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January 27, 2011

Why bitch is the new black?

Statutory warning: If your feminist quotient lies anywhere between 1-100% , stay away from this.

I was sitting in my car at a nearby supermarket store penning down a quick shopping list. A women in her mid-20s pulls in besides me and slams open her door right into the side of my car. She hit it so hard that BOTH the cars shook. I came out of my car and gave her a deadly look or as deadly as i can get with a puppy face of mine. Instead of saying sorry, the next line which came out of her was - 'I didn't do it, The mark was already there'. Fuck you. Are you kidding me? Are you like fucking kidding me. I saw you do it. I felt you do it. I shook, my car shook, the pen and paper in my hand shook, the coins in my jeans shook. And how the hell you know that there was a mark on my car before when you have never seen my car. Fuck you again.

I understand that it's 2011 and this new wave of feminism has dawn on our society, in both good and bad form. But it has made the personal relationships confusing to me. Nice gestures which i once upon a time thought to be sweet and courteous goes completely unappreciated and somehow perceived as offensive. I would probably fall over dead if a girl actually owned up to her fair share of mistakes and simply said "sorry". So, if you are going to be rude... i am going to be rude too. I don't care anymore. I'm sick of caring. Chivalry is dying because women are killing it, period. If you are going to push the boundaries of relationships with such brute force, that ultimately it is going to hurt you only on rebound. I do believe good karma exists but if it is not coming around back to me, it will probably never happen and in that case, it is better to just leave it out there and dissolve on its own. But why bitch is the new black? why? why? why?

We men used to like everyone, conveniently assuming that people are nice until proven otherwise. But now that i have grown up a little and experience this beautiful world, i know some things never change - which includes Indian women too. I secretly hoped elementary high school will make you go along with women more, but sadly things took even the more horrifying status when you are past college now. Yes, the reasons may have changed for your craziness from school to college, but the bottom line still remains the same, you cannot be friends with another woman and you will not allow us to be friends with men. We are quite used to the fact that you will hate people for no good reason. You will flip out any poor unsuspecting men and accuse him of being libidinous. You will burst with ravenous jealousy of your best friend and still find it absolutely normal that we just have to comply with the same, otherwise we will be accused of flirting with your best friend. I am absolutely thrilled with the fact when i come to know from your boy friend how much you hate me when the fact is that we don't even talk to each other. I am freakishly amused at the fact that whenever there is police involved, the guilty party is already decided just because i don't have a fucking 3 inch deep cleavage. I am nauseatingly feverish at the time when i am expected to handle all the mood swings because there is a chemical process of loosing nutrients is going on in your body and the brain. Why bitch is the new black like you? why? why? why?

Why Indian men should change the way which comes naturally and conveniently to them when Indian women does not want to change the way they look at us. Why it is so difficult for you to accept men as they are. We are labelled as emotions less when we watch porn, however we are also termed as incompetent when we don't perform adequately to your perfect 'Edward Cullen' like love making.With a woman, what you see is temporary and is usually a giant plastic smile coated in thick nasty make-up and later turns into a raging, hormonal beechnut that complains about everything imaginable and spends all your hard-earned money. Learn some fucking manners when someone takes you out, open doors for you, pay the damn bill. We are always accused of being born liars, however its absolute OK when the first thing a women does in order to chase you off the scent is to play dumb and naive, totally ignorant of the fact that someone is genuinely interested in you, totally manipulating to their advantages the fact that someone is supremely caring for you. We absolute love when you chose the opportune moment of throwing a 'guilt" ridden excuse, as we are naked and horny and absolute incapable of any rational explanation. Why bitch is the new black like you? why? why? why?

PS: Yes, i know there are a lot of douche bag guys out there too who are just as rude and who lack as many manners. Unfortunately, common courtesy has become uncommon these days. In fact, it has nearly become non-existent. But bitch is the new black in 2011. Yes... all the way, your way, my way, highway.


Anushree said...

good one....but, like all men are NOT douche bags, all women are also not what u describe. :)

Sameera said...

I amazed.. I agree to this post. Like there are silly men there definitely are silly women.

LOL @" I didn't do that.. the mark was already there.." :P (ooo.. mad dumb lost child!)

