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October 6, 2011

Book Review - 49 : Dear, I love you

Author: Arun Sabtharishi
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers

A guy sees a girl, falls in love… woos and wins her love. They both experience the ecstasy of love that develops between them and both realise the purport of love. They discover that love is blind, literally blind against anything in the world. The guy makes a mistake; he seeks forgiveness from the girl. The girl too commits a mistake. Again the guy seeks apologies from her. Does the girl forgive the guy modestly for the mistake SHE has made? Beyond just hormone secretion or the chemical reaction that takes place in the human body, love is something more.

It's a simple story told in the most simplistic way. The guy falls in love heads over heels with this violet beauty. Their friendship blossoms, love happens, kiss creates havoc and mummy intervenes. And i suppose we all know what happens in such kind of Bollywood inspired books. There is very little unpredictability in the narrative and even though the pace is kept at a tight leash, it leaves you wanting more. Every time there is a transition in the future, with the love story spread over 4 years of engineering, there are awkward pauses and the story sidetracks into another issue leaving the last one untouched. The transitions had to be more realistic, and with both central characters studying in the same college....these twists becomes all the more filmy and defies any logic.

There are few scenes which are particularly well captured as they are straight out of our regular lives. I enjoyed some of those hidden telephonic conversations between the couple. But in the end, even at 200 odd pages the book stays on for too long and could have been shorter by around 40 pages. The number of times they break-up-and-make-up is astonishingly high and this repetitive narrative sucks out most of the fun from the love journey you want to take in with these characters. After all, how long one can relate to a whining man and a loser girl.

I am going with 2/5 for Arun Sabtharishi's debut novel. The writing is simple, and won't take much time. But it provides nothing new which we haven't read before. Read it if you are a fan of simple love stories.

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