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July 11, 2011

Delhi Belly - Too much fuss about the cuss

Have you watched Delhi Belly? If not, you could be missing something important in Hindi cinema. Saying that actually makes me surprise because story is not innovative, it does not have the usual melodrama nor anything to feel good about. I am the one who has constantly criticized on twitter regarding too much stress on promoting a film using vulgar language as a niche marketing tool. But boy, it has worked. And big time.

People have made too much fuss about the cuss words or the so-called abusive language in Delhi Belly. Some psuedo-intellectuals clearly feel the need to draw the line. The so called custodians of Indian culture think that the moral fabric of our entire society is at stake by allowing such language. I pity them, like totally. They are living in their ivory towers, so far from the real India that any kind of noise will just be a bee stinging near your ear. Cussing in India is the sole reason of still having lower number of heart attacks than some of the other developed countries where standard of living is far higher. It is cathartic, liberating and act as a balm to the distressed souls.

Cuss words have always been part of the Indian society and i guess, will remain so for some more decades. Imagine a life without cuss words...i shudder at the thought, like seriously. There are too many DK Bose in everyone's life. You need a vent, an outlet. Otherwise mind will explode, frustration will creep in. We will have fights on the roads, murders on the highways, rape in offices. Ok, i know i am exaggerating but really... how it can make a culture break-down is something i am still trying to get my head around. In a country where the fornication activities of females (and sometimes males too, if you are a little innovative!) are used as punctuation marks in a sentence, it forebodes a unique kind of unity in the society. Cuss words make this country control its temper, they make its people roll their eyes on corruption. Clearly it is an essential evil, it works, it definitely does.

I find it really funny about those people who abuse in English all the time but have a problem if a cuss word is uttered in Hindi. If you can say a C-word in English, why not its Hindi equivalent? If you can say a D-word in English, why not its equivalent L-word in Hindi? What's wrong with it? Why this differential treatment met out to Hindi? If nothing else, there is more passion, more feeling involved in uttering those liberal dose of Hindi cuss words. Isn't it?

Having said that, i am not encouraging anyone to become abusive and lose the sense of place and people. This can be and should be done with a group of friends, and that too the ones who won't take really offense in abusing and getting abused. This rawness in the lingo is what made Delhi belly a treat to watch. The magic is always in forbidden fruit, so what if it is in abusing freely, openly and often with shocking effect.

And all those who are thinking about how Delhi Belly can succeed with that liberal dose of cuss words. Well, S.H.I.T happens. So does a hit film. Deal with it.

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Rashmi said...

Wow! And i was here toying with the idea since when whether or not to go see this movie...
But it still hasn't motivated me enough to book a ticket and go...
Good write up though.