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August 9, 2011

The Drunken Conversations...

She: Hi, babyyyy
He: (straight face) OK
She: What OK?
He: You are drunk again.
She: Not enough.
He: I can see that.
She: I want to see you too.
He: See me in your dreams.
She: Why are you so far?
He: Good for me....
She: That was rude.
He: I am sick of your Saturday Night parties.
She: Then be a part of it.
He: You know i don't drink
She: But you can join me.
He: To do what?
She: Take advantage of me drunk.
He: That i can do it in any case.
She: In your dreams.
He: Ok, now sleep.
She: No, let's make love.
He: Hush...
She: What hush?
He: Just sleep.
She: Not without you.
He: Someone is horny.
She: Always with you.
He: OK
She: What are you wearing?
He: Nothing.
She: What?
He: Ya, nothing.
She: And you were saying me horny.
He: Do you have a copyright on it?
She: So what next?
He: I was just setting myself up.
She: So sweet.
He: Hello, who said with you?
She: I will kill you
He: Not when i am naked.
She: You dare not see any of those bitches.
He: I never see them, they like it blindfolded.
She: OK
He: What happen?
She: Nothing.
He: Still...
She: I am sleepy.
He: Miss J
She: I am not.
He: You are.
She: Fine, so?
He: I like it.
She: I hate you.
He: I wish the feeling was mutual.
She: Hmm
He: Hmmm
She: Stop hmming
He: Stop making stupid face
She: how do you know on phone?
He: I know
She: Let's sleep.
He: Sleep well.
She: Ok listen.
He: Listen-wao
She: I missed you.
He: When you were horny...
She: No, Stupid.
He: Then?
She: When we were drinking...
He: Really?
She: Yes.
He: Nice.
She: Good night.
He: I missed you too.
She: Liar.
He: No, really.
She: When?
He: When you are going to sleep....alone.
She: Love you.
He: Hmmm...
She: Say it.
He: What?
She: Thappad khana hain?
He: Thappad khana hain....said.
She: Uffooo....
He: OK, OK....i love you too.
She: Great, good night.
He: Good night.


Pooja Mahimkar said...

soooo cutteeee!!!!

Pesto Sauce said...

Hindi films no longer depict drunken husbands coming home late and messed up, instead its the wives who have fun...times have changed

Miss Sheikh Chilli said...

I love pesto's comment

Kunnu said...

mast hai :)


Nidhi.. said...

sooo cute :-)

Tweety said...

cutteeeee :P :D :D