PS: Amit.. a shocker for you.. I wrote 2 back to back romantic poems. Lol! Do..Check the blog.

Pooja Mahimkar said...

Oh god!!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

Chivalry is dying because women are killing it. TOTALLY agree!
Damnit I like my men to be nice and gentlemanly.. it DOESNT mean I cant do it, its just that I like to behave lady-like sometimes and let the man open the door for me! I know not all men like to, but there are plenty who like to keep their manners :)


Jeremy James said...

the girls in my family always complained about womens rights and girl power. They wanted to be treated equally.... until it was time to take out the trash or open the garage door or front gate (pre automatic gates),
Then i was the boy who supposed to do boy jobs!

Confused i tell you.

suruchi said...

Hey Amit,
As much as I’d like to side my fraternity here-the female brigade, that is...but the point is that some women are actually super annoying, exactly in the way that you’ve described them.
N unfortunately a few of them bring a bad name to them all.
I splash like even a few centimetres of water on the road accidently on someone*very rarely*I mouth a sorry and this woman was obnoxious.
N I loved you for saying that you would have fallen over dead just at a mere ‘sorry’

Sigh...I hope the gals who need to read this-read this.

Amit Gupta said...


I never intended the post to be a generalization for women. However, there are a lot of points where i have women agreeing with me completely. 2 women who are equally beautiful, intelligent and all that jazz can never be friends. And if they are not equal, then also they will find ways not to be friends to each other ;-)

Amit Gupta said...


She was just not dumb, she was in her golden illusory world where everyone else is stupid enough to fall for her. Loser!

Amit Gupta said...


Even god is fed up of women, let's give him a break ;-)

Amit Gupta said...


BINGO !! I don't want a frigging 'thank you' every time i open door or bring flowers/cards, neither i expect anything sexual in return for the payment of a coffee bill, but some women are hard wired to take anything men do as being offensive or related to sexual ratiocinations. They are the ones who bring bad name to everyone and make me waste my time in writing such ranting posts :D Unfortunately, chivalry is being replaced with political correctness and the facade of being courteous to everyone.

PS: I liked your comment, thanks for pouring in.

Amit Gupta said...


How much i agree with you buddy! You know, i can still live with certain stereotypes men and women have been shoved down in all these years, but i somehow can't take any double standards when it comes to those stereotypes. If women want equality, they should first treat men equal in all spheres. And surely stop acting pricey all the time!!!!

Amit Gupta said...

@Suruchi Di

I never meant to blame all the women, though there are some peculiar characteristics common to them. I have drawn upon a strict aversion to certain so called "independent women" who in the name of being self sufficient manipulate other people to their advantage. Irony is that they themselves find it hypocritical and reeking of double standards, but still won't take any steps to do anything about it.

Satans Darling™ said...

It's a two way street, and in the age where people are trying to "Outgrow The Old and Do The New", things like these state that "Dump the New, Don't be so cold, Suck it up... admit it, Old indeed, is Gold"

P.S. Bitch is such an apt word - Nowadays many guys have started fitting into the bitch category too ;)

Psych Babbler™ said...

Just to clarify...what that girl did is nowhere near feminism. Feminism does not say treat men like shit. Unfortunately, many women today think that's what it means. Feminism was all about equal opportunity for both men and women. Not one sex over the other. And you know...not all women are the same...just as not all men are the same. This woman does sound like a bitch. Not everyone else is.

Amit Gupta said...


I don't really agree it's a two way street. In India women are still the dominated partner when it comes to the dating scene, the one who calls all the shots, the one who can throw all tantrums, the who can done the work on her whims and fancies. Obviously it's not a generalization but a very stark reality of the society we are living in. Women (or feminists) cry a lot about men not giving respect to women, i can very well tell you from personal experience of mine or friend...that process of loosing respect for a particular woman is always a gradual one, and never something which happens on the spur. Men don't get anything by disrespecting women but somehow they can't still keep with the double standards women throw at them most of the times.

Being cold and calculated is coming very easily to people these days, surely that's not a very healthy sign.

PS: Bitch is still used for ladies and gay men, not the real man ;-)

Amit Gupta said...

