sometime in the future -hopefully, if you are courteous enough. Expectations may form boundaries between people, it may also destroy those very foundations. However, expectations are the first step towards resentment in any relationship. Ironically, expectations are alway there from people; from sports personality to favourite writers, from movie actors to favourite bloggers, from parents to favourite friends. You cannot really escape from them, you cannot hide from them because ultimately one day they are going to hunt you down, trace you down from those loony caves... and will start hounding you like incredible creepy waves of nostalgia.

Expectations can be seen as either an enemy or a captor; as a public resource - tugged and twisted by the billboards of relationships or completely sottish as barflies, clinging on to a mundane life till you start feeling suffocated, drained, hollow from inside. At face value, expectations look all so laughably predictable, but after all the agonising pontificating thoughts, the doubts to meet them lingers on, inch by inch, column by column. Expectations to a relationship are the biggest puppets for pounding, they at the same time are the biggest assets to build it. Expectations make you drown adoringly into the eyes of a person as if the world has retreated beyond concern, yet they play the admonishingly self-righteous tune, just like all-knowing pompous pumpkins of the past.

Expectations from people can be chaotic and poorly choreographed as a Bollywood musical, yet they can soothe the fleeting line of questioning in tiny spaces of our brains so easily, it makes every gingerly made dance step of life an adventure in itself. Expectations make us prod, poke, peer, peek during the vicissitudes of this life journey; yet they may all fall hook, line and sinker in that ONE crucial moment of togetherness and wishfulness. Expectations are not instinctual "obligations" to perform in favour of your innate feelings, nor they are intense chemical reactions of your sexual hormones to cater to intimate cravings. They, in all fairness just dithers as a temporary need for solitude, they are just glamourised and labelled as a necessity for temporal happiness.

Expectations don't buckle you down in tense situations; they are like cheque-book-chasing-lawyers, always ready to defend the indefensible, always ready to give you a ray of a hope in an utterly hopeless situation. Expectations can be a fairy tale existence of love and harmony as portrayed in various facets of social communication circus we live in these days, yet they can be half evolved but still entailing all the benefits of a single focussed mind willing to stand up, and take on the world. I may be wrong, and usually am, but in my opinion expectations are the biggest garbage under the carpet of human emotions which we have always found difficult to shovel out to lead a happy, fearless and content life.


Anwesa said...

Very much of what we talked about the other day.

Expectations are a necessary evil. You cannot do without it or get rid of it.

Cardinal Ruby said...

very well written !!

Suresh Wadhwani said...

Good write up!

You are 100% right whatever u mentioned about expectations.
This is the thing which can be constructive for the relationship or destructive. It has the power to ruin the day, also the power to make the day.

The Rain Crab said...

it's constructive as well as destructive!!! yupp its very much a garbage too :) you cannot clean it up how much ever you vacuum it :)

Lovely write up ^_^

Satans Darling™ said...

Well put! But I beg to differ :) You cannot live a life free of expectations.

Satans Darling™ said...

Let me rephrase that. You cannot live a free life, without expectations.

Amit Kumar Gupta said...


Pretty much true, can't help in any way...good or bad.

Amit Kumar Gupta said...

@Cardinal Ruby

Thanks for the appreciation and dropping by for the first time on the blog.

Amit Kumar Gupta said...


Yes, it is quite true and ironically, the power to construct or destroy also lies with us..most of the times.

Amit Kumar Gupta said...

@The rain crab

Unfortunate it may seem, but that's exactly what can't really remove it.

Amit Kumar Gupta said...


Life is led free or not, expectations should not be blamed for it, people harboring those expectations should be held guilty. we r just too soft on ourselves at times.

Anonymous said...

You post are amazing felt within ,keep posting ,Like Reading

Phoenix said...

I don't really agree. Expectations are hardly constructive, what's strengthening is only hope. Expectations are baggage on every relationship, with everyone, especially with yourself, and they are formed of their own accord, all the time. Howmuchever you try, you can't hide from them, you cannot not have expectations. It's not in control. The only thing that you could try to do is learn to quickly move on and not take the disappointment to heart when expectations aren't met!

Amit Gupta said...


Thanks for the appreciation, keep visiting.

Amit Gupta said...


I don't necessarily disagree with you. However, it is also how you want to take the baggage of expectations along with you that finally matters in life. Hope is also strengthening only when used constructively, otherwise they are a baggage in itself.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, cheers!