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March 14, 2011

The Post-match Conversations...

He: Hello.
She: Why were you not picking the phone?
He: I was busy.
She: with whom?
He: (irritated) No one.
She: Still busy?
He: I was just watching the match.
She: Oh yes, India lost na...
He: (more irritated) thanks for the update.
She: (winks) Anytime yaar.
He: whatever
She: hmm...
He: Hmm....
She: What's up?
He: Ceiling.
She: oho, ok..tell me. What's the plan for tomorrow?
He: Nothing, you tell
She: We were planning to watch 'Black Swan', remember?
He: (murmurs) Black sheep... Nehra is an asshole, can't even bowl to save his life.
She: From where the hell Nehra came?
He: From today's match yaar, where else.
She: You are still stuck with that boring match
He: No, i am stuck with you. And who said match was boring?
She: No one.....(rattled) To hell with you and Nehra and cricket and India
He: Don't know about others, but Nehra is surely going there.
She: You should also go, quick!
He: Why should I go?
She: Because at least there you won't talk about cricket
He: Sadly you won't be there to listen to it.
She: Good for me.
He: Good for other people.
She: OK, don't fight.
He: You said, go to hell
She: That was just an expression.
He: This is just a reaction.
She: Good for you.
He: Hmm...
She: Hmm...
He: Ok, where you want to watch Black sheep, i mean (forgetting the name of movie)....whatever.
She: Let it be.
He: Why?
She: Not in the mood now.
He: Mood swings?
She: Yes
He: Are you down?
She: (irritated) Nooooo, are you out of your mind?
He: Nehra has mind-fucked me.
She: We will talk later then.
He: Why? (realising the mistake) Ok, no more cricket talks.
She: No, it's ok
He: Ok, i am sorry....(changing the topic) How was your day?
She: Nothing special.
He: Are still...what you did the whole day?
She: I was watching the match, Zaheer was sooooooooo cute, bowled an awesome 49th over.
He: What the fuck!! why all this drama then...
She: Aiwieen...
He: (Super irritated) to hell with you.
She: Ok, listen na....
He: what?
She: I love you!
He: I don't, bye (disconnects)

He Calls after 43 seconds.

She: kya hain?
He: I love you too!
She: (smiling) so where are we going to see Black Sheep?
He: Anywhere except hell.
She: Done.
He: Done.
She: Bye then, see you tomorrow...
He: i'll pick you up, sleep well.
She: You are a sweetheart.
He: Good night (sound of a kiss)
She: Sweet dreams (sound of a kiss)
He: (disconnects) Saaala Nehra, Kamina !!


Bhargavi Kashyap said...

hahahahahha..i had this same conversation...except for the going to movie part (hate long distance relationships =/)
This is very cute =)

Anushree said...

haha...that was really nyc!!

wildflower said...

cute post! :)

Smita said...

I love these he she series of yours :D I am sure this comes out of 1st hand experience :P

Vinnie said...

hume lagtha hain ke....this is a real conversation!
any chance it is u n ....?

suruchi said...

trust you to be forever stuck up about cricket like this amit...poor kiddo...and we love these please converse kahin bhaga nahi ja raha...koi na koi match hamesha tv pe hoga;-)