@Psych Babbler

I am sorry, but you seems to have missed the point. The post is NOT about feminism, but the excruciating effects of feminism (or as you say the 'false concept' of feminism thought by women) on dating and personal relationships - mainly on how women treat men these days during the initial phase of 'knowing each other' and in some extreme cases, even during full-blown relationships.

What has happened to recognizing that maybe he’s a nice guy and simply likes you? And what has happened to letting nice things be done for you and accepting them graciously with a smile? When did sincerity and genuine kindness go out of style? Women go on and on about how they love random acts of kindness. But if you actually perform such an act, the gears start turning in their head wondering what his ulterior motives are. Flowers go unacknowledged. Holding a door doesn't receive a thank you. And picking up the bill causes many women to assume payment is expected in the form of some sex. If I was looking solely to get laid, I wouldn't take the time trying to get to know you, isn't it?

And as far as feminism is concerned, i am pretty sure you know that it is practiced by males as well who wants to see equality between men and women. I can vouch for myself i am all in for the equality of both sexes and definitely not one over the other ( for example: I personally would love to have an independent working women as my better half). However, if you are using feminism as an excuse to emotionally manipulate men and "use them" to your own advantages, it is not acceptable to me and ideally, should not be to most of us.

And i am not going to get into the explanations that it was not a generalization post. When women blame men, they always talk for the whole community and never isolate the good men over the bad ones. Why women expect men to go milder (by not generalizing) on them, is something i have always found reeking of hypocrisy.

Satans Darling™ said...

Let's just agree to disagree on that one! I think it should be a two way street. In most cases, it is not. But it should be!

I also beg to differ that women are the ones who call the shots. If I had to stick to that one, it has a condition - men will do anything and everything to satisfy us until they get into our pants. Then things change! Not a generalization either, but there are people like that.

And most of the "Real Men" constitute the bitch circle of people that I know around me.

If men and women decided to give respect and take respect, everything would be so much easier! Indian women need to adapt to the policy of not having men on their leash all the time. Men, on the other hand have to realize that they do not own their women, and they must not suffocate them with all those restrictions of dressing and choosing whom they should or shouldn't interact with.

Hence, the two way street :)

Akanksha Pandey said...


I'm new here. I loved the post! You're right chivalry is dying, and women are CERTAINLY killing it! :| Sad but true, how most women have completely gone off-track with mindless ideas of "so called feminism".

But yeah, I wouldn't say that about ALL women. And yeah I wouldn't even be too wrong in saying, some men actually deserve bad treatment, period. :|

Anyway keep writing,
Akanksha. :)

sooddoo said...


I am not a follower or a regular reader of this blog. I was reading some other blog when my eyes moved to 'Bitchy Brisbane'.
I read around 12-14 posts-found them very amusing and some of them interesting too :) But the funniest part is that i thought it's some lady writing these posts until I read your name.

Wow wow wow! I know a lot of men but haven't come across someone (except for movies & books) so expressive. Kudos!!!
You have a talent to die for. What I like the most about your writing is that it's very raw and right from within-not written to please someone. Flip-side could be that you haven't met the right girl or may be you have been hurt real bad in the past. J

What I see around now days is that most of us, be it a guy or a girl-most of us tend to fall over backwards. They pose to be someone else they are not. Do things they will never do. But they don't realize it makes them go far away from what they originaly are. In the beginning of every relationship- it's all rosy and great. Love is in the air. You show your best and get to see other's best side too. Seems like its a made for each other story. BUT THERE IS A BUT-for how long can two people hold back their true faces? It has to come out front right! That's the time when mainly these relationships are in crisis and expectation drama takes the charge. Had they been themselves at the first-none of this chaos would have taken place either the girl would have liked the guy or the guy would have rejected the girl or vise-versa :)

It's just a wishful thinking but really if we just be ourselves at every point of life and don't be afraid of rejections, there will be a day we will be loved for what we are and who we are. Our true self that has no clone.
No one can be better than us at being ourself.

Once again I'll congratulate you for your expressiveness-it will surely take you long way. Keep posting!


Gaurav Agarwal said...

Amazing post ! I totally agree with your opinion and kudos for being expressive about it.
I myself despise the hypocrite nature of the fairer sex. You may like my blog on a similar hypocrisy

When girls say "Looks don't matter"