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June 28, 2011

The E-mail Conversations...

She: Coffee?
He: Depends.
She: on what?
He: Who is paying the bill?
She: Duhh....kanjoos
He: Cool, so you are paying it.
She: Yes, Mr. non-courteous.
He: (straight face) OK
She: Move from your seat now.
He: Where are we going?
She: You say....CCD or Barista?
He: Wherever your salary allows you to pay.
She: I get peanuts, dude.
He: Count me in too.
She: (Straight face) OK
He: Shall we go?
She: No, let's talk here only on e-mail.
He: What nonsense.
She: When you have talked sense?
He: Let's go now, i have to attend the conference call at 3.
She: I am not going.
He: You only asked me...and now this
She: Mood change.
He: Fine

3 minutes later....

He: Let's go naa....
She: Who is paying the bill?
He: Huh, you.
She: Why me? you are inviting me.
He: But we decided you will pay.
She: Yes, but that invitation stands cancelled now.
He: I can see you are mad.
She: I can see your nuts.
He: (shocked) What?
She: oops, i mean ...i can see you're nuts.
He: Don't cover up, you like nuts too (winks)
She: Shut up, i did not mean that.
He: Why denying baby, you are crazy about them.
She: Dude, this is office.
He: Lucky you, otherwise would have served nuts with coffee.
She: Will you ever stop being cheap?
He: Areee...i was talking about hazel nuts with cappuccino at Barista.
She: Do you think i am dumb?
He: Don't have to think about it.
She: Fine.

"He" don't reply.

3 minutes later....

She: Hello, let's go

3 minutes later....

She: OK, i am sorry. let's go.

3 minutes later...

She: OK baby, I will pay, let's go now.

3 minutes later....

She: To hell with you, I am not going anywhere.

30 minutes later....

He: What, are you crazy. I had a conference call at 3, remember.

3 minutes later....

She: OK
He: Angry?
She: No
He: Doesn't seem so.
She: No, its ok
He: Sure?
She: Yes
He: Confident?
She: Yes
He: Lock kar doon....
She: Yes.
He: Coffee?
She: Who is paying for the bill?
He: Me, who else?
She: You are a sweetheart.
He: I know
She: (smiling) I love you.
He: Specially when i pay the bill.
She: (giggling) yes, absolutely
He: I love you too!
She: See you in 5 minutes at Barista
He: Cya.


Megha said...

This made me smile :)
cute and crisp

Smita said...

lol!!! Cute & very real :D

Pooja Mahimkar said...

That is sooo cute!!! And something similar is happening with me only thing is it quite didn't end that way :( but your post is awesome!

Nidhi.. said...

Awww :-)
So cute and real :-D

Oldfox004 said...

the next time, i'm at Barista to have cappuccino with hazelnuts, i'll remember this and smile :)

sweet one!

Gaurav Agarwal said...

lol..cute nd funny !

Rachti Aggarwal said...

Great one!!