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April 5, 2011

Bleeding BLUE has never been this good....

India, the 2011 WC champions - It has finally sunk in!!

Unlike 1983 win, this triumph was more or less expected. But to overcome those expectations, and that too in some style by beating all the previous WC winners - West Indies, Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka was icing on the cake. Contrary to the popular media belief, i don't think Sri Lanka was the best team to made into the finals. They had pretty easy Q/F and S/F against non-Asian teams in England and New Zealand respectively who have traditionally always struggle in sub-continental conditions, and more so in Colombo where these matches were played.

A lot have been said about Dhoni captaincy, Kirsten calmness, Sachin greatness, Yuvraj flamboyance, Raina fearlessness, Harbhajan aggressiveness and Gambhir gutsy display. But for me, the player of the tournament was Zaheer Khan - the unsung hero of this WC win. Apart from those last 5 overs in the final, he was always spot on with line and length and provided crucial, sometimes magical break-throughs. This win is special, coming after 28 years, first time for a lot of people of my generation. But does it really change things in this country? Does it really make a difference to a nation plagued by scams and corruption? Does it change the way other sports are perceived in India? I don't know about all that. What i do know is the way this win makes a difference in a monotonous, almost passive life of 1.2 billion Indians.

Yesterday all through the day, i made a point to observe people closely everywhere. And i realised even though momentarily only, suddenly something has changed in their lives. More confidence, more laughter, more jokes being cracked, less cribbing wives, less irritated colleagues, less nagging girl-friends. May be this is just for a few days or weeks. But the way almost every Indian was beaming proudly, with broad shoulders, with that unbeatable was mesmerising. Just what a cricket win can do in the lives of a common man (and woman) in India. May be i am taking this a little too far, but hell, which Indian cricket fan don't !!

Indian team have hell lot of cricket in the next one year, with tours to West Indies, England, Australia and possibly Pakistan (if there is a revival in cricketing ties). Along with this, West Indies and England will be touring India in Oct-Mid Dec period. Add to this, IPL-4 and Champions League T20-3 and you know the picture. But no other win is BIGGER than this win, no other win will be BIGGER than this win, this is the pinnacle and we have the bragging rights of being at the top for next four years. Enjoy this, INDIA....BLEED BLUE !!!

PS: After reading this piece of news, i can safely say there is no difference between Justin Bieber and Shahid Afridi. One sings S.H.I.T, another one talks S.H.I.T. Don't trust me, watch this and then watch this and draw your own conclusions. For me, this double standard is exactly the reason why the cricket matches between India and Pakistan will never be less than war. In such a scenario...... Aman ki Asha and all that jazz, well, JUST trash it. We are the bloody WC champions for the next 4 years, let's keep celebrating and let others keep cribbing!! :)


Smita said...

And everyone was praising Afridi so much for hsi 1st speech!! I wonder which one is the true Afridi! As far as his Criticism of media is concerned am ok with it (it must have been irritating to read "Afridi & 12 chor" kind of news) but to say "Muslims & Pakistani's" have a larger heart is tad insulting!!! Guess that is what he really is!!!

Anyways nothing can mar the wonderful win!!! It was special & will always remain special!!! :D

Amit Gupta said...


That praise in the first speech probably got to his head. Criticism of media is fine, the hype could be less in Pakistan but world over, the media have reached crappy proportions. Even, we in India crib and complain so much about it. But obviously the second comment just shows the double standards i pointed out in the post. Does he mean the Muslims in India do not have larger heart and are not pure? Crap!

And yes, nothing can take away from this win but then no cricket win is also complete without some Pakistan bashing ;) :D


Ben said...

Hey, you did not mention the contribution of a certain Poonam Pandey. She may not have inspired the boys in blue, but she sure enthused the fans.

Ben said...

After giving us so much lip,
Finally Punnu is gonna strip,
And those in the know
Are ready for the show
To Paris they are planning a trip.

karthick r said...

loved the analogy between Justin Bieber and Shahid Afridi. :)

Jyoti said...

Every Indian is basking in the glory of WC Win..
I saw that news of Afridi on NDTV and checked the link of the video on youtube now.. its really a shame.. There was also a news that the trophy is fake.. But all this crap news isnt going to lessen the excitement of the Indians after the win.. It might just give the media to debate abt something..