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April 17, 2011

Aditi Rao Hydari - You little beauty!

Avinash nervously fidgeted with the mobile. It's been a while since he has heard her voice. He was constantly deliberating to call her, Should he or should he not. May be it was not a good idea at all. She will be angry for being away for so long. Walking on the top of the mountain, he dialed and re-dialed her number, but failed every time. But it is not fair not to call her at all. She will be eagerly waiting for him to call, Should he or should he not. Finally, the thought of her fulgurous smile give him the kick, he dialed her number.

The phone started ringing, the call connected. She came online, slapping her hands in glee. She passed a dazzling smile, titled her head towards right, and a voice emerged from her soft, pesky lips, "Hi". Avinash eyeballs exploded in her head and he blanked out the next minute. She was as usual, calm as a lake surface, cool as an ice cube. He couldn't fathom what to say to her, Should he or should he not.

She instantly could make out his mind's muddiness. He was looking as dashing as ever, but she did not wanted to show her eagerness. She picked the coffee from the table in her left hand and put her right hand across the mug enwrapping it in her fingers, just like a mother holding on to her child. She looked at him with slight disdain, raised her chin and mildly chided him for being quiet, "Baat nahin karni thi to bulaya kyun?"

Avinash came close, literally trying to smell her fragrance, the smell which he can't forget after being away for ages. He directed her gaze towards the left side of her arm, right below the neck. His mind became a maze of emotions, it was there the last time when he contemplated to kiss it, should he or should he not. He forgot to exchange any pleasantries with her and bluntly questioned her, "Yahan par ek til hua kartha tha na".

She was in no mood to give up, he needs to be teased more for teasing her by not even calling. She knew he was busy, but how much time it takes to make one call, she consoled herself. Seeing his bewildered expression, she played on, "Mera til koi tumhara check-post to hain nahin, aaj yahan, kal wahan."

Avinash was taken back with her sudden outburst. "Can't she be a little nice?" after all we are talking after so long. But he kept looking at her cherubic face, those dusky eyes, those curvy earlobes, those silky hairs. At the next very moment, she took her left hand from behind to move those very hairs falling on the right side of her neck, gradually exposing the black mole. The mole containing years of friendship, waiting to cherish. The mole containing months of longing for each other, waiting to cease. The mole containing streams of love, waiting to crash. He kept looking at the mole, almost wanting to kiss her, should he or should he not.

She, in a flash, understood his carnal desires and moved closer to him. Her veins bulging out, her heart pouring out, her face pouting out, but still in a playful mood, "Captain Avinash Rathod, ek soldier ki nazar kabhi neeche nahin honi chaiye, kuch seekha nahin".

He blushed, he chuckled, he stymied. His friend chose that very moment to call him, 'Oye Avi, aaja'. He looked at her one last time, with hundred of half-baked ambitions in heart, with thousands of quarter-filled dreams in eyes. This time he gently chided her, "Tu rukh zara, tujhe aa kar dektha hoon". In a subtle way, he assured her like last time. He will be back soon, close to her, close to smelling her, close to that mole. With heavy heart... he said, "Bye". With heavy voice...she said, "Bye". He disconnected the call. She vanished. He miss her a lot, he need to tell her, should he or should he not.

PS: After playing Rama bua in Delhi-6 and Shanti in Yeh Saali Zindagi, Aditi Rao Hydari is back in the new ad for Airtel 3G advertisement intermittently played in breaks during IPL-4. They have a punchline,"Dil jo chahe, pass laye". I say, "Hydari de do, chahe jaan le lo Airtel walo" ;)

PPS: All the above notes are my personal, emanating from the overflowing romantic hormones in the past few days. Airtel is not responsible for any personal, professional , emotional or financial damage caused to me in this condition :)


Cardinal Ruby said...

Sweet :)

tintin said...

Very nicely written. In fact would not be wrong to say that you have matched the visual freshness of the ad with your vibrant writing.

Well written.


Ashu said...

nicely written..
even for those who haven't seen the ad its totally revealing the scene to its fullest.. :-)

Amit Gupta said...

@Cardinal Ruby

Thanks :)

Amit Gupta said...


Ah! That's quite a compliment. It was just one of my experimental posts. Glad you liked it!


Amit Gupta said...


Intention was to explore the silence as well between those lines in the original advertisement. Thanks for dropping by!

Imran Khan said...

She is looking gorgeous in the movie looking forward to watching the movie, their chemistry is great in the song Mat Aazma Re