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June 20, 2011

Have we lost our sense of humour?

All those on twitter must be aware of the latest controversy irked by Chetan Bhagat 'Coke' statement. Here is that tweet, which was later deleted by him:

Mothers give birth, but the coke belongs to the guy who puts the coin in the vending machine. Happy Father's day ;)

This was followed by outrage on twitter, soon Chetan Bhagat started trending and we have other celebrities joining the bandwagon bashing the writer. And so does my favourite brand - Finicky Feminist came into picture.
The most pathetic tweet was by the author and activist, Taslima Nasreen:

Shame on #chetan_bhagat who celebrated #fathersday by humiliating, insulting, offending, degrading, abusing, hurting all mothers and women

Are you kidding me? Are you like fucking kidding me?

Let's just put the things in perspective - It was a silly joke, made in complete jest. I do believe that celebrities should be more responsible about what they say on public platforms, he even apologized twice for it. But have we lost our sense of humour? To conclude that by writing this tweet, someone has offended (and all the above jazz words) women is absolutely ridiculous. Coining this tweet as misogynist and urging everyone that it's time for a women revolution is just not outrageous, it is preposterous to even think about it. You may term yourself feminist, but first become a human at least.

So called psuedo-feminists should look into themselves before pointing finger at others. They keep spitting venom in the form of blog-posts and tweets but don't think twice by making a joke on men or their actions. However, if a female joke is made by a man - it's blasphemy, horrendous and violation of women's respect. If this discrepancy is pointed out, they will evade the issue by pointing out their "right of expression" in a democratic world. So what - right of double standards also comes with it? Right of being a hypocrite also comes with it? Right of being non-courteous to all men also comes with it? Right of violation of men's respect also comes with it?

I am against any kind of injustice or harassment females are subjected to. But to view every statement from the lens of feminism is quite disgusting. Where is the objectivity gone? Where are the sham values now? Has your humour is also now gender dependent? Has the rules for judging someone is based on sex? Is this not sexual discrimination? Or my earlier statement holds true - Why bitch is the new black?

Moreover, linking this tweet with any of Bhagat's novels and writing pieces is ridiculous to say the least. I am a neutral about his writing, liked some, hated some. But issuing such statements is nothing but over-reaction by the enthusiastic or may be, even jealous people. I don't care if you agree with CB tweets or not, i don't care whether you like his novels or not. But don't act like a prick and carry on a bandwagon of men bashing just because it suits your sensibilities and agenda of being a feminist celebrity.

@surrealsurya put it down very aptly in one of her tweets:

Some women need to realize, its not fashion to call everything misogyny and chauvinistic. You need to be objective about it. Not obsessed.

I sincerely hope more women realise this. By constantly relating everything related to men as sexist and feminist, you don't gain anything. Rather, you lose a lot of respect. And very quickly, mind you.


Maddd Hatter said...

I think what he did in the tweet was tell an inappropriate joke meant for a locker room in a public forum. You must understand that there is an audience for particular types of jokes and Mr Bhagat may be followed by children and women who have been subjects of sexual violence who may not take kindly to the imagery in this particular joke. I also find that Mr Bhagat joke is part of a long list of symptoms for which he seems to be a general tool, not in the least him imploring Gujarat's version of Nero to stand up as Prime Minister of the country.

Maddd Hatter said...

Feminism has it's faults, and yes many are quick to brand people and opinions as misogynistic but in this case I can't see a fault with the branding. I also don't see the real issue with Taslima Nasreen, and believe me she's not a fake feminist.

Amit Gupta said...

@Maddd Hatter

I have already said in the post that celebrities should be more careful with what they say on the public forums as they are more accountable for their actions. Again, what he said about Narendra Modi has nothing to do with this joke, just like it has nothing to do with his books or writing pieces. People REALLY need to start segregating things, none of the other comments he has made can be termed as sexist, this one surely did though it is clear case of perceptions. To me, it was a silly joke which has got far more attention that it actually deserves in the first place.

You don't see the issue with Taslima Nasreen, well there you are - double standards to the hilt. If you are saying CB as a role model should watch what they say on twitter, shouldn't the same applies to TN. To me, she is much more senior writer (Lajja released in 1993 opposed to FPS in 2004) and how appropriate it is for such a celebrity to talk about a "women revolution" and all men being misogynist? Is this mature thinking? Is this not sexist? Is this not using someone's silly jokes to satisfy your feminist agendas? To me personally, She is a bigger culprit than CB who is poisoning the people mind's with an eye to satisfy her personal work. Why people are not holding her accountable for not being objective, she has clearly shown symptoms of being an ultra sexist and misogynist.

And by the way, i just used an example of TN to illustrate my point of feminists taking advantage of this particular situation. My sore point of contention is directed towards all such feminists, men and women included.

vadakkus said...

"Lost it's sense of humor"? When did we have a sense of humor to start with?

Bhagat should know the impact of his actions and words. Unfortunately, there are millions of kids who see him as a "role model" for some unfathomable reasons.


Amit Gupta said...


In general terms, LOL at your point. You are right, we may never had a sense of humour because we always judge everything said by anyone on the basis of sex, caste, religion or region.

As far as CB is concerned, i have said enough... you may like to check other comments. Cheers!

suruchi said...

loved the post amit n yup, wish Indians find their humour soon-sharing your thoughts on fb:-)

Mani Lalwani said...

I second your thoughts and was disgusted at all the hullaballao being created for this non-existed issue.
y can't cb's tweet be taken just as another lame joke?

Parvathy said...

Much ado about nothing. The ultra feminists are barking up the wrong tree. If at all, we need more open minded guys like Chetan who dont feel guilty about sharing a joke like this for where the heart is clean, there is no fear.

Oldfox004 said...

Twitter is a public space where millions of little conversations take place. One can tune in anytime to get the latest message. Just as in the olden days, we had a bazaar where the community met, shared jokes/stories and basically enriched each other, we now have a digital social medium called Twitter.
There's always a bumpkin who loves to spread an unsavoury rumour or crack a joke at another's expense. We now have Chetan Bhagat to do that (confirmed now since he is only doing that on Twitter).
I'm rather surprised how a personality like Taslima Nasreen reacted to an inane joke by a 'trying-really-hard-to-be-funny' writer. Its a good thing, i happened to stumble upon this article...thanks for sharing!

P.S. this one gave me fodder for an article, will share it with u.

'Do not spread the hatred if you are unable to fathom the reason, spread love for love has no reason"