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May 4, 2011

The Car Conversations...

He: What are you doing?
She: Practicing Judo...can't you see?
He: Why are you driving so slow...even snail can race past us.
She: What, I am driving at 60.
He: There are no cows on the road, you can drive faster.
She: What's the hurry?
He: I want to get laid today.
She: Really, what makes you think are going to be lucky tonight.
He: Your horny eyes.
She: My eyes are on the road..and you bloody stop gazing at me.
He: Stop driving slow then...
She: Duh...what's the connection"?
He: Big connection.
She: Prove it.
He: Fine, stop the car.
She: What, are you crazy?
He: I will show you the connection.
She: Fine.

(Car stops. 'He' and 'She' exchange the seats)

She: Fine, now show me.
He: Show what?
She: The connection.
He: Oh, i was just kidding.
She: What the hell.
He: i just wanted to drive. You were driving me nuts with slow moving.
She: Dog...
He: Yes, baby...Doggy is going to be, tonight.
She: Shut up, i am not doing anything.
He: Fine, throw tantrums.
She: These are not tantrums.
He: Oh ya, sure.
She: This is my birth right.
He: Good for you.
She: (Silence) Hmm...
He: (Silence) Hmm...
She: Ok, drive are going too fast, over 100.
He: Why?
She: Because it is safe.
He: who wants to take the safe path with you?
She: (Blushing) I'll kill you.
He: You are doing that already...come here, give me a kiss.
She: Nooo, be patient.
He: I don't have such petty things to take care... (moves forward)
She: Watch it....

(Brakes are applied, screeching sound, car comes to a halt)

She: Should i drive fast?
He: Your wish.
She: Really, we can like go at 100 if you want.
He: No, it's ok.
She: You were horny naa.
He: Not anymore, specially after giving 500 bucks to the thulla.
She: Tsk Tsk....
He: Drive carefully, you don't want to jump 2 red lights in one day.
She: Ya, right.
He: Shut up.
She: What's my mistake? You wanted to kiss.
He: Yes, all mistakes are mine.
She: Ok, ok...we will not talk about it.
He: OK
She: Atleast smile now.
He: No, i don't want to.
She: Don't be a spoil sport.
He: I don't want any soiled sports.
She: Not even the one with whipped cream tonight.
He: (Smiling) Not really.
She: Really?
He: Yes, really.
She: Fine, so where should i drop you?
He: At my home.
She: OK
He: You forgot.
She: (thinking) What?
He: your fridge is not working.
She: So?
He: The whipped cream at my place will be fresh.
She: (blushing) Good for you.
He: For us.
She: I love you!
He: After 500 bucks sounds so materialistic.
She: After 500 kisses, it will feel all orgasmic.
He: Then drive faster, i don't want to miss it.
She: (accelerating) Yo!
He: Ok, listen...i love you too!
She: (smiling) I know!


Felicity said...


Shruti said...


So real.

Loved it. As usual.

Scribbling Gal said...

That was indeed very cute....and so real too :)

Loved reading it :)


good one. ha ha ha .. :)

bondgal_rulz said...


nice one!

suruchi said...

arre..i thought yeh mush dipped conversation(alist) ko aap Australia chodh aaye the....yahan bhi?

badia hain;-)

Amit Gupta said...



Amit Gupta said...


Thanks :)

Amit Gupta said...

@Scribbing Gal

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Amit Gupta said...


Thanks :)

Amit Gupta said...


Cool :)

Amit Gupta said...

@Suruchi Di

Love dipped conversations can be held anywhere, you just need a partner ;-)

Raj said...

Wah Waah Gupta ji.. Its amazing.. I mean really . After breaking my head with a server for the last 4 hours.. I get this treat of reading this in my Google reader.. And to tel you the truth .. it was nice to read something with a touch of lighter side of life.. without even leaving my workstation .. without my manager asking me another question .. :P .. My manager gets 100% productivity .. I get a break .. Everyones happy . Thanks to you .. ;) :P .. May your kind increase... he he .. Kudos!!!