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July 18, 2011

Five years of blogging and counting...

18 July, 2006: I had just completed one year in my first job. Totally frustrated, irritated and zombie kind - yet another IT professional in India. On this very afternoon, after increasing my CTC by having 3 pathetic cups of coffee from the Nestle vending machine....i decided to start a blog. As it eventually turned out, it became one of the best decisions of my life.

I had too much emotional garbage churning inside, i needed a vent at that time. I had problems with system, project, manager, people, friends, relatives - hell, even with myself. Hence, i took the anonymous way out. I blogged almost daily for the next five months and then it just became a habit, part of my life. I don't have that blog existing now, but the memories still linger on.

When i started this blog, ironically on Valentine's day.... it was an attempt to break the tradition. To write what you believe in, what you stand for, what you think of the world and never get affected by the rules of the blogging world. I guess most of us who come first in this world start with the same premise, though most fall apart in between.

You know, and this is just not related to blogging, but in India there is a very strong issue - To state straight facts on face is a BIG problem. People will give you umpteen suggestions: why you are so straight forward? Why you are so honest? Why you can't sugar coat facts? You are so mean, you can't say it like that? You don't have to be rude to say the simple thing?

Here are some of my favourite quotes over the years on this blog....

Your blog is not the same as before, too much of everything and anything - why you don't stick to the same old mush posts?

Really, who made these rules that a blog should only stick to a topic. It is a personal preference, isn't it? I never intended to write on one topic, and never will. If the people don't want to read, they are free to ignore it. It is simple process... like it-take it, don't-like-it-leave it. All i am concluding is that to write on my own blog is my prerogative, why should i weigh it down with someone else expectations. It is my space, right. It's not arrogance, it is just that i am extremely critical of people who invade other people space and dictate terms. I cannot force myself to write on a topic, this is a reason why i never participate in all those numerous "blog-and-win" contests.

Your blog has too much adult stuff, don't you think of the future - why don't you write something nice and clean?

Within minutes of penning down my last post, i got this exact question as an e-mail in my inbox. Now, i don't know what the person exactly meant by "future", but i guess he/she was pointing towards the fact that i am unmarried and may have difficulty in getting hitched. Sob story indeed for any unmarried, eligible bachelor male in India, isn't it? I have been asked this question numerous times through comments and mails, how come you are such an expert in these conversations? Kya hain bhaiyaa, creativity naam ki cheez nahin hain kya duniya mein? You don't write everything by experience, you make up stuff too. And yes, let's face target audience is not the teenage people just out of their knickers whom i expect to understand the nuances though they may claim to have brains and maturity to handle such stuff.

I read your posts always but don't comment on them - you are already so popular, you don't need my comments. But hey, you don't visit my space...please comment sometime.

Right......Thank you very much, you invested your time on reading my blog but couldn't find enough time to comment. No problems from my side because as i said before it is your personal preference to pour down your point of view. But hell, show some courtesy than blatantly asking me to read your posts and comment on them. If people have something to say, they will do so in any case. You don't have to force it down their throats.

You can defend your point of view to the hilt. I don't feel like getting into discussion, i am just too lazy to write a long comment.

That's your excuse of not writing a comment, like really. Slap yourself, a tight one. No kidding. This is my favourite breed of readers, the one who spent hours and hours playing games on Facebook, bitching about friends, passing random links on Twitter and watching videos on YouTube...but are lazy to write a comment. Feedback is important for any writer, good or bad is not the point really. You have to judge me (if at all) based on what i write on the blog, not based on what i do in my real life.

In the end, I know people who matter to me will always read me and will say what they feel about my work. People whom i matter will know i will always get back to them with my comments. They don't have to say it even...bonds are formed instantly without uttering a word, relations are formed on the basis of trust. The people who will never get me are the one who are too busy making space and peace with themselves.

PS: I will never be a popular writer, but i will always be an honest writer. Deal with it :)


Anwesa said...

First things first, Congrats on completing 5 years ( half-a-decade ... phew ! )

And I liked this Q&A method of celebration :D

**you make up stuff too.

Exactly ! This is what bothers me too. My readers think all my posts are real-life experiences. People, there is something called "imagination". Not quite a big issue for me though. I love my readers :)

I hope to see "loveisalwaysnew" in its 50th year too :)

Beads* said...

Hey, congrats!! :) I will complete five years of blogging this year too. :) But I don't have much to show really. For an year I was on and off blogging and then for more than three years I blogged with my real name, made friends, etc.
Now I felt the need to go anonymous and just started a new blog. Come visit sometimes. :)

And hey, I couldn't agree more on the part where you talked about ppl asking questions. India is stuck somewhere far behind in dealing with these things. You know what Delhi Belly did recently. I loved your post on that too. :)

Congrats again. Keep it up!! :)

Smita said...

Loved the last line :)

Congrats for the 5 year landmark :D

And yes ppl demanding comments is one of the most irritating thing that comes with blogging!!

And seriously ppl are worried about ur future because of the posts that u write??? LOL!!! What all ppl think & imagine no?

For me a Blog is a personal space and we shud write what we feel like anf if any one has a problem with the content. Well They can stop reading :D

suruchi said...

Big salute to the "honest writer"
and wow at the five years-so, so good...and the way you give it to people on their face-clap, clap again!

Blogging was indeed a super good decision-warna hum kaise milte:-)
And woh anonymous waala blog-kahin par bhi nahi dekh sakte?:(

Oldfox004 said...

hey Amit, congrats yaar...5 years of consistent blogging is really commendable.
n yes, asking for comments is it! its the matter thats inside that really that too!
i'm not sure about popularity but i read for the love of words and ur blog has plenty of words woven beautifully :)
Long live the honest writer!

Oldfox004 said...

i wanted to say one thing always...probably today i can:)
i would prefer it if you change the header, template, layout ,etc.