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August 19, 2011

PMS - Piss @ Men Syndrome

I was literally dozing off at my seat thanks to a heavy lunch session when a (senior) female manager barged into a (junior) male colleague sitting in the next bay. It was a small miscommunication regarding not sending an email but the lady was adamant to have her way. In the next 2 minutes or so, amidst pin drop silence on the whole floor, the guy was literally plummeted with a volley of words. As soon as that senior manager left, another female colleague sitting in the next row commented a little too loudly, “Poor man... just had a PMS-bashing session". I tried not to laugh out too loud. She tried not to hit me too hard.

I honestly believe that just like life, in blogging every post comes with a destiny of its own. It will come out when the right time has arrived. I have genuinely avoided writing on this topic in the past mainly because I feel it is a sensitive topic and should not be really ridiculed in any manner. But then i am not so stone hearted that i will let go of an opportunity to make fun of such a situation. So even though I had my share of fun on it before, today’s incident just triggered me to write about it.

Over the years, I have been a silent observer for women rants on this subject: How men are insensitive towards them, how they quietly overlook or ignore them during PMS, how they never cooperate and all that womanly jazz. I believe this is a flawed logic. Women themselves are extremely insensitive towards other women in such condition. They are, in most cases, irritable and irrational to talk in a logical space. In such a scenario, to accuse men of not completely understanding something which they have never experienced is not only biased but extremely unfortunate. I do not say men should not be careful about a women undergoing PMS, but the problem in itself is grave and certainly requires urgent measures to avoid this grossly sexist monthly exploitation of men all over the world.

Women think men are dickheads who don't know anything about PMS. But honestly, we don't need anyone to tell us. Personally, I can just observe women around me and tell it. Here are some pointers to the ignorant working men:

1. Why the hell a.c never works properly in this office?....(a.c switched on her request) OMG, it is so cold, it is freezing here..... (a.c closed on her request) OMG, it is so hot here, do they plan to suffocate us? ....My boss is asshole because a.c works only in his room....I will change my job because a.c never works in this office.

When all this is said by a female within the space of 10 minutes, all i genuinely wanted to do was to understand her condition, her hormonal changes and pass on a smile. Yes, after all i am super-human.

2. My mail is not working? Is your working? ....(i nod, YES) Why the hell my mail never works? I can't do anything in this office....(i reply, why you need the mail for creating ppt.) Not required, but really it should work naaa.....

Yes, after hearing all this... I really want to understand THE logic behind it, be sensitive and courteous and never say anything rude. Men are doing that for decades now and will continue to do so. I am no exception. Please keep showering your similar blessings on us.

3. This company is going balls, the coffee is pathetic today....(calls peon in pantry on extension) How long you are making coffee, still can't make a decent one. Get me another one....(another coffee arrives in 5 minutes) Who the hell asked for a coffee, all i wanted today was Tea. You moron.

I genuinely felt sorry for the poor pantry boy who listened to all this wondering what has hit him. All i wanted to do was take the coffee and pour it on her head. After all, they feel doing the same when men ignore them during PMS.

PS: Men inherently are pretty simple human beings. All they ever require is - 2 time ki roti aur 1 time ka sex. That is a totally different thing that women even find these things difficult to give. I tell you, Men have a painful life on hand. Much bigger than PMS.


Miss Sheikh Chilli said...

there is this guy in my office Be*****d rota hi rehta hai, so much work, chutti nahi mili and what not

Ladki hona tha usko toh

ANURADHA said...

if you really listen to all these rants w/o cursing her back in mind sweet of you :D

ANURADHA said...

if you really listen to all these rants w/o cursing her back in mind sweet of you :D

Divenita said...

Perhaps, you did not come across the saner ones yet.

Good post and Congrats for the blogadda pick!

Nefertiti said...

at least women are unreasonable fiv days a month. men are so, all 25 days (except sundays when they are mercifully asleep)...

P.S.: I am not a feminist