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February 8, 2011

The winter rain conversations...

She: So..can you feel it?
He: (looking up), what?
She: (pouted face) Nothing..
He: ok....
She: Stupid, the smell of wet earth in winter rains.
He: And the smell of you wet in it.
She: will you ever stop being cheap?
He: yes, i can
She: When?
He: when you stop calling me cheap.
She: That's what you denying it. it's a FACT.
He: Thank you very much. Your GK sucks.
She: At least i don't
He: yes, i know you can't suck. Last time also....
She: (butting in) ok stop, don't go in details. Why are all men jerks?
He: Because men are happy with what they are, women can't see beyond themselves.
She: What rubbish?
He: I am serious.
She: Explain.
He: Think about it.
She: (thinking) you tell me, i can't
He: see, women can't ever read men's mind.
She: What to read in there dude, it's a single white screen with three letter words on it...SEX
He: See..that's the problem. You don't want to see any other perspective of men.
She: Like what?
He: Like what they feel when women start getting romantic every time it rains.
She: Go on..
He: Like what they feel when women shop on and on and men do nothing but stares on the walls.
She: Or other girls...
He: well, if there are options, why not?
She: Now, you wanted me to see THIS perspective.
He: Well, this is one of them.
She: And how cheap is that, do you have any idea?
He: Well, i'll say perspectives differ.
She: I'll hit you, like seriously.
He: Hit me hard, baby
She: Stop being cheesy
He: and you stop eating cheese. You are getting fat.
She: what the F...
He: You are not getting any of it, till you reduce your weight.
She: I am like this, take it or leave it.
He: OK, i am leaving.
She: Good for me
He: I am leaving from here, it has stopped raining
She: Without me?
He: You can come along.
She: (straight face) You want to carry a fat girl with you.
He: Do i have another choice?
She: (smiling) not really
He: So why are you asking?
She: Ainveyi.......just like that.
He: (Singing) Oye, Mein to ainvein ainvein lut gaya.
She: I love you, baby
He: I love you, fatty.


aria said...

I hope but am not sure if the 'He' survived that last comment :D

Satans Darling™ said...

Lol, lot's of blame games on your blog off late Amit ;)

Illeen said...

Nice conversation..I can actually vizualize the scenario..!

Smita said...

I am wondering, how come u r such an expert in these conversations???

Sameera said...

Seriously..??? [God.. I still don't get it!!]

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Almost a perfect rain conversation. ;)


Amit Gupta said...


More than who survived, 'He' or 'She' is important that their relationship and conversations survived :)

Amit Gupta said...


I like to be controversy ridden, it helps my creativity.

Amit Gupta said...


Thanks, glad you liked it and was able to relate to it.

Amit Gupta said...


I am not an expert, i have just taken my eavesdropping skills to another level ;)

Amit Gupta said...


You would get it once you start going on coffee dates, hopefully soon sometime in the future.

Amit Gupta said...


Three cheers for that !! :)

bondgal_rulz said...

cute :)

Amit Gupta said...