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March 25, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple's Soul

A short story penned by me will appear in The Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple's Soul. This anthology of 101 short stories is edited by Rajyashree Dutt of Write-Arm fame, and published by Westland Publications. It should be out in the book stores by the end of November 2011. This particular edition of CS series deal with relationship themes faced by couples along the lines of love and support, overcoming obstacles, coping with death and dying, aging and living your dreams.

For those who are not aware of Chicken Soup format, here is a little blurb. The series, which is an old American format consists of short stories featuring real inspirational narratives. Launched first in 1993, the series now has more than 200 titles under it and is available in 54 languages across the world. Debuted in India about 3 years back, there are several titles mushrooming the book stores under The Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series.

At this point of time, i do not have an exact idea of other writers who have contributed towards this book but will keep updating details in due time along with it's availability across Indian bookstores and relevant websites. And of course, i will be reviewing the book right here on this blog as soon as i get a copy of my own.


Maria said...

lovely header! happy Friday

Ben said...

Congratulations.Wonderful news. All the best.

P.S. My contribution for Chicken soup for the soul- Indian doctors has been accepted as well.

Aeish said...

Eagerly awaiting :D

Smita said...

hey congrats buddy!!! :)

Me-Era* said...

Congrats :)

Resmi Jaimon said...

I've contributed a story for the Chicken soup for the Indian Couple's Soul. Have shared stories six other titles - three of these titles, already published.

Resmi Jaimon