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July 17, 2011

The Postcoital Conversations...

He: Stop doing that.
She: (Surprised) what?
He: Making circles with my chest hair
She: So what?
He: It's irritating.
She: Then get them waxed
He: Are you crazy?
She: Why not? Remove them.
He: You got to be out of your mind.
She: You hate them on me.
He: You are a woman.
She: You are a bear.
He: Bears don't have so less hair.
She: Areee...but that's not the point.
He: Then what?
She: If i can remove, so can you.
He: You can't stop making circles?
She: You can't start waxing?
He: No
She: You don't love me.
He: No, i don't.
She: (finger size 5) Not even this much.
He: (finger size 1) Not even that much.
She: Fine.
He: Thank you.
She: Next time, sleep with a woman with lot of hairs.
He: Ewwwwww...
She: Why not?
He: Scary it is.
She: Hairy chest, i know.
He: No, sleeping with another woman.
She: (smiling) But i thought i was boring in bed.
He: (sigh) Yes, that's also true.
She: (pillow throwing) You dog.
He: Ok, stop that kiddo...
She: I am hungry now.
He: Eat me, again.
She: Duhh....i mean for food.
He: Piece of meat should be good.
She: Thappad khaana hain?
He: You were hungry naa, i can serve you a tight one.
She: Let's order Pizza from Domino's.
He: No.
She: Why?
He: They bring it too early.
She: So, that's good na.
He: I won't be done by then.
She: Doing what?
He: Areee, I am a late-cummer.
She: (irritated) I better sleep with Domino's guy.
He: (picking phone) Ya, quick 30 minutes service they provide.
She: And allow you to do anything in circles.
He: Good for you.
She: Awesome, baby.
He: I hate you.
She: What makes you think, i love you.
He: (throwing phone) Fine, order yourself.
She: Aye haye, My baal-man.
He: what?
She: I mean, hindi wala baal (hairs)
He: Enough of your crap, let's have a hair-raising experience.
She: I'll hit you
He: Hit me hard, baal-baby.
She: (cries of no-no)
He: (cries of yes-yes)


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Ah...crazy love ;)

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haha...My god I love these conversations...they should be compiled and another blog should be devoted just to them Amit:-)